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    • Let's Plays and Memory Loss

      6 years ago



      So last night, in an effort to be productive, I recorded two Let's Plays in a row. I'm listening to the audio now. With the first LP, I remembered recording most of it and had the usual couple of lines that I'd forgotten I'd said but thought were pretty funny. I'm listening to the second LP, and... my memory of recording any of this is not even there. It hasn't even been 24 hours. And, judging by the audio, I was pretty out of it by the second LP. I guess this is why you're not supposed to record two in a row. By the time I was done playing games--because, of course, I went on to Achievement Hunt in Tomb Raider and racked up a grand total of 7 new achievements--I was completely zoned out, to the point where, when my fiance came home from work, he wanted to know what was wrong. Woohoo, playing video games for hours on end!

    • Tomb Raider

      6 years ago



      I just finished the campaign for Tomb Raider (2013), and I plan to do a full-fledged video review on my Youtube channel soon. (I've yet to really get into post-game stuff and haven't touched multiplayer yet.) But in the mean time, here are some quick thoughts:

      -Guys with bombs: Assholes. Finally getting the grenade launcher was so satisfying.
      -Combat: Potentially incredibly frustrating. The assholes with the bombs don't help. Gear and skill upgrades are a huge help, though.
      -Survival/tombs/collectibles: My favorite part of the game. I only wish that there was more opportunity for it during the campaign, but it is nice that you can just search the island on a "peaceful" sort of mode post-campaign to do this.
      -Achievements: Alright, but a lot of them are collectibles and such. That said, I did get a decent amount of gamer score from it.
      -Character development: Good with Lara, otherwise characters just seem likable/unlikable with some back story. The most interesting aspect was watching the gameplay develop as Lara's role as a survivor develops.
      -Graphics: Really pretty.

      So, like I said, these are just a couple of thoughts for the moment before I play it a bit more and get up a video review for it. Then on to Bioshock Infinite!

    • Roosters Don't Have Teeth?

      6 years ago



      New fun game I've been playing: When I mention Rooster Teeth and people give me a blank look, I can ask if they know Achievement Hunter or Red vs. Blue, and they always know one or the other. Unless they don't own a computer/don't use the internet. But honestly, everyone who does that is over the age of 60, aren't they? smiley1.gif

      (Picture designed by dhaken666. You should buy her magnets here: . There is a greater selection than those featured above. I already have mine, and they're awesome!)

    • Projects, Projects, Projects

      6 years ago



      So because I was in NYC this past weekend, it was impossible to get a new Flash Game Fails up on my Youtube channel. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, feel free to check it out here: You back? Good.) But, luckily, I was productive. I have several projects going at once, which means that nothing is getting done at the speed of light, but I feel like taking my time right now might be a good idea.

      One exciting new thing I've got going on is that I plan on picking up a capture card this week. It won't be the most expensive thing in the world, but it will open a whole new world of Let's Plays to me, as well as some new installments in series I've already started working on, like Old School Games (I've got a Sega Genesis pack, Mortal Kombat, a whole range of options there). Now I can start anything from Left 4 Dead 2, Skyrim, and Fallout 3 to GTA IV, Bioshock Infinite, and Tomb Raider. (Those last two I don't own yet, but I'm looking at maybe picking them up this week.)

      This, of course, is not even taking into account the projects I'm currently working on:
      -Pursuit (a novel): Editing for Draft 3
      -Machinima Mini-series: Casting, Character Design, & Episode 1 Script Complete, Currently Working on Episode 2
      -Short Film Project: Joined at

      Also trying to sort out moving halfway across the country for grad school and plan a wedding. But whatevs. NBD. I do well with busy.

    • Your Current Writing Project

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      I figure there are probably a fair few creative people on this website, and some of y'all must be writers. So post it here: What's your work in progress? Creative nonfiction, novel, short story, poetry collection, script, whatever! Share what you're working on and how it's going.

      As for me, I'm currently editing a novel. It's a dystopian born out of the idea of the fall of education in the US. I have 63,000 words, so at least some of the editing will include adding some scenes in there that make sense with the flow and whatnot. So how about you?

      P.S. I genuinely apologize if this thread already exists. I couldn't find one like it anywhere.

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    • Flash Game Fails: Tennis in the Face

      6 years ago



      Please check out my new video here:

      Next week (if all goes well), I should be putting 2-3 more up. The first one will be an achievement guide for Plants vs. Zombies, and the second will be a let's play of how to not play The Oregon Trail. If travelling next weekend allows for it, I may also have another Flash Game Fails up at the end of the week.

      Thanks for any views, comments, and subscriptions, and have an awesome weekend!

    • My Next Adventure

      6 years ago


      This summer is going to be different from any other I've had before. Generally my summers have consisted of sitting around and writing while trying desperately to find a job, whether it's part-time or full. But this summer two new things are going to be added to the mix:

      1. RTX 2013, baby! I'm sure I don't have to gush on this website to get across how excited I am to be going to this, but I might a little anyway. I have never been off the East Coast before, and to not only get to road trip to an awesome city like Austin (which is on my "Cities I'd Love to Live in Some Day" list) but also to meet the people at Rooster Teeth and get a full-fledged con experience? The awesomeness is in spades with this alone.

      2. I'm also moving off the East Coast! Don't get me wrong, I love the East Coast, I really do. But I'm so freakin' excited to be moving into a place of our own with my fiance that it's not even funny. We're both planning on starting our writing MFAs down in Arkansas in the fall, and once we get all the financial stuff squared away, we'll be applying for a sweet apartment down there. We've already (as I mentioned in my last journal) started getting rid of crap in anticipation of this, and figuring out moving truck prices, what furniture we'll need to get, etc. We're getting our own cats and everything! (Depending, of course, on the landlord's approval of pets.)

      In conclusion:



    • Spring Cleaning

      6 years ago


      So I'm not actually cleaning because it's spring. I'm cleaning because, this summer, I'm moving into a new place with my fiance. We're still figuring out all the details, but if all goes according to plan we'll be starting our writing MFAs in Arkansas in the fall semester. Of course, I have entirely more crap than a person has any business owning. I started clearing out one room about a week ago, and today I ripped into my bedroom. I'm not quite done with the bedroom yet, and everything'll have to be properly packed and such later, but currently the awesome things that I didn't remember having/couldn't find for months include:

      -my Plants vs. Zombies disk
      -6 packs of gum
      -1 brand new mouthwash
      -5 razor heads
      -my Ipod
      -2 packages of socks

      Not a bad haul for a day's work. Between the first room and the bedroom, I've cleared out the following with stuff for either trash or donation:

      -3 totes
      -3 boxes
      -1 storage bag

      Altogether, I have three bags for donation and four bags for garbage and, like I said, I'm not even done yet. Yay, lighter travels! smiley0.gif

    • 7 Grand Steps

      6 years ago



      If you're looking for a game to play (and especially if you don't have a ton of money for it), you should check out the preview I did for a game called 7 Grand Steps. Views, comments, and subscriptions are always appreciated. smiley0.gif

    • Flash Game Fails: Flippin Ninja

      6 years ago



      My second Flash Game Fails, Flippin Ninja, is up and available to view!

      Watch me flop around a lot as a red square ninja and try to free birds from cages by finding shiny things. (Spoiler alert: There's lots of falling.) Enjoy, and as always, views, comments, and subscriptions are appreciated. Thanks guys! smiley0.gif

      Rooster Teeth-isms that I had to actively avoid:
      -Tease it.
      -Front flip for style.

      Rooster Teeth reference that slipped out anyway:
      -Found a shiny floating key. Announced as much in a very Caboose-like voice.

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