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    • Achievement Hunter vs. Funhaus (Rooster Teeth: Civil War)

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      Which one did you like to win? Achievement Hunter or Funhaus? This is the spoof of Captain America: Civil War movie. Rooster Teeth would like to make their own video inspired by Captain America: Civil War. But no video has been made. I got this source from Rooster Teeth's Reddit website. Now it's archived. So I decided to make an active topic.


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    • Valve including Steam is so bad

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      There is lots of messing thing up. Valve could ruined Steam. There is no developing Half-Life (episode) 3. I've looked up at BBB (Better Business Bureau) and see what's grade that Valve just earned F score. Valve are lazies including their boss, Gabe Newell. Also they are unhelpful, clueless, and spoiled their customers including Steam users for no reasons especially VAC ban hammer on non-hackers and non-cheaters for no reasons. Gambling in CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is another problem. Some players are greedy luck. Some other misfortune players were not happy. They will boycott Valve and they will leave Steam. Gabe Newell should needs to improve the customers for Steam services. Seriously. Get back to your office at Valve HQ and fix the issues on Valve's Steam.

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    • I've talked to my friend on YouTube live stream

      2 years ago


      Back in few months ago, I have interviewed my friend who is a fan of anime and he made the Nightcore music. I've told him on his live stream at YouTube while my friend is watching the Rooster Teeth show created by Achievement Hunter. I said "Did you watched RWBY?", then he said "Yes, I like it." and I said "Nice. Me too.". As you know RWBY is my favorite Rooster Teeth show than other Rooster Teeth show due to using anime-style.

    • What is your favorite YouTubers and What is your worst YouTubers?

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      My favorite YouTuber is Cinemassacre because the AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd) is funny, gaming, entertainment, and some epic scenes. Also they're doing let's play such as James and Mike Mondays show.

      My worst YouTuber is Machinima because of controversies such as greedy, corrupts, idiots, and liars. Their some partners such as DSP/DarkSydePhil are also worse.

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    • Developer of Final Fantasy XV gave praised to Xenoblade Chronicles X

      4 years ago


      The game developer of Final Fantasy XV, Wan Hazmer said he love Xenoblade Chronicles X. Xenoblade Chronicles X is like Final Fantasy XV on Wii U. Someday, Wan Hazmer will buy Wii U and Xenoblade Chronicles X. Kind like Hideo Kojima the video game lead designer and creator of Metal Gear franchise from Konami quoted on Grand Theft Auto V gameplay trailer after E3 2013. Here is quoted on Tumblr about comment on Xenoblade Chronicles X.


      "Touché to the people at Monolith Soft; that is one awesome trailer!

      The exploration aspect of this game looks incredible. I’m hoping that we can actually traverse to all visible landscape in realtime. Would like to get near that sandworm and see what happens!

      Some of you can already tell that there are different approaches in both our direction, especially when you compare this and FFXV trailers, but admittedly that’s some intense competition right there! And we all love healthy competition don’t we? Coz in the end, the fans win!

      There’s no clause in my contract that states that I can’t love a game made by another company, so I’m gonna be all out and say that I just can’t freaking wait to play this game! I loved the world in Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii, and I’ll be getting a Wii U just for this game.

      Yes, I love my JRPGs :P"


      It is unknown that Square Enix will develop the new game for Wii U. Possible the untitled RPG on Wii U. Xenoblade Chronicles X will come out in April 29, 2015 for Japan. Then the worldwide around mid-2015 as release date. But for Final Fantasy XV is still in development for 7 years (I think) and the release date is still TBA (possibly late-2015). Final Fantasy XV will be release on two consoles are PS4 and Xbox One.

    • Namco Bandai annouced Ace Combat 7

      4 years ago


      Kazutoki Kono the Namco Bandai's producer who made Ace Combat series made the annouced about Ace Combat 7. Unfortunately, Ace Combat 7 will only exclusively for PS4, but Ace Combat 7 will have PlayStation VR (the PlayStation 4 equivalent to Oculus Rift) as compatibility. Also adding the special effect such as flying through the cloud that might reduce the vision range if it covered with the cloud. I'm suprisingly, Dengeki Online (the Japanese Website opreated by ASCII Media Works from Kadokawa) news did not mentioned the annoucement about Ace Combat 7 until December 6, 2015 when written in Japanese text language. I could understand very well. Here is the article from Gematsu.

      Gematsu - Ace Combat 7 reveal trailer was real-time

      The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has new information on Ace Combat 7, which was announced for PlayStation 4 during PlayStation Experience 2015 this weekend.

