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    • Achievement Unlocked: You are trapped! Ch. 1

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      This story is rated M for Mature. Viewer discretion is advised.
      V/G - Violence/Gore
      SL - Strong Language


      It was a seemingly quiet and peaceful Saturday morning, a small town that was surrounded by a mountainous area sat in silence as most of the residents in town were enjoying their day off from work. However, in a three story log cabin that was settled on a hill that overlooked the small town, the sounds of shouting and yelling followed by several curses could be heard from inside the cabin very clearly.

      On the third floor of the cabin was a seventeen year old girl shouting at the t.v. sitting on a large diamond willow dresser. She growled into the headset she was wearing before tossing the xbox controller aside in frustration, getting up from her bed and pacing back and forth.

      "Why do I bother playing this game if I keep fucking dying every five seconds!" she shouted, stomping her foot on the black carpet floor.

      "Calm down Frost." said a male voice from the headset. "Playing Halo Reach on legendary is very difficult so you need to have patience."

      Amy only rolled her eyes. "Thank you for the uplifting speech, Nick." she replied, staring at the t.v. with hatred. "Well I'm going to play something else. Any suggestions?" she asked as she removed the game from the xbox and began searching for a new game among the many other games she had in her closet.

      "Uh....not really. I got nothing." he said.

      "Not very helpful..." she muttered as she continued looking through her xbox games.

      There was silence for a moment before Nick spoke up. "Did I tell you about the achievement that's in Batman Arkham City?"

      "No. What about it?" Amy asked in reply.

      "I don't know what it's supposed to be but you get the Joker skin for your avatar to wear." he replied back.

      Just hearing the word Joker caught her attention, making her very interested in getting this achievement for her xbox avatar. "Are you being seriously for real about this? Because if you're not I'll have to hurt you." she said with a wicked grin.

      "I'm telling the truth. I promise." Nick replied with a sincere tone in his voice.

      Without another word Amy began looking for the game, having bought it several days after it came out. Nick had talked her into buying the game when it came out, and to this day she had forgotten why she had let him talk her into getting the game. She had barely played it after buying it and it became lost in her closet. Luckily for her it was not difficult to find as she pulled out the game and hurriedly put the disc in the xbox.

      She impatiently waited as the game was loading, starting at the last place she saved. "Okay, where do I go to get this achievement?"

      "It's right next to the alley where the outlines of Bruce's parents are." Nick said as he tried to remember. "You won't see it at first but just go right until you're alone in another alley."

      Amy did as Nick told her until she was in a completely different alley alone. It seemed normal and nothing looked like it was out of place, until she spotted the infamous Joker smile that was spray painted on the left side of the alley wall. "Okay, I did that, now what?"

      "Now go over to the Joker smile on the left side and press X."

      After following the instructions she waited and waited for something to happen. Ten minutes had passed and still nothing happened. "Uh Nick, nothing is happening. What do I do next?" she asked with a confused tone of voice.

      "You should've got the achievement-"

      A noise was suddenly heard, followed by the achievement tag appearing at the top of the screen saying Achievement Unlocked: You Are Trapped! Amy stared at the screen until the achievement disappeared. "I think I got the achievement. Was it supposed to say You Are Trapped?" she asked.

      "Uh no. It was supposed to say Joker Skin Unlocked." Nick replied, unsure of what to do. "That was strange though. Maybe it was a glitch or something?"

      Amy rolled her eyes. "Of course. Only the games I play get a glitch when there's something awesome to get in the game." she sighed. "Well I'm going to head out to town and get some stuff for dinner. Text me if something comes up."

      "Got it." Nick replied. "See ya later."

      After turning the xbox off she grabbed her phone, making sure it was fully charged before shoving it in her back pocket, then she reached under her pillow and pulled out the large bowie knife that was still in its sheathe, hooking it to one of the belt loops on her jeans. Amy put her shoes on and went over to her bedroom door, planning on heading to the kitchen to get the money her parents left for her to buy food, but upon opening the door she did not see the hallway leading to the stairs.

      Instead she saw the brick wall of a building with a few trashcans on the side of the wall, the ground was littered with various trash along with a few splatters of what looked like blood. But what really caught her attention was the green Joker face that was spray painted on the brick wall. It was the same exact one she saw on the game.

      "...this can't be happening...I must've dozed off again." she said, trying to reassure herself. "I'll just close my eyes and I'll wake up..I hope..."

      Amy closed her eyes for a minute or two before opening them, only to discover that she was no longer in the safety of her room and now in the dark alley alone. A harsh cold breeze made her shiver, also making her wish she had her black hoodie with her to keep her warm. So to escape the cold, Amy finally moved as she left the alley, hoping to find some sort of shelter to keep to keep her safe and warm until she could figure out what was going on.

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