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    • LET'S LIST-Top 5 Let’s Players on Youtube

      5 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      What’s up g1s? Azero Tehiro here. Have you ever heard of these things called Let’s Plays? Let’s Plays (or LPs as the cooler kids are calling it) are these feature presentations of people playing different kinds video games, as well as doing other kinds of exciting things, whether it’s having fun with friends, trying to complete a specific challenge, or just sharing a journey with their audience. LPs aren’t just buckets of fun on a bun, they’re also profitable. Let’s Plays became so successful that corporations began to make money rain on the more famous ones, and with the promise of cold hard cash for minimal effort, it practically became an internet gold rush to get that sweet payout! Even other Youtube stars, once formerly having almost nothing to do with video games other than a slight interest in them, decided to start up secondary channels dedicated to playing them all the time like they always have been. Just try to find a game out there that doesn’t have someone doing a Let’s Play on it, I dare ya. Leave a vacant game you’ve found in the comments below.


      With everybody and their grandma having a let’s play channel (yes there are videos of senior citizens doing LPs of their own), the market soon became oversaturated with the stuff. The honest truth however is that even though soooo many people are doing it, everyone just seems to be doing the same thing like everybody else. The concept seems to have become nothing more than an assembly line of [Insert name & game here]. Fortunately there are a select few who get it right. These legendary creatures understand that a Let’s Play simply isn’t just playing a game. It’s a new kind of art, something that can create magic. And with so few people already who understand the secret of LPs, it was admittedly rather difficult to narrow down that list to just 5, but rest assured: these 5 people are the best at what they do. So without further ado, it’s time for a


      Let’s List

      #5. Dark Syde Phil

      Phil Burnell (aka Dark Syde Phil, DSP Gaming) not only offers gaming entertainment, he offers gaming enlightenment. Phil doesn’t take crap from anything, and when he sees something wrong, he’s right on top of it to ask the tough questions. From Street Fighter to Metal Gear Solid, to Dark Souls II, this man is multitalented, with his prowess only being held back by the various flaws of the games themselves. If he ever decides to change his name again, he should reserve the username “Dark Knight Phil”, because he is the hero the internet deserves, but does not need right now.


      #4. AquaCat  


      Our next entrant certainly has something special going for him. Once you click on one of his videos, you’ll realize what this special gift is almost immediately: The guy is just SO DAMN FUNNY! Wanna know how funny? His first joke already appears in his name. A cat that likes water!? Preposterous, and hilarious. Most of his videos is pretty much non-stop comedy, but he also seems to know the Comedian’s Code, because in others he even has the courtesy to pause after punchlines to let his jokes sink in with the audience before starting once again. If you’re looking for a giggle, be sure to check out this fuzzy pickle. His videos will be there all week.


      #3. Twitch Plays Pokemon

      The number three spot can only belong to a total genius. An Australian programmer, who remains to be anonymous, knows that one of the most important factors to a let’s play channel is its fans. Since he already knew that the comments sections of most LPs are filled to the brim with backseat gamers, he then thought “meh, screw it mate”, and let the fanbase be the ones to be playing the game all at once, cutting out the middle-man entirely. This programming wallaby put the phrase ‘let’s play’ to its simplest form, and yet simultaneously brought it to the next level. The amount of dedication the fans and players have for this particular Pokemon LP is insurmountable and still going strong today. Go on, join in on the stream and let’s play.


      #2. iJustine


      A prime example of when celebrities decide to host a gaming channel of their own. Since being a video blogger and dancer wasn’t enough of a challenge for her, Justine decided to give video games a shot in order to prove once and for all that girls can be gamers too. This point is proven indefinitely as the skills this girl shows in numerous games; truly spectacular stuff. Her creative side also shines brightly in works such as her Minecraft videos. Over half a million subscribers agree: iJustine belongs in the #2 spot of this list.


      #1. MageKnight404 


      I’ve stated previously that a true LP was one that would bedazzle its audience, with its magic. Well right now, there’s no better person out there playing games like the thought-to-be-lost gallant paladin and practitioner of the arcane arts. Mostly affiliated with Nintendo RPGs, MageKnight404 is one who truly gets invested in the world of the moment…truly invested. Once he’s in this zone, this man can then do it all: voice-acting, story-telling, commentary, and most importantly, good gameplay. It truly is a shame that at the moment he only has  close to 10,000 subscribers and about 5 million total views on his channel, for internet browsers are truly missing out on some endearing entertainment. I’m surprised he hasn’t branched off to create original content of his own yet, but I guess grand ideas like that take time to fully hatch and develop.

      Until then, with our powers combined, I hereby court and dub thee, MageKnight404, Sir Lesplay of Youtube! Huzzah!


