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    • Co-op Far Cry 3

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      I need a couple people to play through the co-op campaign for achievements.

      Platform: Xbox

      Gamertag: Will Fro

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    • Updating the forum

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      The forum for consoles is a generation behind. Would updating change much, no. But it would look less abandoned.

      On another topic will the android app ever get a development? It works but could use some updating.

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    • Independence day 2 the result of a failed search for a creater that cares...

      3 years ago


      So watched Independence day 2 today...

      I can't remember the last time I was disapointed to this extent by something I was looking foward to so much. The pacing made no sense and somehow they manage to make shit happening feel as if nothing was happening. It commited the greatest sin a mindless action movie can make which is being boring.

      (Honestly I think the sound might be broken in the theater I watched it at so I'm watching it again just to check)

      If that is not the case then this might be the worst sound design I have ever heard. The weapons had no weight to them. Cuts from people screaming to pew pew...

      It felt as though someone watched the original by kind of listening to it from their next door neighboor through the wall, they got the basic premise but didn't get the spirit of it.

      The characters feel as though we know alot yet at the same time know nothing about them. At no point does anyone feel special. Deaths on screen mean nothing because we never met the characters or if we did there was nothing to them.

      Independence day is an impresive movie even today, you watch it and even if you don't buy into the story or the characters just the shrear power of what you're seeing gets you. This movie, any scene that looks like it should be impresive feels more like a whisper of something better.

      I remeber being disapointed that Will Smith wasn't making an appearence, now I'm disapointed of those that did (even though they are the more acceptable parts of this movie) they are nothing of what they once were it's like you're looking at something entertaining through a haze.

      Alot of people don't like Goldbloom, personally I love the guy his style keeps me entertained. Sadly his performance in this movie is as bad as his last major sequel(I will not name that lost...ahh) he's on screen but not really.

      As far as the new kids on the block... well they arn't terrible. We have the former fist daughter(is that a thing?) who somehow in twenty years managed to add just three things to her back story getting married, looking for a house, quit being a pilot to take care of father. Twenty years and that's about it, otherwise she's just the daughter of the former president int the first movie they don't even mention her mom which might have been a good way to add emotion to an otherwise robot...

      Then there is the literal heir Dylan Hiller son to the late war hero that brought and end to the fist invasion by setting off a nuke inside the mother ship and making it back alive with victory cigar and all! You would think this would be a pretty easy way to give a little depth to your character Young guy trying to make a name for himself while under his fathers shadow, but nope. Instead you get a kid who you're pretty sure you should care about because of how much he is on screen yet you really can't bring yourself too. Why? because he's empty, hollow. You feel like there should be something there but there just isn't.

      And then there is Jake a character who's backstory

      starts and ends with his parents are dead... Otherwise all you need to know is he's marrying the former fist dughter that and he has a plucky side kick he met at summer camp the year the aliens attacked( the way they spoke made me feel like some form of graphic novel exsists that explains these guys, I don't know why). To be fair he's one of the only worthwhile chracters in this so... Yeah he's your steorotypical bad boy who likes to take risks(at first I thought he and the other guy were the sons of the failure turned hero in the first movie), we find him in the second half of his realising his mistakes montage... kind of. He's more of a character type than an actual character but to his credit Liam plays him just fine, far above the rest of his compatriots.

      Basicly the old characters feel sad and the new ones are mostly mush...

      If you like college(and I'm talking failing community college) level wrighting with amazing budget this is the movie for you. Though even you will find your self feeling annoyed by what they're passing by you on the screen.

      Thought it was goning to be a full serving of blow you out of your seat nostalgia indusing greatness... instead it's more just mush... An insult to an honestly stupid yet endearing legacy.

    • Looking for people to help me with GTA 5 hiests (humane labs to pacfic stand) setup and finalies

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      Looking for people with mics willing to comunĂ­cate. Preferably friendly (aka no cussing someone out fo dieing, if your there it means you have time to spare).

      Cuts will be 20%.

      Normally free in the evening though time can be dicussed upon later.

      Please no trolloing. Just wanna get them over with in a proper team.

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    • Maybe this is supposed to go here not sure?

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      Is there any way to see the most recent posts rather than the trending ones? Because while top trending ones tend to be hundreds of people responding to who knows who, new ones are alot better for starting a conversation in...

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    • 3 years ago


      No more level bar :(

    • mexico to rtx

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      Anyone going from the beautiful land to the land of the beautiful?

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    • 4 years ago

    • Death

      4 years ago


      The finale, to fools a last hurrah.
      Tomorrow my father dies, by his choice against my own.
      Two days I beg for them to wait, just two more days on life support.
      Two days to give his children time to say goodbye.
      Yet those days are refused, choices were made and papers were signed no opinion given to the blood.
      A year has passed sense I last say my father, a year sense I was last able to hug him.
      I could have spent his last years at his side, when he asked for me I pushed him away, now I ask for him and there's no one left to answer.
      My father dies far beyond my reach, no power lies in my grasp to stop it. The right to funeral taken.
      None of my siblings seem to understand why I want to say goodbye in person, even if all that remains is a jar of ash.
      I fear I may have to fight for what little is left, for me his partner holds nothing but contempt.
      My sister are unable to understand, they left him due to the happenings of life, I left him by choices filled with hate.
      Is it wrong to go when you know there's nothing left, can a son not say goodbye to his fallen father. Is it so wrong to wish to go to where he was.
      My father dies silent in a hospital thousands of miles away, even the right of a last look has been taken. I've always known that life was unfair, now I know why people continue to wish it was.
      I've heard people say a puppy is a gift that will eventually give nothing but sadness, yet isn't it the same with all relations. Love and friendship eventually ends, every father must leave there son. Our lives are nothing but a cycle of short terms of happiness ending in grief. We are an endless cycle of causing and feeling of pain. Our existence truly sucks.

    • This isn't gonna go well.

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      So is it just me or was the volume finale really really bad(in reference even to the series so far).
      Everything just felt so forced, and the animation looked really awkward this not including that some key characters now have completely different body proportions to when we saw them before(Adam). Also why did they change the animation style for the fights it somehow looks worse than season 1( in my opinion fights is the thing season 1 got down.
      It feels that they set themselves that deadline with that theater screening, and it didn't go well.
      Visually(witch honestly that's what this show really had going for it) it was awful.
      And that thing we thought was gonna be really epic and dark actually didn't matter.
      Somehow (sadly really) X-Ray and Vav might end up being a more consistent show than this one.
      I really hope this is some sort of prank and show picks up rather than continuing to go down like this.
      This show was more or less on par with its fanfics(not that this is a good thing) but this episode was honestly worse and that actually makes me sad.

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