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    • Wander and Dormin Slay Death Battle! (Major update coming soon)

      1 year ago



      Before I get started, I’ve got to explain how I went about researching this: tons of estimates, size charts, and stuff that’s implied by the game. What this means is that a lot of the calcs and feats in this blog are subject to change. A lot of feats are also based on the assumption that Wander has collected every fruit and silver-tailed lizard in the forbidden land. If you have anything you’d like to add or fix, leave it in the comments below! It always means a ton :D

      Also, spoilers… like… a ton of them…


      One cloudy night, a lone hawk flies by two longtime companions - Wander and his horse, Agro - navigating an unforgiving cliffside path on the edge of a canyon. The two have been traveling for a long time on this offbeat path, through murky forests and wet grasslands alike.

      They arrive at last at their destination: a tall stone gate with a narrow passage. On the other side lies an enormous bridge of near-otherworldly construction. The bridge spans over the Forbidden Lands, a dramatic landscape of plains and canyons with enclosed and cut-off environments ranging from arid deserts to clefts with tall geysers to dark forests and murky crevasses.

      The bridge finally comes to an end at the Shrine of Worship, a gigantic structure in the middle of the Lands. Wander and Agro make their way to the ground floor and the temple's main hall, which is lined with sixteen stone idols. At the end of the empty hall is an altar. Here it is shown that Wander is carrying something with him - a body wrapped in a cloth sheet. He places the body on the altar and removes the sheet, revealing Mono - a young girl clothed in a white dress - underneath

      The game suddenly cuts to a picture of an owl mask amidst a cloudy sky. From here, Lord Emon, a spiritual leader in Wander's society, speaks an esoteric monologue:

      "That place...began from the resonance of intersecting points... They are memories replaced by ends and naught and etched into stone. Blood, young sprouts, sky - and the one with the ability to control beings created from light... In that world, it is said that if one should wish it, one can bring back the souls of the dead. But to trespass upon that land is strictly forbidden..."

      Agro is suddenly frightened by a noise from behind the trio. Several shadowy apparitions are emerging from the temple floor. Wander sees this and draws a mysterious sword from its sheath, pointing it towards the shadows. The blade emits an otherworldly energy and the creatures immediately dissolve into thin air. Immediately, a booming pair of voices fill the halls from a great aperture above, surprised that Wander possesses the "Ancient Sword". Wander correctly identifies the voices as belonging to Dormin, and asks that Mono be revived. Initially, Dormin expresses an indifference towards the matter, but ultimately cannot hide the interest in the sword Wander carries.

      Remarking that it "may not be impossible" to bring Mono back to life, Dormin makes a deal: destroy the sixteen idols that line the walls of the Shrine, and Mono will be revived. The idols can only be destroyed by killing their living incarnations - the sixteen colossi. Dormin warns Wander that in doing this, the price he pays "may be heavy indeed". Wander's reply is simple: "It doesn't matter." With that, Dormin instructs Wander to be on his way, telling him to raise the Ancient Sword up in a sunlit area. When he does, eight soft beams of light emit from the blade's tip in the eight compass directions; the beams converge and become brighter when they are pointed in the direction of a colossus.



      Wander has shoulder-length, red hair that is accessorized with a blue headband, as well as blue-grey eyes. He wears a short-sleeved shirt that varies in shades of brown, and over it sports a cloak with a symbol resembling the major sigils on the colossi. His arms are wrapped in bandages and blue wrist-guards. He also dons knee-length shorts that are a faded green and blue sandals with shin-guards. He also looks like a girl.


      Our Hero has quite the arsenal, awarded to him by Dormin for completing time trials. It’s not as ridiculous as Link’s or anything, but still pretty cool. Note that I don’t use EVERY award, as fruit tree maps are useless, and the Ancient Sword is his most iconic weapon (That and it’s the only Sword he canonically uses)



      The Ancient Sword: Was used many years ago to seal Dormin away within the Forbidden Lands. Wander, having knowledge of the power of Dormin, stole the sword to enable him to use the Forbidden Spell and revive Mono. The sword has the ability to "gather light" and show the location of active colossi. Wander holds it up in the sunlight to activate this ability. The light will scatter when he is pointed away from the colossus's location, but those points of light will gather when he aims at the right direction. When near the colossus, these beams of light point out the weak points on a colossus's body. Whether or not it would reveal the weak points of anything other than a colossus is up to one’s interpretation.


      Bow and Arrow: The first ranged weapon that Wander can use in his hunt for the colossi. It is in Wander's possession from the beginning of the game. It can and must be used while riding on Agro's back.The bow has an unlimited amount of arrows, but it is not an effective weapon for killing the colossi.The amount of damage done is negligible and the major sigils of a colossus must be stabbed with a sword for it to die. Arrows are, however, useful in getting the attention of a colossus and for triggering certain weak spots.


      Flash Arrow: Not to be confused with Pulse-Man’s attack of the same name. The Flash Arrow is a special type of arrow that explodes upon impact, unlocked by defeating all 16 colossi in Normal Time Attack. Flash Arrows can be used to hit a colossus in a major sigil or even a random part of their body for a decent amount of damage, though it can’t kill them. It has a roughly 3 meter blast radius


      Whistling Arrow: Obtained by defeating two colossi in Normal Time Attack. It is a special type of arrow that produces a high whistling (hence its name) sound when in flight.


      Harpoon of Thunder: A ranged weapon that Wander can throw at a colossus's major sigil to inflict major damage. It is a reward for defeating two colossi on Hard Time Attack. The damage done by a fully charged throw is about the same damage as a full stab with the Ancient Sword or the Sword of the Sun. Even though it deals serious damage, the Harpoon is still a ranged weapon and thus cannot kill a colossus. A colossus's life bar can be almost depleted with the use of the Harpoon, but in the end a stab from a sword is still required to kill it. It will, however, like the swords and Flash Arrows, trigger minor sigils with a successful hit


      Mask of Power: The Mask of Power further increases damage to a colossus. It is unlocked by defeating 12 colossi on Normal Time Attack and its stat bonus stacks with the Cloak of Force. I’m not including the Mask of Strength, since this mask has a higher strength boost. The exact multiplier has never been calculated, and the same applies to all other masks and cloaks.


      Cloak of Force: Obtained by defeating four colossi in Time Attack on normal difficulty. It increases the amount of damage dealt with the Ancient Sword. The effect stacks with both the Mask of Power and the Mask of Strength. If Wander combines this and the Mask of Power, he can one-shot major sigils with a fully charged stab.



      Shaman’s Mask: Obtained by defeating 12 colossi on Hard Time Attack. It reduces the damage colossi do to Wander. It has no effect on the damage he deals to colossi, however. It is the same mask that Lord Emon wears.




      Shaman’s Cloak: Obtained by defeating 8 colossi on Hard Time Attack. It’s pretty much the same as the Shaman’s mask.