      Comment Question:Did you like this list? Any Lets Players that you feel deserve a spot? Be sure to Like Comment and Subscribe to tell me what you think. Be sure to retweet and share this with all of your friends so that they can then Like Comment and Subscribe too. After you’re done with that, be sure to Like Comment and Subscribe again…and again..and again….


      Oh wait, what’s this, Chad James is coming back with more episodes of “Hey! Let’s Play”? This time teaming up with guests like James Rolfe, and the Game Grumps!? Oh wait..April Fools! Got ya again.

    • Evo Fevo 2014 - Tournament Games Lineup Revealed

      5 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      In a Twitch livestream hosted by IPlayWinner?, Joey "The Wizard" Cueller, co-founder of the Evolution Fighting Game Tournament Series, announced just what games will be featured in this year's festivities. Those games are:

      1. Ultra Street Fighter IV
      2. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3  (Matches to be 3 out of 5)
      3. Injustice: Gods Among Us
      4. King of Fighters XIII
      5. Killer Instinct
      6. Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma
      7. Super Smash Bros. Melee (Nintendo's approval pending)?

      Overall no real surprises in the main lineup for this year's event. The two new games in the tournament, Killer Instinct and Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma have grown enough popularity around the world to earn their debut spots. However Blazblue's entry comes with a condition for the developers: The game is to be featured after a gameplay-balance patch that should be implemented before June, otherwise the character Kokonoe would be banned from competitive use. 'Evil Wizard' Cueller would also go on to explain a few more tidbits about the tournament:

      • Ever since EVO 2013, Tekken has dropped off of relevance quite rapidly, kind of like a child celebrity turned adult; a shame too because Tekken's 20th anniversary is just around the corner. The EVO team didn't want to risk featuring an outdated game when Bandai Namco could come up with something special for the occasion just in time for the big show, hence why Tekken has been excluded from the tournament. Let's just say Tekken fans (and 3D fighting gamers in general) didn't take this news well. Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken's director doesn't seem to mind at all.

      • The traditional Road to EVO is essentially gone this year, making CEO's Founder Alex Jebailey a little sad inside. Wanting to try out something new, the EVO team has implemented an experimental system that will allow any major tournament to award players with seeding points, as long as they pertain the featured games and have a sufficient number of participants. The tournament organizers will just have to submit their results to the team for it to take effect.
      • Developer panels are making a return. Who will attend has not been announced, but expect at least Capcom to show up. Maybe Double Helix as well if not the new unannounced developers for Killer Instinct season 2.
      • Speaking of 20th Anniversaries this year will also be the 20th Anniversary for Super Street Fighter II Turbo. To commemorate this, Super Turbo specialists and legends of FGC past will come together at EVO for X-Mania, the famous national SSFIIT single elimination 3v3 tournament, being held in another country other than Japan for the first time.

      I have to admit; every time I see news of EVO approaching, the choice between going to the EVO tournament in Las Vegas or SGC? is getting increasingly harder, especially since they're unfortunately scheduled at the same weekend as each other. For those of you who decide to walk the path of the warrior better get to training. They can also reserve their rooms for the July weekend now following this link:

      Comment Question: Are you satisfied with the games chosen for this event? Who's planning to go to Las Vegas for EVO (and miss out on all the fun of SGC)?

    • [Rumor] Are "Next-Gen" Pokemon details already being leaked?

      5 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Hope you've been enjoying Pokemon X & Y on your 3DS, pokefans, because news is breaking reporting that new Pokemon games are already in the works. No, it's not any of the bajillion fan games people make, this is apparently the legit stuff. Nor is it the inevitable Pokemon Z Version (comically referenced as Pokeball-Z to death by now), this is a whole new generation of games for the long-running franchise, the project currently dubbing the next two games as 'Pokemon Plus' and 'Pokemon Minus'.

      The titles of these games weren't the only things that were leaked, oh no-siree. This little news package came with a smorgishboard of information about the games, including the following:  

