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      Help Save Bruin

      3 months ago

      I hate to have this as my latest post but I really need help.

      I made a GoFundMe for my cat who needs surgery that we cannot afford. If you can spare anything, please help.

      "Bruin was outside and got struck by a car. He somehow crawled back to the house from the road with his pelvis not even connected to his spine any longer.

      Bruin can't heal with rest and needs surgery as his pelvis is only connected by muscle. The surgery costs $3600 and I want to keep him.

      Bruin is only 2-3 years old and has so much to live for and we love him so very much."

      His GoFundMe is here

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      Well Lookit That

      11 months ago

      I'm a featured user!

      Second time, I think. Neat!

      In honor of that, look at this pic of my dog in his halloween costume! Whee~

    • AnimalCops

      2 years ago

      Rt's being dumb about pics.

      So here's the snow being taller than my dog.


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      Fandom Questions

      3 years ago

      Posting because some are important <3

      1. What was your first fandom?

      RedvsBlue :3

      2. What was your first OTP?

      Chucker... Church/Tucker.

      3. What was the first fan fic you read?

      Um... I totally don't remember. The earliest one I can remember was one where Simmons raeped Donut. D:

      4. Have you ever written fan fic?

      Why, yes... yes, I have.

      5. Have you ever drawn fan art?

      Lawl. Noes.

      6. Have you ever made other fan works (vids, crafts, etc.)?

      Noes. >.<

      7. Have you ever done cosplay?

      Yes! Axel from KH :D and imma go as Vincent Valentine to PAXeast

      8. What is the nicest fandom you've ever been part of?

      I have to say PewDiePie's fandom... well, the Broarmy.

      9. What is the craziest fandom you've ever been part of?

      Kingdom Hearts. XD So.. many... pairings!

      10. Have you ever been part of a fandom without watching the show/reading the book/etc.?

      Kinda? I like Thorki but I don't know much about them O.o

      11. Have you ever watched a show/read a book/etc. with a large fandom and not been part of it?

      Sherlock Holmes.

      12. What is your favorite canon ship?

      Rufus/Tseng. It's canon. It is.

      13. What is your favorite non-canon ship?

      Saix/Axel. I know it's not really canon... but it should be.

      14. What is your favorite crack!ship?

      I dunno O.o

      15. What is your favorite headcanon?

      I still dunno O.o

      16. Who is your favorite character out of all your fandoms?

      It's a tie between Tseng and Saix.

      17. Have you ever come to love a character you previously hated?

      Rufus ShinRa because of how Momma Kat RPs him :3

      18. Have you ever come to hate a character you previously loved?


      19. Have you ever left a fandom completely?

      Not really...

      20. Have you ever joined a fandom you never thought you would like?

      Lord of the Flies. XD

      21. Have you ever tried to get into a new fandom but not liked it?

      I never really... TRY to get into fandoms. XD

      22. Do you tend to focus on one fandom at a time?

      Nope. XD FFVII and KH get smushed together.

      23. Do you share fandoms with your real life friends?

      Yeah, RL friends like FFVII, KH, and Broarmy. :3

      24. Do you share your real life with your fandom friends?

      I guess. XD

      25. Have you ever become friends with someone in real life that you met through a fandom?

      My bestie. <3 <3 Momma Kitty <3

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      Fandom Challenge

      3 years ago

      Because I'm bored and momma kat isnt here.

      1 - tumblr crush

      Deadly Flashes of Green. He's funny, he loves KH, HP, and FF, and he's hot. Too bad he's gay D:


      2 - movie star crush



      3 - TV star crush

      Kunal Nayyar - Raj on Big Bang Theory


      4 - comic book character crush

      I don't read many comics D: But... I love Nightcrawler from X-men.


      5 - Disney crush

      The Avengers is Disney... So, I pick Thor!


      6 - cartoon character crush

      I vote Anime counts... so Szayelaporro Grantz.


      7 - singer/songwriter crush

      Vic Mignogna <3

      8 - blonde crush

      Lucas Grabeel~ Ohhh~ So hot.


      9 - movie character crush



      10 - TV character crush

      Jake from the Animorphs show


      11 - television commercial/ advertisement character crush

      Isaiah Mustafa - the Old Spice guy


      12 - video game character crush

      SAIX - those eeeeeyes~


      13 - brunette crush

      James Phelps again~ He's brunette~


      14 - book character crush

      Tobias from the Animorphs <3


      15 - opposite of gender preference crush

      Mila Kunis


      16 - person with glasses crush

      Grell Sutcliff


      17 - sci-fi crush

      Nick Groff from Ghost Adventures. I vote that as Sci-Fi


      18 - mythical creature crush



      19 - gadget crush

      What does this even..? Um... ipod?

      20 - villain crush

      Nero the Sable


      21 - vintage crush

      Marlon Brando


      22 - antihero/badass crush

      Tseng <3 <3


      23 - comedian crush

      John Mulaney <3


      24 - ginger crush


      25 - historical figure crush

      Oh, shit... lol. I have no idea.

      26 - food network crush

      Gordon Ramsay


      27 - other species/alien crush

      Qaz - demon


      28 - unnatural hair color crush


      29 - undead crush

      Wat? XD

      30 - guilty pleasure crush

      Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie


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      Vermont & Canada

      3 years ago

      The best parts were when I got to WALK A LLAMA and FEED A GIRAFFE.



      This guy was my favorite, he let me scratch between his antlers and didn't want to leave. He's so cute!


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      PewDiePie Challenge

      3 years ago

      1- What was the first video you watched?