      Cloak of Deception: Obtained by defeating 14 colossi on Normal Time Attack. It allows Wander to become completely invisible; Nothing more, nothing less.


      Cloth of Desperation: Obtained after defeating 14 colossi in Hard Time Attack. It’s literally just a parachute.



      Agro is a very loyal horse to Wander, and it quickly becomes clear during the game that the two have been together for a long time. After each colossus falls, Wander awakens in the central Shrine, where Agro is seen galloping in a few seconds later. Agro's speed helps Wander in many battles, by either keeping him from harm (Basaran and Dirge) or allowing him to catch up with a fast-moving enemy (Phalanx). Wander can stand up on her back to fire arrows and harpoons, hang on her side to dodge attacks, and launch himself great distances by jumping off of her. Even more incredible is the fact that she’s invincible in-game. Hell, she even survives a fall into a river from several stories in the air after a bridge collapsed underneath her. Sure, she broke her leg, but it’s still impressive.



      -Adept in archery/ranged combat: Wander’s bow and arrow skills are pretty commendable. Many of the colossi required him to shoot arrows into weak points while both he and the colossi were constantly moving. Some examples include Kuromori, Dirge and Phalanx. On top of that, he has whistling arrows, explosive arrows and some pretty OP harpoons.

      -Master tactician: Wander has shown to be incredible at using the environment to his advantage. A great example of this is the battle with Cenobia, where he had to taunt Cenobia into knocking over a series of pillars and such in order to get onto his back and stab him to death.

      -VERY minor healing factor(?): over time, Wander’s health will fully restore itself. With maxed out health, this could take a couple of minutes. It could be considered just a game mechanic, so it’ll probably be left out in a death battle. 

      -Grip of a F#%&ING titan: Between a rodeo with Celosia (Colossus #11) and hanging upside-down on a giant subsonic bird (Avion), I don’t know how Wander doesn’t get his arms torn off. Not to mention just how long he can hang on and how far he can climb. Seriously, he gives Spider man a run for his money.

      -Wander’s Stat Trinity-

      Since the colossi are supposedly “Living stone” and judging by the shades, tints and patterns on them (also taking into consideration the potential time period they were created in), one could conclude that the stone they’re composed of is some form of limestone.

      Note: Not every Colossus is mentioned below, as very few of them give Wander any decent feats.


      -Avion (Colossus #5)-

      Note: I mention in this section that Avion dives and crashes into Wander as his main attack. However, this youtuber defeats Avion after only the first attack. If one were to fire an Arrow at Avion after the fell off of him, he would dive out of the sky and then head-on into Wander.

      When people have analyzed Wander in the past, they always seem to glance over this guy. It sucks, because Wander gets his best durability feat from this guy. Don’t believe me? Well, you will.



      13.2 feet tall

      19.7 feel long

      91.9 feet wide

      13.2*19.7*91.9 = 23897.676ft^3

      Limestone weights ~150 per ft^3

      23897*150 = 3584550lbs or 1625924.53kg

      To get a decent idea of Avion’s speed, we’ll scale him to a falcon’s while diving (He dives before he smacks into you). This would put him at 200 mph, or 89.4 meters per second.

      After plugging them into KE and TNT equivalent calculators, we get the following numbers:

      6497487088.3 Joules or ~1.55 tons of tnt. That would put Avion’s DC and Wander’s Dura. somewhere between Building and Large Building Level.

      But what about a high-end calc? Let’s put Avion a little bit below the speed of sound… let’s sayyy… 300mps (basing this off of the streaks that surround Avion while in mid-flight during the battle). This would put Avion’s DC and Wander’s Durability at 73166603850 Joules or ~17 tons of TNT.

      In short, Wander’s durability and potential attack potency are at least Building level. POSSIBLY City-block level, but that’s pushing it a bit.

      -Quadratus (Colossus #2)-

      (starting at 0:20)

      (Skip to 0:20)

      Length: 105.6ft

      Width:  59ft

      Height (excluding legs): at least 33ft

      Volume: 5760m^3 or 19008ft^3

      Mass: 1293282.565kg or 2851200lbs

      Literally the second Quadratus is introduced; he casually WALKS through a gigantic wall. Basing everything on his size chart and comparing the wall to those dimensions, the wall should be around 5m thick, 18m wide and 24m high. Judging by how old it is, I would argue it’s made of either marble or limestone. For now, I’d put this at building level. If someone could calc this, I would greatly appreciate it and would love you forever <3

      Also, his main attack is stomping on you… which would be as if a decent sized building fell on top of Wander and/or Agro. Oddly enough, it doesn’t do a ton of damage to them.

      -Argus (Colossus #15)-

      Argus is an average-sized humanoid colossus with a gigantic sword that’s a couple of meters long. As shown, the guy uses this sword to effortlessly destroy large bridges. It’s not the most incredible feat, but it’s decent enough. The fact that Wander can survive a direct attack from Argus should put him… maybe small building level? Wall level? I have no clue, guys. It’s very hard to quantify using youtube videos, because measuring the size of the bridge would take a lot of precision and a gajillion screenshots. If I can calc this in the future, expect an update on this section.


      Almost all of his speed feats are based on estimates and assumptions, so this section may or may not be accurate.

      -Pelagia (colossus #12)-

      (starting at 2:20)

      As you can see, Pelagia’s attacks are electric in nature. Wander not only can survive these attacks, but is very capable of dodging them. This would make Wander’s reaction time more than superhuman. It puts him at potentially hypersonic speeds. This feat is one of his best, but it’s also a little iffy.

      -Basaran (Colossus #9)-

      Basaran is not only the WORST colossus in the game (not bad, just very tedious), but also provides is with a similar feat. As you can see, his energy missiles are electric in nature just like Pelagia’s. They’re also almost FTE (the animation, that is). You could make an argument for anywhere from several-hundred miles per hour, to massively hypersonic… and Wander can simply roll out of the way. Since he also fights Basaran while on Agro, this feat applies to her as well.

      -Dirge (Colossus #10)-



      Volume: ~20,790f^3  or 6300m^3

      mass: 3,118,500lbs or 1414527.806kg

      Velocity: 22.352

      KE: 353357465.21j

      Tons of TNT: 0.08

      This battle is fought on Agro, and for a darn good reason Dirge is FAST! REALLY fast! Some say that he swims through the sand at about 50mph, but I have no idea where it comes from. Wander can’t run that fast, but it gives us a good idea of Agro’s average running speed. If you do the same calc from Avion’s section for Dirge, you should get... average results. Not only that, but Wander can survive 3 hits from Dirge. Whether or not that changes anything, I have no idea.

      -Attack Potency-


      I apologize for the simplicity of this section. Sadly, there isn’t much to go over here. His strength would probably be almost 100% powerscaling to the stronger Colossi. Considering he can 1-shot several of them (with proper equipment) and both he and Avion survive the latter’s only attack, this seems pretty reasonable.



