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    • Secret Santa And more..

      9 years ago


      Perfect way for the dog at least

      Although I never expected that anyone would get my Christmas dream.

      I hope you all have a Fuckin' Marry Christmas in wherever the hell you are.
      even there's roos, palm trees and 90 degree weather.

    • Hands like wings.

      10 years ago


      And if I taught you how to dream,
      I learnt how to lose it all,
      when the pure fallen just washed it all away,
      when the dreams we had washed away.

      Running in streams,
      like coloured tears down your face,
      when your hands open like wings
      tattered and broken,
      to take you away,
      where my fingers splay out over the page,
      wishing for dreams,
      pouring soulrivers into the pages,
      and hope, and hope, and hope.

      When your hands open like wings
      and your lips give life to death,
      and hope, and hope, and hope.

      Washed away, soaked and heavy, dragging along.

      Still coloured the tears fallen down,
      and hope and hope and hope
      opens your hands like wings to fly again,
      on hope, and hope, please hope.

      When our former dreams come to haunt,
      to phantom-torment.
      Where was our angel-grace then?

      After we taught you dreams,
      we fell, we fell hard.

      We don't kiss now,
      we barely touch,
      nessecities, a must, if that.

      The wine we made, you drank,
      sours in our mouths,
      spat out it sinks into tainted earth,
      where we trod.

      And everything we said we'd lost,
      found us again.

      We didn't teach you dreams at all,
      nay, we gave you our hope,
      because you need it more then we.

      And our hands open like wings,
      the darkest carnival lights,
      and sorry go round stops,
      the wrong side of the track,
      or losing it all.

      And our hands open like wings,
      and broken, we soar into the skies of rust,
      of ruin, of wrath and wrack.

      We taught you dreams and learnt how to fall,
      the tainted earth our cradle for now,
      feeding the rain with our tears and ruined wine.

      And our hands close around our throats like wings,
      as the last of our dreams soak into the afflicted soil.

    • Soaked linen on pale skin.

      10 years ago


      See the melancholy beauty, as she steps daintily along the sea wall,
      that giant barricade of stone, to hold back the furious waves.

      A gentle spray flattens her hair to her face,
      pales her skin and limps her clothes,
      a lacklustre monochrome, against the greyscale clouds.

      And the storm begins.

      She turns her water-blue eyes to the sky, unblinking at the rainfall,
      her body twists and dances away from a snatching wave.

      Feet, pale and nimble, lashed in bloody linen, skip over the barrage,
      the winds howls its defeated cry and whips her sodden hair about her face.

      She turns to the sky, unflinching as the thunder roars overhead.

      A crack of lightning falls in the distant ocean, enraging the seas,
      more nimble dances, as more waves attempt to devour her.

      The rain drives harder, trying to crack her frail skull.
      Dance on,
      she does.

      A pointed foot, before toe-heel,
      a nimble step away from peril.

      The sea and sky bawl in unison, a tidal-hand sweeps out to clutch,
      the sodden bridal dress, gracefully slips from the oceans grip
      as she twirls, soaking, along the fortification.

      A step wrong, suddenly.
      Sharp rock bites bare skin,
      flesh weeps red tears.

      A faltering step,
      the ocean swells,
      a single,

      Her lake-like eyes,
      an intake of breath.

      A surrender,
      a sweeping wave,
      a flurry of white,

      The mark of the ocean,
      a temptation taken.

      A new nymph joins the sisterhood,
      they found her shell, wrecked on the beach,
      on a beautifully calm day.
      A swirl of white linen in a ruined bridal gown.
      The single patch of now lightened red.
      She mirrors the sun, in her pale, dead form.

      Such a swiftness, cast away.
      They found her on the shore,
      she swims with the Merfolk.

      Wrote this to music, see if you can hear it.

    • Eulogy.

      10 years ago


      I feel so helpless, like a child,
      I'm lost without you, what can I do with myself?
      You meant so much to me,
      I'm lost without your guidance,
      I'm scared without the courage you gave me.

      You taught me so much, I always listened to you.
      You were there for me, when no one else was.

      There was elements of you in everything I did,
      I always said, if something was too hard, I'd do it for you.

      You taught me so much, brought so much to my youth,
      you never asked for anything, just the smile on my face.

      The same as yours,
      so many people likened us,
      I'm glad to be so alike to you.

      I can't ever tell you how proud I am,
      to be your grandson,
      there aren't enough words in the world,
      in the millions of languages.


      Grandad, in all the languages I could find,
      they all mean the same thing.
      The way that no one will ever forget you.

      When I was young enough to believe in faery tales,
      you were always king of the castle,
      I'd always take your guidance.

      When I was older and rebellious, I never stopped heeding you grandad,
      your word was always law to me, even if it never seemed so.

