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    • 久しぶり皆!

      2 years ago

      AtsugiriMax マックス 맥스

      So....its been a while since I last made a post....These past 3 months have been so so hectic!

      I got a Part Time Job at SkyCity! 

      SkyCity is probably the biggest company in New Zealand, so I have no idea how I managed to get in hahaha xD 

      So now on top of consistently studying Japanese in what little spare time I've had, I've also been juggling a new job >.<

      Also, my Girlfriend finally came to New Zealand for 11 Days! Finally after 7 months I was able to see her and spend time with her :) We mostly spoke English but I was also able to converse in her Native Language for maybe...8 sentences in a row? So that was really awesome!

      Because of her visit I am now revived and ready to tackle this Semesters Assignments, hopefully I'll only have 1 more year left of this Bachelors Degree!

      After this semester I will probably stay in Auckland and continue to work at SkyCity, try to generate some income!

      I'm seriously considering doing another degree after this one as well. Probably in Japanese, so that I can have a qualification reflecting my level of Fluency and possibly helping to score a job in Japan. I figure that since I'm still (kinda) young I should get all of my education out of the way as soon as possible XD

      That said, next year will be the year that I will put together a portfolio, website and maybe start to carve out my own space on the Internet. After this I am aiming to apply for a job at Rooster Teeth and (finger crossed) manage to be hired first time. If not, I will take the extra Degree and further my education hahaha and hopefully get a job soon after :)

    • New Words!!!

      3 years ago

      AtsugiriMax マックス 맥스

      It's been a while since I last posted an update on studying Japanese, which I apologize for >.< Uni crunch time is mental haha However now that I've finished my First Semesters studies I will be able to post a little more frequently (Hopefully) :D

      The words that I post will just be the ones I am learning at that particular time, not necessarily covering the very basics.

      For example, how I introduce myself - "My name is Max" "Watashi no namae wa Max desu" (私のなまえはマックスです”) - Because that is already something I have learnt. So I will try to add in basic words that I already know, but I can't promise anything xD

      The next words are:

      Kokusaikankei (国際関係) - International Relations (Crazy looking word huh?)

      Jinruigaku (人類学) - Anthropology

      Keizai (経済) - Economics

      Watashi, Boku, Orewa (私、僕、俺わ) - I (Watashi is the normal one to use, Boku is the way a little boy would introduce himself, Orewa is the normal guy way of addressing himself however this is usually used when he's talking to his friends)

      Inu (犬) - Dog

      Apato (アパート) - Apartment (the ー means to hold the sound for longer so its more like apaato)

      Gogo (午後) - PM (Used for telling someone the time)

      Ichiji - 1 o'clock (adding on 'Han' makes the time half past, for example 1.30 is Ichijihan)

      Niji - 2 o'clock

      Sanji - 3 o'clock

      Yoji - 4 o'clock

      Goji - 5 o'clock

      Rokuji - 6 o'clock

      Shichiji - 7 o'clock

      Hachiji - 8 o'clock

      Kuji - 9 o'clock

      Juuji - 10 o'clock

      Juujiichi - 11 o'clock

      Juujiniji - 12 o'clock

      Au (会う) - Meet, To meet

      I think that's probably enough for now! :D

      Feel free to message me if you have any questions :)

    • Learning a new language!

      3 years ago

      AtsugiriMax マックス 맥스

      Over the last year I met an amazing person who soon become my partner. She is quite honestly the best thing in my life right now :D She is Japanese but is also fluent in English and Korean (Amazing right?!)

      So as a result I have decided not to be left behind and have begun to study her native language, Japanese. This is by far one of the most challenging tasks I have ever taken on however I refuse to give up!

      My goal is to be pretty much fluent by the end of this year, crazy huh?

      This means I will have to squeeze in some self study into my degree study...As such I have decided to set aside either 1 hour to study or learn a few words a day :D Luckily I have already learnt one of their 3 alphabets so that shouldn't be too difficult :D

      Below I have broken up the words into Kanji, followed by Hiragana, then Romaji and after that English :D Also feel free to study along with me!

      Todays words are:

      - 秋 (あき, Aki) Autumn

      - 猫 (ねこ, Neko) Cat

      - 帽子 (ぼうし, Boushi) Hat,Cap

      - 時計 (とけい, Tokei) Watch, Clock, Timepiece

      - 喫茶店 (きっさてん, Kissaten) Coffee Shop, Tearoom, Coffee Lounge, Coffehouse, Cafe

      -新聞 (しんぶん, Shinbun) Newspaper

      -鉛筆 (えんぴつ, Enpitsu) Pencil

      -財布 (さいふ, Saifu) Purse, Handbag, Wallet

      Gotta Start strong! ;)

    • First year of University

      3 years ago

      AtsugiriMax マックス 맥스

      So now its getting close to the end of my first semesters studies as a second year student at AUT and I find myself thinking a lot about last year.

      Last year was the beginning of my study toward a degree that I was sure would send me in the right direction. Initially I had planned to become an animator, however as my studies progressed I became much more interested in VFX. Now that isn't to say that I dislike animation, because I actually like it a lot. Its just that animation itself is a very long and convoluted process and I realised that while I still enjoyed it, it wasn't something that I want to put all my effort in at this point in my life. Honestly if I could I would focus on all 3 pathways (VFX, Animation and Gaming). As they are all great and, not trying to brag, but I find that I am able to excel in all areas.

      Although I am now heading toward a different goal than initially planned. I am excited to see what the coming years will bring.

    • 3 years ago

      AtsugiriMax マックス 맥스
    • 3 years ago

      AtsugiriMax マックス 맥스
    • New Monty Oum Theme

      4 years ago

      AtsugiriMax マックス 맥스

      Came up with a new Monty Oum theme for the /r/roosterteeth subreddit

    • 4 years ago

      AtsugiriMax マックス 맥스
    • 4 years ago

      AtsugiriMax マックス 맥스
    • RIP Monty

      4 years ago

      AtsugiriMax マックス 맥스

      Monty passed away yesterday afternoon at 4:34 PM surrounded by people who loved him very much. Though I never had the chance to meet Monty in person I can see that he was very unique, the kind of person who changes lives not only through his work but also his personality. Monty will continue to live on through his friends, family, work and the Rooster Teeth Community as a whole.

      Rest in peace Monty.

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