      • Before you gaze in awe and get all excited, this picture isn't an official screenshot of the game in development. It's just one of a bunch of concept art being passed around between Nintendo Co Ltd. and Pokemon Company. This concept art in particular was made by a fan named Even Liaw last year using an Unreal development engine, Beta-prototype hardware that Game Freak Inc. supposedly were the first to get upgraded to amongst the ranks of Nintendo. If anything, this means that Pokemon Plus and Minus are planned to be on the Wii U, marking the first time a mainline Pokemon game will be on a home console (unless you count Pokemon Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness).
      • Story: The setting for these games will be coastal island-themed based on South East Asia, complete with a stone Slowking statue that parodies the Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho, Thailand. I'd rather not be the spoiler of a game's story, even if said game is not even past its embryonic/planning stage, so I won't really discuss the plot any further. I will say that if the details given are true, your rival/friend will thankfully play a much more pivotal role in your journey than any other human companion to date! Check the source link for more details if you wish. 
      • Gameplay: Game Freak plans to "completely overhaul the basic systems of battle, simplifying the process." They are also "going to put in a lot of ideas they have wanted to do for years in this game". Starting off with..well the starters, this batch will possess a much more unique pair typing than previous starters; Water > Water/Steel, Fire > Fire/Fairy, and Grass > Grass/Electric, exemplifying the rock-paper-scissors battle triangle to the extreme. For Pokemon purists, the more traditional gameplay including the quest for gym badges will be played on the handheld controller, while whole new game aspects will be played on the main screen. Those that become disinterested in the new kind of game can simply switch the handheld gameplay to the main screen.
      • One of these new gaming aspects will be aimed at those who actually don't wish to thrust their captured pet pals straight into superpowered combat; basically Poke-Rock Band, in which players cooperate with each others to make music for their Pokemon to dance to in order to achieve high scores. Let's just hope that this doesn't play like Wii Music
      • The online components of Pokemon are being taken to a whole new level. For instance, the locale of Pokemon Plus and Minus will be comprised of a mainland peninsula and smaller surrounding islands connected to each other via bridges and underwater tunnels. This mainland will be a main screen-exclusive "MMO environment", shared with both versions, with Pokebanks being physical buildings like the Pokemon center. You read that right. The magical three letter acronym that over millions of players have been praying to have associated with Pokemon for nearly a decade: M-M-O, where players can chat, trade, and even experience updated story events with other players!

      Now there's a lot of other information that was disclosed about these projects that can be read by clicking the source link below, but I have to once again reiterate that as of now, these are only just rumors. These rumors were given to game news website Dual Pixels by a reliable source of theirs who goes by the name 'Geno'. Geno has proven to be a reliable source by disclosing other leaks within the game industry like reveals such as Castlevania: Mirrors of Fate for consoles, and Kingdom Hearts: HD 1.5 Remix. Linking the man back to Pokemon, within his accurate leaked coverage of E3 lineups included details of then unnamed Pokemon X & Y, details that almost were correct to a T, like it being in a full 3D world, including a new type being unveiled (which would become Fairy), and the increased online aspects. Geno's credibility isn't squeaky-clean however, as he also stated that a proposal was made to Retro Studios for a new Metroid game similar to the Metroid Prime series. This information would become debunked at a later date, stating that no proposal ever existed.

      Now I'm not the kind of person who likes to post rumors and game industry gossip like this. I feel like rumors are not really worth the time to release to the public as it may be nothing more than incorrect information that will get people excited only to leave them disappointed. I'm giving this bit of news an exception because not only does it come from a credible enough source, but if anything else, it certainly does have quite an imagination attached to it, and would make a badass Pokemon game nevertheless. If this indeed does prove to be true, then at least we can then discuss the title of the eventual third version of the generation. I'm going to go with Pokemon Division.

      Comment Question: Do you think this news is real or fake? Whether it proves to be true or not, do you like what you see so far, and what other game details would you like to 'add' or 'subtract' to Pokemon Plus & Minus (hehheh)?

    • VGIYS #8: Capcom’s Next Fighter

      5 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Recently, Capcom announced that 2014 is going to be a big year for the company. One of these announcements was that Capcom was going to “reaffirm its presence in the fighting game genre”. Many took this to mean that a brand new fighting game will be released alongside Ultra Street Fighter IV and started to go crazy with their guesses on what it might be. Most predicted it to be a new installment in Darkstalkers, finally giving the franchise a proper resurrection, while others hoped it would be Street Fighter Alpha IV, mostly just so that they can perhaps have the chance to play as Karin once again. Well for those hoping the new game is Darkstalkers, Power Stone 3, Rival Schools 3, or even Street Fighter V Hyper Combo Edition v.2017, to put it bluntly, YOU ARE ALL WRONG! For you see, if this assumption proves to be true, there’s only one logical project that Capcom would/should be working on:


      Saturday Night Slam Masters 3: The Main Event

      (name and logo still pending)


      Aw yeah that’s right! Saturday Night Slam Masters, the old series of wrestling games from back in the 90’s. For those of you who didn’t even know these games existed, allow me to explain. Saturday Night Slam Masters is a 1993 wrestling-arcade game made by Capcom with a three-button scheme: Attack, Grab, Jump. You know what, how about I just show you what it’s about:


      Nothing like some good ol' fashion wrasslin.

      The game would get a sequel the next year, but afterwards the wrestling game practically disappeared from relevance. In short, this series deserves some sort of comeback in the modern era, and I’m here to explain why this decision makes sense, even if I have to prove it to Capcom itself!


      The Potential Roster is Bigger than Ever!



      Let’s start off with the (hopefully) obvious. The Slam Masters (or Muscle Bomber- The Body Explosion in Japan) series made its grand debut for 16-bit consoles in 1993, with a sequel following it the year after. Now can you try to name the characters that were featured in those games..without searching them on Google?

