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    • I got me a twitter account

      9 years ago


      My name on twitter is SonOfNon3

    • Shadow of Destiny

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      Has anyone else played this game and what do yall think about this game?

      I got this game from game stop for 5 bucks with original case,game booklet and it was done by konmai the same people behind MGS,ZOE

      Me I love this game and I need to play it again to see the differnet endings and finding other ways to solve the puzzles

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    • Where is everyone?

      10 years ago


      It seems like everyone on my friends list kinda stop talking to me and each other?

    • Roadside Romeo

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      Is a bollywoood movie created over their in India with the help of Disney

      They created a 3d anthropomorphic dogs who live in Mumbia. They do speak hindi most of the time but they throw in a few english words as well. And their a few dance parts(what Indian movie wouldn't be complete)

      Here's one of the trailers for this movie

      And here's one of the dance songs theme) version)

      and if you are interested in seeing the movie here's part 1 of the movie. It has subtitles but they are kinda small and some times who ever sub it messed up

      Enjoy and I can't wait to hear some feedback on this topic.

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    • Gears of War 2 review

      10 years ago


      Gears of War 2 is a tactical third-person shooter video game developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios for Xbox 360.
      It is the sequel to Gears of War, and was announced by lead designer Cliff Bleszinski during the February 20, 2008 Game Developers Conference. The game uses a heavily upgraded version of the Unreal Engine 3.During E3 2008, a worldwide release date for the game was set for November 7, 2008.

      This is just a review of the single/co-op story mode. I will make another topic to discuss multiplayer modes of gears of war 2.

      This game picks up 6 months later with our main hero Marcus Fenix and his best mate Dominic "Dom" Santiago.
      Back at home in the city of Jacinto but not is well for this city. Humanity has been at war with the Locust for 15 years(the day we fought them was called "E-day") and before that they fought each other in the The Pendulum Wars(this war lasted over 70 yrs).
      So our resources stretch thin and Locust took a huge blow thanks to the lightmass bomb that delta squad(Current members-Marcus Fenix,Dominic "Dom" Santiago,Damon Baird and Augustus "Cole Train" Cole) delivered six months earlier.
      This bomb got rid of the nocturnal flying incests Kryll but other than that the Locust are even stronger than before. Many of the human cities are now under Locust control and they have power to sink entire cities as well. Even Jacinto the last hope for Human Kind is also doom to fall unless the COG(Coalition of Ordered Governments) can stop them.
      Richard Prescott is the dictatorial military leader of the C.O.G tells his fellow men that we must take this fight to the Locust and Kill every single one of them and bring back the hope to Jacinto.

      Richard Prescott gives a great speech "Humans are no strangers to war. After all, we've been fighting for as long as we can remember.War is all we know. In the past, we fought for imulsion. We fought for country. We fought for freedom. But all that changed after E-Day. For fifteen years, we've been fighting for our very survival against inhuman,genocidal monsters.....but it is a fight we cannot continue.
      Humanity faces extinction unless we end this war now. We had hoped the Lightmass bombing would decimate the Locust Horde but they survived, and have returned stronger than ever.They've brought with them a force that can sink entire cities.Even Jacinto, our last beacon of hope through all these dark days is now at risk. Soon we'll have nothing left to defend and that means we have only one option Attack.
      Gears,what I ask of you is not an easy thing but it is necessary. If we are to survive if we are to live long enough to see the seasons pass, our children grow, and experience a time of peace that we have never know. We must now take this fight to the locust! We will go to where they live and where they breed and we will destroy them. This is the day we take the battle to the heart of the enemy! This is the day we correct the course of human history.
      This is the day we ensure our survival as a species! Soldiers of the COG, my fellow Gears, go forth and bring back the hope of humanity"

      This games is EPIC(no pun intended) in so many ways. If you played the first gears you have to get this game. I love this game so much and storyline is very well done. All the main characters and secondary characters are very well done and it makes you feel a certain connection to them as you play this game.

      This is a "M" game so their lots of blood,gore,adult language,violence so if you're not into that and then is game is not for you. But for everyone else this game gets your adrenaline flowing and the testosterone flowing as well.

      This game looks great and in such a short time they made the environments look even better with such detail. The character models look great and ragdoll physics are very well done. The Unreal engine is being used to its full power on the 360. The character's face,armor,weapons and animations are very well done and realistic facial features help make everyone seem even more human.

