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    • Emergency Ration Pack(MRE) Eating

      5 years ago


      My roommate eats an MRE pack our friend brought us...

    • How to Feel great in GTA5

      5 years ago


      Get Blimp, fly Blimp to other Blimp, play "Flight of the Valkyries" somewhere at this time. Get close to blimp with blimp, jump out of blimp(Preferably with parachute). Watch Blimp on Blimp Action.

      Conclusion: Blimp Kamakaze with background music.

    • NHL13

      6 years ago


      So, playing my Be a Pro in his second year, Playoff Semifinals Canucks(Me) against the Sharks, I play one game, win 5-2 with two goals, two assists. Play the next game, and I barely win 3-2 with a goal and an assist in the end of the 3rd overtime. My brain doesn't comprehend how my team's performance changes that much from game to game, I played them exactly the same way. I don't like it but I do, its irritating, but it adds in extra challenge to the game, which is always entertaining and generally hoped for in a game.

      Anyone find this quality in another genre of games?

    • 6 years ago


      I apparently turned my sister into the third wheel by befriending her boyfriend...



    • 6 years ago

    • 6 years ago

    • Jums...

      6 years ago


      My friend, had the stupidest moment I've ever seen him have last week.

      We were in Media Class, and he'd just watched the RTAA with Gavin's stroke and his Jums...

      So our current project is doing a Horror Film, and we were working on our Storyboard. I wrote out the descriptions of the first four boxes, and he drew them in. He drew the first one with a guy, with spikey hair and a striped shirt. It looked so stupid and it wasn't a humanoid shape at all. That was okay, I don't expect him to be Da Vinchi or anything. But then, he draws the person in the next slide, and its supposed to be the same guy, but I guess he decided he didn't like the last slide, and gave this box's dude a combover and a hairy looking turtleneck.

      Next came a mullet and an arm sticking out of his lower torso that was thicker than the torso was. By this time I was openly questioning him about it, but he didn't seem to realize just what he was doing. The fourth box, made me think of the Spiderwash memes as he gave the guy in it what looked like two extra legs but were supposedly arms, that were now very skinny.

      He then took a moment to look over it and came to the same conclusion I did.
      My friend has Brain Problems, and is a victim of the Jums Syndrome, transferred to him by Gavin.

      If RT would like to provide compensation for his struggles... ;)

    • 6 years ago


      I think I found the true purpose of the Meta, we had it all wrong guys...

      From Crackpot Theories Thread:

      "Maine is a Good Samaritan, I bet in Seasons 6-8 he was just trying to get all the AI's from rogue agents and return them to the Director. Sweeping the streets clean with his badass broom."

      This would explain why he tends to protect Carolina, hes the good guy, and the BGC are the bad guys, just like the Insurrection and Project Freelancer.

      It can't be a coincidence, can it? :P

    • AI as of Episode 6

      7 years ago



      So right there the lit up AI are:


      I presume at the time of the Episode, Gamma has not been given to Wyoming, and Epsilon has probably not been given to Wash. I also think Xi and Iota will be Carolina's two AI.

      Hopefully in future episodes we will see this Board again with more lit up AI, to hint at other Freelancers getting AI's for a miniseries.

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