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    • Going back to my dads this weekend...

      12 years ago


      Guns will be shot, beer with be drank (or spilled if the dog is running around), and pics will be taken. If it all works out, fun will be had. Have a good weekend folks!

    • IT goodness

      12 years ago


      So I found out that if I install ZENWorks on a server without a license code it will act like a demo version for 90 days, so I downloaded ZENWorks 7.1 w/ SP1. I open up the instruction PDF file and start reading the requirements for installation on a Win2k3 box. It says that I need to install eDirectory. eDirectory is a user management utility similar to Microsoft's Active Directory. Apparently it uses LDAP to 'scrape' user data from the Active Directory to fill it's own Tree, then you can start deploying software images. So I downloaded a copy of eDirectory, too. What sucks is that now we'll have to buy both just to make ZENWorks a possibility now. Blech. BTW, comparing the two, I like eDirectory more than Active Directory.

      Another software deployment option I'm looking at is called KBox, from a company called KACE. It's an appliance as opposed to a software package. This means we are forced to use their hardware and if something happens to it, we need to call them. It's also hella expensive (like $30k or so). Bah. Anyway, the one thing that I LOVE about it is that it's a clientless setup. That means I don't need to go around and install software on everyone's computers to make things work. It does everything by IP and it can PXE boot if it knows the computers MAC address. It's also got a few other neat features such as it's own Preinstalled Environment (PE for short), and inventorying component, and remote system recovery.

      Besides those two products, I'm also reading up on Altiris and a product family from Computer Associates. I'm not so sure about Altiris though, as they have been purchased by Symantec, and we're trying to move away from Symantec products.

      Ever heard of KVM? It's a keyboard/video/mouse switching system that allows you to use one keyboard, monitor, and mouse that will allow you to work on several systems at a time (course you have to switch between each one, but you probably get the idea). So at work we got a system that does KVM over IP. That means I can sit at my desk and connect to a server or desktop thats hooked up to the KVM switch without actually having to leave my desk. Sounds a lot like Remote desktop or PCAnywhere, eh? It is, but with this system you don't actually have to install any software on either computer (it's a hardware solution so it's platform independent). You connect to the KVM hardware (https connection, requires authentication) then select the computer out of the list of connected devices (at least thats how ours works). Pretty cool stuff, eh?

      Anywho, the boss just took off, so I think I'm gonna leave too. Nobody around to keep me here, so it's time to go fishing. See ya!

    • The fun continues...

      12 years ago


      My neighbors are screaming at each other right now. Fun fun. Found out that they had been kicked out of a previous apartment building for dealing drugs and failing to pay rent. Before leaving the last place they plugged the toilet and flooded the apartment and generally trashed the place. Good to know, eh?

      Anyway, work was good today. Didn't really do much of anything save for kick about the place and keep a chair from rolling away. I love those days. We did get the server cleaned up and got our testing server hooked back up to the SAN. Seemed a fiber cable wasn't fully into the fiber switch. Good times.

      I think I've got a trial for ZENworks from the Novell website. I'm just waiting to try to install it. It's funny, you can download all of their software that you want (in an ISO format) but it doesn't say if it's a demo or not. I'm hoping for Demo.

      Anywho, thats life as things stand right now. I've got tomorrow off, so I'm going to sleep. See ya!

    • fuggin' tired...

      12 years ago


      So I pulled a 13.5 hour shift today at the school. We finished the wiring job we had started (we needed about 2 dozen face plates installed along with wire boxes, and we had to fix about a dozen of the terminations) then we rearranged the wiring in the new server room...all of the wiring. The fiber, the ethernet, the power, everything. We also moved quite a few of the server around to allow for the installation of wire management equipment and allow for further expansion. We also drew up a wiring diagram so we'll know exactly what is where. All of the cables were labled (with actual lables) on both ends so chasing cables is now a thing of the past. Needless to say, I'm tired, but the work is going to make our lives sooooooo much easier. Anywho, I'm gonna go crash. Have a good night folks.

    • Some gun humor...

      12 years ago


      AK vs AR vs Mosin Nagant

      Anyway, I've decided on my next rifle purchase. One of these in .308 would be nice, but I would take one in .243 as well.

      Anyway, I went to look at a 2 bedroom apartment today. It used to be in a slummy kind of area, but now it's cleaned up considerably. The apartment is narrow buy fairly long. Bedrooms both have doors, and likely one will become the computer room. Besides the common nail holes (with or without nails still in them) and the just as common sheet rock patch, it's not a bad place. Heat and water are included, cost is $700 a month. My better half seems to think thats high, but then two bedroom apartments do cost more (because they assume two incomes). Anyway, I have a few more to look at before making a decision. It also has to be aproved by my better half (which means we'll end up living on the street because she's so damn picky).

