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    • RTXLondon Guardian Applications - Live Today at 4pm GMT

      2 years ago


      Hey guys! Guardian applications go live at 4pm GMT today, exciting times! So I wanted to do a post explaining what it is like to be a Guardian the roles and expectations involved and hopefully answer some of the questions you guys have. We are still waiting for some information to be confirmed for us and will update this post as we receive answers. 

      These are the questions we are still awaiting answers for:

      1. What days Guardians are needed around the event. I believe it may be Thursday through Sunday but am waiting for confirmation.

      2. Whether Guardians need to buy tickets or not. Again I don't think you do but I am waiting for this to be confirmed so do not take that as a definite.

      3. Information on badge collection

      If you have any other questions comment below and we will answer or try to get answers for them.

      You must be at least 18 years old on or before October 14th, 2017 to become a Guardian.

      The following is taken from a journal post by Austin Head Guardian Mary (Thanks @SailorTweek!) and gives an in depth breakdown on the guardian roles and what is expected of you.

      So, you want to apply to be a Guardian? 

      RTX Guardians represent the Community, the Company, and the Convention. The RT Community is pretty incredible and we aim to bring in the best (and those aspiring to be the best) community representatives into our Guardian ranks.

      We are looking for willingness to do the tasks assigned to you, positive attitudes, customer service, patience, and a genuine desire to make the convention experience rock for everyone. We strive to make the show a safe place for all fans.

      You must be comfortable in crowds/crowded spaces, can deal with emergencies with a cool head, and willing to work with your teams. We have a variety of jobs that range from super exciting to oddly mundane...but all jobs/tasks are important and necessary so we expect everyone to put their full effort into every task.

      Guardians are VOLUNTEERS. You get a crew shirt, snacks, unique job experience, and a chance to really connect with the Rooster Teeth Community 

      Guardians are responsible for their own hotel, travel, meals, and parking.

      Being a Guardian is HARD WORK. I want you to say that sentence out loud and take it to heart because it is very true. You ask any past Guardian and they will tell you that very same thing. You will have lots of fun and hopefully end the weekend with a terrific sense of pride and accomplishment, but it takes a lot of hard work from the RTX Guardians to make this show successful.

      Applying to be a Guardian 

      Please fill out the application thoroughly and seriously. A cute comment here and there is fine, but all joke applications will be disregarded - this goes for beginners and veterans of RTX. Fill out the form, please. Prove to us that you can follow directions.

      You must be willing to check the RoosterTeeth website every week. Although Guardian news comes in random bursts, we require that you check this site frequently. It is our home base for information. We will NOT have a Tumblr, Facebook, or reddit thread/page/group. All communication will be via email or private messaging on this site.

      Be sure to TRIPLE check your information. Names, emails, and usernames are often misspelled. it's difficult to get in touch with you if you submit an application with a misspelled name

      We do our best to honour your assignment preferences, but preferences are never a guarantee. We cannot have 124 Tech Guardians.

      No worries if you lack convention experience! We accept all skill levels. Y'all gotta start somewhere, right? Tell us if your worked retail, Disney parks, summer camps, business events, child care, personal assistance, office management, scout leading, project management, extracurricular activities...EVERYTHING that involves dealing with groups of people.

      Thousands apply, hundreds are accepted. Just keep that in mind.

      What do Guardians do? 

      We are the support structure of this show. We make this show run from bag stuffing to the moment we close up on Sunday. You are all part of an award-winning, record-breaking team! Below is a list of the previous Guardian roles. The list is not exhaustive, and things may have changed. It is a good reference, though. Please do not badger Head Guardians about wanting one instead of the one you’ve been assigned without a very good reason.

      Center Stage – Responsible for the operation of Center Stage located on the Expo Hall floor. Work tightly with the Tech Guardians to make sure that game consoles are up to date and working. Tech knowledge is a plus.

      Exhibitor Services - Assigned to a group of exhibitors in the Expo Hall. Responsible for making sure their RTX experience is the best it can be. Hospitality, customer service (the exhibitors are your customers), and a little bit of line management

      Freelancers - Freelancers are the most flexible Guardians. From guarding a door one minute to wrangling a crowd of attendees the next, these Guardians go where they're needed. Good for people who are a jack of all trades and want to move around a lot. Really. A lot.