      “Let’s see there was a muscular dude..and another muscular dude, a fat guy, some luchadors, oh-OH, there’s Mike Haggar, he’s in the game! Then there’s this other guy, I think he was Blanka before he got that green skin and electric eel powers.”

      We can stop trying. I doubt most of you will make any progress. I think even those who played the games might have some trouble recalling the cast. However, I don’t really blame you. The latest games from that side of Capcom to come out were Street Fighter II and Final Fight. Thanks to the popularity of Final Fight, Haggar became a recognizable character almost instantly, but the rest of the wrestlers, well, I’m not saying they had the charisma and ring presence of Snitsky or Raja Lion, but they certainly weren’t as memorable of characters as the likes of Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, or even E.Honda (no offense, but who honestly thought E. Honda was their favorite SFII character back in 1993? Very few). But the Street Fighter/Final Fight universe has expanded tenfold since then, with a crap ton of games in between the gap. And each iteration of Street Fighter guaranteed at least one grappler in the game, leaving the designers with plenty more characters to add to the CWA. Alex, Poison and Hugo from Street Fighter III can get back into the ring. Birdie, from Street Fighter Alpha, can go back to tag-teaming with Titanic Tim. Rainbow Mika, a fan-favorite of gamers (like me) for multiple reasons, can finally join the fray with her fighting spirit. Even Hakan and El Fuerte from Street Fighter IV can join the fray. Yeah, El Fuerte may be voted as the third most hated character in his respective series, but he’s a more fleshed out luchador character-wise than El Stingray, who doesn’t even have a backstory other than “I’m a luchador, let’s wrestle.” Speaking of Stingray, even the original characters can come back, with updates to their character of course. I admit, as the main antagonist, Scorpion fit the bill quite nicely as the vicious silent masked assassin. He was like the Akuma of the wrestling ring, and perhaps a makeover of his character would make him even more menacing of an opponent. The roster will be so magnificent, that even Darun Mister will break free from his licensing contract with Arika in order to fulfill his dream of wrestling with the best in the world!

      There’s also the inclusion of one person in particular that just about the entire world is anticipating to see back in the ring, bringing me to my next topic:

      The Intense Rivalries!




      Oh ho! You thought I forgot about the Red Cyclone? Such foolishness you speak of, foolishness that would be punishable via handicap steel cage match with bears. For over a quarter of a century now, these two grappling legends have talked smack about each other on the mic, stole/”borrowed” each other’s signature moves, swapped undergarments with each other on a regular basis, and yet the only thing that resembles any sort of physical contact between the two out there is a bunch of saucy fan-fiction and an episode of ScrewAttack’sDEATHBATTLE.



      Now like most things on the internet, some people are satisfied with that video’s results, but the other half range from being unhappy to downright pissed that their champion of choice didn’t gain the victory. So why not give those people the opportunity to ignore reality and play out their own version of this slobberknocker of a fight? I mean who needs science to simulate and display only one result, when players can have a blast coming up with different endings each time? As for their movesets, yes their arsenal of grapples and holds are near identical to each other, with only a few differences in between them, but I doubt that fans will care much about this anyway and just be excited to play as the two in the same game. It’s not like it’s stopped Capcom before <cough *shotos* cough>.


      The worldwide feud between Zangief and Mike Haggar isn’t the only rivalry that can take place in the squared circle of Slam Masters 3. Alex and Hugo still have beef with each other to settle a la Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant. El Fuerte can finally gain the chance to springboard off the ropes against his longtime idol, R. Mika, and Biff and Gunloc still need to decide who the better apprentice of Haggar is. All this and more can even be wrapped up into a single storyline:

      Remember this particular ending from Street Fighter III: Third Strike?


      That essentially comes true, to an extent. The H.W.A, founded and sponsored by the Mad Gear Gang, have invaded the CWA, NWO-style, with the goal of not just being the king of the ring, but king of the entire world! Mike Haggar becomes aware of this news and decides to put his years of public service on hold, put down the paperwork and string up his old wrestling boots, to return to the CWA and become champion to thwart the Mad Gear’s plans once again. Many new faces join the wrestling promotion as well to either assist in Haggar’s mission, or simply to rise to the championship themselves. Beware though, for it seems like the Mad Gear gang may not be the same group of street-hardened thugs they used to be. There may be another, more powerful force behind the H.W.A, who may be pulling the strings of this entire ordeal.

      This story’s campy, goofy, and is just downright no threat to canon, but it’s this kind of silly writing that makes pro wrestling so magical in the first place. It’s this kind of magic that will make Saturday Night Slam Masters so fun to play.


      That’s Great, But How Will It Play?


