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    • Let's Play Ideas

      6 years ago



      I've been working on a bunch of projects lately--writing a novel and a short story, some machinima work, stuff like that. I'd love to get some Let's Plays done as well. Unluckily for me, I don't have a ton of money to buy new games. Luckily for me, between my fiance's video game collection and my own, I still have a fair number to choose from. I do plan to buy both Plants vs. Zombies 2 and Remember Me this year and hope I can do some Let's Plays with them once I've played through them for a bit. I also own (directly or by proxy):

      Fallout 3/New Vegas
      Assassin's Creed 2
      Plants vs. Zombies
      Alan Wake
      Left for Dead 2
      (likely on an Emulator)
      Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble
      Arkham Asylum
      DC Universe Online

      From Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (only some out of 40+):
      Comix Zone
      Ecco the Dolphin/Ecco: The Tides of Time
      Golden Axe I-III/Golden Axe Warrior
      Kid Chameleon
      Phantasy Star I-IV
      Sonic & Knuckles/Sonic 1-3/Sonic 3D/Sonic Spinball
      Streets of Rage 1-3
      Vectorman 1-2

      Any suggestions/preferences/recommendations?

    • Unavailable Number

      6 years ago


      So I've been waiting lately for a couple of very important calls (from schools, but especially from a job I applied for), and for whatever reason I've been getting early morning calls from a number marked only as "UNAVAILABLE." It's only when I'm asleep and I don't hear the phone go off. I keep trying to calm myself by saying that it's a telemarketer. After all, no one is leaving me any messages or following up via email. But what if it isn't? What if it's one of those important calls I'm waiting on? I tried *57, *69, *everything, and nothing gives me the number. So, for right now, this is me:


    • My Oscars Bit

      6 years ago


      I am so happy that Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar, especially for Silver Linings Playbook, which was my favorite movie of 2012. But if I have to see another picture, news article, or gif of her tripping I'm going to scream.

      She's 22 years old and has already received a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical and an Oscar for Best Actress. It's quite the accomplishment, and I think that this deserves significantly more credit than whether or not she tripped on her long dress on the way up the stairs.

      In conclusion,


    • Remember Me

      6 years ago



      Reading over some game previews today, I came across one that particularly piqued my interest: Remember Me, which comes out this May. The premise struck me as stand-out: a dystopian world where memories can be manipulated like mere pieces of data. You have to get through the game by hacking others' memories and changing the details of them so that you can eventually rediscover your own past.

      And, especially since I've been thinking about the role of women in the gaming industry and games lately, I think it'll be an opportunity to see how a female lead does or doesn't influence the story based on gender, as well as does or doesn't hurt sales.

      But mostly I think it's an interesting premise to a game that I'd have fun playing.

    • Letter from the Editor

      6 years ago



      I was recently reading over the Letter from the Editor in the December 2012 issue of Official Xbox Magazine and thought it might be fun to post some excerpts here for the RT community. I am not claiming that I own or wrote the following text. All credit for the following text to Francesca Reyes and Official Xbox Magazine:

      “When looking over the games that’ve released since the first Halo launched 11 years ago, I’ve noticed a subtle evolution: relatable characters. It’s partly due to advances in technology (audio, animation, motion-capture, etc.) but also stems from how we costume storytelling in games. Our videogame heroes talk and change more throughout their journeys than ever before.”

      “We see character evolution all the time in other serial mediums like TV shows, comic books, and novels. When done well, like in the case of Breaking Bad’s Walter White or, say, the characters in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter-verse, it can be like unraveling the mystery of how someone came to be who they are. So, it makes sense that game storylines would follow suit.”

      “With gaming growing every year, a diverse roster of relatable characters is a fantastic thing. The more complex our heroes become, the more invested we become in their fates and the worlds they inhabit—and the more games will evolve to keep pace with them.”

      The Official Xbox Magazine's website:
      Where you can purchase this issue to read the Letter from the Editor in full:

    • My First Attempt at Machinima

      6 years ago



      I spent my day off yesterday teaching myself machinima. I thought that I might not be able to do it because of some expensive editing program or something like that, but I already had The Sims 3 installed, and apparently have Windows Movie Maker. This combined with the power of the internet helped me play around and get a first (albeit very short) piece of machinima. The concept was simple and the editing is still a little rough, but not bad for my first go. My next endeavors are going to be learning how to best do voice-over audio (this short only had music), followed by teaching myself how to film walkthroughs and achievement videos for games without a theater mode like Plants vs. Zombies. All in all, a nice start.

    • Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection

      6 years ago



      On account of nostalgia, I picked up the Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection for the 360 the other day. I thought it might be fun to play through Sonic 2 for old time's sake. It's like riding a bike, right?


      I played through this game so many times as a kid that I had the thing memorized, but I've since forgotten where little robot creatures are hiding or where to slow down because lava or water is coming up. It's hard to believe that I had such an easy time with it as a kid, but the more I play it, the more it starts to come back to me.

      Plus, I've gotten the chance to play some other Sega games that I'd never heard of before, like Phantasy Star and Streets of Rage. There's so much variety that it's easy to bounce around and not get too frustrated by one thing or another. Definitely worth the investment for less than 50 cents per game.

    • Wine Fairy

      6 years ago


      There's a bottle of red wine in my house that no one knows the origins of.

      My conclusion is, naturally, that the wine fairy's been around.

    • RTX 2013

      6 years ago


      Well, after years of wishing that I could go to a convention and cursing the fact that I didn't have the means to do it and the timing has just never been right, I'm going to Austin of all places (a big deal for someone who's never been off the east coast) for RTX. Excited doesn't exactly cover it. What's more, my friends and I are making it a college reunion of sorts, and may even be roadtripping it down there together. In conclusion,


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