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    • Pokemon Aldente Mode #3

      8 years ago


      A new day! Time for some training!
      Ekans might have the best chance of beating this next gym, so I decided to train him today. Beating a few Ekans here, a Rattatta there. And then it shows up. A Spearow. This is it, just what I need. A flying pokemon to go against the Azalea Gym's bug type.

      Let's not try to hurt her too much. Ekans, Wrap!
      Spearow Pecks
      Ekans Bite! Less than half way
      Spearow Growls. It's like she wants me to catch her
      Ekans Wrap!
      Spearow Pecks again
      Pokeball! One shake, two shakes, three shakes...

      Spearow was caught!

      I make my way back to the Pokemon Centre, I pass the Slowpoke Well again. Are there actual Slowpokes in there?
      Spearow can hang on for a few more minutes. Let's check out the Slowpoke Well.

      Well, well, well. There ARE Slowpokes here! Looks like I'm getting a Slowpoke. And I see just the one to catch.
      Toothless can handle this one.
      Toothless Bites.
      Less than half way already!
      Slowpoke Yawns. Doesn't matter, you'll be caught soon enough.
      Toothless, Scratch! Oh! So close to losing Slowpoke!
      Slowpoke Tackles. Yawn's affected Toothless. Doesn't change a bit!
      Pokeball and Slowpoke was caught! Was there any doubt?

      So with two new pokemon, fresh from the Pokemon Centre, it's time for some training to take on Bugsy for the Hive Badge!

    • LinkBucket: Underqualified & sexy ads

      8 years ago


      You have mail

      Sex sells. What of it?
      The Six Sexiest Moments in Recent Advertising History

      Please contact HR!
      5 Movie Characters Who Were Wildly Unqualified for Their Job

      They say 'wasting time on Facebook', I call it market research.

      Legendary sums it up
      Assassins Creed Revelations culminates a legendary gaming series

      Remeber to flash your lights to warn others.

      Seriously! Someone call HR!
      A Collection of Ridiculous Video Resumes

      More underground than the Underminer
      Hipster Superheroes

      That's it for this week's LinkBucket!
      TueGIF: Notes to self and Sharktopus
      NSFWednesday: Australian Women
      Last week's LinkBucket: Daycare and Super Powers

    • TueGIF: Notes to self and Sharktopus

      8 years ago



      Scared Potter?

      Just a little reminder for yourself.

      Cat massage. I wonder if he got a happy ending.

      Sharktopus. Your argument is now invalid.

      That's it for TueGIF! Tomorrow is wednesday, NSFWednesday!
      Last week's TueGIF: Ninjas and Sharks
      NSFWednesday: Heather Graham
      LinkBucket: Daycare and Super Powers

    • Pokemon Aldente Mode #2

      8 years ago


      With the guys fresh from the Pokemon Centre, they were determined to take down Falkner this time!

      Falkner sends out his Pidgey. Rattatta up front and Quick Attack!
      Pidgey used Sand Attack. Rattatta misses with his second Quick Attack and connects with a third and final. But not before getting hit with Pidgey's Tackle. Pidgey faints.

      Falkner sends out Pidgeotto. Here we go. Ekans! Go and use Poison Sting! Hit! Pidgeotto uses Gust. Ekans, Poison Sting again! Hah! Poisoned! Pidgeotto uses Tackle. Ekans won't stand another hit from this. Switch to Totodile. Totodile, Bite! Pidgeotto fliches and the poison keeps working. Another Bite. Tackle from Pidgeotto. Poison. One more Bite. Pidgeotto goes down.
      The battle for the first badge has never been so intense.

      Old man Elm calls as I step out of the Gym. He tells me that his assistant has something for me. I hope it's cake. My Pokemon need to celebrate. So I meet up with his assistant and he ends up giving me an egg! The same egg that I got for him. What do I do with it? I guess I can make omelettes...
      No, Elm's assistant tells me that I have to take care of it. No omelettes for dinner guys, sorry.

      Onward to Union Cave. Guess what I run into? Zubat. Fucking Zubat. Might as well get it out of the way now. Pokeball. Caught! Went on to fight a few Geodudes as well as some Hikers. No biggie. Toothless took care of that no problem.

