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    • Disappearing Act- Skullgirls to be delisted from PSN and XBLA on December 17 and Dec. 31 respectively

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      A while ago, Lab Zero Games, the development team behind the fighting game, Skullgirls, properly disbanded from their then publisher Konami? and switched over to new publisher Autumn Games. It seems however that business with Konami isn't quite over yet, because right now, Konami is inputting a whole different kind of code and sending it to Sony and Microsoft. This code is more of a request to the two companies to delist Skullgirls from both PSN and Xbox Live Arcade, making it essentially unavailable to anybody who hasn't downloaded it yet for quite a while. This may even affect people who already have the game in their hard drive, because online capabilities may become unavailable to them once it becomes delisted (which would be devastating because the online components are all the current version of Skullgirls has going for it for regulars).


      This news was broken by Mike Z during one of their usual development streams on Twitch following a rather ingenious analogy to Final Fantasy 6 and the ultima spell. Based on the initial reactions from the other side of the screen, this not only came as a shock to the stream's audience, but to the developers themselves. Do not fret though, for Mike Z and the gang have a plan:


      "So what happens is Sony's QA goes home on December 17th, which means we have to give this [the new Autumn-published patch for Skullgirls] to them immediately....
      So what's happening here is that we are going to get this build together, and then wait for a bunch of numbers from Sony to arrive so then we can change them so that it's not Konami's numbers anymore, and we will give them this build. And if it goes through QA, then it will come out with Squigly and all the beta changes pretty immediately soon, and if it doesn't, then Skullgirls is going to disappear until everyone comes back from winter break."
      Seeing how long it takes for quality assurance to go through certain games, the team only has one shot at submitting a good-enough build to pass inspection and come back to PSN and XBLA soon after. The odds of this happening, based on statistics of the past, is next to none, but it still wouldn't hurt for us to at least cheer them on in some way to achieve success.
      Japanese players can consider themselves fortunate, because since their version of the game wasn't published by Konami, they don't have to deal with any of this and could just go on with their playtime as normal. Even then, this plan of theirs is only focused on the U.S. due to the connections they have with Sony of America, so the rest of the world may be SOL. The good news from all this is, as Mike Z states, if this build passes QA by December 17th, then players will be able to obtain the new build of the game much earlier than scheduled.
      This is certainly an annoying hindrance for both Skullgirls fans and its creators, but the best we as consumers can do for now is cheer on and prepare for the worst. For those that have been interested in the game, but yet have not downloaded it yet, now is the perfect time to do it before December 17th (December 31st for Xbox players), in which it disappears until the snow starts to melt away.
      For more details, check out the source link below. The news comes out at around 7:20 of the archive.
    • The Online Pass Passes Away- Electronic Arts Discontinuing Online Pass

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      In February 2010, Electronic Arts announced a program called "Project Ten Dollar", a program that involved a coupon code that players had to purchase, either via buying a game new or paying an additional $10 if bought used, in order to unlock additional content for several games like Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Later on, changes in the program made it so that the coupon code was required to even access almost any of the game's online content. The decision was mainly made in an attempt to combat the second-hand market like pirates, and retailers like Gamestop, which was the dominating force in used game sales, crippling the developer's profits by a substantial amount. Other companies like Activison, Ubisoft, and THQ would also adopt this business practice to help protect their sales, giving players extra incentive to buy their games new, or else pay an additional fee.


      On May 2013, Electronic Arts has now officially decided to discontinue with the Online Pass program, for all future titles. According to them, the overall negative player feedback towards online passes was a big influence on their decision to finally pull the plug. Confirming the news was EA senior director of corporate communications, Joe Reseburg:


      “Yes, we’re discontinuing Online Pass.  None of our new EA titles will include that feature. Initially launched as an effort to package a full menu of online content and services, many players didn’t respond to the format. We’ve listened to the feedback and decided to do away with it moving forward. We’re still committed to creating content and services that enhance the game experience well beyond the day you first start playing."