      Line Management - Responsible for line management of the entire event. Making sure emergency exits are not blocked, anticipating and controlling impromptu lines. Help maintain clear walkways. Tends to work closely with Response team to be an extra set of eyes.

      Panels - Responsible for the smooth running of all the panel rooms including load in/out of attendees, counting attendees in line, manning Q&A microphones, and making sure the panel starts and ends on time. Works with tech and the convention staff to make sure panelist tech needs are met.

      Personal Assistants - Assists an RT employee or special guest for the duration of the convention. Help staff members when they are out in the public areas of RTX. Must be able to maintain communication on a professional level with staff/crew/special guest, keep track of schedules, and know where to obtain items (food, drink, and so on)

      Registration - Assists with attendee, staff, VIP, and exhibitor check in. Is the first face an attendee sees at RTX. Must have great customer service skills. May get reassigned during the late moments of RTX as needs arise.

      RT Store - Help run the RT Store. Help attendees find merchandise and keep the tables stocked. Help maintain the RT Store line.

      Response - Work with EVERY team to help with crisis management and crowd control. Must be able to forcefully/professionally tell attendees who are breaking the rules to stop. Does not get physical with attendees. Does not carry weapons. Role is to observe, deter, and report ONLY.

      Tech - Tech Guardians work with Center Stage, Panels, and other areas of RTX to make sure tech needs are met. Responsible for the streaming equipment, queue room A/V, game console setup at Center Stage and for select Panels. Tech is NOT responsible for theatrical rigging or sound boards.

      Signature - Handles the designated Signature area. Line management, customer service, checking badges & signature tickets

      Specialty Rooms - Responsible for dense collections of RT content typically in a small space such as RT Experience and Achievement Hunter Lounge. Duties include being custodians of the content and company valuables, customer service for attendees visiting locations.

      G-Spot - The literal Guardians of our quiet spaces. G-Spot is where Guardians can take a break, store their stuff, and is also a great space to call for dispatch. This team is far away from the action and chaos of the event.

      Happy Hour / Evening Events - Much like Freelancers, they do a little bit of everything during the evening programming.

      Team Leaders - Every department above is lead by one or more Team Leaders. All Guardians report to and receive direction from a Team Leader. They know the convention inside and out. Usually a veteran Guardian or somebody with previous convention volunteer experience.

      Things that Guardians DO NOT do: Theater rigging, Sound design, Operate camera equipment Forklift operation, Physical security, Event scheduling, Event content production, Content selection and/or placement Establish event and/or attendee policies.

      Co-Head Guardian of #RTXLondon - Twitter handles @HuntressArileya & @SF_Boomer

    • Why I am a Rooster Teeth fan

      4 years ago


      @RTContests Where to start.... I was first introduced to RvB when I was 11, from there I started watching the Halo HORSE videos with Jack and Geoff and now watch pretty much every video Rooster Teeth puts out. The content is amazing and has had me in tears of laughter on many occasions and also helped me get through some difficult times in my own life. But the main reason I am still such a fan of Rooster Teeth is that you have such incredible people making it what it is and supporting it in the community. I have made many good friends through the various Rooster Teeth appreciation groups and communities and continue to do so, meeting more people every event. The company also does so much to help others with fundraising campaigns like Extra Life and Operation Supply Drop which not only shows how awesome and caring the staff are but also the strength of the community that it has created and what we can do together. I love being a part of something that does so much to help people either by raising money for good causes or by simply making them laugh on a bad day. Rooster Teeth is an inspiration because of its 'keep moving forward' attitude. You always strive for better and won't stop until you get there, you help to portray the internet and gaming in a positive light and show just how good they are at bringing people together. I am so happy to be part of such an amazing community and it's all thanks to Rooster Teeth, you guys are awesome! smiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

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      I love the way I try and add you as a friend and I get a MASSIVE error code telling me to go away! Haha.

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        Haha yay! Thank you

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      2 years ago

      Haha thanks! It's going to be busy!

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      Happy FU and good luck with RTX London

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      Hey, FU! Happy Featured User day! Also, nice picture with the snake.

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      HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have a fantastic day!

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