      Picked up a bunch of .40 short and wussy at wally world. They had a bunch of it on sale for $9 even because the boxes were damaged. I picked up 10 boxes. Woulda got more but the wife would probably kill me. On that note, I'm gonna keep the XD. Armeav8r made a good point that I could always reload, and I'm looking for any excuse to begin doing that (my K31 is also a good excuse. It's getting expensive to feed that thing).

      Anywho, I'm gonna jet. Have a good one folks.

    • stupid router...

      12 years ago


      In order to get my laptop to connect to my wireless network tonight, I had to perform a hard reboot on my wireless router. It's a Linksys WRT54G if anyone cares. Additionally, if someone could recommend a better piece of equipment that does the same tasks (router and wireless access) I would really appreciate it. I've thought about just getting two separate pieces of equipment to do the job (a small router and a wireless access point) but thats a little out of my price range at this time.

      So, now on to other things. My fiancee and her mother got into a heated argument in regards to the guest list. Crunch time is coming and we really don't have time to be fighting over who should come and who shouldn't, but hey, I'm just the groom, what do I know? Anyway, her mother wants to invite the father of a former friend of my fiancee's. My fiancee doesn't want this person there because she is no longer friends with his daughter and she doesn't want him bringing his daughter along to the wedding. Well, this went on for the better part of three hours. During this time I watched Black Hawk Down. Great movie, buy it if you haven't already.

      This weekend I WAS going to go shooting, change the oil in my car, check my brakes, and just hang out with the guys but I have to work. Yep, I'm going to be rerunning a whole shitload of cable in the server room because someone asked me "If you had run this, what would you have done?" and I gave them my answer. They liked it so now I get to implement it. Goodie goodie gumdrops. Only the gumdrops and full of sulfuric acid and razor wire.

      I'm thinking about selling my XD40 service and purchasing an XD9 service. I figure I could get about $450 to $500 in a private sale for my XD, then I could purchase the XD-9. Why do I want to purchase an XD-9? Well, the ammo is about $2 cheaper per box and it's something that I might be able to get my fiancee to shoot at some point.

      Anywho, thats it for now. Have a good one folks.

    • So far, so good

      12 years ago


      Wedding plans are coming along nicely, only two months to go at this point. I'm going to be starting to search for an apartment for the two of us in the coming weeks. For our honeymoon we'll be going to Prince Edward's Island. That should be pretty cool. Heard that they have quite the bridge out there.

      When we get back I'll be investigating the possibility of getting some kind of pet, either a dog or a cat. I'd prefer the dog and they actually like humans, rather than just tolerating their presence like cats do.

      No new guns to speak of, but my K31 has been refinished. I'll get some pics for you yahoos soon. Once We're into the new apartment I'll also be looking at picking up some reloading equipment, probably for the K31 and my other rifles as ammo costs continue to rise.

      So thats it in a nutshell right now.

    • WTF, over

      12 years ago


      Ok, who gave me a gold star?? You guys rock, I don't care what that guy over there said about ya.

      Edit: Sicario did it. I'll have to get him something...maybe a pair of pink crocks, think he'd like those?

    • Starwars fan arrested...

      12 years ago


      for having a replica gun


      CANBERRA (Reuters) - An Australian movie fan on his way to pose for a Star Wars 30th anniversary photo shoot was arrested by police after his replica laser pistol was mistaken for a more earthly machine gun, media reported on Friday.

      The 32-year-old man, dressed in black and carrying a backpack with a replica laser blaster poking out the side, alarmed diners at a food court in central Melbourne.

      "It was a replica gun. We weren't sure what we were dealing with," Senior-Constable Daniel Sage told the Herald Sun newspaper. Photographs showed a gun closely resembling the weapon carried by Star Wars rogue Han Solo in the cinema classic.

      The man had been on his way to pose for a community newspaper ahead of the 30th Star Wars movie anniversary when he was surrounded by armed police, forced to the ground and handcuffed.

      Police said despite being a harmless replica and a close match to a weapon from a galaxy far, far away, the man would be charged with possessing an unregistered firearm.

    • Super pig!

      12 years ago



      Now thats a lot of bacon and pork chops.

      Edit: just to note, the kid is actually kneeling several feet behind this (probably very tasty) critter.

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