      Dormin is the mysterious entity residing in the Forbidden Lands, and an ambiguously-motivated pseudo-antagonist of Shadow of the Colossus. Dormin communicates with Wander both through a large sunlit aperture in the ceiling of the Shrine of Worship, and during colossus battles will provide Wander with occasional hints if he is having difficulty (though he wouldn’t be able to give Wander any hints in a Death Battle, as that would be considered outside help). Dormin can manipulate the souls of mortals, capable of returning lost souls to the dead and taking the souls of the living. Upon defeating the 16 colossi, whom all housed 1/16 of his full power, Dormin used Wander as his vessel. If Wander is gravely injured in battle (such as when Emon and his men shot him in the knee and stabbed him through the chest), Dormin will emerge from Wander’s body to protect his host and to heal him (Healing is implied by the fact he was able to run and jump during the sealing ceremony). While he likely only has very basic combat skills, Dormin possesses colossal strength, possibly 16x that of your average colossus (between 24 tons and 272 tons of tnt equivalent).  As shown here (22:40) Dormin has one major thing in common with the 16 colossi: while physical harm hurts like a mother, he can only be killed by – ironically – his own weapon (the Ancient Sword). However, that would be an NLF, so it would be safer to say that if you don’t have the Ancient Sword, you have to at least surpass him in physical stats by a HUUUGE margin. One final ability of his that very few people ever seem to talk about is this:


      FIRE BREATH: Dormin can breathe fire, somehow. Said fire breath covers a very large area and is a light blue, almost white. That means that it should be about as hot as 5,260 K (4,990 °C; 9,010 °F). To put that into perspective:






      +Durability: At least Building Level, possibly City Block

      +Attack Potency: Same as durability

      +Speed/Reactions: At least several hundred MPH, possibly Massively Hypersonic

      +Superhuman stamina (can climb hundreds of feet - unsupported - without tiring)

      +Large and varied arsenal, with many stat-influencing armor pieces

      +Master at archery

      +Invisibility cloak

      +Excellent at using the environment to his advantage and forming strategies

      +Agro allows for greater mobility

      =While his stats are impressive, they're heavily reliant on scaling, assumptions and very rough estimates

      -Terrible swordsman


      +Durability: At least equal to Wander. Likely city block, possibly multi city block level via sketchy-ish scaling

      +Attack Potency: Same as durability

      +Speed/Reactions: Equal to Wander's.

      +Nearly invincible without the Ancient Sword

      +Soul Hax (to some degree)

      +Fire breath is ridiculously hot and covers a very large surface area.

      -If Wander is wounded too much before Dormin takes over, it will greatly hinder his mobility

      -Almost no feats of his own. All of his stats are based off of scaling or something of that sort.


      -Potential Opponent-

      -Eren Jaeger-


      Seriously, who else would Wander fight? Some people think that Eren wins in a landslide *cough* leopoldthebrave *cough*, but it's the polar opposite. Not only does Wander solo the battle, but if Dormin is involved... a single punch from him would reduce titan Eren to a puddle. Unless Eren gets some baloney OP upgrade in the future, that is. This battle is inevitable and will be a highlight of the season it's in. If done correctly, this could be huge, epic, and blood-pumping, with the best music ever. And you know what? I might make a VS blog on this, though I'm not 100% sure.


      Well, there you have it! Wander's a lot more powerful than you expected, eh? Also, this blog will be updated quite frequently as more and more calcs and such are made. If you have anything you want to add or fix, leave it in the comments! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it. I poured my heart and soul into this blog, as SotC is my favorite game ever. I know the blog isn't perfect, but over time, I'm gonna try to make it as perfect as it can be. Have a wonderful day! I love you guys <3

      Special thanks and credit to Nomad Colossus/Nomad's Blog, Team ICO Wiki, and every youtuber and artist whose work is featured in this blog. You guys rule <3

    • AROT’S CUSTOM DEATH BATTLE SEASON! (Episodes 11 – 20)

      2 years ago


      Welcome to part 2 of my custom death battle season! If you haven’t seen part one, please click this link here ( > ). So, another quick summary of the rules: 1, 7, 14 and 20 are super matches and 6, 13 and 19 are filler. Now, without any further adieu, let us continue!

      11.) Dark Pit vs Roxas


      While this COULD work as a filler match, the Analysis for Roxas has the potential to be pretty damn huge, and there’s too much hype around this one and the next. Essentially, the reason this is here (and not a filler match) is not only because I wanna see my favorite Kingdom Hearts character in the show, but because it leads perfectly into the next match….


      12.) Pit vs Sora



      If you thought the last match was hype as hell, the hype for this match would blow your freakin’ mind! I know Pit would get Rekt (which makes me sad), but I like the two equally, so it’s a win-win for me… and also… cheese and rice, this would be so freakin’ incredible! BOWS! MAGIC! SWORDS! CLAWS! GUNS! LIONS AND TIGERS AND BEARS, OH-F#&!NG-MY! *clears throat* Okay, fanboygasm over. Next!


      13.) Worms vs Angry Birds



      The early bird catches the worm! …or so they say...

      Yeah, Angry Birds have been irrelevant for a long time, but the matchup works pretty well. Little worms with ridiculous weapons and explosives vs an army of batshit-insane, suicidal Birds! Worms would probably annihilate them, and there's likely a more even matchup for them, but at least this one works thematically. Too little to go over for a more serious match, and there’s WAY too little hype surrounding this one, so it’s best to use it as filler. Next!


      14.) Hiro and Baymax vs Hiccup and Toothless



      Goodness, where do I begin with this one?! It’s Dreamworks vs Disney! Fantasy vs Sci-fi! A man and his Dragon vs a boy and his Robot! This battle could be one of the largest, most epic battles in the history of the show! They’ll be flying all over the place, shooting rocket fists and plasma, separating to fight one-on-one, and holy CRAP would this be amazing! And to top it all off, this match is so even, it’s unbelievable! Anyone here who knows me well, knows just how dang excited I am for this one. Whew… anyway, enough gushing… Let’s move on…


      15.) Roy, the Young Lion (Fire Emblem) vs Fire Lord Zuko (Avatar: T.L.A.)



      Personally, I REALLY don’t understand why people want Roy Mustang vs Zuko. Sure, they’re both handsome, pyrokinetic guys, but that’s where the similarities end. Roy (FE) vs Zuko is WAY more fitting, thematically. Both are the sons of powerful Kings, both are Lords and commanders of great armies, left their nations at the beginning of their game/tv show, both are master swordsmen, both have powerful pyrokinetic abilities, but there's also just enough differences between the two to make it really interesting. Yeah, Roy would kick his ass, but it makes FAR more sense. Heck, you could even have the battle start with their armies facing each other, and then end it with the ultimate Agni Kai! F#&!NG. EPIC.


