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    • It's April 1st tomorrow

      1 year ago


      April Fools means happy birthday Roosterteeth!

      It also means that google will do some sorta joke, wonder what it'll be this year.

    • presumably.

      1 year ago


      There is a podcast that I listen to called "Welcome to Nightvale", and I'm relistening to all of it, taking an episode or two per night.  I just got to Episode 71, named "The Registry of Middle School Crushes", and it features a really interesting part that (luckily for me) someone had already transcripted and I'd like to share!


      A woman walks into a bar. Presumably, she did not just appear there. Presumably she opened the door from the outside and entered it. Presumably she drove to the bar. Presumably she had obtained the car she used to drive to the bar somewhere, presumably with money. Presumably she had received that money somehow. She presumably had spent days, months, even years before this moment. Presumably she was born at some point, to a mother – presumably. Presumably she was a child once. There had been years spent in which she could not completely feed herself. There were years in which she was smaller, and stayed all day in rooms where adults taught her to be similar adults to the adults they were. There was a first kiss, nights spent in terror of the nights to come, the first vestiges of independence, moving out, finding a job, a decision – at some point – to go to the bar. Presumably.

      “Can I have a drink?” she said to the bartender.

      “Oh, I’m sorry,” said the bartender. “This is the end of my shift. Ed will be out in a moment and he’ll be able to help you.”

      The bartender left the bar. Presumably he opened the door. Presumably he got into a car. Presumably he drove home, the radio on and playing him through the soft-focus darkness of hot night. Presumably he had a bed somewhere, got into it, slept, and – presumably – dreamed. Presumably he grew older, day by day, and looked at each day as a missed opportunity to live a life that was in no way better than the life he was living, but just different. Presumably he edged toward death, fearing losing what he had, regretting ever attaining it. There was a last kiss, everything was forgotten, but in pieces, and in the most painful order. New things were learned slowly, and in the least helpful order. A basket of fruit indicating a sentiment too weak, communicated too late, to a person who was already gone. Presumably.


      Transcript - Ep. 71

      Audio Link

    • I've grew a distrust in big social media companies

      1 year ago


      This distrust has stemmed from the latest news surrounding Facebook and their reluctance to prevent data companies from leeching off their own social network.  I have now deleted my facebook and privated my twitter.  I understand for folk who's careers surround social media or art that this would be a difficult task (or even an impossible one) but I encourage other to do the same. I plan to use the RT site as a replacement to twitter, and encryption based SMS apps as a replacement to FB messenger and Twitter DM's.  TelegramWhatsapp are good alternatives, that also have native audio/video calling.  I hope that Roosterteeth don't eventually make the same mistakes that facebook made.  Thanks for reading.

    • A formal apology to Kdin Jenzen

      1 year ago


      On the 22nd of December, 2014, @AH_Kdin tweeted out asking for list suggestions for the Achievement Hunter show "Countdown".  I, in an act of idiocy, replied with the following:


      Why not "Top 10 Kdin countdown fails"?


      I tweeted this, then went on with my day, blissfully unaware that not only did Kdin see this, but a reply was given to my suggestion from Kdin herself.  I came back to the twitter app, 13 year old Aidan was excited to see if he got any likes on his latest tweet, alas, no.  I got this response:


      [at]LinkedToArthro Because that's just fucking stupid.


      Not only was I shocked, but I was ill-prepared for the shame I would feel for the next coming days on twitter.  I ended up deleting all my tweets maybe a year later and moving to another username, not because of Kdin, but because I grew up a little bit.  I just want to get this off my chest as these twitter interactions still haunt me to this day.

      Sorry, Kdin. 

      (<3 you anyway!)

    • New Project, Rugby, Backwardz Compatible & Going down South

      1 year ago


      Hi folks!

      I film some weird stuff sometimes, but I do jackshit with it.  My solution to this is a new think I'm starting called 'Aidan's Modern Life'.  The idea is that when I film something or I'm doing something, I'll film a small chunk of it and put into a video.  To test this, I forced myself to film everyday for 4 days just to see if it worked as a general concept, and it did (surprisingly).

      You can find the first one [here]!

      I want it to cover not only the interesting parts of what I do, but also the kinda mundane things.

      I also plan to not film everyday, maybe just have the video once a month with whatever I filmed in that month.

      I went to the Scotland/France Rugby on the weekend, that was really fun!  France ended up getting a try in the first 2 minutes which made me think that the whole game wasn't going to go well for Scotland (since they've not had a good track record since last game), but it turned around in the second half which is great for the people supporting Scotland, I guess!  32-26.

      I'm also going down to Manchester mid-week, I haven't been down there since summer of last year, so it'll be really good.  I always remember how much I'd like to live in that kind of place, just because they're is so much more stuff compared to where I'm at haha.  

      I've been watching Backwardz Compatible recently and I forgot how much I loved listening to Miles just react to random games, he's just such an excitable guy that his energy rubs off!

      That's all for now though, thanks for reading if you are reading!

    • SpaceX are the future

      1 year ago


      I watched the Falcon Heavy launch yesterday, it was bloody insane.


      We might be supporting the South African Darth Vadar though...

    • I've got a couple time trials for ya today

      1 year ago


      I done a couple time trials on the old PS1 game "TOCA 2 Touring Cars"  last night, check em out if you want!  church1

      Brands Hatch - 40'64

      Knockhill - 46'47

      Snetterton - 58'87

      Test Track (Short) - 32'12

    • Songs of the Month - 2018/02

      1 year ago


      2018/01 (January)


      Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy

      Great little chiptune song with really nice production, I found them through the Scott Pilgrim game soundtrack.  Good stuff.

      Joji - Thom

      This was my introduction to Lofi type music, I knew of the dude through Filthy Frank.  The samples at the front end are top notch.

      Childish Gambino - Freaks and Geeks

      The first Gambino song I ever heard, this was the song that got me into Gambino and other artists like Chance and Danny Brown.  It's quite punny as well as being included in a fantastic EP.

      Biffy Clyro - Many of Horror

      A song I heard a bunch when I was younger, full to the brim with guitar towards the second half as well as the lead singers thick scottish accent.  Makes me feel a bit patriotic haha.

      Simon & Garfunkel - Sound of Silence

      Whenever you hear someone talk about 'real music' they usually mean something like this, and I can't deny that it's great.  Great harmonies as well as being lyrically interesting.

      James Blake - Sound of Silence

      Heavy-on-production cover which never fails to impress me.  His other stuff is great as well, but I'll write about that in another months list probably.

      Childish Gambino - Zealots of Stockholm

      Another really heavily produced track from one of my favourite albums ever.  Maybe I just like the bass hitting my ears.

      Porter Robinson / Madeon - Shelter

      Great samples throughout the track, great melody, great song in whole.  This won't be the last time I mention Madeon.

      The Clash - Rock the Casbah

      Classic song, really clever lyrics with references to different middle-eastern building and such.  Catchy chorus as well.

      Joe Hisaishi - One Summer's Day

      This song takes me back to one of my favourite films ever, totally transports me to a different time in my life. Brilliant film. Beautiful song. 

      Daft Punk - Aerodynamic

      On of my favourite instrumental tracks from Daft Punk, I love the almost impossible guitar riffs at the front of the track and the hypnotic synths towards the end. 

      Frank Ocean - Pyramids

      I used to listen to the song while cycling, because I could cycle into the centre of town in about the same length as the track, it made it feel like I was in a music video or something.

      Ninja Sex Party - 6969

      Great comedic song, tons of attitude and personality. Danny Sexbang is my idol.

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    SpaceX are the future

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