      -Joe Reseburg


      So hooray, big victory for the players. It's understandable why they decided to use something like online passes, but the execution was just off. If you a supporter of online passes and disagree with this decision, you don't need to worry because here is a list of some (not sure if all) the other companies that are still alive and continuing to use the system:

      • 505 Games
      • Activision
      • D3Publisher
      • Sony Computer Entertainment
      • Ubisoft
      • Warner Bros.

      ?For those of you who are against online passes, I'm sorry if that list kind of demoralized you a bit from the news of EA stopping, but perhaps EA has taken the first step in killing off the negatively-viewed business practice they started 3 years ago.


      Comment Question:  Do you truly think this is the beginning of the end for Online Passes? If this truly is, who do you think will be the next developer/company to decide to abandon it? Are you for or against EA's decision?

    • [PSA] Players are reporting save file corruption errors when trying to connect to GTA Online

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      If my Facebook wall is telling me anything today, it's saying that a good bunch of you are having some trouble trying to connect to the most anticipated multiplayer experience this year, GTA Online.

      Poor Nick

      To be honest, problems like this are kind of expected with online games like this. It's usually recommended to wait at least a few days or maybe weeks for the developers to work out the kinks and make the experience as whole as possible. What's unexpected though is this sort of problem, as a growing number of players have been reporting that after trying (and failing) to connect to GTA Online, they don't even get the the chance to replay through their single player because their save files have been corrupted!

      Fortunately the victim count seems to be small right now, and developer Rockstar has already stated its going into 'kickass' mode to try to resolve the issue before the list becomes any larger. Here is an excerpt from their support page concerning the issue:

      "Question: I'm having problems getting into GTA Online! Is there a list of issues Rockstar is looking into, so I can stay informed about the status of fixes for known launch issues?

      Answer: We will be updating this page as often as possible with the status of issues we are aware of and looking into.  

      • Occasional "Rockstar Cloud Servers Unavailable" error message
      • Freezing sometimes while loading into first race in GTAO with "waiting for other players" on the screen
      • Intermittent "Failed to Host a GTA Online Session" error messages
      • Race Corona (start area, marker) occasionally not showing up for first race
      • Errors saying "Timed out when matchmaking for a compatible GTA Online Session to join"
      • Occasional errors about jobs failing to start or load
      • General issues with the Social Club site and Social Club features (slow loading,failed logins, emails not arriving, etc). For more information on Social Club status, please see:
      • Misc. network and server-related error messages, disconnections, or cloud server errors
      We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this.  If you would like to receive an automatic email notification whenever major updates are posted, please log into the Support Site and click Subscribe at the top of this page."

      Let's try to look at the positives for this. For those inflicted with corrupted save files, this might be their chance to enjoy the story mode all over again, this time with knowledge of how to do things effectively. For now, the best we can do is not take the risk, and wait it out until the problem is taken care of. There's plenty of stuff to do in offline Los Santos to pass the time anyway.

    • A Pirate's Curse - GreenHeart Games' Anti-Piracy Strategy hurts pirates in-game

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Piracy. Whether you're a defender of the torrent seas or wish to bring such people to 'justice', there's no denying that this has been a long-debated topic within the media, one that has sparked numerous Congressional Bill proposals, multiple FBI manhunts, and a growing number of questionable and/or hilarious tactics from companies to absolve the matter.

      Not all of them are bad, like the recent proposals of always-online DRM. Some are just downright hilarious, like pirated versions of Ubisoft's Micheal Jackson: The Experience DS playing nonstop vuvuzela noises throughout the entire game, or not giving pirates the ability to use Batman's important cape-glide in Arkham AsylumEarthbound went as far making random encounters 10x more likely, and even freezing the game before the final boss and instantly deleting the save file. HILARIOUS!

