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      2 years ago


      So I found my old tumblr posts about LPL Chicago and I'm gonna put them here so I don't lose them.

      Post #1

      Things to note here while I’m awake and conscious

      The pyramid

      The camp camp rap rap

      getting a high five from lil J as he ran through the aisles 

      getting a high five from elyse as she ran through the aisles

      Michael in the fucking gimp suit jfc

      Ryan in his dead by daylight costume rapping the machete against the desks of the victims

      and being referred to as ‘Dark God’ by James

      The sheer amount of chanting for Lil J, especially right before he got down to killing

      Ryan kicking ass at move or die (lbr because he plays aginst Meg all the time)

      The amazing use of effects like smoke, lighting, and the streamer cannon at the end

      The habernero peppers and Greg is a dirty cheater

      That one guy who accidentally got passed up for getting a high five and suddenly got the microphone during rock band and actually ended up on stage with everyone

      The card ‘trick’?

      everyone cheering for the janitor

      I’m real tired but super fucking happy.

      Post #2

      Okay it’s the day after Let’s Play Live Chicago. I’ve slept a little, been in the car a lot, and I want to get my thoughts down in a vaguely coherent manner.

      -The theater was beautiful, and even more so once it was filled with approximately three thousand RT nerds

      (Minus a few confused but supportive parents)

      - The makers of Jackbox Games were there and let some fans play up on stage while we were waiting on the show to start

      -The sidebars were full of the #letsplaylive twitter feed, which led to a ridiculous amount of memeing. There was also a notable trend of #DicksOutFor____ (LPL, Lil J were the most common)

      -When the Show began for real there was an Insane amount of cheering which was wonderful. Like, honestly, just the sheer energy in that theater was the most incredible thing I’ve been a part of.

      The rest is going to be under the cut because it gets long but if you’re so inclined there’s some funny shit

      -Started out with Worms (Some sort of new version) and the names I picked up on were Great

      -Except Jeremy’s because he wanted to make a bunch of Trump jokes but for some reason they didn’t go through and he was so disappointed (I believe one was ‘Trumpback whale’ please add on if you remember more)

      -Jack’s were the four horsemen of the apocalypse and he definitely represented it well. (Except Ryan won in the end because Jack self-destructed along with taking out most of the map)

      -Mario Kart racing between Greg and Tim was a thing

      -Habanero peppers were also a thing

      -Greg is a cheater who shoved extra habanero peppers into Tim’s mouth when he was ahead and there was Suffering (He also told a fan to eat one because they’d picked out a tiny, horrible one for him but the ‘Reff’ had to stop them because that could go very bad)

      -Also a lot of people wanted Greg to take his shirt off but apparently there’s a fine for doing that at the Chicago Theater so he instead lifted his shirt to reveal another shirt that just said ‘I Am Fat’

      -Someone had a sign that said Release Greg’s Nips and so as not to disappoint entirely he did run into the crowd to meet the guy and sign it

      -Jordan shooting a plastic bow with rubber balls at the end pretty much directly at Dan was a thing, and then he kept trying to get it through a tiny hoop which did not happen

      -But he did shoot an apple off of Dan’s head so that was pretty impressive

      -There was a ‘Card Trick’?????? Ace of Spades, someone named Jason from the audience if anyone else picked up on what was happening please let me know

      -Cards are hard to clean up

      -Guess what else is hard to clean up

      -A ridiculous amount of lube all over the theater floor

      -Funhaus (James, Bruce, Adam and Elyse) basically had a premise that they would go into Dark Souls and try to beat a boss fight. Lose and, as was with the last LPL, get ‘punished’ by Lawrence in a gimp suit. Elyse said something about how he was ‘getting a lot better’

      -Started off with Adam, and the premise that if he won the rest of Funhaus gets punished and he’s safe.

      -He wasn’t safe. There was some sort of riding crop involved? I could hear it and I was about halfway back from the stage so

      -Can’t remember the order after that but Elyse got a ball gag, James got a dog collar and Bruce ended up handcuffed to James. 

      -Someone apologized for the fact that if ‘Anyone out there is still in the stage of discovering their sexualities, this is probably doing things to you.’ 

      -Lawrence walks out in a bathrobe, apparently not able to find the gimp suit.

      -So Elyse takes off the mask (it takes some doing) and reveals none other than Michael Jones

      -And uh, he continues to be really into it. There was a tongue thing, I’m gonna move on.

