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    • Fan-Made: Team Fortress 2

      8 years ago


      We are back on Tuesdays for Fan-Made! And today we will be looking at some Team Fortress 2 fan-art. So, let's get started!

      First off we have 4 of Lintufriikki's creations, starting with a Heavy with a very concerned Tiny Doktor.
      Next is the Soldier and Heavy enjoying the snow with Winter Birds.
      The comraderie of the team! Brothers for life.
      Oh... the unsettled tenstion. Awkward...

      Next we have 2Dark's Engie and Teddy. Just awww...
      And 2Dark's Medic being very Bond and classy.

      agentscarlet gives us a million dollar movie idea from a poster! Blue Spy Must Die.

      vilssonify takes Sniper Back in the Outback.

      Sniper getting back to his Aussie roots, FreckledBasilisk gives him a suit and a koala. How do I look?

      And finally we have Kakashi-kun presenting us with a Distressed Pyro. *Pyro facepalm*

      Being so close to NSFWednesday, I feel like I should give these pieces a notable mention, from agentscarlet
      Miss Soldier
      Miss Soldier 2
      Miss Spy
      Miss Scout
      Miss Heavy
      Miss Pyro
      Miss Medic
      Miss Engineer

      That's it for this week's fan art, check back tomorrow for Gentlemen's NSFWednesday!
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    • iOS Free Game Review: Ancient Frog

      8 years ago


      It's Monday, and OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day is Ancient Frog!

      Ancient Frog is a simple puzzle game in its concept. You have a frog, there's a fly. Help the frog eat the fly. You help the frog by controlling his limbs to reach certain points on the leaf that it can cling to, using a drag and drop system. Each limb can only reach so far, and the game is kind enough to highlight where you can reach, and a glowing star trail on where the foot needs to go. It's a simple concept that's easy to learn.


      The visuals look clean and well done, and the sounds definitely take you to a rainforest. The game uses the sounds of the forest to relax you from the game's hidden frustration, the par system. The par system pretty much dictates that each puzzle has a certain way to do it in the most efficient way with minimal moves. This seems to be the challenge in itself. But there is no time limit, so there's no rush.

      With over a hundred levels and several species of frogs, the game takes a simple concept and delivers an interesting and unusual puzzle game, unlike most on what's on the market now. Currently free for today from OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day at the App Store.

      That's it for this week's game review, check back tomorrow for exceptional fan art for Team Fortress 2!
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    • Tech News Friday: MS+Skype & iris scans

      8 years ago


      Ok, friday journals shall be featuring tech and internet news. I usually go to three websites, Techi, Ars Tecnica and CNET, for interesting news and items around the internet. They also have news concerning technology, gadgets, Microsoft, Apple and Twitter.

      So let's kick off Tech News Friday with an update on Sony's current situation.
      Sony: we are "uncertain" (have no clue) when PSN is coming back - Techi

      Now with the big news of the week, Microsoft purchasing Skype.
      Microsoft grabs Skype. Now what? - Techi
      Why Skype? Microsoft confirms $8.5 billion purchase, clarifies nothing - Ars Technica

      The White House having a hand in the cybersecurity of companies, prodding the industry to standardise its security measures.
      White House proposes cybersecurity legislation - CNET

      A Net Censorship Bill that can affect the way we use search engines.
      Revised 'Net censorship bill' requires search engines to block sites, too - Ars Technica

      Limewire under the gavel, settling with RIAA
      Lime Wire settles with RIAA for $105 million - CNET

      A new type of software available so you can handle throttling internet within your household.
      Parents, need to throttle Timmy's Xbox while you work from home? - Ars Technica

      Amazon gives its iOS Cloud Player users a pleasant surprise
      Amazon Cloud Player starts working on iOS - Techi

      Apple clamps down to regulate iAds for apps for the kiddos
      Apple quietly changes iAd policy for kid-targeted apps - Ars Technica

      Iris scanning? For passwords?
      Iris recognition gadget eliminates passwords - CNET

      That's it for this week, come back next week for more!
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    • Thursday LinkBucket

      8 years ago


      Here we are at Thursday! Today, we'll do a LinkBucket!