      So we have the game’s story and its cast of characters. What’s left is the other primary component of a video game: The gameplay. This is where I have to admit something: As I was getting all giddy about the prospect of this game, thinking of the story behind it and all the cool potential little tidbits and Easter eggs it could include, I failed to think that much about how this game would be played. Oops. ^__^”

      It’s time to make up for that with some more brainstorming.


      While it would be nice if this wrestling game could be deep, balanced, and competitive enough for it to be deemed “tournament-legal”, the main goal of this game is to serve as a party game for 2-4 (or even 6) players; more focused on the fun and insanity this game can provide more than how strategic and innovative the combat mechanics could be. The other problem was finding out how to transfer the gameplay of the original Slam Masters into the new generation of fighting games. The first thing that came to mind, believe it or not, was to turn it into something like the mobile game WWE Wrestlefest.


       I’m now giving you permission to put me into a sleeper hold for ever thinking this was a good idea.


      The idea was a botch anyway because no matter how hard I tried to imagine it, I just couldn’t see it in a way that would fit Capcom’s desired standards graphically while using this kind of gameplay. It would’ve turned out cheap any way I looked at it, and the last thing I want is another Mega Man Xover hitting store shelves.

      So I scratched the idea of a semi-top view, side-action fighter altogether. Maybe the traditions of Slam Masters could be used in another way. The sequel, Ring of Destruction uses a more traditional 2D view of the fight, but this suggestion was scrapped even faster than the Wrestlefest idea. Capcom has already released Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Street x Tekken to modern consoles, and along with the plethora of other 2-2.5D-fighting games out there in the market, I think the world could take break from another traditional fighter. That’s when it hit me; right as I was glancing over SFxT’s title logo. I started to veer away from the Street Fighter side and stared more vigorously at the Tekken logo on the right. Perhaps it was the milk and cookies hitting me, overdosing me with dopamine, but that’s when one of the crazy, forbidden taboo thoughts concerning video games came into my brain:

      …Maybe Capcom should make another 3D-fighting game.

      Maybe it was time again for Capcom to give 3D brawls another shot and become competition for games like Tekken, Virtua Fighter, and Soul Calibur. I mean the last time the company tried to do this was 16 years ago, in an attempt to keep up with the latest gaming trend. The next attempt(s) couldn’t be as mediocre as the Street Fighter EX series, could it? Besides, there was also the near-perfect style of gameplay to take inspiration from. The next installment of Saturday Night Slam Masters could take great inspiration from JoJo’s Bizarre Advenure All Star Battle


      If there’s anything that can be taken from JoJo All-Stars’ gameplay, it’s that Slam Masters 3 should be just as much of a theatric, muscle-bound brawl as that. The arenas would be smaller in Slam Masters 3, but without the abundance of projectile attacks to worry about, the game would be a close-combat based jamboree of a good time. Another difference would be in the mechanics of close quarters combat, implementing more wrestling into it, and thus more grabs. The best I can think of it is the game being a 6-button clash, two buttons for light & heavy punch, two buttons for light & heavy kick, one button for grappling, and the last one reserved for defensive maneuvers such as reversing grabs and even parrying attacks, with the directional sticks being used to vary up the attacks via various standard fighting-game motions. The other difference would be the victory conditions: the only way to win the match is either pin or submission. There would be other victory conditions players can set as well in the match settings, such as standard KO, being able to win only by connecting with your finishing maneuver(s) etc.

      Other modes would exist such as tag-team and battle royal modes that will cater for 4-6 player fun as well. In the end, this is what I thought to be the best way to play the game, and if this project does come into reality, I hope that it’s handled properly so that consumers could enjoy it.

      So that’s my pitch for Saturday Night Slam Masters 3. The game can be released for consoles, PC, and even mobile devices since Capcom seems to want to put more attention into that department these days, but no matter what platform it’s on, it should be a blast to play as you suplex and piledrive your peers to victory. The idea is laid out for the taking Capcom, so I hope you take it and take good care of it if you actually do.


      ..and if you don’t….then PLEASE for the love of all that’s merry at least put R. Mika into another game already!



      Comment Question: So what do you think of this, g1s? Do you think this is a good idea, or should the rumor be reserved for another title? Do you even think Capcom is planning a brand-new fighting game at all? Should they?

    • Arts & Crafts: Video Game Cover Art

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      We've seen this trend on the internet before, with films, tv shows, even play covers. But now it's hit video game box art and this is the result. Just what the heck are you looking at? It's covers of recognizable cover art of video games..replicated with Photoshop, some clip art and comic-sans text, the most loathed text type out there (for some reason). Here are some of the best(?) out there. These...things might as well be like those bootlegs of products you'd usually see from China or Mexico, so I decided to name to each of these like they were bootlegs. Enjoy?

      Portable Creatures: Blue Edition



      Excellent Plumber Nebula 2



      Excellent Plumber Planet 2: Yoshi's Sandbar



      Last Dream Strategies



      Space Fox Journeys

      (Thought I was going to go for Stairfax Temperatures weren't you?)