      So tampering with code for pirated games is nothing new in the business, but a recent trick by small developer GreenHeart Games takes the cake, or in piracy's case in an attempt to make this sound witty, the booty. Recently, the game developer decided to release their first game "Game Dev Tycoon" onto torrent sites as well as "crack" a pirated version to observe which one was downloaded more. Those who downloaded the pirated version of the game however (around 3,104 users or 93.6% of the userbase) were given a little surprise just when they thought they were making it big in the game:

      Those fiends! Who would do such a thing?

      Yep. According to the game, every time the player releases a new game, it has an extremely high risk of it being pirated, thus plummeting profits to a mere 10% of previously projected (higher-quality games rated 8-10 being the most at risk). It's like they are being attacked by a digital version of themselves! If you thought this tactic was funny, the responses left by the victims on various message boards will leave you in joyful tears filled with comedy.

      Such sweet irony-sweetened tears indeed. They would definitely go great in some milk. But there's plenty more of these where that came from on the site ( There are so many in fact, that they crashed the site and made it unavailable at the time of this writing.

      I give this particular scheme top credits because it doesn't just stop at having some fun at the pirate's expense in some unique way. It also teaches them a much-needed lesson about the consequences of piracy straight-forward, something that people need to be more educated in more before making their choices to torrent or not. It also proves an interesting point about us humans concerning the matter. Looking up at the message pic above, that user was trying their hardest to get their games to succeed and get that digital moolah, that they were willing to research something like DRM to stop it. Sound familiar?

      It just goes to show that when cornered into a crisis situation, some if not most of us would tend to resort to such tactics to save ourselves, game companies included, so we shouldn't be so harsh on them for doing something that we probably would've done if we were in their expensive shoes. I mean we are all only human after all (kind of like Mitt Romney said to an extent).

      If you're interested in Game Dev Tycoon, it's available on their site right now for only $7.99 USD.

      On a less-preachy, hilarious note:

      Comment Question: Are you in favor of piracy? Why or why not? What is one of your favorite anti-piracy methods you've heard of?

    • Alex in Street Fighter IV!? Asura in SF x TK!?- Featured Custom Mods in Fighting Games

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

    • A Smashing Good Time- Apex 2013 Tournament Results

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity


      Soul Calibur V:

      1. Woahhzz (α Patroklos)

      2. RamonTSF (Pyrrha)
      3. Jimbonator (Ezio Auditore)
      4. Thermidor (Nightmare)
      5. OmegaXCN (Natsu)
      5. iRockTheMaxi (Maxi)
      7. Bibulus (Pyrrha)
      7. Sandman (Siegfried)


      Persona 4 Arena:

      1. SuperKawaiiDesu (as Jourdal) (Yu Narukami)

      2. LordKnight (Mitsuru Kirijo)
      3. Colpevole (Chie Satonaka)
      4. Grover (Yu Narukami)
      5. DC (Mitsuru Kirijo)
      5. 9B (Mitsuru Kirijo)
      7. MFGA|DustyFeets (Kanji Tatsumi)
      7. BT|MarlinPie (Chie Satonaka)




      King of Fighters XIII:

      1. MarcoPolo (Yuri/Benimaru/Duo Lon, Athena/Benimaru/Yuri, Benimaru/Iori/Yuri)

      2. AGE|NYChrisG (Mature/King/Benimaru)
      3. PachuKOF (EX Iori/Kim/Shen, Shen/Takuma/Kim, Shen/EX Iori/Takuma)
      4. Malik (Mr. Karate/Kyo/Shen, Billy/Shen/Kyo)
      5. TSB.ZD|The Prince (Mr. Karate/Billy/Hwa)
      5. CP (EX Kyo/Terry/Mr. Karate)
      7. FRO (Terry/Kim/Iori)
      7.KPB|Meanest Rage (Kensou/Andy/Iori)


      Let's not forget that Pokemon was at the scene too with its own tournament running. Here are the Top 8 results:


      Pokemon Black & White Version 2:

      1. Ben R. (Nightblade7000)

      2. Aaron Z. (Cybertron)
      3. Luke S. (theamericandream38)
      4. Edward F. (iss)
      5. shofu
      5. Cypher
      7. LudiImpact
      7. Bladewise