      You always had the way to make me smile,
      Your deep wisdom-filled eyes,
      the broken, crooked smile,
      an anecdote for everything,
      when whiskey was the cure.

      What do I do now grandad?
      I feel so helpless,
      what do I do now?
      I'm lost without you grandad,
      what do I do now?

      Lost, like a child, alone.

      Sleep well, grandfather, I best grow up now.

      Sydney Eric Cayton passed from this life earlier this morning.

      31-08-1921 to 15-03-2007

      Heaven will welcome your company, as we on earth mourn the loss of it,
      you can walk again, wherever you are.

      My grandfather died this morning,
      it's going to be so hard to move on.

    • Malady melodies.

      10 years ago


      Ooh, and my skin ripples with the thoughts,
      next time you see me, we'll be strangers.
      A little stranger than last time, sort of.
      Maybe a blank page to start another pen-driven battle,
      you always outshone me, with your vibrant artists pallette,
      but I always out-wrote you with my diction, eloquence.

      Just string out pictures, forming from every sweep
      of your dainty little hand, a flick of the wrist,
      you're so relaxed while you paint, you know?
      You'd gaze affectionately at whatever (or whoever)
      you were painting, you'd dance a ballet across the canvas,
      I'd sit and seeth, because you were supposed to be done
      hours ago.
      We're supposed to be out together, you know,
      not sat here while you paint some jack-off
      from off the streets, or from your artschool.
      Ponces, I hated the way they'd look at me,
      you know, with the "Oh you could do so much better than that."
      look, I mean, sure, they all coveted you, which was fine,
      I enjoyed interrupting your painting to make you kiss me,
      to watch their oh-so fragile hearts bleed just a little more.

      Especially when I'd open one eye and smirk at them,
      hahahaha, even thinking about it now, it's still delicious.
      The looks on their faces...
      Hm, hm, hm.
      Then I'd light up a cigarette and wait impatiently,
      till I decided there was something better to do,
      than to break your silly, pretty boys hearts.

      They'd glare at me, between pouts and poses,
      I'd just grin and make obscene gestures
      about the sex we'd had before they arrived.
      Their faces ruined the portraits,
      it's snide of me, I know.
      But I just hate the way they sneer
      and snivel around you.
      Oh well, their sorrow is my delight.

      Which, oddly enough, happens to be their want for you,
      and my having of you.
      Oddly enough, you never caught on,
      but I always seduced you before they came to your stool,
      so they'd pick up the scent of sex on you,
      and go that delightful shade of green.

      The obscene gestures, I mentioned earlier,
      they were flattering to you,
      all about how sexy you are,
      how much fun you are to fuck,
      you know, the usual boy thing,
      'cept you know I'm not like that really.
      I hope.

      Not that it matters these days,
      you don't even look at me anymore.
      Stranger is as stranger does,
      getting more estranged by the minute.

      Oh, and I know you were fucking
      at least one of those kids you painted.

      -A. Stranger.

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      Basically they are the Encyclopaedia Metallum Submission Guidelines Here.

      We accept the following non-metal bands in certain cases (these exceptions can be ambiguous and debatable - scroll down for details):

      * Side-projects of metal band members (ex: Pain, Wongraven, Die Verbannten Kinder Eva's)
      Note that side-projects will only be eligible if they have at least one release on a label with worldwide distribution (to avoid a flood of bedroom/MySpace bands).
      * Bands that are no longer metal, but are/were still generally recognized as metal bands (ex: Burzum, Metallica)
      * Grindcore if it's close enough to death metal (ex: Carcass, Napalm Death)

      We do NOT accept the following (this is our decision, please don't argue this):

      * Mallcore, also known as "nu-metal" by some (ex: Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, Drowning Pool, Slipknot)
      * Metalcore, unless it's clearly more metal than core (e.g Shadows Fall, The Red Chord, Mastodon are OK: Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, Bullet For My Valentine are NOT). If you are uncertain, best avoid metalcore bands altogether.
      * Glam rock (ex: Poison, Whitesnake, KISS)
      * Classic rock (ex: Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep)
      * Progressive rock (ex: Yes, King Crimson, The Flower Kings, Spock's Beard)
      * Hard rock (ex: Guns 'N Roses, AC/DC, Alice Cooper)
      * Hardcore (ex: Earth Crisis, Converge)
      * Grindcore (and all its variants; noise, crust, etc) with little to zero metal influence (ex: Anal Cunt, Libido Airbag)
      * Punk (ex: The Misfits, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols)
      * Gothic rock (ex: Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, Fields of Nephilim)
      * Industrial (ex: Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, KMFDM, N17)
      * Cover/tribute/gimmick bands (ex: The Iron Maidens, Catch the Rainbow), unless they start as such and eventually write their own music

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    • Father And Son

      10 years ago


      "When're you coming home dad?"
      "I'll see you at the weekend."