      Lets start by defining the right way to serve vodka
      We'll keep it going with some IKEA manuals that you won't see in your normal IKEA
      IKEA Manuals
      It's cool! It's just a panda!
      Hey Panda, what about a bikini flash mob?
      Bikini Flash Mob
      Let's throw in some funny gifs!
      And some motivational posters?
      Motivational Posters?
      How about some relationship advice from Cosmo? Maybe.
      Cosmo's Relationship Advice
      Let's drop some knowledge with a bit about Obama's entourage.
      Obama's Entourage
      One of the best videos out, considering how this site loves ponies.
      Trot Fuzz
      This kinda serves like a PSA for May. This should be on everywhere.
      Zombie Awareness Month

      That's it for today, keep checking this week for more upcoming content.
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    • Fan-Made: Portal 2

      8 years ago


      Mondays will now be a journal about the free iOS game of the day. So I decided, let's keep a gaming thing going on and roll on to fan-art for Tuesday!

      Unless you have been living under a rock or away from the internet for the past month, you have heard of the immensely popular puzzle game that is Portal 2. As with anything of this gravity, we get talented artists from all over the internet that create visual masterpieces, and this is where we view a small collection of them.

      To start us off, Risachantag presents the Weighted Companion Cube's steampunk cousin, the Gentlemanly Escort Cube.
      Risachantag keeps us going with this piece aptly called, Steampunk Portal

      Bringing Chell to life we have a couple of action shots starting with eponagirl.
      Here's TheMinttu's take on a tense Chell.
      scriptKittie does this action shot 'For Science'!
      ChemicalAlia gives us a confident Chell jumping through the floor.

      Eldarianne gives us a little breathing space to take a break and relax
      KEISUKEgumby with a robot, a cube and a cake!
      Chell. Cube. Cake. Thanks McGibs!

      For the extra artsy in the community, you might like this from megalaros
      boo21190 presents a cover redesign

      Now we come the inevitable end. Before we go two more images. An action shot from doubleleaf, keeping it very neat and tidy. It almost reminds me of Mirror's Edge
      I feel like we've been avoiding the elephant in the room. But here it is! Tristan Reidford's Portal 2 70's style Movie Poster

      That's it for this week. Keep tuned on Tuesdays for more Fan-Made art. If anyone have suggestions on another game to feature, please let me know with a comment or a message.
      Also, keep checking this week for more upcoming content. Yesterday's iOS Game Review

    • iOS Free Game Review: Ring Blade

      8 years ago


      Ok first and certainly hoping not the last game review

      Hey guys, today we will be looking at Ring Blade.
      Ring Blade is a top-down shooter arcade that plays a lot like classic games such as Galaga and Ikaruga, bullet hell I think they're called It uses a "flick-fire" mechanic to shoot ring blades, something very intuitive and innovative for this kind of game. The ring blades also bounce off the walls, giving you a slight tactical edge in bouncing it off walls to hit multiple enemies. It also doesn't use the motion sensor, instead you use your finger to control the ship (?) from side to side. There are also power ups such as invincibility, powershots, and the Megabomb, clearing the screen of all enemies.

      The great hook for me on this game is the visual aesthetic of it. Ring Blade uses a tribal tattoo style and works brilliantly through the levels I've played so far. Every level is a theme on the enemies, whether it'd be dragons, or bugs or skulls, the tribal style of it really ties it together. Every level also introduces a special enemy for that level that has a certain mechanic to it. For example in the bug level, there was a tough opponent that would hide and become translucent and show itself again, and you can only damage it when it wasn't hiding and was opaque. This itself makes me wanted to play a little more and delay the review a little more.

      Ring Blade is a great shooter, unlike anything like it. The execution of the bullet hell concept, and the great flick-fire mechanism definitely stands out among its peers. The tribal graphics is very impressive and take it to a new place. With 30 levels, it'll surely be worth its worth with its normal price at US$0.99, Today's Free Game at OpenFeint.

    • It's soo close...

      8 years ago


      Alright guys, this is it. The time you have all been waiting for...

      Well, actually, it's announcing the time you've all been waiting for smiley0.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley12.gif .

      Coming this Friday at 10 PM EST, there will be an exclusive LIVE interview with Devon...

      That's right, the smooth, panty-dropping voice of TeamSpeak is getting put in our hot seat.

      Have questions you're dying to have answered by our fearless leader? Well post them here!