      The orchestral score in this score in this game is awesome. And when the battle scene changes or a fight starts the music changes with it and makes you feel more into the game. The voice acting is spot on and so many cool and hilarious lines in this game. You and your friends will be quoting them all day. They do use profanity a lot in this game.

      This tactical third-person shooter has such flowed controls and when they add new things to each button it feels right without overwhelming the gamer with decisions on what to do next? The cover system is much improve over the last game and can control where you roll and run in this game. There lest cheap cover spots and all the weapons take more skillz to use. The new weapons are great like ink grenade,boom shield and new hammerburst.

      Lasting Appeal-10.0
      You might beat the single player mode a few times to get most of the achievements and collectible items and playing it with a friend. But the main meat of this game is multiplayer and online modes. But I give a in depth review on that later in a separate review.

    • Fable 2

      10 years ago


      LionHead developed this game and Peter Molyneux was the lead designer of this game. This game was published by Microsoft Game Studios

      Fable 2 is a sequel to the xbox game Fable 1 which was released September 14, 2004 and
      then later Fable had a expansion added to it for those who bought the platinum version of Fable
      which was later called fable:the lost chapters which was released on September 2005.

      Now on Xbox 360 Fable 2 has been released October 21, 2008(North America),October 24, 2008(Europe) and October 23, 2008(Australia)

      Now lets talk about the game


      This game sets as a young boy in a town of Bowerstone and its been 500 years since the first game so technology has advance a lot since the time of your first hero. The Gulid of heroes has been burnt down to the ground. There are no more Heroes. And the hometown of the first hero has been burnt to the ground as well.

      As this young boy living in Bowerstone who lives with his older sister Rose and both of them have to steal and do odd jobs to find some money to get some food so they can stay alive. One day a traveler comes by and has a magical music box. A old blind women tells you if you buy it it will grant your wish. So you and your sister go around town help people or stealing things. This part of the game is a small quick tutorial. You save this poor stray dog from the town bully. This dog helps you finish your last job. You have enough to buy the music box and you make your wish. The next morning a guard comes by and tells you a man name Luicen wants to speak with you and your sister Rose. You meet Lucien and he tells that you have the Blood of one of the Legendary heroes and then he tells you step on a magical platform. But something goes wrong he mumbles something to himself "wait your not one of the three? Your the forth one" and then Lucien pulls out a gun and kills Rose in front of your eyes. The shoots you out of the window and that old blind women says "death is not your destiny" she takes you far way from Bowerstone and trains you so you may get your revenge on Lucien.


      Now the game its self is much improve on the last game with more things to do. There also split screen co op and online co op. But only one of you can be the hero the other is a random looking fighter.
      The targeting system has improve so you have more control fighting with your weapons and magic system is much diffrent. You swap spells during a fight and cast lvl 1-4 spell as well. Buying new abilities is the just the same you have pull the R trigger to absorb the orbs(blue=strength,yellow=skill,red=will and green=general EXP)

      Being a hero adventure makes good money but you can also buy and sell goods,buy and sell and even rent out homes to people. Gambling and doing odd jobs like cutting wood or blacksmith can make some good money and you also level up those skills as well. The Quest in this game are good but they do getting repeated a lot bounty hunting,free slaves,assassination,fetch quest and can people find the missing person.

      And another thing they have is a dog companion and this is the same you saved all of those years ago. he helps you by barking then he finds treasure,enemies and he attack them as well. he can do many tricks . You have buy dog books if you want him to learn more and he helps you find many cool treasure. And in this game you can marry one that one women. You can also marry a man but he doesn't give you anything extra unlike the women. You can also have kids as well.

      Seeing how everyone looks and reacts to what you do and animation and seeing the world is great. The graphics are much improve but at the same time this slows down framerate like during crowed towns or when bunch of enemies on screen.The random freezing and disk red errors are also bad

      The music in this game is nice but it gets repeated a lot. The people of Albion have such heavy accents you might want to turn on your subtitles for them.

      With the new gameplay addtions and online co op and playing with diffrent styles help this game a lot

      Lasting Appeal-8.5
      you find a lot to do in Albion and playing this game over as a male or female character does bring replay value. The online co op is also nice addition. Playing as good or evil helps as well.