      16.) Kamen Rider Ichigo vs Captain Falcon



      Here are the links to ChainGangOfOne’s written DB for this matchup:


      Prelude: >

      Battle: >


      It’s one of his earliest written battles, but he did a great job. He has a lot of other pretty cool battles (Aqua vs Saber is my favorite), so I recommend you check him out.


      17.) Generator Rex vs Max Steel



      I see this one EVERYWHERE! And while I don’t know a TON about Rex, I know Max like the back of my hand. His current TV show is freakin’ incredible, and I highly recommend checking it out (Seasons 1&2 are on Netflix. Watch the cartoon… the movie was mediocre). ANYWAY I read up on Rex a little bit, and their powers and abilities are pretty similar, but have enough differences to where they won’t seem like clones. From what I can tell, Max has a slight advantage, but you can make a legitimate argument for it to go either way. I really hope this one happens, but Max Steel is somewhat obscure, so I doubt it will. Anyway, uh… yeah… let’s keep going.

      (PS: I may or may not do a Max Steel blog later. I’ll have a poll on what I do next at the bottom)


      18.) Drago (Bakugan) vs Dragoon (Beyblade)



      Honestly, I’m not too sure how to describe this one. They’re both ridiculously powerful dragons owned by kids, they’re both popular toys and… that’s it. To be quite honest, I just want Bakugan and Beyblade to be represented in DB, and what better way than to have their poster boys duke it out? Moving on!


      19.) Danny Sexbang vs Jon Jafari



      I’m sure a lot of you are surprised to see that this isn’t the season finale, considering how much I’ve been pushing for this battle over the past… 2 years, I think? Anyway, this is a match that has been in the making since Jon left the Game Grumps. SERIOUSLY! The debate over “Which not-so-grump is better?” has been going on for YEARS! And if you’re a fan of both Jontron and Ninja Sex Party, you’ve definitely seen all the ridiculous stuff these guys have done. If this is a serious battle, Danny DESTROYS Jon with ease… if not, it’ll most likely end in a draw. I definitely see the battle ending similarly to Chuck vs Segata, and there’s no denying how insanely epic this would be. Anyway, let’s get to the honorable mentions.


      Honorable Mentions

      1.) Rayquaza vs Seadramon



      2.) Zidane Tribal vs Vyse



      3.) Lord Voldemort vs Darth Sidious



      4.) Sparrow vs Firion



      5.) Link vs Simon Belmont



      6.) Solo vs Cecil Harvey


      7.) Vega vs Raphael Sorel


      8.) Crash vs Ty



      (Credit to TheAncientOne for touching up the Link vs Simon thumbnail. Thanks, bro!)

      Alright! Now that those are out of the way, let’s get to the main event! THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR! THE SEASON FINALE IS…



      20.) Axe Cop vs Bo-bo-bo



      Say hello to the most insane, over-the-top, ridiculously OP, unbelievably awesome characters ever… and say goodbye to the universe ;)

      My buddies Thor and Hero’s Shade have recently finished their blog on this, and it's one of the best I've ever read. Seriously, go check it out:



      And there you have it, folks! My custom season is finally finished! Let me know in the comments what you thought about all 20 matchups and thank you for reading! I mentioned a poll in the Max vs Rex section, so be sure to vote! Have a fantastic day, everyone! :D


      The poll:

    • Longer than Expected...

      2 years ago


      Okay, I probably should've had my new blog finished by now... but there's a plethora of reasons I haven't yet. Working late all the time, spending time with my friends, family, girlfriend, etc. And yeah... a lot of other reasons that I won't touch on for a while (maybe if I ever get on our group chat anytime soon. Sorry, guys). But anyway... I finally have a couple of days to relax, so I should be able to get everything finished soon. No promises though. If you couldn't guess, it's an analysis on Wander from Shadow of the Colossus. I honestly went into this one thinking he would be barely above peak human. Turns out, that's pretty far from the case. Colossus #5 gives him his best durability and speed feats, and uh... yeah. Anyway, I'll be doing a lot of physics, and I couldn't have done this without you guys. Thank you so much for your help and always being here for me. I'll be around when I can, and I'll finish the blog ASAP. See you around! I love y'all <3

    • an awesome update

      2 years ago


      Within the next week or two, I'll be uploading a blog that has been in the works for nearly two years. It's not the longest analysis blog out there, but holy cow was it difficult to make. I really hope you guys like it, because I put so much love and passion into making this one. If you haven't guessed who it is by now, it would blow my mind  joy

    • Frowned-upon Gaming Opinions - The Story of Shadow of the Colossus

      2 years ago


      Before I really get into this, I’ll be giving a brief summary of the game’s plot.

      Mono (the woman you’re on a quest to revive) was sacrificed by Lord Emon because she supposedly had a cursed fate. Wander watches this happen before his very eyes and is supposedly devastated. So much so, that he decides to steal the Ancient Sword and set off to find Dormin, the god of the forbidden land. He finally makes it to the shrine of worship and makes a deal with Dormin that if he can slay the 16 colossi, Mono will be revived… but at a cost. Wander agrees without a second thought and the journey begins. (Massive spoilers for the rest of the game in the following paragraphs)

      One by one, Wander kills the 16 Colossi; each successive victory altering his appearance (Darkening hair, scars, scabs, dirt, whitening eyes, etc.). After defeating Colossi #16 and being sent back to the shrine of worship, Wander is greeted by Lord Emon and his soldiers. Wander tries to make his way towards Mono to hopefully see that she has been revived. After only a few steps, Wander is impaled and shot, bleeding to death on the floor. The last thing Wander sees is that Mono is still laying on the altar… dead (at least to his knowledge). Turns out that the “Cost” was the old thing “A life for a life” TADAAA! It’s pretty much over. There’s a little cutscene at the end, showing Mono wake up, Agro made it back and Wander was turned into a baby, but that’s got little to do with anything else in here.

      The general consensus is that Wander is a heartless, selfish, moronic prick who is too stupid to understand the old phrase “There are plenty of fish in the sea”. He’s too immature to deal with the fact that he should just get over it and move on. He’s the villain because he killed these harmless, majestic beasts who did absolutely nothing wrong, so Wander deserved his fate. It makes a pretty good bit of sense, right? Well, that’s what I thought until just a few years ago, when I started my second playthrough.

      As you should know by now, my view on the story is pretty much the complete opposite. In my eyes, Wander’s quest is the most honorable and heroic in almost all of fiction. His devotion to Mono is so strong that he’s willing to go against near-impossible odds to bring her back. Facing each Colossus; creatures that tower stories upon stories above him… it’s unbelievable. He was well aware that he’d pay a hefty price; he knew exactly what he was doing, but it didn’t phase him. He was going to bring Mono back, no matter what the cost may be. Why? Because in reality, Mono’s death was unfair and unjustified. She was even more innocent than any colossus in the game (At least she didn’t have a fragment of Dormin in her). Mono was accused of something that her people didn’t actually know to be true… and Wander’s loss of someone so precious to him… was almost too much to bear.