      Tekken Tag Tournament 2:

      1. DMG|KOR (Slim Bob/Bob)

      2. EMP|The Game (Marshall Law/Miguel, Heihachi/Marshall Law)
      3. Rampage (Bob/JACK-6, Bruce/JACK-6, JACK-6/P.JACK)
      4. AGE|NYC Fab (Bob/Miguel)
      5. ZTS (Armor King/Lee, Kuma/Lee)
      5. DarkPaladin (Anna/Nina)
      7. PolishMafia (Nina/Bruce)
      7. Naclam (Roger Jr./Alex)


      Throughout the day, the stream was, as usual, rampant with one question: "When's Mahvel?" Well here it is.


      Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3:

      1. AGE|NYChrisG (Morrigan/Vergil/Doctor Doom)
      2. coL.Filipino Champ (Dormammu/Doctor Doom/Phoenix, Magneto/Doctor Doom/Phoenix, Magneto/Dormammu/Doctor Doom)
      3. JRosa (Morrigan/Doctor Doom/Strider Hiryu, Wesker/Doctor Doom/Strider Hiryu)
      4. BT|IFC YipeS (Wesker/Dante/Magneto)
      5. BT|Dieminion (Viewtiful Joe/Doctor Strange/Morrigan)
      5. BT|MarlinPie (C.Viper/Doctor Doom/Amaterasu)
      7. OmGiTzAndre (Vergil/Magneto/Wesker)
      7. IGT|Unkn0wn (Wesker/Sentinel/C.Viper, Wolverine/Sentinel/Wesker)
      9. MH|RayRay (Ryu/Magneto/Sentinel)
      9. TS|Fooblat (Hulk/Haggar/Doctor Doom, Hulk/Haggar/Wesker)
      9. ERGZ|David F (Vergil/Dante/Magneto)
      9. DRS.MCZ|MastaCJ (Magneto/Dormammu/Doctor Doom)
      13. MH|Flux (Zero/Dante/Vergil)
      13. Pika Pika! (Hulk/Sentinel/Wesker)
      13. FNEX|KBrad (Trish/Dante/Vergil)


      When it came time to Street Fighter IV, Nick was asked to do some commentary on it with the well-known UltraDavid. Your opinion on the chemistry of the two...may vary, but it was still a pleasant experience to sit through. Nick even left a little thank you gift for the stream and his temporary partner!

      I told you I break everything around me. Sorry the stream exploded, . -@THENervousNick
      Anyway, here are the results of SFIVAE
      Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition:
      1. FNEX|KBrad (Cammy)

      2. AG|DemonHyo (Seth)
      3. DMG.VXG|LionHeart (Sagat, Fei Long)
      4. AGE|NYChrisG (Sakura, Guile)
      5. TS|Sabin (Rose, Dhalsim)
      5. EMP.VXG|Hiro (M.Bison)
      7. RPD|BlueNine (Juri, Abel)
      7. Meteo2 (Vega)
      Now let's get to the main events. The reason this tournament exists in the first place. It's time for Super. SMAAAAAASH BROS!


      Super Smash Bros. 64:

      1. Kikoushi (Kirby)

      2. Isai (Mario)
      3. SuPeRbOoMfAn (Captain Falcon, Pikachu)
      4. Ruoka Danchon (Captain Falcon)



      Super Smash Bros. Melee-Doubles Division:

      1. CT.EMP|Mew2King (Fox, Shiek), Armada (Peach)

      2. Hungrybox (Jigglypuff), Plup (Samus)
      3. Shroomed (Dr. Mario), PewPewU (Marth)
      4. DoH (Peach), Mango (Fox, Captain Falcon, Jigglypuff)
      5. Leffen (Fox), Ice (Shiek)
      5. MacD (Peach), Vanz (Peach)
      7. Lozr (Fox), Dr.PP (Falco)
      7. Aza (Shiek), Javi (Shiek, Fox)