      If you have a 360 and you need a game go buy fable 2

    • Jak 3 review

      10 years ago


      The Jak and Daxter franchise belongs to Naughty Dog inc the same people who is behind the Crash Bandicoot and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. During the ps2 life span 4 Jak and Daxter games have been released 3 of them were part of a trilogy of Jak and Daxter while the forth was a racing game and one spin off game for the psp about Daxter.

      Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy-December 4, 2001 (2001-12-04)
      Jak II-October 14, 2003 (2003-10-14)
      Jak III-November 9, 2004 (2004-11-09)
      Jak X: Combat Racing-October 18, 2005(2005-28-10)
      Daxter-March 14, 2006 (2006-03-14)

      Ok I'm done with the introduction lets talk about this game.

      To be frank Jak 3 is the only Jak and Daxter game I own and have beaten. I rented Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy when it first came out but never beat and I never touched Jak 2.
      With that being said I was able to understand the story and characters in a short time. I bought this game from gamestop for 15 bucks this game was steal at 15 bucks.

      I'm going to talk about the storyline so be fair I am giving a SPOILER WARNING NOW!

      ok I gave yall a fair warning

      This game starts off where Jak 2 left off after saving haven city from the evil metal heads and their leader Errol.
      Jak and Daxter and others were at their main headquarters it gets attack and Jak get blamed for all the metal heads and other fighting factions destroying the Haven city. Jak and Daxter get banished to the waste land.

      Before Jak and Daxter get left behind Ashelin give him a tracker beacon so the waster landers can find him and she tells "Jak you must come back as soon as possible" .

      A Few hours later on the verge of collapse Jak and Daxter and Pecker are founded by the waster lander.
      But not is all well in there new home Jak is force to "prove his worth" to the leader of the waster lander and his name is Samos the Sage. He must go through combat trials to earn his citizenship here.

      End Spoilers.

      As you can see Jak and Daxter have a long adventure ahead of them. I didn't want to spoil too much the storyline. We can discuss more about if yall want to.

      This game looks great and it never slows down. This game uses the power of ps2 very well. The characters look great and animations are smooth

      The music in jak 3 is good but nothing stands out. The voice acting on the other hand is great and very well done. There are several funny lines and cool lines as well

      The game play is very well done you got your classic spin move and dash punch. The new light eco powers are very useful unlike the dark eco powers which are almost useless expect for a few puzzles other than that you really don't need to use them. This game have 4 main guns and you earn through out the course of the game and their optional upgrades for them as well. The driving this game is a hit and a miss. Racing is ok but they make you do it too much same goes for the "finding lost objects in the sand" as well. You have few cars too choose from once you unlock them. Another thing I did not like is that if you get hurt in you car there no way to heal yourself. So during those driving missions if you get hurt there no way to heal yourself or if your car explodes you have a very strong chance of starting the entire mission over unless if your really lucky and reach a check point. And because of this it makes these missions very hard and frustrating. And too make matters worse is the camera angles and control. Wither your on foot or car you will have many moments the camera gets stuck or goes in a diffrent direction and you die because of it and the enemy AI is also very cheap and same goes for racing AI as well.

      Lasting Appeal-8.0
      The game is great and the game itself is quite difficult at times. There are many secrets in the game. For me 'm not a big fan of looking for secrets. So after beating I may start all over just for fun. If you find this game for 20 bucks or lower go buy because you won't regret buying this game

      Please go buy jak 3 for you ps2

    • Final Fantasy 8 soundtrack

      10 years ago


      Final Fantasy VIII Music - Maybe I'm A Lion

      Final Fantasy VIII Music - SeeD

      Final Fantasy VIII Music - Never Look Back

      Final Fantasy VIII Music - The Man With The Machine Gun

      Final Fantasy VIII Music - Fragments of Memories

      Final Fantasy VIII Music - Love Grows

    • More quotes part 2

      10 years ago


      Church - So. Tex and I have a rough history. Doesn't mean we can't be professional and hold a conversation.

      Tex - I wouldn't exactly call them conversations

      Church - Uhg. Get off my back, woman! Can't you see I'm working here?!!

      Tex - Please! You call this working?

    • One of my favorite lines ever. part 1

      10 years ago


      Tex: This is a long range weapon, okay? I need distance to use it effectively.
      Tucker: Where were you planning on shooting him from, the fucking moon? If you'd of backed up any further, you'd of had to mail him the bullets.

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