      While my experience may not be entirely comparable to Wander’s, it’s close enough. On December 17, 2013, my grandfather passed away due to heart failure. Growing up, Pop (That’s what I call(ed) him, so you’ll be seeing that quite a bit) wasn’t just my grandfather, but he was also my best friend. In some ways, he was even more of a father figure than my actual father. I love him with all my heart and soul, and his death nearly killed me too. Why? Not just because he’s my grandfather, but because I was completely ashamed of myself. For the past few years (prior to his death), I didn’t spend nearly as much time with him as I should’ve. And when he was staying at our house for his final days, barely conscious... I was too scared to be by his side. I couldn’t let my last memory of him be the image of him in that state… so I never set foot into that room, and I never got to say goodbye or even tell him I loved him before it was too late. That old saying really is true; that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. And that moment is what made me realize just how lucky I was…. And several years later, I still can’t get over it, and I never will. Shortly after his passing, I went back and played shadow of the colossus again, and that’s when my entire perspective changed into what it is now.

      That was just my grandfather. As close as Pop and I were… I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to lose your spouse- hell, even a girlfriend/boyfriend to MURDER! My experience may have scarred me, but Wander’s was likely even more traumatizing, depending on his relationship with her.

      You know, I honestly think that most people who believe Wander is evil or idiotic probably haven’t been through something like he has. Sure, many of us have had our breakups, but most of us likely haven’t had a boyfriend or girlfriend die in front of us. That’s why people seem to think about Wander the way they do, because they assume that Mono's death is just the same as someone breaking up with you.

      When and if you lose someone you love, whether that be a friend, a pet or family… odds are you think to yourself that you’d be willing to do anything to bring them back – to see them one last time. I know I did… but would you ACTUALLY be willing make the same deal Wander did, and see it through to the end? Probably not. I’m not saying that NOBODY would, and it is a large assumption, but I know for a fact that I would never be able to do it. But, I should. If I care about someone that much, I SHOULD be able to get past any of those mental barriers… but I can’t.

      This is one of the biggest reasons why I believe Wander is a hero, not a villain. Wander DID go that extra mile. He did the impossible, because he was just that devoted to her. He loved and cared about her that much, putting her life above his own. He knew what he was getting into, and he still followed through anyway. Rather than bashing on Wander for being an “idiot”, we should instead look up to and learn from him. He shows just how much we should love and care about who and what we have… because in an instant, we could lose it all… and we’ll never be given the same opportunity. Even then, Wander still never got to see that he succeeded; he had died just moments before Mono came back. In a way, this is a parallel to what we go through in real life; No matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, we won’t be able to bring them back… so we have to make every second count.

      Maybe killing the 16 colossi IS a tad bit... mean, but that doesn’t make him evil. Call me crazy, retarded, heartless, go all PETA on my ass, I don’t care. My experience with this game was different from yours, and that doesn’t make me evil either. I believe Wander is a hero, and I think there’s a lot we can learn from him.

      Go ahead, internet, sue me.

      In honor of John P. Arot

    • Frowned-upon Gaming Opinions - Sonic the Hedgehog (Remastered)

      2 years ago


      If you guys recall, this was the first blog in my opinions series. After rereading all my old ones recently, I was kind of embarrassed by how mediocre they were. So, I deleted everything up until my most recent one, so I can remake everything. A lot of my opinions have changed, and I have a few more opinions to share with everyone. Anyway, let's begin!

      -Sonic Adventure 1 is better than its sequel. 4/5 characters in this game were at least enjoyable in SA1, whereas only a handful of Sonic's stages and maybe one of Shadow's are worth playing in SA2. Take off your nostalgia goggles, guys, your childhood sucks.

      -Sonic Lost World (Wii U/PC) is my favorite 3D Sonic. The game takes the series back to its roots; a great platformer with a sense of speed. Yes, Sonic is a PLATFORMER, not Temple Run 2.0... Seriously, not even the classic series was too fast... but that's beside the point. Anyway, back to the fantastic things about the game. First off, the game is actually challenging. Instead of "hold forward and tap a button to win" this game makes you use your head, time your jumps, and utilize every mechanic of the game to its fullest. The homing attack is better than ever, the parkour system is fluid and fun, and the tubular levels are insanely awesome

               -Also, IT'S NOT A MARIO GALAXY CLONE! The game is based off of a scrapped 3D Sonic

                Game for the Saturn, called "Sonic Xtreme!" and if anything, Sonic did Mario Galaxy first ;)

      -Shadow the Hedgehog is a good game. It controls well, the guns (while ridiculous) function very well, the game provides a decent challenge, and the music is great. Don't even bother going for 100% completion, it's not worth it. For the best experience, play through it 3 times: One hero playthrough, one neutral, one villain.

      -Sonic Heroes (Gamecube) is a fantastic game, but you have to pace yourself. Play through team Rose, Sonic (get the chaos emeralds in this story), Dark and Chaotix in that order, with at least 24 hours between each. Trying to complete the game in one sitting is very difficult. As for why this game is fantastic; unrivaled music, beautiful atmosphere, excellent level design and the best version of the Tubular Bonus so far. This is probably the least controversial opinion on the list.

      -Sonic and the Secret Rings is a guilty pleasure of mine. The story was great, the graphics are some of the best on the Wii, the music is obviously fantastic (Isn't it always?), and the motion control isn't THAT bad. It's not good, but it is tolerable. The game is worth a playthrough for the story, at the very least.

      -Sonic and the Black Knight is a GREAT game AND a great Sonic game. Good sense of speed, great music, great story, great level design, great difficulty curve, great atmosphere, great fun! Let's be real: The only reason people hate this game is because Sonic has a sword. So what??? If a game is great... it's great!!! Quit your fucking whining and enjoy the game for what it is - a good sonic game.

      -The Sonic Advance trilogy is better than the classic trilogy (though it's not by a landslide or anything).

                -Sonic Advance 3 is my favorite

      -The Sonic Rush Trilogy are the best 2D sonic games ever (I consider Colors for DS another Rush game, by the way)

      -Sonic 4 - Episodes 1&2 are collectively the best classic series game... sorta... like, they're 2 different games, but uh... whatever.

      -Both versions of Sonic 3D Blast are wonderful games, with the Saturn version being sliiightly superior. It deserves a remake

      -Sonic Unleashed is magnificent. Watch the completionist's "Defend it!" for this game, since Jirard and I share the same views on it.

      -I'm sick and tired of the boost formula. It's boring... REALLY boring. Sonic isn't exclusively about speed! At its core, Sonic is a platformer, not a "race to the finish" game. People need to stop with the whole "Sonic is all about going fast! If you're not effortlessly running down a hallway, it's not sonic" because that's bullshit! All you have to do is look at the classic trilogy; yes, they're fast-paced, but it has a very heavy emphasis on PLATFORMING! Do you ever run in a straight line from the start to the goal in the classic games? FUCK NO! there were spikes, pits, vertical climbs, enemies that can actually hurt you, branching paths, hidden bonus stages and much more! Now go home and rethink your life.