      Japan Forest



      Beast Poacher 3 Best



      God Power

      Comment Question: Do you like any of this revised cover art? Do you know of any more like it? 
    • EA's CEO Says GTG- EA CEO John Riccitiello Steps Down

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      John Riccitiello was hired at EA by, then-CEO, Larry Probst in 1997. He continued to work loyally for EA for 16 years, until Mr. Probst went on his way, which led to Riccitiello's promotion to CEO in 2007. But now after 6 years, John Riccitiello has decided to step down from his position, writing a farewell address in the form of a blog to EA employees and fans alike. According to this blog, John's decided to leave now because of recent 'financial trouble', including dropping annual earnings, and multiple layoffs.


      "My decision to leave EA is really all about my accountability for the shortcomings in our financial results this year.  It currently looks like we will come in at the low end of, or slightly below, the financial guidance we issued to the Street, and we have fallen short of the internal operating plan we set one year ago.  And for that, I am 100 percent accountable."
      He would go on and talk about how much of a pleasure it was to work for EA, saying that he will always remain a big fan of the company, and how he "will be leaving physically, but will never leave emotionally."
      "Personally, I think we've never been in a better position as a company. You have made enormous progress in improving product quality.  You are now generating more revenue on fewer titles by making EA’s games better and bigger.  You've navigated a rapidly transforming industry to create a digital business that is now approximately $1.5 billion and growing fast.  The big investments you’ve made in creating EA’s own platform are now showing solid returns.  I believe EA is alone in mastering the challenges of building a platform for our games and services – a platform that will provide a more direct relationship with our consumers.  You are number one in the fastest growing segment, mobile, with incredible games like The Simpsons: Tapped OutReal Racing 3, Bejeweled, SCRABBLE and Plants v. Zombies.  You have worked to put EA in a position to capture industry leadership on the next generation of consoles; and I believe two of our titles – Battlefield and FIFA –  will be among the top few franchises in the entire industry."
      Great games like The Simpsons: Tapped Out, and Real Racing 3 eh? Huh.
       This resignment will be effective March 30, 2013. Afterwards the man who hired Mr. Riccitiello, and former CEO, Larry Probst has agreed to fill in as temporary Chairman of EA.
      "We appreciate John's leadership and the many important strategic initiatives he has driven for the Company," Probst said. "We have mutually agreed that this is the right time for a leadership transition."
      Let's just hope that the executives find a suitable replacement soon. It could be quite a juggle for Mr. Probst, seeing as how he is also the current Chairman of the US Olympic Committee.
      Despite my current thoughts of EA being almost the same as the gaming community's, I would like to wish John Riccitiello good luck on his future endeavors.
      If you wish to read the full blog entry, check the source link below.
      Comment Question: Do you think this change in leadership will bring any substantial changes to EA and its business practices? Who do you think will rise up to become EA's new CEO?
    • Parallel Error- 'Square Enix vs. Capcom: Parallel Destinies' "Leaked Too Early"

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Square Enix wasn't kidding when they said they had big plans for the future. You'd think something this big would be kept a secret much better, but it only took a few hackers to access the company's financial plans and developmental records to find out something interesting. Amongst the reports declaring 'Tomb Raider', 'Hitman: Absolution', and 'Sleeping Dogs'  as financial failures  and the game lineup in the future, the decoders found the title 'Square-Enix vs. Capcom: Parallel Destinies' to be in development and planned for release in 2016. Some information, including a list of characters was even accesible when looked into further, which was then immediately released for public view. Unfortunately Square-Enix was able to take down the initial leak list instantly, but that didn't stop others like myself, from copying down the list to publish in sites like this:


      List of Characters (so far):?

      • Cloud Strife- Final Fantasy VII
      • Dante- Devil May Cry 
      • Lightning- Final Fantasy XIII
      • Ryu- Street Fighter
      • Adam Jensen- Deux Ex: Human Revolution
      • Albert Wesker- Resident Evil 
      • Chocobo Mog- Final Fantasy
      • Felyne/Melynx- Monster Hunter 
      • Asura- Asura's Wrath
      • The Master- ActRaiser
      • Edward Elric- Full Metal Alchemist
      • Megaman- Megaman X ver.2
      • Magus- Chrono Trigger
      • Arthur- Ghosts N Goblins
      • Agent 47- Hitman
      • Nilin- Remember Me (contract pending)


      Alrighty then, time for some initial speculation. So far the list looks kind of solid, but also leave me with questions. I'm quite proud that Square Enix has kept the roster down to only 3 Final Fantasy characters thus far, but one of them though confuses me: Chocobo Mog. What's this character going to be exactly? Is it merely just a moogle riding a chocobo? Will it be some kind of fusion between the two popular FF mascots? We'll just have to find out eventually, but I think it's safe to assume that both Chocobo Mog and Felyne/Melynx are going to be the joke characters of the roster.