      His scary moments #8 video. I fell in love at first sight XD

      2- What is your favorite let's play?

      I love them all. But since he started playing it, I've loved Slender. But I'll always love Amnesia. <3

      3- What is your favorite video?

      ALL OF THEM.

      4- What is your favorite reaction?

      I can't choose just one, so these two:



      5- What's your favorite character?

      Stephano for sure. <3

      6- What's your favorite voice?

      Stephano and Piggeh are my favorites. XD "I'm pumped! I'm so freakin' pumped!"

      7- Have you ever played one of the games?

      I got (or rather, momma kat got it for me) Amnesia because of PewDie.

      8- Since when are you a bro?

      I dunno... Lol. I don't really remember? Long time. XD

      9- Why did you decide to subscribe and be a bro?

      I decided to be a bro because PewDie is hysterical and sexy <3 I laugh at every single one of his videos.

      10- Which game you would like Pewdie to play?

      No clue... I don't play horror games. XD

      11- What's your favorite fanart?


      12- What's your favorite song?

      PewDiePie Song - DJ Fortify

      13- Have you ever been scared while seeing the let's play?

      All the friggin' time. XD

      14- What moment was the most scariest?

      The one I can remember is when he was playing Slender and fuckin' Slenderman just pops up at the end of the first video. I screamed soooo loud.

      15- Did you decide to play or not play a game after watching Pewdie?

      As mentioned before... Amnesia. XD

      16- Do you make fanarts or something related? Can you share something?

      Hahaha... no. XD I can't draw for shit.

      17- Have you ever sent something to pewdie? If not, do you want to?

      No, it would cost a lot to send a package to Sweden. But I'd love to send him those root beer barrel candies. Fuckin barrels.

      18- Do you have a pewdie shirt? Do you want one? Which one?

      I want the NOOOO STEPHANO! one and the RUBEN! one!!!

      19- Did you even sent a message to pewdie? Did he answer you?

      I've commented on his videos? XD that's it.

      20- If you could meet pewdie in real life what would you do?

      It's on my bucket list. I must give PewDie a brofist. and hug him. and kidnap him.

      21- Did you show pewdie to someone and tried to make them bros?

      Yep! Sure did!

      22- What scares you the most: monsters or pewdie's reaction?

      Usually PewDie's reaction scares me the most. Especially when everything's calm and then he suddenly screams "BARRELS!!!"

      23- Do you comment on his videos?

      When I have things to say XD

      24- Besides youtube, in which other places you participate on the fandom? (Tumblr, Deviantart,etc.)

      Tumblr and Facebook... and here.

      25- Is there something you don't like in the fandom?

      Sometimes the fanwars?

      Nova vs PewDie vs Tobuscus

      26- Is there something that bothers you on his videos?


      27- Did you learn something from the videos? What?

      How to survive from a car smashing you:
      1. Grab that shit.
      2. And then hump it.

      28- What does watching Pewdie videos mean to you?

      Happiness. I watch him when i'm upset or sad and he makes me laugh.

      29- Something you want to say that was not asked in other questions?

      He needs to make more Swedish commentaries.

      30- Do you brofist pewdie in the videos?


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      Bargain Shopper

      3 years ago

      I just got 5 books for under $25. Fuck. Yeah.

      1) Criminal Shadows: Unlocking the Minds of Serial Killers and Sexual Predators--and Cracking Cases (True Crime)

      2) Evil Serial Killers (True Crime)

      3) The Curse of the Wendigo (Thriller)

      4) Natural History (Thriller)

      5) Heartland (Thriller/Memoir)

      I'm so excited!!!

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    • Caboose453


      3 months ago

      I don't know if you still come around here anymore, but I hope things are going well for you. I hope college is going well, and that you're feeling accomplished completing the courses. I just hope you're happy with your life; I still think about you from time to time and just hope you're doing well.

    • How_Humorous


      11 months ago

      Happy FU day!

    • Laurenz


      11 months ago

      Happy FU Day! smiley0.gifsmiley1.gif

    • Bellzebob


      11 months ago

      Congrats on being Featured User!

    • kickcows

      kickcows GREEN IS THE BEST

      11 months ago


      happy FU day, sweetcheeks.


      • AnimalCops


        11 months ago

        smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif Thanks, mumma Kitty :D

    • IdkBlue

      IdkBlue Praise Newbs

      11 months ago

      merry featured user day!

      • AnimalCops


        11 months ago

        Thanks, mister person!

    • BuckeyeDon

      BuckeyeDon Crackpottist

      1 year ago

      "I'm not gonna give up, I'm not gonna lay down, I'm going to keep fighting!"

      It's great to see The Dinger win a race and make the chase!

    • TheCounter


      1 year ago

      Hey, remember me? I go by a different name now, but I was once a stupid 11 year old named l4d88 4 years! So as I keep waiting for more episodes of Red vs Blue, I felt a wave a of fond remembrance when I remembered I made an account here. The email I used has long been recycled, but I made a new account now. God, when I look back on those days, I just want to erase that embarrassing part of my life.

      I remember you were pretty friendly, and we chatted a lot. I have a regular forum that I've been an active member of for years, Since 2011 I've been apart of that glorious website, my first true forum going experience one big extended family!

      Crap, I
      m rambling aren't I? Well anyway, its nice seeing your still around. Cheers!

    • RegrettableDeed

      RegrettableDeed Bitchen KM

      1 year ago

      ~poof!!~ A wild Ashy appears!

    • Caboose453


      1 year ago

      Haven't heard from you in, well, ever, but I truly miss you.