      Super Smash Bros. Melee-Singles Division:

      1. Armada (Peach, Young Link)

      2. Dr.PP (Falco, Marth)
      3. CT.EMP|Mew2King (Shiek, Marth, Fox)
      4. Mango (Fox, Falco)
      5. Hungrybox (Jigglypuff, Ness)
      5. Shroomed (Dr. Mario)
      7.KirbyKaze (Shiek)
      7. Hax (Captain Falcon)

      Meanwhile, on the adventures of Nervous Nick and the search for frame traps:

      Second time the projector has burned out. Maybe I should leave the room.-@THENervousNick


      Super Smash Bros. Brawl-Doubles Division

      1. Nairo (Meta Knight), ADHD (Diddy Kong)

      2. CT.EMP|Mew2King (Meta Knight), Ally (Snake, Wario)
      3. FOW (Meta Knight), MJG (Toon Link)
      4. Rich Brown (Olimar), Tyrant (Meta Knight)


      Super Smash Bros. Brawl-Singles Division

      1. Salem (Zero Suit Samus)

      2. CT.EMP|Mew2King (Meta Knight)
      3. Otori (Meta Knight)
      4. Nairo (Meta Knight, Marth)
      5. Anti (Meta Knight)
      5. MikeNeko (Marth)
      7. Mr-R (Meta Knight)
      7. Dabuz (Olimar)



      Well that's all for this tournament. However, there is something else I want to discuss. Recently, the game schedule for EVO 2013, the most well-known fighting game tournament in the world, was released, revealing what games were to be played within the weekend. For more information, check out the list here:

      What's interesting is that there is a vacant 8th game slot in the schedule. How it will work is that whichever game's community donates the most money towards breast cancer research by the deadline, that game will be featured as an official EVO tournament. This may be a chance to bring Super Smash Bros. back into the main scene. The two Smash games in the list honestly have a great chance of being the one featured, seeing that there are so many players within the community, most wanting to legitimize Super Smash Bros. as a competitive fighter. If you're interested in seeing/participating in either SSB Melee or Brawl at EVO this year, check out the donation sites for each respective game here: 

      Super Smash Bros. Melee:

      Super Smash Bros. Brawl:


      (My money is on something else though)

      So here's your Comment Question of the Day: What was the hypest moment of Apex 2013? Answer in the comments below, and until next time, Fight On!


    • Ultra Pre-Order IV - Ultra Street Fighter IV available for pre-order now

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Editor's Note: Given the mentioned release date is a Monday, it's safe to say it's only a placeholder. However, that isn't to say the date providing a hint about its intended release window isn't out of the realm of possibility, as a March release would fit the "early 2014" timeframe announced by Capcom. 

      I'm guessing the retailer is expecting the game to launch between January and March. 

      At EVO 2013, Yoshinori Ono revealed to the public that yet another update for the Street Fighter IV series is in the works, abandoning the long title it has grown over the years, and now just calling it "Ultra Street Fighter IV". This expansion will feature 5 new characters: Hugo, Poison, Elena, Rolento, and a mystery character to be revealed at a later date (confirmed to not be either Asura, nor anyone who has been in a fighting game before), and 6 new stages. The fact that these additions are coming straight out of Street Fighter x Tekken has raised some concern from fans, thinking its nothing more than a case of copy and paste, but this is still a nice addition to keep SFIV interesting nonetheless. There's also the fact that this will contain another rebalancing to the current roster as well, adding another change of pace for the game.

      If all these things have gotten your combo-making hands twitching in anticipation, then you can pre-order a physical copy of Ultra Street Fighter IV now on for $40. As an extra incentive to get the game this way, buying the physical copy will also nab you all the costume DLC released throughout SFIV free of charge. What's even more interesting about this listing though is its approximated release date. Capcom has previously stated that we should expect the game to come around early 2014, but according to Amazon, this game will more specifically be available on March 31, 2014. We're not sure if this has been confirmed by Capcom or not, but perhaps we should expect the game to be released on early or late March after all.