      -Sonic Chronicles: the Dark Brotherhood is a pretty decent RPG. It's by no means a masterpiece, but definitely it's worth your time.

      And that's it! Go ahead and sue me.


      2 years ago


      Before we get started; I’ve never played Mario RPG, Mario vs Donkey Kong, or any Wario-related games.


      Super Mario Bros. (Classic/3D)

      - I love Mario 64 with all my heart, but it’s definitely the worst 3D game in the series. Not only that, but the DS remake is WAY better.

      - I don’t understand why people praise Mario World like a gift from the heavens. It’s not a bad game… I was just so damn underwhelmed when I played it for the first time (in 2010). There are 100+ levels in the game, which is impressive… but because there’s only a few different environments, every level ends up feeling exactly the same. To be fair, it’s not the only game that’s guilty of this, but there’s just so much of the same shit, I could never be bothered to do anything but the main path through the game. Plus, I find it really retarded that they took out almost EVERY powerup from Mario 3 and then brought back the bullshit “1 hit and you’re back to small Mario” from Mario 1 & the lost levels. It’s not hard or anything, it just makes no fucking sense. Again, it’s not a bad game… I just don’t understand the hype. People need to take off their nostalgia goggles.

      - I mentioned Mario 3 in the previous opinion. Well, going back to that; Mario 3 is the best 2D Mario in the franchise, and one of the best platformers ever made. Every world felt completely different and unique, there were plenty of secrets, assloads of powerups, and some pretty darn catchy music (Though many other Mario games did the whole music thing a lot better). It’s perfectly fair, perfectly fun, and perfectly awesome. If you haven’t played it yet for some reason, or you want to revisit it; I recommend getting the GBA port on the Wii U virtual console. Since the E-Reader is no longer a thing, Ninty decided to make every level  in the Level Card world playable from the start.

      - Mario 2/Lost Levels isn’t very hard. You guys need to quit complaining and get better at video games.

      - Mario 2 USA, while not ACTUALLY a Mario game, is still one of the best the series has to offer. Not much else to say, really.

      - Mario Maker should never have been ported to 3DS. It’s only been on Wii U for what, a year? Nintendo, I love you so much… but that was a dick move.

      - Mario Sunshine – while it is my favorite in the series – is mediocre. From a technical standpoint, it’s far from the best. It’s buggy as hell, full of bullshit… but I don’t care! Visually, the game has aged incredibly well, and iirc it’s the last time we’ve ever seen a true hub world in a Mario game. But anyway, the point is that this game isn’t the best. It’s my favorite, but it’s not the best.

      - Mario Galaxy 1&2 are the best 3D Games so far. The creativity in the level design (thanks to the gravity mechanics and new powerups) partnered with the art style and overall presentation make these games not only the best 3D Mario games, but also two of the best wii games.

      - Mario 3D Land and World are great… but just didn’t feel right. To me, it kinda felt like they didn’t put as much love into these games. Fun, but… honestly, I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t like them very much.

      - The “New” Super Mario series is AMAZING.

      Paper Mario

      - I'm not a huge fan of this series. Not bad, just not my cup of tea. I the battle mechanics are a little odd for me, I don’t like very many of the characters, and I don’t like the art style too much. Not bad, just not for me.

      - While Sticker Star and Color Splash “Aren’t Paper Mario” that doesn’t make them bad games. They’re just different. THEY’RE NOT BAD GAMES, THEY’RE JUST DIFFERENT! QUIT YOUR BULLSHIT WHINING! *ahem* this actually leads me to my next point:

      -Color Splash is the best game in the series.

      -The Mario & Luigi games are infinitely better RPGs.

      Donkey Kong Country

      - While it was impressive what they did with the graphics in the original trilogy… it all looked muddy, disgusting, and just plain ugly. Sometimes I just fell to my death, because I couldn't tell were the platforms started and ended.

      - DKC Returns and Tropical Freeze put the original trilogy to shame. Everything the original games did, Returns and Tropical Freeze did better.

      Yoshi’s Island and stuff

      - I fucking hate the original game. Baby Mario made the game a fucking CHORE to play. You get hit, you hear his “WAAAH! WAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!” bullshit. You get hit, he floats away and you have to go fetch his ass. If Baby Mario wasn’t in the game, it’d be perfect! But that mechanic alone breaks the game.

      - Woolly World is the best in the series, with Yoshi's story being a VERY close second.

      - I honestly prefer the Yoshi series (excluding the first game) over the classic Mario series.

      Mario Party 

      - They all suck.

      All Mario Sports games (Tennis, Golf, etc.)

      - Better than any other sports game franchise… ever.

      - Mario needs a ‘Murrican Football game. DO IT, NINTENDO! DO IT!



      And that’s it! Go ahead, sue me.

      Anyway, I've got another poll for you guys! I wanna do something a little different, so this series will be on hold until after my next blog. Go ahead and click this link to vote on what my next blog will be: 

      Thanks for reading! I love you all, and I hope you have a fantastic day! Seeya guys later ;)


      2 years ago



      Before I get started: This will be a composite of his main series and dissidia incarnations. I would've focused solely on FF2, but it really doesn't show much of his combat abilities (Aside from his magic).

      You'll also see me referring to Emperor Mateus as "David Bowie" and here's why:

      He's totally David Bowie



      In the Japanese Final Fantasy II Muma no Meiky? novelization, Firion was born in Salamand and was taken in by his adopted family after his parents' death. After his home is burned down and his adoptive parents murdered by the Palamecian army, he is critically wounded by several black knights while fleeing Fynn. Upon awakening, he finds himself in the remote rebel stronghold of Altair where he reunites with his close friends Maria and Guy. Upon realizing that Leon has been separated from them, Firion, Maria and Guy ask Princess Hilda if they could join the rebel army since they have nothing left to return to.

      Hilda refuses to let them in due to their young age, but allows them refuge from the empire so they can wait for Maria's brother, Leon, to find them if he survived. Instead of waiting, Firion, Maria and Guy go to Fynn to find Leon themselves. They find Scott, Hilda's groom to be, mortally wounded in the secret room of Fynn's tavern. He gives a ring to Firion to give to Hilda. Scott tells Firion to tell Hilda of his love for her and his regret to not see her again, then rethinks the request. Impressed by their accomplished infiltration of Fynn, Hilda lets Firion and his friends join the Wild Rose Rebellion against the empire.

      Interesting fact... thing: In the novelization, Firion and Maria become a couple, but this is left ambiguous in the game.