      According to producer Kazutoki Kono, the first trailer was entirely real-time, from the pilot to the aircraft and clouds. Clouds are rendered as objects floating in 3D space, and if you aim for a specific cloud, you can fly through them.

      Space elevators are a symbol of Ace Combat 7. The large aircraft that appeared in the trailer are fictional aircraft called “FAS” that protect the space elevator while flying around it.

      Ace Combat 7 will support PlayStation VR. Kono wants a lot of people to be able to play the game intuitively, and being a game where you can fly freely through the sky, virtual reality is a good match for it.

      Development on Ace Combat 7 is 20 percent complete.

      Thanks, Games Talk.

    • Top 11 Wished for ScrewAttack's Death Battle

      4 years ago


      11. Green Arrow (DC Universe Comic) vs Hawkeye (Marvel Comic) - Both are hero comic archer. Hawkeye was appeared in Marvel's The Avengers movie. So I would like to see Warner Bros will put Green Arrow in Justice League movie which is counterpart/equivalent to Hawkeye in Marvel's The Avengers movie. Man, I want to see Justice League live-action movie which is compete with Marvel's The Avengers movie made by Disney. Maybe Warner Bros will hire director of Marvel's The Avengers movie to direct Justice League movie like did on Star Wars (Episode VII): The Force Awakens movie where Disney hired J.J. Abrams who directed Star Trek live-action reboot movie to direct Star Wars (Episode VII): The Force Awakens movie. In fact there is English outlaw and bandit name is Robin Hood who could shoot the arrow during Medieval-era in Great Britian. Kind like Connor in Assassin's Creed III where he attacked British during American Revolutionary War like Mel Gibson in The Patriot movie. Imagine if Robin Hood was the Rambo, he will shoot the arrow with hunting bow on you. You know what is next number list in this top countdown? *UPDATED - This is official confirmed by ScrewAttack*

      10. John Rambo (Rambo) vs John Matrix (Commando) - You guess it. Both are badass veteran soldier. I saw there is action military movie which are great. Duel between Sylvester Stallone's Rambo fight against Arnold Schwarzenegger's Matrix into gunfight and hand-to-hand combat. Imagine if Sylvester Stallone's character battle against Arnold Schwarzenegger's character in The Expendables movie saga. Just like Nerdy James from AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd) said "John Rambo and John Matrix" in Ikari Warriors (NES) review episode.

      9. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) vs Nathan Drake (Uncharted) - Both game are action-adventure archaeology game with puzzle mechanic. They are archaeologist like Indiana Jones. It is about man vs woman, but little kind of controversial. I saw there is first Death Battle between Boba Fett (Star Wars) vs Samus Aran (Metroid) into battle of the sex with bounty hunter. I remember when video game feminist, Anita Sarkeesian from FeministFrequency was being attacked by haters (mostly men including Thunderf00t and even GamerGate). There is also GamerGate war. Imagine in Call of Duty and Battlefield if there is GamerGate like Pro-GamerGate vs Anti-GamerGate which Activision should make another Call Of Duty game called "Call Of Duty: GamerGate" and EA should make another Battlefield game called "Battlefield: GamerGate" (I'm just kidding. XD). Kind like in Russia where Russian government attacked lesbians alongside with gay for illegal and well as distrust the god. Because the Vladmir Putin (Russian president) is Russian Orthodox like Grigori Rasputin (cult priest of Russian Orthodox) compared to Joseph Stalin (dictator of Soviet Union). Sorry for talking about other controversial stuff including religion and politic. So anyway, Lara Croft will fight against the Nathan Drake (who is rumored to be blood linked to his ancestor, Sir Francis Drake) into archaeologist duel.

      8. Bayonetta (Bayonetta) vs Dante (Devil May Cry) - Another battle of sex. Remember when ex-Capcom, Platinum Games was involved first Devil May Cry before Platinum Games was born. Imagine they are like Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. But I heard rumor is the sequel for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance called "Metal Gear Rising 2 (working title)". Until after 2015 Taipei Game Show which I believed it was confirmed by Hideo Kojima and Platinum Games. After Bayonetta 2 on Wii U (I don't have this game after my birthday (January 28), but I only have Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros for Wii U after my Wii U is arrived. But I'm waiting for Xenoblade Chronicles X to come out) was finished, I hope that Platinum Games will develop Metal Gear Rising 2 someday. Oh wait. Konami confirmed is rumor sequel to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance was falsed. Maybe April Fools or the leaked issues.