      Another thing to question is Dante, as in which one? Using the new Dante, would make better commercial sense, though there's the problem that he's already been featured as a playable character in the 'Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale', and the more obvious problem that the majority of the gaming community...doesn't seem to take to kindly to the new style to put it lightly. However, seeing as how the list is stating 'Devil May Cry' instead of 'DMC', it would seem more likely that they're planning to use the more favored silver-haired Dante.

      According to the leaked info, just like PSASBR, there's going to be themed rivalries amongst the cast. Three of them are planned already: Cloud vs. Dante: "7th Heaven vs. Devil May Cry", referencing the two bars in their respective games, Wesker vs. Jensen: "Bio Enhancement vs. Augmentation- Humanity's Next Step Forward", and The Master vs. Asura: "Creation vs. Destruction".


      When multiple fans confronted Capcom director and producer Ryota Nitsuma, he like simply denied the game's existance, stating 

      "We have no plans to make any new games for the Vs. series anytime soon. The most you would probably receive is updates for the recently released ' Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3' but we don't have any future plans for  even that game yet."
      Soon to be former Square Enix President, Yoicha Wada, however had something different to say about the matter, saying
      "While we must respect the efforts pulled off by the people behind this leak, we also have to admit to find this news rather annoying for being leaked too early. Any sort of information about this game wasn't even supposed to be released until at least 2015."
      So there we have it folks. Yet another crossover to add to Capcom's list of games, and another surprise ruined because of eager, highly-capable fans.
      Comment Question: How excited/apathetic are you guys for this news? What other characters do you want to be included in this roster?
    • IGN hit with layoffs and 1UP, Gamespy, and UGO Planned to be Shut Down

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Love or hate the website, IGN Entertainment has been on a rocky path as of late. It first began when News Corporation decided to separate its entertainment and publishing sections, selling off IGN and its websites in the process, seven years after acquiring them for $650 million. When things were looking grim for the gaming/media giant because no one wanted to buy them, in comes Ziff Davis, another digital publishing company, to buy IGN for an undisclosed amount ( It didn't seem to take long though for the new owners to start redesigning the place as it has been reported earlier today that an undisclosed amount of editorial staff were laid off from IGN, and sister sites 1UP, Ugo, and Gamespy are all planned to be shut down.


      According to Ziff Davis CEO, Vivek Shah, these actions were put into action so that they may narrow down the focus of and, stating in a memo:

      "Our goal is to fewer things and to do them exceptionally well. In that vein, we want to direct all of our energy and work behind our two flagship brands: IGN and AskMen" -Vivek Shah 
      They also plan to sell IPL, IGN's e-sports network that just got off its feet this year. Vivek Shah says that instead of coordinating its own pro league, "IGN's role going forward will be to cover and a variety of eSports events". The state of shows that grew from IPL such as "Mike Ross's Neighborhood" is still unknown.
      This is certainly  deveastating news for the sister sites that are about to be turned off. Despite this being the 2nd time that Ziff Davis is going to be the bane of their existence, 1UP seems to be taking this news very well, its Editor-In-Chief, Jeremy Parish tweeting:

     's Editor-In-Chief, Chris Radtke wrote a goodbye letter to his employees with the subject line "Ugo Is Dead". 

      The full memo by Shah is shown below:

      From: Vivek Shah
      Date: February 21, 2013
      Subject: Staff Announcement

      Today, we took some difficult but important actions that will ensure the continued growth and health of IGN and AskMen. Before I go into more details about the changes, you should know that they resulted in the elimination of jobs at IGN. It's always upsetting to say goodbye to colleagues and let's do what we can to help these employees as they seek new opportunities.

      It's also important for you to know that we are absolutely confident that we now have the best structure and team to successfully move the company forward and that there are no further planned reductions.

      The changes we made today are designed to allow us to Simplify and Focus. Our goal is to do fewer things and to do them exceptionally well. In that vein, we want to direct all of our energy and work behind our two flagship brands: IGN and AskMen. They are both category killers and share a vision of a multi-screen (PCs, tablets, smartphones, TV) and multi-format (text, photos and video) world.

      As a result of our decision to focus on our core brands, we are:
      · Winding down, and;
      · No longer ad repping 3rd party sites such as and;
      · Actively engaged with parties interested in acquiring IPL. IGN's role going forward will be to broadcast and cover a variety of eSports events;
      · Dividing our ad sales team into two: one focused on IGN and the other focused on AskMen.

      On the IGN front, Peer Schneider will continue to oversee all of editorial and product, focusing those resources exclusively on IGN. The foundation of this entire company is its content and we will continue to have the best people in the industry producing it.

