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    • Fantastic

      1 year ago


      You are all fantastic people.

      That is all.

    • Shameless Self Promotion XD

      2 years ago


      So this is going to be a quick journal entry as I don't really make them.

      I have recently began to stream.. recently being since about Fall of last year, although I've had an account for several years and have edited YouTube videos since 2007. Don't stare at me with those judgmental eyes..


      As I am now streaming I would very much appreciate any and all feedback pertaining to this. I tend to a stream a variety of different things ranging from Overwatch, Shovel Knight, GTA, Arma 3 RP, Gang Beasts, DnD and much much more.

      So if you're ever interested in checking out my stuff, feel free to drop on by and maybe even follow if you enjoy your stay!  church1

      Stay awesome everyone!  

    • Featured

      2 years ago


      Thank you random algorithm for featuring me this 22nd day of November. I am truly honored.

    • Da Journal Post

      2 years ago


      It's been a while since I've actually posted on here so I thought, why not? What's the worse that could happen? I mean a horde of angry beavers could come crashing through my window and start ravaging my face or a meteor could come crashing down ending everything I know. But really though.. nothing exciting like that is going to happen. Maybe the beavers.. maybe.


      I've been well, how about everyone else?

      Halloween has come and gone and daylight savings has brought an unfortunate early darkness to the world outside. But other than that, everything is hunky dory.

      Looking into doing more freelance design stuff in my "spare time", probably most of it will be personal projects, but we'll see.

      Did I mention last month I went to Disney World, for the first time ever, with some of the most awesome people I have ever had the privilege to meet and let alone befriend. It was, to say the least, an amazing experience and not just because of the theme park itself, but mainly because of those wonderful friends that helped make it that way. Without them, it would have been just a lonely journey. Without them, I probably would have not gone in the first place. So Thank You. And Thank You to all my other awesome friends who are always there for me along the way. And Thank You to everyone else for being there, even if I haven't had the opportunity to meet you yet. Hopefully one day we can change that!  :D

      This has been a fun chat though, huh?

      Let's do it again sometime.


      Or not.

      We'll see.

      Peace out guys & gals!

    • Game On!

      3 years ago


      I'm not one to write a post nor even publicize myself very often on here, but I thought I might give it a try. This post will be entirely about me trying to inform you about the content I upload to YouTube. If you're not interested in hearing another spiel of this sort, feel free to ignore this post entirely.

      Before I go on, let me go back with my history of videography and photography. Since I was young, I've always felt some kind of interest in taking videos or photos, using film cameras and my father's video tape recorder at an early age. I wasn't always sure what I wanted to do with it, it mainly was just something I enjoyed. Many times I would just walk around with a camera or a small camcorder I had gotten as a Christmas present and just record the moments around me. At the time, it didn't seem weird to me, however, now that I reflect on it, walking around and randomly videotaping people probably wasn't the best call. Moving forward it would be a skill-set I would continue to learn and utilize.

      Onward to my online debut, I started a YouTube channel back in '07 and began creating videos based on a popular MMORPG game called Runescape, as a way for me to do something more with the game than just grind and play. This provided me with another outlet to be creative and even include my friends in something they'd learn to love and at the same hate doing; getting scenes just right sometimes became a pain and at times, took at least a dozen tries to get to the result I was hoping for. Nonetheless, this was something I proceeded with and enjoyed doing. I would continue to create different content, utilizing different methods I would learn from other YouTubers around me, and creating various types of videos. Writing scripts for my content became a regular habit, especially for many videos that were mainly based on having people act certain parts. As such with many YouTubers, I began with Windows Movie Maker, slowly learning the motions and eventually moving up through the ranks of different video editing software until I finally found one that suited my needs, Sony Vegas Pro. The current software I use, however, is Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects.

      Now I can go further and continue elaborating on my journey through video editing and the ups and downs I've had, but rather than that, let's just skip ahead a bit.

      Towards the beginning of my college career, I became very busy, as many students do, and began dwindling my content down until I went on a complete hiatus. I sadly had almost no time to create much of the content I loved, although I did begin creating videos that were focused more on my real-life and everything around me. This was mainly due to the fact that my major involved me doing some film-making and video-editing work, which was one of my favorite parts of my college career. The hardest part was finding people to help manage equipment and agree to help out, especially when everyone is busy with something or another. Looking back, I wish I had taken more time to focus on this kind of work.

      I have now come full circle, as many things do, and have began creating content again. This time, I've decided to stay with the gaming route, at least for the moment, and am branching out to different games with a new bunch of friends and folks. I'm slowly getting back in the jive of things so much of my content has no heavy edits, however, as I go further, I hope to continue to keep learning and creating more videos. If you're interested in seeing any of what I have done, feel free to visit my channel, which is listed below. The name is a WIP, has been changed multiple times, and will probably change again sometime down the line. I'm up for collaborating and helping out if anyone needs a hand. I don't ask you to subscribe if you're not interested, just take a quick gander. If you like what you see, feel free to let me know. All I really want is feedback for the moment.

      Thank you for being awesome. Keep Gaming On.

      Arcane Hero aka Eloy

    • RTX Guardian x2

      3 years ago


      Haven't posted anything about this yet because I've so busy as of late, and even now I'm currently at work.

      I'm going to be a Guardian at RTX again this year!! :D

      Best news I've heard all week!

    • Happy New Year!

      3 years ago


      Hope everyone has a great year full of wonderful experiences!

    • 3 years ago



    • Username Changed!

      3 years ago


      As I posted previously, I have changed my username from Eloyy to Arcane Hero, just in case anyone gets confused.

    • SO.. MUCH.. ERROR

      4 years ago


      Site is starting to bug out more frequently now.. ahh! errors.. insufficient comment permissions.. pages not wanting to work.. missing icons..

      I.. DONT.. KNOW.. WHAT'S.. HAPPENING!! >.<

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    • CyborgDoll

      3 years ago

      Hello good sir! Thank you for the add!

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