      Firion's original outfit is based on Yoshitaka Amano's artwork from Final Fantasy II. He appears as a young man who is clad in black and blue armor with a flowing blue cape. He has silver hair tied in a ponytail, and covered by a brown, orange and white bandana. He carries a wild rose as a reminder of his dream. Firion fights using six different weapons and is skilled in unarmed combat, representing his mastery of the seven attack classes of Final Fantasy II: sword, axe, bow, staff, dagger, lance, and fists. He carries a shield based on the shield used by his comrade Minwu.

      Firion tries to behave heroically and strives to protect his country and the people he holds dear. In his Japanese NES profile, it is stated Firion has a weakness for women, which could explain why he was so easily seduced by the Lamia Queen. Also in his Japanese NES Profile; Firion was 18 years old at the start of his journey.



      Firion is a master of every weapon under the F#%&ing sun. In the original game, Firion - along with everyone else in the party - is capable of mastering every weapon class and spell in the entire game. In Dissidia, this is also displayed, as Firion is shown carrying weapons that were character-exclusive in his original game. This was likely just a fun easter egg, but I’ll be listing those off for the sake of simplicity and ease.

      • Blood Sword: Firion’s signature weapon, which may possibly have been forged for the sole purpose of killing David Bowie. It deals 1/16th of the target’s max HP and heals Firion for 30% of damage dealt (Effect is reversed on the undead).
      • Gigantaxe: Originally owned by his best friend, Guy. It has the highest base attack of all weapons in FF2 and greatly increases Firion’s Strength and Stamina.
      • Dagger(s): Your average dagger. Firion can throw them with incredible precision. They can also be paired with electrified ropes to act like a grappling hook.
      • Staff of Light: Originally owned by his late friend Minwu. It greatly increases Firion’s Spirit, Agility, Intelligence and Magic. It’s not really made for physical attacks, as you could probably tell.
      • Gungnir: Originally owned by his friend Gordon. It greatly increases Firion’s Strength and Agility.
      • Artemis Bow: Originally owned by his love interest and childhood friend, Maria. It grants a slight increase in strength, a decent increase in intelligence and a MASSIVE boost to his Magic.


      -Blood Armor Set: Each piece of the Blood Armor Set (Sword, Helm, Body Armor and Shield) contains 1/4 of the passive ability “Succubus Soul” which restores Firion’s health by 30% of all damage dealt to his opponent. The Blood Sword has already been listed in the above “Weapons” section.

      • Blood Helm: Miniscule defense increase with no additional effect.
      • Blood Armor: Increases Firion’s base HP by 2973 with no additional effect.
      • Sanguine Shield: Moderate Defense boost with no additional effect. (Originally owned by Minwu)

      You may be wondering why I chose the blood armor set, since it doesn't exist... anywhere, really. It's not even in his game... BUUUUT his EX Burst implies that it's what he's wearing. 


      You’d probably never expect it based on his appearance, but Firion is a gifted mage as well. Think of him as what a Red Mage WISHES he could be. Unlike Cloud, Firion isn’t limited by Materia slots, but rather (along with every other character in FF2) can only learn a maximum of 16 spells. While that may SEEM like a lot… it really isn’t. It took quite a while, but I feel I’ve narrowed them down to what I believe to be the most practical/useful in a death battle.

      (Note: Cure, Esuna and Basuna will be excluded, as they would make him completely OP)

      • Fire: Shoots fire at things or can create a HUUUGE explosion.
      • Thunder: Summons Lightning bolts above the target.
      • Blizzard: Shoots balls of ice at things or summon a giant glacier thing from the sky.
      • Stop: Completely immobilizes the target for a short period of time.
      • Blind: Blurs the vision of the target, greatly reducing the likelihood of them landing physical attacks. The target's spells are uneffected by it.
      • Curse: The target's attack and defense are drastically reduced.
      • Berserk: Increases Firion's attack stat by 1/4 of his of his intelligence stat. It can be cast multiple times, and the effect stacks.
      • Haste: Increases Firion's accuracy and doubles his base speed. It can be cast multiple times, and the effect stacks.
      • Blink: Creates an illusion of 2 additional Firions in order to increase his evasion.
      • Protect: Increases Firion's physical defense by 1/4 of his spirit stat. It can be cast multiple times, and the effect stacks.
      • Shell: Moderately increases Firion's magic defense. It can be cast multiple times, and the effect stacks.
      • Dispel: Negates all of the target's current stat buffs (Strength, defense, speed, etc.).
      • Silence: The target becomes incapable of using magic.
      • Holy: Draws on the power of light to deal intense damage to the target. Surprisingly, it's non-elemental.
      • Ultima: The ultimate magic tome, sealed away by those who feared its power. Deals non-elemental damage based on the level of the caster's other spells and the caster's Spirit stat; the higher the caster's spell levels, and the more spells the caster knows, the greater the damage. Ultima can't be blocked, avoided or reflected.
        • In FFIX, Kuja used this spell to destroy Terra (Kuja and Zidane's home planet). What does this mean? Well, it means that Ultima's full power is Planet level... Scaling Firion to Kuja is pretty iffy, so take this with a grain of salt.
      • Destroy: An all-or-nothing spell with unimaginable power. It deals incredible damage to all opponents and allies, leaving only Firion alive with 1HP and zero MP. The spell cannot be avoided, blocked or reflected. There's a reason it's only available on FF2's 20th anniversary re-release (which is also why it'll probably be excluded from a Death Battle)
      • Warp: Matter-elemental. Transports the party to the previous floor (outside of battle), or instantly kills the target (in battle). Essentially, this is basic teleportation. (Use this if you don't want to include Destroy)

      Firion may have a wide array of spells he can use, but he most likely won't get access to any of them except for Ultima and the basic Trinity

      -Skills and Abilities (Dissidia)-

      -Telekinesis(...?): All of his attacks in Dissidia seem to rely on some degree of telekinesis. During the cutscence just before the battle against David Bowie, Firion is knocked to the ground by a powerful explosion. Shortly after the smoke clears, Firion's weapons begin to float (as shown in the image above) and he then sends them hurtling towards him. The full extent to which he can manipulate his weapons is unknown, but it's still pretty impressive.

      -Bravery Attacks-

      All bravery attacks can be followed by a punch, knife, sword, spear, arrow or axe to the FACE. There’s also an HP move that branches from these.

      -Rope Knife: Firion throws two electrified daggers at the opponent and pulls them towards him.

      -Reel Axe: Firion throws his axe like a boomerang. If it hits, the axe latches onto its target and drags them towards Firion.

      -Lance Combo: Firion spins his lance around him to create as small whirlwind, dragging his opponents towards him.

      -Swordslash: A quick, short-ranged sword slash that knocks his opponent dozens of feet away. It could potentially catch the opponent off-guard.

      -Magic Arts - Frost: Fire a chunk of ice at the opponent. Has no homing but good speed. Can combo into other Magic Arts up to three times.

