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from Scotland, United Kingdom

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    • The New RT Community Site is cool

      4 months ago


      I've kinda abandoned the old community site after the new one started up, join me there if you can!  <3

    • Noname

      10 months ago


      Noname is a Chicago Rapper/Poet, who made one of my favourite albums ever.  "Telefone" is amazing and you should totally check it out if you haven't.  Well, they are releasing their next album either today or tomorrow, and I couldn't be more excited.  What I'm saying is, please listen to "Telefone".  It's free on Bandcamp.  It's amazing.  Hope you have a good day! <3

    • Uplay

      10 months ago


      Wanted to play Uno with some some friends over Uplay, had to log in.  As you do.  Well, I apparently put my password in wrong too many times because now I'm locked out for an hour.  I can already tell that I'm not going to be in the mood for Uno by then :(

    • I just got into a sidestepping match with my cat

      10 months ago


      You know what I'm talking about, 

      When you are walking directly at someone and both of you have to get past each other but you don't know what side to take and they don't know what side to take, so you get into an endless loop of sidestepping until someone finally cuts the bullshit and just forces their way through (usually not me).  Well I just did that with my cat.  I can't say I've ever got into the Pathment Tango with anything that isn't another human, but now I can say that now I got stuck in the get-past-you shuffle with a feline.

      Happy Sunday!

    • 4 years on the site today!

      10 months ago


      My old tweets are all now deleted, but my journals are still up.  They're a little throwback to how I was only a few years ago and how different I am now.

      Thanks for reading!

    • Great Day

      10 months ago


      I've had such a good day today, and I wanna talk about it.

      I found out that the creator of my favourite show, Gravity Falls, has signed with Netflix so he's gonna be making more shows!  Can't wait from more of Alex Hirsch!

      I also found out that Al Yankovic is on the Walk of Fame!  Two of my favourite people are doing great!

      I also came home, and instead of going for my normal walk, I went along the local cycle path and pick tons of wild brambles, so I'm freezing some so I can have them as a snack tomorrow!  (I spend a lot on Raspberries and stuff so I'm saving some money too which is always a pluss) 

      And I also got an achievement in Trials Fusion that I've been working on since the DLC came out, and I finally got it in a fluke!

      I hope you have all had a great day too!  <3

    • "Ring"

      10 months ago


      I just read the word Ring, and I might be the daftest person alive right now.  I read it as R-ing.  

      So I just sat in my computer chair for 15 seconds saying "Arring" to myself trying to figure out what it means.

    • New Shoes!

      11 months ago


      I just got some new Walking Boots yesterday, I can't wait to go out hiking again!  I'll post a photo when I can.

    • 1,000

      11 months ago


      I woke up today to 1,000 subscribers on youtube, which is mental.

      I've now done 45 Off Topic Highlight videos, one a week.  That's pretty nifty, I would say.

      Check out the channel if you haven't and I hope you have a good day!

    • My video game interest is like a sine wave

      11 months ago


      Up and Down.

      I'm in that up-stage at the moment, where I'm playing through a bunch of games that I own, but haven't played yet.

      I started with "The Crew".  I heard that the second one came out so I wanted to give it a shot.  The game successfully fills the GTA Peaceful Driving itch that I sometimes get.  Just driving about with the changing scenery is really nice.  The actual missions of the game are a bit bland I guess.  The achievements for this game seem to be broken on my console as well which is a bit annoying.  But it fills what I want in a driving game.

      I also played through the whole of "Minecraft: Story Mode".  The game is really weird.  I think they did really well in making a game that had a different plot that wasn't just a repackaged game by Telltale.  The voice acting in the game is surprisingly good.  It takes a hard nose dive around Episode 6 where they try to pander to the "Minecraft Youtube" kind of kids which was made up by the VA of the one character with the read hair.  Episodes 5-8 are the most interesting out the lot of them, with 1-4 being good in the moment.  I enjoyed it much more than the Wolf Among Us, but that might be because I just know Minecraft really well, and the writers do too, because there are story points that could only be there if someone who knew the game well wrote it, so good on those guys I guess.

      Today I'm gonna play more of The Crew, and maybe start the Telltale "Game of Thrones" if I feel up for it!

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