      Comment Questions: So who here is waiting to get Ultra Street Fighter IV? Who do you think is the mystery character, or when do you think they will finally be revealed? Do you think the release date listed on Amazon is accurate? Will you be taking advantage of this offer or will you wait to just download it as DLC for just $5?

    • Capcom is now spending over $40 million on mobile gaming

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Some bold moves are being made within the offices of Capcom?. It's no secret that one of Capcom's biggest cashcow games is Monster Hunter, if not the definitive money maker for the company. They are now going to use the profits they've gained from the latest sales of Monster Hunter for a rather bizarre and risky purpose. It is being reported that Capcom is spending or is going to spend over 4 billion yen, or an equivalent of over 40 million US dollars on mobile gaming.

      According to various sources, including Diamond Magazine, Capcom is using this year's Monster Hunter profits to strengthen their weakest area, which happens to be their mobile department. The improved mobile department will include an expansion of a new research development center for smartphones in Osaka, with over 1800 employees assigned to the center by the end of construction.

      Somehow I doubt that covering for their weak spots is the only reason Capcom is making this decision. It seems to be a growing trend for Japanese gaming companies to have more focus on mobile gaming, like Square-Enix and their latest ventures with the Final Fantasy mobile games. These companies seem to be seeing the numbers from games like Candy Crush and Puzzles & Dragons and looking to make the same insane profits as those titles. I myself have a problem with this decision for various reasons:

      1.  The mobile market may not be as great as people are making it out to be. Sure it's a prime strategy to aim for the casual market and mobile games may be one of the most effective ways to do that, but no other demographic is going to be interested in such stuff. I believe we're smarter than that to fall for the kind of gimmicks and microtransaction deals that most mobile titles offer. Besides, the same thing happened with social media games a while ago. For a while, social media games like Farmville and Mafia Wars were the bee's knees, being played and enjoyed by over millions of online users, and thus gaining massive profits for companies like Zynga. But over the years, people became disinterested in the kind of product, seeing them for what they really were. The decreased attendance of players soon after made social media games almost extinct, with only some of the more popular ones still standing today. I have a feeling that the mobile market will follow the same hype trail as social media gaming..straight off a cliff to obscurity and ridicule.
      2.  I don't think it's wise for Capcom to be making such a big investment on such a small niche market anyway. As it's been reported numerous times, Capcom doesn't have a lot in the bank at the moment, I believe only having around $150,000,000. That's barely enough to make a AAA title in this day and age. Perhaps if they had more money, this kind of experimentation would be okay.

      With this bit of news, it seems like Street Fighter x All Capcom? and Breath of Fire 6  are just the beginning for the new Capcom Mobile.

      Comment Question: Do you think this is a good move for Capcom? At the very least, what games would you like to see available on iOS and Android from Capcom?

    • A Gamer's Quandary- Leaks

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Leaks. Ruining the magic, or relayors of valuable information.

    • [EVO 2013] EVO Fevo - a preview report of EVO 2013

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Twitch streams are going to blow up this weekend. Why? Because the grand fighting game tournament, Evolution 2013, is finally happening. Dreams will be shattered, hours of training will be put to the test, salt will be spilled, and more importantly all the great combos, footsies, and other tactics will be showcased this weekend in a shmorgishboard of today's top fighting games.   