      It's the weekend now.
      It's 14:31 on Saturday,
      when're you coming home?

      I know I haven't been the best of kids,
      but, like, you know, there was never the feeling

      I wouldn't see you, that you wouldn't be... Coming home.

      Sure, you never did all that often,
      sure it wasn't easy when you did...
      But now, I only get to see you once a week,
      for the entirety of 2 hours.

      Last time we cleaned your bike,
      something we'd have never done before,
      something we did...

      You know, like a proper father
      and a proper son.

      Now I'm sitting at my laptop,
      crying my eyes out, at nearly 28,
      cause I miss my daddy.

      I'm the only one in the house,
      I'm alone.

      When're you coming home dad?
      Where've you been, dad?
      Why do I miss you now, daddy?

      You know, when I was little,
      like, really little,
      you were everything,
      even my first words.

      Now look at me,
      your son,
      sat here,
      dream theater,
      volume high,
      still can't drown these cries out.

      Crying like a child,
      at nearly 28 years old,
      cause you left us.

      At first, I thought it would be better, you know?
      Better than it was, like there'd be no more fighting...

      But all it's proven is, you ARE my father,
      that you CAN be everything a father should have been,
      and I can be nothing like a son should.

      I'm sorry daddy, just come home.

      I don't even know why you're gone.

      My parents separated about 2 months ago.

      I miss my dad,
      and yeah, I cried.

    • Heart-Boats.

      10 years ago


      Give me a song, worth singing from the heights of a clifftop,
      over to calm the raging seas,
      a pinnacle point, to quash the rage of the oceans.
      Come to my side, in the pouring rain and howling wind.
      Let the squall lash your dark hair across your pale face,
      turn your seagreen eyes unto mine night sky blue's.

      Here layeth the raging storms of torrential emotion,
      which poured forth from a broken, bruiséd and shattered heart.
      Here you sung to the storms, though they railed against you,
      your steady, confident gentleness soothed the wrath away.

      Now together, within my walls we sit and confide in each other,
      share long passed secrets and long lost stories.
      Between the walls, you and I, we grew to love, in secret,
      though quiet, our love grew warmer day to day.
      Turning to replace the storms of fear, to storms of passion.

      And the vessels of our hearts deftly skim the waves of our love,
      no serpents from the deep snap at the keels anymore,
      as together we conquered them.

      On days of calm we sit among the shingle beaches,
      to watch the warming sunset on our heart-boats.
      Your hand in mine, like crossed oars, a fishing-village marriage,
      no one can help but smile at us, even the wizened old skippers,
      they say our love is a beacon brighter than the lighthouse.

      I heard folk tales of you and I,
      from the days when I used to read to the seas,
      to calm them for the fishermen.
      They said the seas listened to me,
      the fabled merfolk too.

      A long time passed since you were a dancer,
      on the breakers my love,
      you were taken by the sea with a wrong step,
      but the sea gave you back,
      gave you to me.

      You heard me reading, they say,
      and remembered who you are,
      and remembered your heart,
      and remembered you love.

      As we sit here now, the clifftop, our pinnacle adored,
      I smile to you and silently thank the seas,
      for bringing you back to me.

      A seafaring poetry.

    • Links of Poems

      10 years ago


      Soaked linen on pale skin. - Added 11.11.08
      Eulogy. - Added 11.06.08
      Malady melodies. - Added 10/27/08.
      Father And Son. - Added 10/20/08.
      Heart-Boats. - Added 10/19/08.
      An Immortal's Love Pledge. - Added 10/17/08.
      Windows. - Added 10/14/08.
      Never Change. - Added 10/13/08.

      This will change Periodically every time I enter a new poem.

    • An Immortal's Love Pledge

      10 years ago


      And may it be, when you wake,
      from dreams and celestian sanctuary,
      you wake next time beside me.

      In the eve of a long day's end,
      to find me here, just smile.
      The shadows take form and release unto your arms.

      When you Wander from land to land,
      on your long and lonesome road,
      when you're far, so far from home.
      May it be that you'll never walk alone,
      immortality succumbs to you,
      when we fell in love.

      And when you lay your head down,
      to sleep in strangers halls,
      or the unforgiving wilds.
      Though your body may ache when you arise,
      your eyes close half at the morn' sun,
      you will have slept soundly,
      safe with an immortal watcher,
      for to gaurd you, wherever you bed.

      Fear not the perils of mountains,
      nor the depths of caverns.
      Rock, ice and snow are my friends,
      they know you by footfall,
      as I know you by heart.

      Fear not what dwells in the darkness,
      to rip and devour,
      for wherever you step,
      my light will fall upon you,
      illuminating your life,
      shining for only your smile.

      When strangers you meet,
      always you'll find the words you need,
      just close your eyes and I'll pour
      mine eloquence upon your lips.

