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    • What Should I Do? (This ain't rhetorical, people.)

      3 years ago



      Thanks to you lovely, lovely people who have already subscribed to my new channel!

      As per the survey I posted a good while back, I have some video ideas. They relate to:

      -How-to writing videos (ex: revision)

      -Captain America: Civil War

      -Game of Thrones


      -Tomb Raider (2013)/Rise of the Tomb Raider


      -Everybody Loves Raymond

      -That 70s Show (IF I can figure out a good sub-topic re: writing)

      -Readings of my poetry/fiction/creative nonfiction

      -Q + As

      SO what do I need from you?

      -Do you have any shows/topics/types of videos/etc. you want me to cover not already on the list?

      -Do you have any particular things you want me to touch on from the list of topics above? (Ex: A particular character in Game of Thrones; a particular relationship in Tomb Raider; etc.)

      -Do you have any questions (writing or writing life related, if you can, but don't feel super pressured to limit yourself) for me to use in a video?

      Other than that, continuing to subscribe is really encouraging! I'm getting to work on recording very, very, very soon, and starting to post non-cat (and probably some more cat) videos soon after that. Now I'm off to get some words in on my fibromyalgia memoir. Because I've decided it's a good idea to work on a million writing projects at one time and just bounce between them as I please. Summer = no rules!


      This journal got deleted without my wanting it to, so I'm re-posting.


      I'll also include the comments from the previous journal so I don't lose them.

      @Cinomari: Maybe if you can talk about how you plot out your writing? I'm a little obsessed with your twitter right now, but I'd love to hear more about whether you're in the "plan everything" camp or the "plan nothing" one.

      @FLYbarger: I don't think you talk nearly enough on iZombie... I'd love to see your thoughts on it... PersonallyI love it, mostly because it is very loosely based on a comic book and that comic book is produced by Vertigo. DC's darker/supernatural/magic based production company.

    • New Youtube Channel for My Writer-Type Things

      3 years ago


      It's here.


      Posted a couple of silly cat videos to Youtube. Hoping the ads will bring us a little revenue. I mean, Internet + Cats = Profit, right? :P

      But in all seriousness, gonna be posting some videos soon with me reading my poems/fiction/nonfiction, as well as some pop culture/gender/etc. commentary from a writer's perspective. So feel free to subscribe to this maybe? Kthxbye.

      Also, if you have stuff you want me to talk about, be it a new video game or how to keep track of lit mag submissions, let me know! <3

    • I Got Interviewed

      3 years ago


      You can read it here.


      Might've mentioned that I like you guys or something. ;)

    • Help Me Make Stuff You'll Like Or Whatever

      3 years ago


      Click here.

      And then share.

      'Cause you're awesome like that. ;)

    • Let's Talk (Or Rant. Whatever.)

      3 years ago


      "I honestly a member of this community...I am not cared for...So, that's that. The ONLY reason I have a sponsorship now, is because someone gifted it to me...but why do I want to pay for something, when I don't feel cared about?

      This site has gone down. I see very minimal traffic, I see people leaving, I see people trying to make it work...Myself, Raf, Audrey...but we cannot do this on our own...But, what can we do? Just keep trying and keep hoping our home will be what it once was..."

      Okay. I need to say some things. You are, of course, free to ignore them. Generally I try to be as positive as possible, particularly in terms of this community. But good hot damn, I need to say some things.

      Thing the first: I'm really sad that there are a lot of community members (myself included) who feel like we need to reach out to each other on other venues to connect anymore. The website should be the place where we all are, but it's so freakin' difficult to interact on here, or if it isn't difficult there are so few people on here that even posting in groups or stuff doesn't help us interact.

      Thing the second: It also really upsets me that community members feel like the company doesn't prioritize the community as much as it should. And I'm taking into account assessments like @Xcalante's up above. There are people on this site who really, really love being a part of this community and helping us connect. I had the honor of working with such people in a Twitch charity stream last weekend. I've had the honor of being on RTX panels with such people. It bothers me when community members feel unheard, ignored, or neglected.

      Thing the third: I also am really super not a fan of people being asshats, on here or to the community elsewhere.

      3.1: I saw people who commented on Barbara's journal about the release delay whatever who were being reasonable but who weren't saying 110% positive things and they got dozens of neg mods. Some of these commenters are people I know to be active and involved in the community, but they were given shit for not agreeing with popular opinion. (Yes, I know it's meaningless internet points. That's missing the heart of what I'm talking about here.) That's what led to this journal.

      3.2: I am also really super not a fan of people telling others how to feel. We all, I'm sure, know about the open letter by now. I agree that this is not a time to divide as a community. HOWEVER I also believe that telling people they shouldn't or aren't allowed to feel a certain way is bullshit. If people are sad or angry or don't care or whatever, THAT IS VALID. Telling them they're not allowed is many shades of uncool. It is upsetting. And you know what? We've gotten through upsetting things before by communicating with one another. You know how we do that? Online. If you don't agree with someone, be civil. It's worth noting that YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO REPLY TO ANY OR EVERY PERSON WHO BRINGS IT UP. But allow people to work through reading this letter as is best for them. Don't feel like you have to come in and tell them how their reaction should be going down.

      Now, even as I say all this: I love this community. I wouldn't be bothered taking my time to type all of this up if I didn't.

      (Seriously. I've got Sims to play and coffee to brew.)

      (Also, I wrote an entire essay on my love for this community in early 2015 and am getting the thing published soonish. I take my RT community seriously.)

      I love you guys, and I think all of you deserve the best. So no matter how that open letter made you feel, no matter your feelings on this site or the company's attitude toward/treatment of its community, know that the community is always here for you. We're a built-in support system. We're friends beyond anything that happens outside of that friendship. And when this community comes together, we make wonderful, beautiful, warm & fuzzy things happen.

      Just remember that for me, okay? <3

    • This Could Be Fun...?

      3 years ago



      Aaaand go! :)

    • Why I Love This Community

      3 years ago


      It's the people who help me plan crazy things.

      It's the people who stream for my crazy plans.

      It's the people who come and support us.

      It's the people who donate to good causes.

      It's the people who help us spread word.

      It's the people who inspire me to be creative.

      It's the people who inspire me to do good in the world.

      It's the people who make me proud to share a community with them.

      It's the people.


      3 years ago


      Let @Raf's dulcet tones wake y'all up at 9 am CT on this beautiful Saturday! (That's 10 am Eastern/7 am Pacific/3 pm BST.) We're raising money for the National Fibromyalgia Association, but we're also raising awareness of fibromyalgia. So it's totally cool if you can't donate but just want to come hang out with some awesome, awesome people! We'll be streaming for a whole 24 hours, so pop in whenever you can for as long as you can, and help us spread the word! <3

      (Now I'm off to brew all of the coffee I possibly can.)


      Stretch goal reminder:

      -$100: Raf's surprise stretch goal
      -$125: Derek will play Truth or Dare on stream
      -$150: Audrey does Fuck/Marry/Kill in the Twitch chat with fictional characters
      -$200: Andres paints his nails purple
      -$250: Group read of My Immortal on stream

      And there may be a surprise stretch goal or two in there... Guess you'll have to show up to find out, huh? ;)

    • No matter what...

      3 years ago

      Audrey matter if we're interacting on here or Skype or SnapChat or Twitch or Twitter or whatever, you're my community and I love you guys.


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