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    • Aurra


      9 years ago

      It feels really good to go to a school that's good at absolutely everything.

      Hook 'Em Horns! 2006 National Champions!

      That was probably the happiest moment of my life.

    • Aurra

      Roses are Red...

      9 years ago

      Once again, I'm going to the Rose Bowl this year with my fellow band members.

      And we're going to make Matt Leinart cry like a pussy.


    • Aurra

      Hi Again!

      9 years ago

      So...I got really busy this summer. Sorry for abandoning ya'll. I'll do my best not to let it happen again.

      Football season is once again in full swing, and for the first time since the 1970's the Longhorns are 7-0. We destroyed Texas Tech last week (overratted tortilla-lovers) and of course OU, because they suck. Next week we play Oklahoma State, which is the new Baylor. If A&M can destroy them, I doubt they'll have much of team after we're finished.

      I started playing World of Warcraft last week. Still on a trial account, but I'm buying the game next week. That's a huge time sink. But it's fun! I'm Aurra on Blackhand if you play, but I just started and still suck. I'm having a tough time balancing WoW with school and Scott, but I'll manage.

      I'm going to be Princess Leia for Halloween! I'll get pictures of that up next week, and I'll try to get other pictures up today or tomorrow.

      What's going on with ya'll? Any questions for me, cause I know I left stuff out.


      UPDATE: The University of Texas Longhorns are currently ranked #1 in the BCS. Hook 'Em Horns!

    • Aurra

      New Journal

      10 years ago

      I have a theory about the spring semester of college, and i wanna know if you other college folks agree with me or not.

      Spring semester sucks. it sucks more than fall. and it sucks harder than fall. And the main problem with this is spring break.

      I go to the University of Texas, and as awesome as it is in everything imaginable (we won the fucking rose bowl!), we don't get much time off in the fall. We don't have a winter/fall break, and we only get three days off for thanksgiving. and after those days, there's only a week left of classes.

      Spring, however, is different. half way through, you get a week off to do whatever the hell you want. And after that, when the weather is fantastic, you still have a month and a half of classes left. There's a class that i really haven't been too since spring break. this was reflected by my last test in that class (i passed, but barely).

      Tomorrow, I'm taking the day off. The only class I'm going to is my aerobics class, and I'm going to pretend that it's not a class.

      So, if you are currently/have attended college, does/did this hold true? and for you folks that haven't been to college yet, beware the spring semester.

    • Aurra


      10 years ago

      My friends aren't douchebags.


      my life has become odd.

    • Aurra


      10 years ago

      So I failed a test last week. completely failed. I thought I did fine. This makes me hate school bunches.

      I don't fail tests. I'm smart. I've been trying to make myself feel better by memorizing poetry. It's not working.

      Also, it would seem that two of my best friends are actually douchebags. I'm trying to find away to stop spending time with them without burning bridges, but that's hard, because they're my best friends.

      However, there is something making it easier. Sorry friends, but there's now a guy. i don't have a label for him yet, but we've been dating a few weeks. I'm very excited about this.

      Sorry, looks like I'm off the market. :)

    • Aurra

      New goal...

      10 years ago

      Respond to all my messages.

      Starting now.

    • Aurra

      yay happy fun

      10 years ago

      That journal entry had been up there long enough.

      I like peaches!

      and balloons!

    • Aurra

      Worst Trip Ever

      10 years ago

      So that really sucked a lot. If you live in the north east, i don't know how you stand the cold. Of course only getting 6 hours of sleep in the last 72 could have something to do with that.

      Also, a member of the band went to sleep on the bus and never woke up. Kind of puts a damper on the trip when people die. So, between the crying and the grief and the cold and the tiredness, I would much much rather have been at class, or working in a mine or something.

    • Aurra

      I didn't vote for you...

      10 years ago

      ...but thanks for the trip.

      Going to D.C. for the Inagural. with the cold. and the more cold. It'll be in the high 60s here tomorrow and if i'm lucky there it'll be in the high 30s.

      the title/first line is the motto of the democrats going on the trip. Weeeeee. we lost. lets watch the guy who won claim his spoils IN PERSON! fantastic idea...

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    • soldierxodus


      7 years ago

      Awesome more people from Austin TX

    • cousinbruski


      9 years ago

      smiley12.gif Happy Valentines Day smiley12.gif
      @}--}-- @}--}-- @}--}-- @}--}--

    • Scouts


      9 years ago

      hey thanx. your my frist Friend on here! OH THANX U ( a tear rolls down his right eye)

    • cousinbruski


      9 years ago

      happy halloween

    • o93178


      9 years ago

      hey welcome back to the site

    • falco13


      9 years ago

      just sayin hey, hope verything is alright

    • Frazzer


      10 years ago

      You're's proof

      *hands you a COOKIE*

    • xtrabases16


      10 years ago

      i totally agree with you on the spring semester sucking more....even though i only attended college for 3 semesters before joining the Marine practice sucked so much more in the spring time...and i always had more classes then fall

      i sometimes wonder why i stopped going though, cause, yea, i'm in hawaii, but i pretty much hate life....the only thing i have to look forward to is going to Iraq in March, which does get me excited

      but back on topic, yea, spring semesters suck

    • aZn_SaVy


      10 years ago

      If u live in Austin or really near and can watch Austin's K-eye then this saturday during the halftime of the Houston's Texan's game they will show the bands around from Austin, after u c McCallum marches get ur cell phone and vote for us. Plz Plz Plz vote for Mac Band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • test001


      10 years ago