      Charlie Barrett will oversee the monetization of IGN everywhere in the U.S. - PCs, tablets, smartphones, YouTube, consoles - and now be able to concentrate the sales and ad ops teams' efforts where they can make the most impact.

      Frank Puma will assume an exciting new role as executive director of programs and solutions, reporting to Charlie. The sales development, design and creative teams will report to Frank, whose charge is to deliver world-class advertising experiences.

      A new head of engineering and technology for IGN will be recruited as quickly as possible. Tech has a monumental role to play in the growth of IGN and will be committed to working hand-in-glove with edit, product and sales.

      On the AskMen front, Ric Poupada will continue to oversee all aspects of the AskMen organization and is excited to have a new VP of sales, Paul Chenier, reporting to him. Paul has been a longtime advocate of the AskMen brand and is one of the most talented sales executives in our organization. Having him build a dedicated AskMen ad sales team will do wonders for the business.

      Ian Chambers will continue to run International out of the UK for both IGN and AskMen and we're thrilled with the performance of our businesses overseas.

      Mike Etheridge will be the VP of finance and operations for IGN and AskMen, working across all of the departments to ensure that we're growing our business, expanding our margins and making metric-based decisions.

      Rachelle Igoe will be the head of human resources for IGN and AskMen, ensuring that we continue to nurture, attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

      I'm sure that there will be a number of questions in the days and weeks ahead but please know that we will be a better functioning and nimbler organization from this moment forward.

      As I said on day one, openness and transparency are important, so please email me at [removed] if you have any questions, thoughts or ideas.

      Comment Question: Do you believe that refocusing the purpose of IGN was the right move? Do you think that it was necessary to break ties with its other websites and its own pro league? 

      One thing can be made certain though: Those who got laid off could use ou support right now. We hope they do well in their future endeavors. As former Screwattack member, and fortunately still IGN-employee, Destin Legarie stated:

    • WiiUken!- Street Fighter x Tekken v. 2013 Heading to Wii U

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      In a surprising announcement, Capcom has announced that 'Street Fighter x Tekken'' will be available on the Wii U "soon". This edition of the game will include all of the v. 2013 updates, local co-op when online (unlike the Xbox version) All characters unlocked, including the DLC ones, and additional gems for players to tweak with.

      What was even more exciting and surprising were the additions they were making to the game in conjunction with it being on the Wii U. Just like 'Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Edition', additional costimes will be added to characters relating to Nintendo franchises. They will also be adding two new characters to the roster. The first one being Captain Falcon, sure to have his signature moves like the Falcon Punch, Kick, and his special taunt intact (let's just hope that Captain Fabulous is his alternate color).

      The second one is Kirby, which they only put up this picture to go aside with the news:

      They said that like Toro in the PS3 version, he will have a much smaller hitbox than the other characters. His Copy Ability will also be a big element to his game, having it as a command grab that takes the opponent's appearance as well as their primary special move.

      While this announcement is shocking to say the least, it isn't the first time Capcom has collaborated directly with Nintendo franchises, most handheld Zelda games being the prime example.

      Sorry Xbox version, but it looks like you kind of got screwed over..again.


      Comment Questions: Do you plan on getting this version of the game, even if you already own a copy of the game for another console? Is this a console-seller for the Wii U? How top-tier do you think Captain Falcon and Kirby will be in this version?

    • Shaq-Attack: 2nd Impact- Trademark for a new game called "ShaqFighter"

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      May 8, 2013- The day that Mine O'Mine, the company that runs Shaquille O'Neal's official website,, filed a trademark for "SHAQFIGHTER" that applies to 'video games, computer software, online games, and action skills games'. 

      Yes you heard me right: 'SHAQFIGHTER'. With a name like that, this could possibly mean one thing:  A sequel or spiritual successor to one of the most dreaded games of all time, Shaq-Fu?. Still refuse to believe it? Here's the official status of the trademark in question:

      See, you know it's serious because I put it so spaced out away from the other paragraphs and right down the center. It's happened. Okay, I may be over-exaggerating this news for sensationalist's sake, but I do kind of have a good reason. I mean Shaq's off-the-court career hasn't been exactly great. His rap career was/has been (I don't know if he still wishes to pursue that)  hilariously bad, his acting was kind of mediocre at best (yet charming) in his two starring-movies roles Kazaam, and Steel, ?even his recent attempts in the video game business were meh with the 'ShaqDown' mobile game. And I don't think I have to remind anyone here at ScrewAttack about the legendarily bad fighting/adventure game that was Shaq-Fu!

      Do keep in mind that, though likely, this trademark doesn't necessarily mean a new Shaq-starring fighting game. Even Mine O'Mine hasn't announced what it's planning to do with the trademark once its approved. Who knows, maybe this new game could be...dare I 

      And if not..then I hope that it'll at least have physical copies. We're running out of Shaq-Fu cartridges to destroy, so the g1s need something new to unleash their inner demolition man on.

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