      7. Sam Fisher (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell) vs Gabriel "Gabe" Logan (Syphon Filter) - Yes. There is stealth action game beside Metal Gear series. They are mentioned in mission briefing from Metal Gear Solid 3 special mission where you hunt for monkeys by capture them alive. Kind like Rayman where you capture the bunny gang called Rabbids. But here, they are hunt for terrorists by either taken down to stun them or eliminate to kill them. Imagine they are John McClane from Die Hard (there is sixth installment of Die Hard film which is somewhere to be released in between 2015 to 2017) who taken out the terrorists. But this is good fit for Death Battle. If you want to put Solid Snake on either Sam Fisher or Gabriel "Gabe" Logan into the Death Battle, go ahead.

      6. United Citizen Federation/Terran Federation's Marine (Starship Troopers) vs United States Colonial Marine Corps' Colonial Marine (Alien) - This two marine from Alien franchise and Starship Troopers franchise are good fit to be in Death Battle. When I saw the two FPS games with based on movie are awful like bad A.I. control which are stupid, bad motivation, boring gameplay, and well as bad storyline/plot. They are Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013) and Starship Troopers (2005). I like Halo games better. We have a confirmed that United Citizen Federation/Terran Federation will carry Morita (Mk) I Assault Rifle and United States Colonial Marine Corps will carry M41A Pulse Rifle. What is this? An StarCraft style? I could imagine if Alien Xenomorph (Alien) was the Zerg and Alien Bug was the Zerg (duh!). There is horde of evil alien creatures (about thousand armies) will attack you like Zerg Rush compared to the movie, 300.

      5. Handsome Jack (Borderlands) vs Pagan Min (Far Cry 4) - Handsome Jack is a head of Hyperlion serving as corrupt CEO and President. In Far Cry 4, Pagan Min is a dictator of fictional country of South Asia mountain region (Himalayas), Kyrat. They are good for fighting between Handsome Jack vs Pagan Min in Death Battle. They are kind like Joker from Batman. Originally, Vaas (Far Cry 3) was going to fight against Handsome Jack due to popular badass antagonist in game, but he was replaced by Pagan Min (the successor to Vaas in Far Cry saga) instead. Pagan Min is a mixed between Vaas and Hoyt (Far Cry 3). Both are villains in Far Cry 3. But Hoyt is remind me of The Governor from The Walking Dead. Because they are ruthless villains. It was me I mentioned in Soul Calibur V video on YouTube about Handsome Jack vs Vaas.


      4. Mankind's Space Marine/Adeptus Astartes (Warhammer 40,000) vs Terran's Marine (StarCraft) - After I watched ScrewAttack's Top 10 Space Marines, I just got my idea for next Death Battle. This Death Battle where the war between Warhammer 40K's Space Marine vs Starcraft's Marine which is best Space Marine fight. This is like Starship Troopers where it has space marine compared to colonial marine from Alien movie (mention in #5 at this blog). Unfortunately, there is no teaming up against them nor in 4-way battle royale in Death Battle. If you want too, that's okay ScrewAttack. Go ahead, make 4-way Death Battle (Royale).

      3. Helghast Soldier (Killzone) vs Kerberos Panzer Soldier (Kerberos Saga including Jin-Roh anime movie) - This Nazi/Fascist with power armor suit is like space marine and even power armor suit from Fallout series. Kerberos Panzer Soldier has a power armor suit called "Protect-Gear". He is kind like Terminator. For Helghast Soldier, they are Space Nazi with British accent. Some believed the armor suit for Helghast soldiers were inspired by Protect-Gear from Kerberos Saga including Jin-Roh the anime movie. But it was coincidence and Helghast's soldiers are uncanny resemblance to Kerberos Panzer's soldiers. In the Kerberos Saga movies, if they spotted the Kerberos Panzer soldier with Protect-Gear like Helghast, he would say "Holy shit! Helghast is a Terminator. I'm not get my ass killed." because its' mixed up together to look like this "Helghast + Terminator = Kerberos". Kind like futuristic Nazi like in Wolfenstein games compared to Nazi steampunk. Which I called it Skynazi (portmanteau mean Skynet and Nazi). Well anyway. This is good fit for Death Battle.