      I made my way to Azalea Town. There's a lot of people talking about this Kurt guy who makes custom Pokeballs, and the Slowpoke Well. I wonder if the two are connected, so I investigated. Well, I would have if there wasn't a Rocket on the way to the Slowpoke Well. Let's go to Kurt then!

      Kurt was pretty pissed off when I saw him. He pretty much stormed out when I tried talking to him. How rude! I'll check out the Slowpoke Well one more time, see if anything's changed. The Rocket dude isn't there!

      I went down the well and found Kurt there. He said he would fight Team Rocket, but he has a bad back. You gonna claim for compensation for weak ankles next? Alright hero, take it easy. I got this. Ekans and Rattatta took those goons no problems. Wrap here, Quick Attack there. And then there was one. He said his name was Proton, from Team Rocket. I sent Toothless out to deal with him. We had a close call with him. Almost took Toothless out. But the little rascal pulled through, biting and scratching his way through being poisoned. Tough little guy. After the commotion, Kurt told me he was feeling better and he thanked me for getting rid of Team Rocket. I can tell this won't be the last time I hear from those guys. They're like Herpes. He also took me back to his place and told me he'd make me custom Pokeballs from fruits I see on trees. Ok, crazy.

      I headed straight for the Pokemon Centre to give the guys a rest and to get ready for tomorrow's training.

    • Pokemon Aldente Mode #1

      8 years ago


      It begins in New Bark Town...

      Apparently my elderly neighbour want me to do something. He's pretty cool I guess, but he knows this girl, Lyra. She's pretty hot. I don't exactly know how they know each other. Do I really want to know? Anyway, Old man Elm wants me to get something from one of his buddies. It's like a town and a half over, so to pay me, he gave me a Pokemon! I took a Totodile. Called him Toothless. Because it's ironic. See?

      So I took the little blue rascal out for a walk. We saw a few birds on the way, Toothless took them down no problem! And we finally got to the old dude's place and he gave me a weird egg, and this other man gave me a Pokedex. That's cool too. Then Old man Elm called me to hurry back. I hightailed it back to New Bark Town, but on the way there a dude battled me! What a wimpy little Chikorita he had. I made sure to ask him if that Chikorita came in men's. I got back to Elm's and a cop said that the Chikorita I just beat was Elm's and was stolen. I told that cop the dude's name. I think it was Saun. Then Elm took the egg off me and told me to fill the Pokedex! Fill it with what? Porn? That's easy.

      I made my way to Violet City. Met a few guys on the way that wanted to fight Toothless. We showed them they shouldn't have. I even tried to catch a Pidgey! No such luck though. I did however catch an Ekans outside Violet City. So we went sight-seeing and made our way up the Sprout Tower. I managed to catch a Rattatta! Then we fought a few monks with weeds and a few owls. No biggie. I'm pretty sure I saw Saun there again. Anyway, I fought the monk elder and he gave me a TM. Apparently it turns a Bellsprout into a flashlight. Who knew?

      There was a gym in the city as well. Sure I'll go. My Pokemon and I can use the exercise. Work on our cardio and that. But no! These three guys wanted to fight us with their bird Pokemon! We just got through the first 2. Almost lost Rattatta too. We decided to go to a Pokemon Centre and heal up. Face them the last dude rested and ready to go.

      Faulkner eh? Bring it!
      You have a Pidgey? Rattatta's like "This is nothing. I got this." He showed that Pidgey who's boss!
      Then he sent out a Pidgeotto. It's like a Pidgey, but bigger. And meaner.
      He took down Rattatta, Ekans and Toothless.
      Fucking Roost.

      So now I find myself waiting for them at the Pokemon Centre. Nurse Joy said it'll be another hour. This time, I have a better strategy. Hopefully we win this time.

    • Not the usual... Pokemon Aldente Mode

      8 years ago


      So... There's a few people playing Pokemon again. And since I got a 'new' Pokemon game and already started. I might as well do the same as some of people. Pokemon Mild Mode!

