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    • Sicario Wins, Jeffson gets the bonus.

      12 years ago


      The rifle pictured is a Belgian FN FNC made by...FN (I'm too lazy to write the whole name out). Anyway, he gets five mods for that. Jeffson gets the bonus by stating that the rifle is also used by the sweeds, and they call it the AK-5 (it has a enlarged trigger guard, enlarged charging handle, different stock, and a different metal treatment/coating/stuff). Thanks to those who played, I'll do another one later today, so keep an eye out!

    • Guess this gun!

      12 years ago


      Ok, I'll need the make, model, caliber, and country of origin for 5 mods. No partial answers accepted. You'll need all of this info in a single post to win the mods.

      Five bonus mods to whomever can tell me what country (or countries, besides it's parent country) has this rifle as their primary combat rifle as well as the rifle's designation. Good luck!

    • Victory, she is mine!!!

      12 years ago


      So, I was talking to one of my coworkers today who is a huge motorcycle nut, and I've slowly been thinking about (in a year or so) getting a motorcycle for meself. Well, for a long time Jen felt that they were too dangerous (but she'll still let me play with an exacto knife o.0 ) and said 'you really don't need one honey' (aka cold day in hell, very cold day).

      Today I brought up the subject again and was met with this response:

      "If you get me a PSP and Crisis Core you can get any damn bike you want"


      Now I just need to save up the cash and decide what I would like to get for a bike (probably something late 80's, early 90's in the 700cc range. Crotch rockets need not apply).

    • things I've learned...

      12 years ago


      Burping and sneezing at the same time sucks. There really isn't a way to avoid getting 'something' on you or those around you. Seriously. Try to hold in one or the other and you're likely to barf on yourself and those around you.

      Anyway, today I was parusing the Ruger website and found that they are now offering the Mini-14 chambered in 6.8 SPC. Pretty cool, save for an asking price of $850. I'd rather spend an extra $100 and buy a Desert Eagle in .44 mag (ammo is cheaper). Other than the fact that it's expensive and the ammo would require you to remortagage (sp?) your house to buy a case of it, it's a pretty spiffy rifle. It comes in an 'All Weather' package meaning it's stainless in a polymer/laminated stock.

      Work is getting interesting as we are prepping to buy about 90 laptops and 50 desktops. Soooo, before that can happen effectively, we'll need some sort of image deployment plan. Fortunately I get quite a bit of say in it and we're looking at a few options. ZENworks, Altiris, NeatSuite, KBox, and a small handful of others. KBox looks promising as it doesn't require a client (but it does require the compy to be getting an IP) in order to work it's magic, but it's frickin' expensive and comes with it's own hardware (aka you buy THEIR server).

      It's me grandpappy's birfday this weekend, so I'll be going down there (hopefully) to help him celebrate 80 years. Just need to tell my better half that I've made plans for us. This should be interesting (but likely won't be a problem).

      Well, I'm gonna finish eating my Ribeye (cooked rare) and play a video game or two. Grunty, you'll be proud of me, I purchased Dark Crusade (and I suck at it).

      Adios amigo, watch out for a Guess This Gun contest as soon as I find something you all haven't seen before.

    • United 300

      12 years ago



      Sure, it might be a dupe, but it's worth seeing twice.

      Oh, and here's another for your viewing pleasure:

      Illegal Aliens vs Predator

    • 10 Reasons...

      12 years ago


      10 Reasons why it doesn’t pay to be the computer guy

      Reason #10 - Most Of Your Accomplishments Are Invisible

      The computer guy never hears anyone tell him, “I just want to let you know … everything is working fine!â€Â

      The reality is that people call the computer guy when something is wrong.

      As a computer guy, if you work really hard to make everything work the way that it should, and things work fine, then people believe you don’t do anything. Everything you manage to get working correctly or do perfectly will forever remain unnoticed by computer users. They’ll only ever notice that you do anything when something isn’t working correctly, and you are called upon to fix it.

      Reason #9 - Every Conversation You Have Is Roughly The Same

      When the computer guy dares to mention what he does for a living, the typical response is, “I have a question about my home computer…â€Â

      Or when the computer guy first hears about a widespread problem within the computer network he’s responsible for, he can barely begin to assess the problem before a dozen other people call to report the same problem.

      Or when the computer guy explains a certain process on a computer to a user who is incapable of retaining the process, he will inevitably need to reinstruct the user of this same process â€' indefinitely.

      Reason #8 - You’re An Expert Of Bleeding-Edge Technology Products, Aren’t You?

      The computer guy often finds himself in situations where someone is asking him for advice on a pending investment of the technological variety.

      “I heard about (some hardware or software product) that can do (something desirable) for me. I brought you these (advertisements/reviews/printouts) because I wanted your recommendation. Which would you buy?â€Â

      Although the inquiring person sincerely trusts the computer guy’s judgment over their own, in almost every instance the real objective of these meetings is to ensure their own immunity from making a risky purchase.

      If it turns out to be a bad investment, and they cannot get (the hardware or software product) to do (anything desirable), then you will be their personal scapegoat â€' “But honey, the computer guy said I should buy it!â€Â

      Reason #7 - Your Talents Are Forcibly Undervalued

      Thanks to the constantly declining price of new computers, the computer guy cannot charge labor sums without a dispute. If he asks to be paid what he is worth, he will likely be met with the “why not buy new?†argument.

      That is, desktop computers are always getting smaller, faster, and cheaper. It’s possible to purchase a new desktop computer for under $400. If the computer guy spends five hours fixing a computer and wants $100/hour for his time, his customer will be outraged, exclaiming “I didn’t even spend this much to BUY the computer, why should I pay this much just to FIX it?â€Â

      Reason #6 - You’re Never Allowed A Moment’s Peace

      The computer guy is so prone to interruption that he rarely finds an opportunity to work on his own problems. This is because:

      1. Computers never sleep.
      2. Computer problems aren’t scheduled.
      3. Every problem takes time to diagnose.
      4. The computer guy can only give one problem his full attention.
      5. Each user believes their problem deserves attention now.

      Consequently, the computer guy has a 24/7 obligation to keep critical computer systems running, while simultaneously juggling everyone’s problems. He’ll often need to forfeit any opportunities to tend to his own needs for the sake of others â€' because at any moment, of any day, he can be interrupted by someone who wants to make their problem his problem.

      Reason #5 - People Ask You To Perform Miracles

      The computer guy is often mistaken for someone who possesses the combined skills of an old priest and a young priest. I’ll sum this up easily by example:

      “No, I really can’t recover any files from your thumb drive, even if you did find it after it passed through your dog.â€Â

    • The reports of my death...

      12 years ago


      ...are greatly exaggerated.

      I'm back, but in a very limited manner.

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