      -Magic Arts - Bolt: Fire a chunk of ice at the opponent. Has no homing but good speed. Can combo into other Magic Arts up to three times.

      -Magic Arts - Flame: Fire a fireball that slowly tracks the opponent. Can combo into other Magic Arts up to three times.

      -HP Attacks-

      -Straightarrow: Fires a high-speed arrow shot that explodes upon impact. It can be charged to further increase its power and range.

      -Shield Bash: Firion creates a magical wall of light to block attacks. If the opponent is up close, he’ll throw a volley of daggers at his opponent. If they’re at a distance, he’ll cast a series of spells that home in on his target.

      -Lord of Arms: Firion sends a wave of weapons into the air to drag his opponent closer, and then calls the weapons a second time to slam the opponent into the ground.

      -Weaponmaster: Firion summons a column of energy and throws his weapons forward to converge on his opponent.

      -Double Trouble: Drives the opponent into the air with his Axe and Sword, and then slams them into the ground. All of his bravery attacks can branch into this.


      • Air Dash: Dash through the air. It’s in the freakin’ name!
      • Wall Run: Do I really need to describe this?
      • Dodge Roll: Firion can dodge nearly anything while on the ground, and is almost invincible while performing it.
      • Air Dodge: The same as dodge roll, but in the air of course.
      • Block: He blocks things with his shield (can be performed on the ground and/or in the air)
      • Aerial Recovery: While tumbling through the air, Firion reorients himself.

      -EX Mode-

      Firion's EX Mode is Blood Weapon Equipped, which recolors his armor with red and orange details and gives the same coloration to his weapons, a reference to the Blood Sword in FF2, which was (as stated before) the best weapon to use when fighting the Emperor. While in EX Mode, the remainder of his weapons are given the same properties as the Blood Sword.

      Firion's EX Burst is Fervid Blazer where he attacks the opponent with the full force of his weapons and magic. The player must input five button commands within a time limit to attack the opponent with Firion's lance, daggers, axe, staff, and sword enchanted with magic, followed by using his bow to launch his weapons at the opponent, creating an explosion.


      -Strength and Destructive Capability-

      -Firion’s most powerful spell, Ultima was originally used to send Pandaemonium back to Hell. The Mysidian mages feared for the world’s safety and sealed the Tome in the Mysidian tower. Not only can it seal hell and damage David Bowie, but it's been used by Kuja to wipe out Terra:

      -Firion has proven to be stronger than Josef, who was able to lift a boulder that was large enough to crush the whole party at once (Firion, Maria, Guy, Josef). Seriously, that boulder was freakin’ huge. I couldn’t find a screenshot of the cutscene, but I have a link to an LP that shows Josef's feat:


      -The Emperor had cast a spell at one point to summon a giant cyclone. Said cyclone was able to lift the hu-fucking-mongous Castle Palamecia into the sky, and that’s not even a fraction of the Emperor’s power. Firion's MINIMUM durability should be anywhere around castle level...? Here's a link to an LP that shows the event (Skip to 21:53):

      -While fighting the Emperor, the entire party is more than capable of tanking the Emperor’s most powerful spell, Starfall, in a scripted cutscene (Skip to 3:30):

      Starfall summons a barrage of small meteorites, followed by a small star. Not a meteor, a star... which doesn't make ANY fucking sense, but it still happened... somehow.

      -Speed and Agility-

      -Nothing. There is LITERALLY NOTHING. He’s probably faster than the average human, but there’s nothing shown in-game to prove that. Haste COULD make him massively superhuman, but he’d have to cast the spell quite a few times. So at base… He’s nothing special.



      +Firion is one of the few Final Fantasy characters with the potential to max out every stat (Strength, Magic, Spirit, etc.)

      +Unless his opponent is undead, the Blood Sword and Succubus Soul are OP as hell

      +His buff and de-buff spells can compensate for any power gaps between himself and his opponent

      +Time Hax... enough said

      +Firion’s mastery over all forms of weaponry can give him a significant edge over pretty much anyone he’s up against.

      +Tends to stay level-headed during combat, regardless of the situation.

      +Can fight effectively both up close and at a distance (Thanks to his bow, knives, axe and magic)

      +Destructive capability could POSSIBLY be close to that of Kuja, but i doubt it. It could be Castle Level, Planet Level or Small Star Level. Pick your poison.

      +Durability is >= DC

      =If Destroy somehow fails, Firion is left wiiiiide open. Lucky for him, it's nearly impossible for this to happen and the spell probably won't even be mentioned in an official Death Battle

      -Possibly weak to mind control hax

      -No clear speed feats outside of game mechanics (If you consider POSSIBLY dodging lightning magic a speed feat).


      -Potential Opponents-

      Note: No FF vs DQ matchup here. Maybe the franchises had a "Rivalry" but the matchup between him and DQII's hero makes very little sense aside from that single point. I don't hate Dragon Quest, but I do hate 90% of the Death Battle ideas that follow this formula... so, uh... yeah.


      You’re probably thinking to yourself: “Why Kilik? Doesn’t he only use a staff???” And that’s where you’d be wrong! After the events of SCIV, Kilik went on to become an Edge Master, allowing him to perfectly copy the abilities and weapons of all male characters in SCV. They have a good bit in common when it comes to their background and personalities, but aren't nearly identical to one-another. I really enjoy this one because of the whole “Weapon Master vs Weapon Master” thing, and it’d kick some SERIOUS ass... though not as much as the following opponent:

      -Sparrow (Fable II)-


      This is definitely the best fit for Firion. Yes, the Hero of Oakvale has a near-identical backstory, but... okay, just let me explain. Sparrow has an insanely huge arsenal; rifles, pistols, blunderbuss, crossbows, longswords, cutlasses, axes, cleavers, AN ELECTRIC GUITAR, hammers, katanas- HOLY SHIT, THAT'S A LOT OF WEAPONS! His magic mirrors Firions, being almost entirely offensive, whereas Firion's is defensive. While his backstory is kiiinda different, it's still similar; He's nearly killed by a tyrannical ruler (Though Firion was ambushed by knights, the point stands), he's rescued by a powerful mage and joined their community, and his goal is to dethrone the bastard who shot him. He has crazy high DC and Durability, with very similar hax to Firion's as well. Last but not least (and also the most obvious), both characters are the leads of the second game in their respective franchises.


      Probably Firion’s most heavily requested opponent and I can kinda see why. Honestly though, I think it’d be lame if Link fought ANOTHER Final Fantasy character in Death Battle. Maybe he could fight Simon Belmont, Robin (Fire Emblem), or pretty much anyone else instead? It’s a decent matchup, but I really don’t want it to happen.


      And there you have the bio of the most under-appreciated Final Fantasy Hero from the most under-appreciated Final Fantasy Game! If you have anything you'd like to add or fix, please leave it in the comments, it means a ton! Thank you so much for reading, and have a wonderful day, everyone <3

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