      The Competition

      Obviously the backbone of the whole event; a backbone consisting of over 6,000 tournament entries, the largest number to date in eSports history for a single event! Here are some early entry numbers for each game (as of July 1, 2013) and some nifty statistics on the general attendance of EVO:

      1. Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 - 1,601 players
      2. Ultimate Marvel vs.Capcom 3 - 1,297 players
      3. Super Smash Bros. Melee - 696 players (biggest Smash turnout in history)
      4. Injustice - 582 players
      5. Street Fighter x Tekken - 545 players
      6. King of Fighters '13 - 433 players
      7. Persona 4 Arena - 400 players
      8. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - 355 players
      9. Mortal Kombat 9 - 233 players

      Out of that huge number of people entering for cash and glory, here are some of the more notable players per region:

      North America: AGE|NYChrisG, EG|Justin Wong, coL|Filipino Champ, EG|PR Balrog, EG|Ricky Ortiz, EMP|Dieminion ?(thanks to a donation campaign to fly him to the location), FNATIC|Perfect Legend, EMP|Flocker, RZR|Latif, MH|Ray Ray, AGE|Flash Metroid, AGE|WolfKrone, Mike Ross, NGL|Marq Teddy, EMP|IFC Yipes, AGE|Fanatiq, AGE|Knives, AGE|Vangief, AGE|Snake Eyez, TS|Arturo Sanchez, EG|fLoE, LxG|Infrit, MH|Unkn0wn.

      JapanMCZ|Daigo, RZR|Fuudo, MCZ|Tokido, HORI|Sako, MCZ|Mago, Kazunoko, Nemo, Bonchan, EG|Momochi, Uryo, Haitani, Dogura, MOV, Eita, MameSpider, Abegen, VX, G.X., RZR|Itabashi Zangief.

      EuropeWW|Ryan Hart, Alioune, WDM|Luffy, WW|Andreas, WW|F-Word, Popi, Starnab, CG|Problem X, CDV|Whiteblack and Zak Bennett.

      Parts Unknown (or Death Valley)Infiltration, DM|Xian, AVM|GamerBee, CafeID|Poongko, HumanBomb, Qanba|Xiao Hai, KaneBlueRiver, Dark Jeiwa, Laugh.

      But don't forget: just about anyone can become notable in this event. A complete unknown can come from nowhere (or Death Valley) and just dominate the competition, or if not, put on one hell of a show for the fans. A true 'Zero 2 Hero' if you will.  ;)

      For you stream monsters out there, here is the stream schedule for each tournament. Nintendo recently gave the staff and the fans quite a scare when they didn't give permission for Smash Bros. to be streamed. However since then, Nintendo has decided to fall back on that decision due to the fan backlash that immediately followed, so the schedule is back to normal you can read about that whole legal debacle here)

      But anyway, the new..old..newly-old schedule: 

      The Sideshow:

      Don't forget, thanks to the passion of its community, and the generosity of the EVO staff, a Skullgirls side tournament will also be featured at the event. Whether a new version (or even just the PC beta build) of the game will be shown is likely but still unsure at the moment. A Skullgirls panel will be held on Friday at 2:00 PM as well, so if there's any chance of one showing up, it will be there.

      The fighting game tournaments aren't the only things happening throughout the weekend though. In fact, a lot of interesting details might be revealed by some of the top leaders of the Fighting Game industry. For instance, Capcom USA, including Yoshinori Onowill be attending to hold one of their panels, 'Street Fighter!'. Ono earlier went on to tease that some big news might be revealed this weekend. Could it be the new Darkstalkers? A totally new franchise? The official balance changes to Street Fighter IV? Who knows, it's Ono "Trollo" we're talking about here! You'll just have to tune in to find out.

      One thing can be guaranteed: New DLC for Injustice will be revealed at EVO. This will include a new character and a new skin that "people have been clamoring for," according to Ed Boon.

      Double Helix Games will also be there to show off the new Killer Instinct build, revealing a new stage, the newly renditioned Glacius and another new character.

      All this is happening along with other panels throughout the weekend, so there's no shortage of content to be shown. ScrewAttack's own Chad and Bryan will also be one of the thousands in attendance. I'm not sure if they'll be there on official business or just for the hell of it, but nevertheless their tweets will be dazzling for the next couple of days.

      The Comment Questions

      Who do you think will take home the trophy for each game? What other news/drama do you think will be revealed throughout the weekend? Will you be attending, or will you be watching on the online streams? Which game are you looking forward to? But the biggest question of them all: 

      Who's Hype?

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