      2. Raiden (Metal Gear) vs Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe) - I am huge fan of ninja. Especially ninja in futuristic. Imagine if Naruto goes to sci-fi with cyberpunk that resembled to Ghost In The Shell and well as Akira (both sci-fi anime movie). So both are the good special-ops ninjas. They are good fit for Death Battle. Their skill are the ninja katana sword (High-Frequency Blade for Raiden and Arashikage Katana Sword for Snake Eyes) and parkour. Oh yes, remember about sequel to Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (mention in #7 at this blog)? Let's find out. Oh nevermind. The rumor is falsed because it's either leaked or April Fools.

      1. KOS-MOS (Xenosaga) vs Aigis (Persona) - Oh my angel. This two ultimate cyborg chicks from JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game) are going to fight each together. This is awesome epic fight. I love it. Because I'm the huge fan of JRPG. I love the sexy machine who were female androids. No, not the real-life human robot from Japan which is not good combat. Both Japanese RPG android characters are awesome compared to Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost In The Shell) who is also an combat android and well as Miyu (My-HiME/My-Otome). This is better than Terminator vs Robocop in Death Battle. I could built my own robot chick with weapons. My first idea is I saw KOS-MOS and Aigis are on together which I mentioned in some website forums since 2010. I know KOS-MOS was carrying the big minigun and Aigis was carrying the machine gun on her arm which kind like Barret from Final Fantasy VII. Its like "Holy shit!, Mikoto is a Terminator." (which is my imagination about Touma Kamijou comment Mikoto Misaka in A Certain Magical index/A Certain Scientific Railgun. Nah, just kidding. It was a jokes. I lied. Whatever. So) while you walk away due to possible Unwanted Harem.


      Are you agreed with my list? Tell me more about more if you want to add the new challengers between two fighters in Death Battle. Just comment on below and I'll check it for you. I hope that ScrewAttack will make a promise for us.

    • Video Game Ideas and Prediction - BlazBlue X Guilty Gear

      5 years ago


      Well. There is rumor going on there. Because if Arc System Works is confirmed, they will be developing the crossover 2D fighting game called BlazBlue X Guilty Gear (or BlazBlue vs. Guilty Gear as an alternative working title). Similar to Capcom crossover fighting series (such as Marvel vs Capcom, SNK vs Capcom, Street Fighter X Tekken and other crossover fighting game made by Capcom), SNK’s King of Fighters, Sunday vs Magazine: Sh?ketsu! Ch?j? Daikessen, and even Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax. BlazBlue X Guilty Gear is my wishlist that I want video game industry should make next game project. There is also the first official crossover between BlazBlue and Guilty Gear is Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos the Namco Bandai's crossover turn-based tactical RPG which is sequel to Queen's Blade: Spiral Chaos. But Namco Bandai's subsidiary company, Banpresto has put credit for video game industries such as SNK and even Arc System Works beside Namco Bandai on Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos which is only featuring Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue and Dizzy from Guilty Gear. So let's find out. I've also posted on Angry Joe Show Army forum.


      Here is the funny fan-made story Tumblr about Wish for BlazBlue X Guilty Gear in Twisted Metal (Actually, I don't made this story. It was dashingmanspaghett who made this story, but I just reblogged this)


      Facebook (Unofficial) Pages for Guilty Gear X BlazBlue


      An possible 2014 April's Fool news



      This article is taken from unofficial sources which is fan-made in some websites. Someone is spreading rumors and suggestions about this article. Also the cover image for this article is credited by faretis in deviantART


      See BlazBlue X Guilty Gear in Game Ideas Wikia on this soruce link (below).

    • Project HON is announced by NCSoft

      5 years ago


      Back in few weeks ago, NCSoft in G-Star 2014 were show us the MMO mech game called Project HON which is Armored Core meet Hawken. But this gameplay mechanic and fuctionality are similar to Armored Core V, their sequel Armored Core Verdict Day and well as Front Mission Evolved rather Titanfall. Remember the first Xbox game called Metal Wolf Chaos? Check out the light mecha which is remind you of Transformers? Project HON is likey to compete with other MMO mecha simulation games such as Hawken and MechWarrior Online. Project HON will be come out in TBA (possible between 2015 - 2020 depending what country you living. I assumed S. Korea will be release in 2015 - 2016 first before release in Japan. The other worldwide will be release in late). I will get that game and I just posted on AJSA forum.

      NCSoft Official English Website (wasn't released the English version news nor mention about Project HON. We will wait until NCSoft will annouce to release Project HON on worldwide)


      Project HON full gameplay on NCSoft G-Star 2014


    • Rocky Balboa's Punch Out

      5 years ago


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