      Wait, Mild mode? Please.
      Aldente Mode

      Rules are pretty much the same as Hard mode, aside for a few edits.
      -If a Pokemon in your party faints, TWO HOUR PENALTY (GAME TIME)
      -Every time you reach a new route, cave, etc., you must catch the very first Pokemon you see THAT YOU DONT ALREADY HAVE
      -If you fail to catch the first Pokemon you see, either via it fleeing, knocking it out, or having no Pokeballs, you may not catch another. Tough shit.
      -If a town you go to contains a body of water or a gift Pokemon, that may be considered a Pokemon of a new area.
      -If your entire party faints, FOUR HOUR PENALTY (TWO GAME, THEN TWO REAL). If you have a pokemon left in a box somewhere, you may continue with only a two hour penalty for those Pokemon.
      -Treat pokeballs as rare artifacts; at no point can you buy more than one from each store. You should only use ones you find in the wild or are awarded.
      -You are allowed LIMITED use items outside of battle. 2 HEALING ITEMS AND ONE STATUS ITEM. If you were poisoned on your last turn of the battle, you better hope to god theres a pokemon center nearby.
      -You are only allowed TEN MINUTES at a time in a location to train ("power-level") your Pokemon.
      -You are, under no circumstance, allowed to get a second pokemon from any given area.
      -You may not switch out before the enemy trainer sends in a new Pokemon.
      -You are not allowed to use legendaries in battle.

      Rules I'm not going to follow
      -This means you can not catch a pokemon in a route you were in before you could catch pokemon. So no route 1, you were there before you had pokeballs.This is a stupid rule.
      -You must nickname your pokemon so there is some sort of attachment. Each pokemon is a best friend to you, to see them die is heartbreaking.Nicknaming Pokemon is stupid. Except maybe your starter. That's a real connection
      -If your pokemon is 4 levels higher then the pokemon you are fighting then you are not allowed to attack with that pokemon. (Wild pokemon only. Legendary pokemon acts like a trainer fight.)This is simply a non-power leveling measure. I won't be excessively power leveling. Unless maybe right before Elite 4.

      I'd like to make a few exceptions for the "catching Pokemon clause." I'm gonna exempt 3 Pokemon from this. Skarmory, Swinub and Heracross.

      Let's see how this goes...

    • TueGIF: Ninjas and Sharks

      8 years ago


      Paintball Classic!

      Cafeteria Ninja

      What is happening? Who divided by zero?!

      Rocking out at a kid's concert

      And now a message from our sponsors

      Sorry, my mistake.

      This one has been going around for a while

      That's it for TueGIF! Tomorrow is wednesday, NSFWednesday!
      Last week's TueGIF: Troll 8-ball & Waldo's sister!
      NSFWednesday: Katherine Heigl
      LinkBucket: Animal people & zip tie bears!

    • LinkBucket: Anime people & Zip Tie Bear!

      8 years ago


      Old Testament Movers! We're Abel to help!

      Women logic o.O
      7 Female Behaviours That Baffle Men

      Gingerbread man and the fox? Try the turtle and the hippo!

      Now try a zip tying a bear! Wait, it's made of zip ties?!
      Lifesized Bear Made of 20,000 Zip Ties

      Don't lie. You've always wanted an small anime person on your desk
      Real Life Meets Anime

      Scuba gear: +50 Underwater Breathing

      Medal awarded: Death from the Grave
      The 6 Greatest Things Accomplished by Dead Bodies

      Second medal awarded: "Power of the Chronic!"
      The 5 Greatest Things Ever Accomplished While High

      That's it for this week's LinkBucket
      TueGIF: Troll 8-ball & Waldo's sister!
      NSFWednesday: Katherine Heigl
      Last week's LinkBucket: Poke-mythbusting & NSFW-SDCC

    • TueGIF: Troll 8-ball & Waldo's sister!

      8 years ago



      Hey frui- OH WHAT THE HELL?!

      Kitty lift

      Shed uses Counter-Attack

      Found her!

      I like Mickey too!

      That's it for TueGIF! Tomorrow is wednesday, NSFWednesday!
      Last week's TueGIF: Messing with pets & magic!
      NSFWednesday: Mila Kunis
      LinkBucket: Poke-mythbusting & NSFW-SDCC

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