      So be there and join us as we ask such hard hitting questions as: "Boxers or briefs?" and "How often do you masturbate?"


    • Following up on a previous journal

      8 years ago


      From yesterday's journal, I may have mentioned that I have been planning on reviewing free iPhone games. I have decided to do so, as a weekly thing, starting tonight/tomorrow morning, depending where you are.
      As a point of reference, I use the OpenFeint GameChannel to get my games from.

      So let me, first of all, tell you a little thing called OpenFeint. OpenFeint, according to its website, is a social gaming network for both Android and iOS devices. It has an achievement system, a leaderboard system, and a friends list system that can be integrated from Facebook, Twitter and your address book.
      Now OpenFeint also works on making certain games cheaper. They have successfully made multiple games drop in price through their Fire Sales by getting the community to vote and dropping the price down to a fraction of it to everyone. They also hold deals with developers in featuring their game as the Free Game of the Day.

      Now you may ask, would I have to check the OpenFeint website everyday for the Free Game of the Day? Unfortunately you do, but there is this nifty little app that can help you with that. OpenFeint's Game Channel serves as a portal to which games are free at the moment, the Free Game of the Day, any news such as Fire Sales and an account management.
      I believe the Free Game of the Day refreshes at 9pm Central, 12noon for AEST.

      So from this information I would like to give myself a few hours with the game to be able to give it a fair review. I would be posting my review hopefully by 3am US/Central, 6pm AEST on Mondays.
      You might say "6 hours isn't a few hours!" To which I retort "I have a university lecture." So be kind, be patient. If anyone would like to help, that would be wonderful, leave me a comment below or message me.


    • FU Today?

      8 years ago


      Hey whaddya know! Featured User!
      A little about me? Why not

      My name is Arvin, currently Australian, imported from the Philippines
      I am currently studying at the University of Western Sydney (B Arts/B Marketing)
      I am 19, pretty short (just under 160cm/5'2")
      I have dabbled in alot of things, but cannot say I am truly good at anything. Quite sad I know, maybe its a thing with my attention spa--hey new video!
      I feel like I don't contribute to the community at a notable extent, but if you try to follow my comments, you might find them mildly amusing. I have been called and regarded as a TeamSpeak Ninja, striking in opportune unexpecting moments with potent material.
      Even though I said I don't contribute to the community, I have been throwing around ideas of doing small reviews for free iPhone games, or things happening in Sydney, or updates on Shay Maria and/or Misa Campo, or even linking interesting tech news from a couple of reputable sites. (No, not reddit. Get that from the Drunk Tank)
      Speaking of the Drunk Tank! Drunk Tank is one of the best things to come out of the internet. Regular, dynamic, and all year long. I love the Drunk Tank!
      Shameless Plug Time!
      If you're Aussie and reading this, you better be coming to RTOZ Melbourne 2011. Organised by the very lovely coolcaiti, she has been working and fighting tooth and nail to make this happen, the least you can do is attend. Also guys called Burnie and Geoff might be coming? Anyone heard of these guys?
      If you like the community, and consider yourself internet literate and polite (the last two being extremely important) get on RT Live TeamSpeak! There's always something interesting happening. [Warning: Attending TeamSpeak might cause hot flushes, sexual arousal, excessive laughter and tasteful nudity]
      From the guys who brought you RT Live, they also have the Poplar Group, the Glowden Effect, Glowden's Storytime and the various fanclubs to coolcaiti and RandomRvBfan.
      Comics from the Aussie RT community? we got that too! the 2300 made by Raddlez. With over 100 comics and aliens and super-powers? What else do you want? Boobies? There's bound to be boobies there sooner or later if it hasn't happened already.
      Last and certainly not least, similar to the Drunk Tank, MajScav3nger and Azz22a have started an all-Aussie gaming podcast called Screwed Gamers. Only starting out, a handful of Aussies are already excited about this new podcast.

      Well, look whos the motherplugger now.

      So with this information, and including 2 references to academic sources, answer the following question.
      In Toy Story 3, what the fuck happened to Bo Peep?!

      Cheers guys!

    • Being sick sucks

      8 years ago


      especially when everything is itchy, but I can't scratch it. And not to mention I visibly look horrible.

      So now, I'm just gonna stay in bed and in front of my laptop. Being itchy.

      Psst. It's chickenpox

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