      -Geoff and Gavin sat across the stage from each other and threw tennis balls at each other’s dicks

      -Both of them got a couple solid hits in

      -Michael (still in the suit) was behind Gavin, going after the balls that went past him and rubbing his shoulders with encouragement

      -They played both Drawful 2 and Quiplash 2

      -Notably Geoff answered the question ‘What will Geoff’s next tattoo be’ with “Ray please come back” (The other answer was “Gavin’s Nose”)

      -There was also one really odd pixel game and I mostly got confused and just watched for Michael’s reactions to figure out what was going on

      -Which was addressed by the group in a sequence of ‘Audience, cheer if you have no idea what’s going on’ -crowd erupts in cheers- ‘People on stage, cheer if you have no idea what’s going on’ -cheering from the stage-

      -Greg starts up a rivalry with Tim at some point ‘Team Valor Vs. Team Mystic’ and gets the crowd in on it too, vaguely tacking Instinct on as well

      -Starts a huge shouting match (Which, a three thousand person shouting match is something to behold)

      -But you know what else is something to behold?

      -Those same three thousand people all singing the Pokemon theme song together.

      -Overcooked was a thing and I’m pretty sure Gavin was the only one up there that had any clue what was going on

      -And I say that but he was really confused too

      -The first game one team ended in the negatives

      -Greg did a kind of speech about growing up in IL and being shocked and amazed at ending up where he is now

      -Also Kinda Funny has their own office now!

      -Towards the end they did a human pyramid (you’ve probably seen pictures already)

      -Jack said they saved it for near the end because he was fairly certain someone was going to get knocked out of commission

      -Last game? Dead by Daylight, of course.

      -Jeremy as the killer

      -Took a little time to set up but the crowd was really hyped so it was great

      -Notable shoutings of “Let’s Go Little J” with clapping, “You are monster Truck” and always “Liiiillll Jaaaayy”

      -A figure wearing the killer’s mask and a full outfit (easy to find, just check twitter) comes out with a machete and chains, focusing intently on the victims who are closest to death and rapping on their desk with the machete or holding it to their face/neck ect. Stomps off in frustration when they get away, I think there were growling sounds.

      -Jeremy toyed with them, really, but cleaned up at the end

      -The masked killer drags each one of them off the stage

      -James is up next as killer, very good at playing maniacal a la “I’ll kill them all for you, Dark God” which is a pretty heavy hint

      -Elyse and Gavin are the last two left, constantly helping each other off of hooks and down to the last generator

      -Gavin gets got and the masked killer picked him up over his shoulder, carrying him off stage

      -Elyse dies not long after

      -Any wild guesses on the masked killer?

      -Jack sums it up quite well with outlining about how the conversation went.

      -”We need someone to dress up as a pyscho-” “Ryan.” It’s always Ryan, in the end.

      -Everyone comes out to the stage for a final game, RockBand

      -It’s just as absolutely stunning as one might expect, they make use of the lighting effects on the stage and the smoke and it’s beautiful

      -There’s people running through the crowds, high-fiving people all the way down

      -One guy gets passed up twice but wait, someone noticed from the stage and they come down with a mike for him to sing, he actually ends up on stage with all of them

      -The song is ‘Shut Up and Dance’

      -Everyone in the crowd is standing, clapping, singing and it’s the most energetic, lively three thousand people all in unison

      -Jeremy broke his guitar at the end and there was a ton of cheering

      -Let’s Play Live is announced for New York

      -I silently mourn the fact that there is no fucking way I can attend but celebrate the inspiring, wonderful show I just got to see and promptly get lost trying to find my way back to the hotel, grinning like an idiot.

      -I’m still riding that high, honestly.

      If anyone remembers other stuff, wants to talk more in depth about specific things or has anything that I missed I’d love to hear it! My memory is kind of all over the place so I’d l know there’s probably plenty left off of here and I’d appreciate a lot to be reminded or just to talk about it if you’re so inclined~!

      I was so happy re-reading these. Maybe one day I'll be able to go to another RT live event but even if I don't, I'll always have this. 

    • Schooled

      2 years ago


      Just got my shirt today for Schooled w/Geoff on it. Super cool looking, got really excited to see it was signed and then realized that means I will literally never wear it. Still awesome.

    • Retired

      2 years ago


      Stop giving me the pop-up for the Geoff shirts when they are already retired! The site is mocking me. Jk Jk I'm just a teensy bit bitter because I really wanted Zen and Destruction

    • Not Specified

      3 years ago


      I love how the info under my username doesn't say Gender: Not Specified it just says Not Specified which sounds so much more ominous.

    • 3 years ago

    • Voice Recognition

      3 years ago


      I gotta say, since I watch a lot of AH videos on YouTube I see a lot of comments like 'oh, I don't like so and so' (first it was Jeremy and Matt and Lindsay, then Funhaus, and now to a certain extent Screw Attack) and it's mostly because they were not/are not part of the 'Main Crew'. And I guess I get that, you sort of expect to see the same people you know and like. Still, I don't really agree with it because all of the people listed above turn out to be hella funny and cool and people grow to like them.

      But for me it's always just 'Oh no I need to learn these new people's voices because otherwise I'm going to spend the next couple of months really confused.'

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