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    • AkiraGem95 asked ArnettV a question

      Hi! I'm a relatively new member in RT Florida. I wanted to pick your brain a little, because I wanted to organize more RT Community events in Lakeland. How do you guys go about creating/organizing?

      Answered: Mar 25, 2017

      The most important part is making sure that you pick a location that everyone is welcome at (i.e. Don't go to a 21+ club if you're trying to include people under age). Some place with food, drinks, games/entertainment, and space is going to be your best bet. Bowling, an arcade, Dave & Buster's, we have a few bars in Orlando that are video game themed that are perfect. Feel free to create an event and we can help you advertise it on our RT Florida social media or assist in putting one together. 

    • Hey.

      2 years ago

      ArnettV Gif Addict

      Do you ever wonder why we're here?

    • RTX 2017

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      ArnettV Gif Addict

      Hey everyone! Who all is going to RTX this year? Did you go last year? Are you a Guardian? ARE YOU AS EXCITED AS I AM?

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    • Year One

      2 years ago

      ArnettV Gif Addict

      Did you know RT Florida has been a group for a whole year now? That's insane!

      I absolutely love all of you guys and can't wait for many more years.

      edit: you can see the totally heartfelt post here:



    • A lot has been happening

      2 years ago

      ArnettV Gif Addict

      So, let's see. Two weeks ago was the RT Community Extra Life (We kicked ass and raised over $2K by the way, thanks for that) and RT Extra Life was this weekend (congrats to Michael and Lindsay). Does it stop there? Hahahahahaha! No...

      Early Thanksgiving (some like to call it Friendsgiving, but I call them stupid) this upcoming weekend. Thanksgiving next weekend. Going back home for a yearly tradition of hanging lights on a tree on a bridge (you'll see the drunk tweets later). Then a Holiday Party for the RT Florida group. By the way, if you live in Florida, you should totally join.

      It's going to be a lot of fun but man will it be a while until I have a weekend off. But, hey! The weather finally dropped below 80 degrees here in Florida so that's a big deal! Seriously, my windows are open right now and I love it.

      Any way, that's all for today folks. Have a good day!




    • There's something fun going around!

      2 years ago

      ArnettV Gif Addict

      I love when these things pop up on this site. They don't happen enough!


      Username: ArnettV 

      From: Orlando, FL

      FIRST member: Yes

      Date Joined: June 15, 2010

      Last Signed in: Always, on every device!

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      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Red vs Blue Episode 40 (Season 4)

      Last Podcast you watched: Off Topic #48 on Friday

      Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Burnie. Does Luke still count?

      Did you watch a RT video today: Yes

      If yes Which one: RWBY Volume 4 Chapter 2: Remembrance 

      Favorite RT Series: RvB

      Favorite RT video: Scissors from Season 2 of RT Shorts

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      Name of first Journal: Missing Metro

      Name of you latest Journal: There's Always Something

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      First group in your group list: SideQuest

      Last Private message sent to: LoZelda about RT Secret Santa

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      Gamer Score/ Total Trophies: 29k/19

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      Favorite Achievement Hunter: Jack

      Minecraft Skin: Moose

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      The Community   

      Favorite Group: RT Florida blue_heart

      Have you gone to a community event: So, so many...

      Favorite Fellow Community member: All my love is going out to @LoZelda right now!

      Tag 5 People: @Kikyobutt@Tw1st3d_1@Smrty_Pance, @WB_Spartan, @EmmyMargs(#BringBackEmily2016)

    • There's always something

      2 years ago

      ArnettV Gif Addict

      Let me start by saying, I absolutely love what I do for RT Florida. Wouldn't change it for the world and I love everyone there to bits. But every event, it seems like there's always something. 

      Once I almost lost my phone at a Dave & Buster's. My car broke down on the highway at 3 am on my way back from a meet up (most of you should know that story by now). And most recently, I very nearly lost my car key in a giant foam pit at Rebounderz. Yeah, that last bit happened just last night.

      Rebounderz, in case you are unaware, is basically a giant indoor trampoline arena. They have laser tag, an American Ninja Warrior-inspired course, an arcade, and a foam jump pit. Now, the jump pit is what caused my grief that night. You run, jump on a trampoline, and launch yourself into this giant pit of blue and green foam cubes. You struggle to get back to the surface then climb your way out to the ledge. Fun right? Not when you realized your car keys are missing after going in and you're 2 hours from home.

      I checked the entire place, asked the employees, gave them the description of my tiny rectangle key fob with no other keys or ornaments on them, and with dread realized the only other place they could be was in the foam pit. The manager, gave us the option to look around in the half I had jumped, sure to tell us that no one really finds anything. Well, they didn't have 18 of the best people to help them look!

      Luckily, a handful of people from the meet up graciously jumped in the foam pit that was taller than my height to dig through a sea foam drenched in I don't even want to know what. The entire thing was equated to playing a game of Minecraft since the foam was cube-shaped. I don't think I'll be playing Minecraft anytime soon. We reached the bottom of the pit, moved along, making a barricade of green and blue until eventually Shelby found by car key. Thank you sooo much! Next party, drinks are on me.

      It was definitely an experience, though one I would NEVER like to experience again. 

      Sigh, I need a drink just thinking about it... whiskey 



    • The Best Night of Overwatch Yet

      2 years ago

      ArnettV Gif Addict

      Last night a few of us jumped onto Overwatch expecting to just get a few loot boxes from the Halloween update. We played a few games, got some cool skins and items, and then we came across a team of full Meis. it was... interesting. We thought they were just trolling us or playing for laughs. And then the did it again as Lucio. Obviously they were a party of their own. 

      "Fine," we thought. Two can play at this game and all six of us suited up as Reinhardt. We turned around the corner of Hanamura and there were suddenly six more Reinhardts with shields. We were laughing our butts off!


      The end of the match, they sent us a message saying how cool we were, and we returned the sentiment. This went on for a while throughout multiple different matches, each team a group of six of the same characters, switching out each round. Then the custom matches began. Random heroes, no cool down, all the fun. 

      Needless to say, these people were some of the most fun I had ever played with and provided an amazing experience! And of course they were streaming on Twitch, allowing us to chat with them too. Awesome!



    • ​ ​I guess I'm doing blogs again?

      2 years ago

      ArnettV Gif Addict

      I don't know why people would want to read about my life. I just live with three nerds in one of the largest cities in a state composed of swamp and old people. Oh look, a hurricane.

      But yeah, I guess I have my interesting moments too. Like that time I jumped off a bridge, or swam around Key West in a competition, and the fact that I grew up on an island. How messed up is it when you used to live closer to Cuba than a Walmart. Fun fact, in high school we could listen to radio waves from Cuba in the top corner of our math and science floor.

      And then I have not so interesting moments like, I've never seen snow. Not that uncommon a trait, except I've never been outside of Florida aside from RTX. Or, I can easily sleep for 18 hours a day. Then again, I can also survive on merely three hours of sleep each night too, so... How do life?

      So yeah. I guess these will be regularly unregular posts. We'll see how they go. :)


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      2 years ago

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