      May it be, that you'll never walk alone,
      let the light of my heart surround you,
      feel my hand in yours, even when I'm not there.

      Close your eyes, when you're all alone,
      unto the darkness, I give thee, my love.

      Remember, I am always, forever, constant.
      I am, for you.

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    • Astraldour

      10 years ago

      aye I have

    • SDMF

      10 years ago

      Did you read the news about Miika Tenkula?

    • fluckface

      10 years ago

      i know if you play guitar you trust your ears more than a tuner (or at least i do) but those who are just starting out might go strait for this and skip over tuning by ear ya know

    • caboose1836

      10 years ago

      Oh ok, that's even better!!!!!! :)

    • brittanny

      10 years ago

      All right, good to know.

    • brittanny

      10 years ago

      Ohh, ok, that makes sense to me. I should give it a shot.

    • brittanny

      10 years ago

      All right, it's starting to make a bit more sense to me ... what's the different between bittorrent and file sharing, though? smiley2.gif I feel so dumb ... I'm usually on top of this kind of stuff.

    • brittanny

      10 years ago

      I hope so, lol. What's Vuse?

    • brittanny

      10 years ago

      Limewire has served me well in the past, and I just get confused with bit torrent. =\ Is it supposed to be confusing, or am I just a computer idiot?

    • brittanny

      10 years ago

      Haha, I've heard great things about Ziltoid. All right, I'd better open LimeWire.

    • brittanny

      10 years ago

      No, I haven't, unfortunately. =\ Any song recommendations?

    • RedJesper

      10 years ago

      I've beaten VIKING many times. Awesome game.

    • Josky

      10 years ago

      Thank you for the welcome.

      Thing is, I've known about this site for a few weeks, but I joined recently. But I think I know enough about it. But I'll still get some questions, so I'll talk to you. Thanks.


    • blank_mind

      10 years ago

      Honestly, I haven't seen Sin City yet, but this piece is sort of a modern western. So if that's what Sin City is, then yeah. :)

    • r0xx0rz

      10 years ago

      I really like Excommunication of Christ, mostly because of the amazing Angelwhore, but I think it's a solid and excellent album too.

      Have you heard Jaldaboath's solo album? My friend has it and says it's incredible but I haven't been able to find it :(

    • r0xx0rz

      10 years ago

      Fuck yeah, Meads of Asphodel.

      It's nice to find someone on here who appreciates their awesomeness

    • boesthius

      10 years ago

      A bunch of stuff my good sir, lately I've been on a huge doom and ambient BM spree - a lot of Swallow the Sun, Zuriaake, Agalloch and My Dying Bride.

      I listen to a shitload of music though; it's mostly metal but what my Music section describes is pretty accurate - a lot of metal with some hipster shit wound together, haha.

    • SIKFUK921

      10 years ago

      Yo, I got my computer back so I'm going to be using windows live messager. Add me using that.

    • Ghost2401

      10 years ago

      why are you flipping me off, jk, nice car wreck man

    • DissYraiN

      10 years ago

      oh noes! I must always have the biggest drum set on the interwebz!!

      actually, I have about 10 cymbals and 3 drums more than what are up in that photo, but i don't have enough hardware to mount it all.

    • redskittles8

      10 years ago

      I am slowly getting into the old series.

    • blank_mind

      10 years ago

      So I take it their insurance will pay for it or something?

    • Free2KillYou

      10 years ago


    • Ghost2401

      10 years ago

      just wondering, what is it that makes you want to be my friend, if I might ask?

    • ZZoMBiE13

      10 years ago

      Thank you. smiley0.gif

    • blank_mind

      10 years ago

      That's cool.

      By the time I decided to preorder it, they'd run out of limited edition copies to promise.

    • blank_mind

      10 years ago

      I preordered it to get the Pub Games. I can't wait another 18 days for it!

      The Games are amusing, but not worth purchasing on their own. Figured that I was going to get it, though, so I may as well secure it early.


      Post edited 10/02/08 6:28PM

    • blank_mind

      10 years ago

      Yeah, yesterday it was my guitar. But I just bought Fable (the old one), so I'm playing it a bit tonight.

    • blank_mind

      10 years ago

      I'm good.

      I'm using video games as a distraction from the work I need to be doing for tomorrow.


    • Lustmord

      10 years ago

      Aphex Twin, Napalm Death, etc

      good music

    • blank_mind

      10 years ago

      You know, it goes a bit against my code to accept a friend request out of the blue, but I looked at some of the stuff on this profile and decided that you and I would probably get along.

      So, hey man, how's it going?

      My name's Eric. Nice to meet you.

    • SIKFUK921

      10 years ago

      Alright, I added you as a contact on yahoo.

    • jedipoet

      10 years ago

      thank you sir.

    • mjolnir_rock

      10 years ago

      Ah, a man from Estonia, how do you mate?

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