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    • Is the Fighting Game Community Truly Evil?

      7 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

        I apologize in advance CoinToss (Figcoinc); although I do agree on some of your arguments, such as how the past FGC was more friendly and 'ideal', I am going to have to disagree with the rest of your comment.

      The defendants of this particular case defended their perspective on this topic very poorly by stating that it has simply always been existing. As another member of the fighting game community myself (though admittedly still a newcomer as far as age is concerned), I have witnessed firsthand the sort of verbal..'communication' that the majority of the 'stream-monsters' use, and I have to say sure, they are overall barbaric, and yet most of them are generic uses of memes, quotes, FGC terminology, and judgement on various parts of the human anatomy; not a lot of them are really that original and thus aren't really coming from the heart of that user, mostly coming from their mind and their MLG-branded dick (aka the gamer ego and/or id). What I'm trying to say is that these particular taunts shouldn't really damage others so much because they're merely phantoms of what they originally were, and even then most of them were merely jokes constructed from impulse.

      As for the controversy over 'fair-play', that is part of being a general. Good fighters know how to play the game, great fighters know how to train the other player to play the game their way, using various techniques of psychology and pacing whether consciously or not, but the best fighters, know how to only allow in their own psychology and focus only on their objective. Why do you think Saikyo, despite being an overall silly copycat of Shotokan Karate in current portrayal, is still considered a valid fighting style?Because it hurts the opponents mentally more than physically. As far as my book is concerned, winning the mental battle and either making the opponent willingly submit defeat or breaking their composure is much more satisfying than simply making the opponent's body collapse despite still having a will to carry on the task at hand.

      Now comes the complicated part. Some people are more sensitive than others and thus find the previous suggestion of ignoring them harder to complete. Everyone has their own personality and story and that's excellent for inspiring authors. But here's where the problem comes in. What people like Twitch community manager, Jared Rea in this particular scenario want to do is tone down this tenacity and ferociousness to be more acceptable to be the general public (BTW: His argument about the current behavior alienating females is completely hypocritical to his overall cause as it is stereotyping the female mentality into one group; who says no girl gamers or even girls in general like this sort of thing?). That's like censoring someone's personality, censoring someone's story. We, the internet of all people, should agree that this is simply wrong after getting pissed and rampaging SOPA with torches and pitchforks to stop it from "censoring the internet". It's just what we humans are; Humanity 101. If you want to talk about hyspocriy even further, take a look at Hollywood. Some 'celebrities' (if not most) perform countless acts of drugs, and overall drama and yet there's media like US Weekly and TMZ that glorify this kind of behavior because it's 'entertaining'.  Hell even our governments our doing this sort of thing, but it's allowed because they claim they're doing it for the good of the people. [Blah de blah blah Insert further Society is Wrong Ranting Here]

      But that's the problem with us humans: Everyone wants to be the hero, the victim, the main character. But we just have to admit it: Some us just have to be the side characters. Some of us have to play the villian, and some of us just have to be extras, because without without the rest of the cast, the main character will just seem flat as shit. That's Storytelling 101. Which is why Pro Wrestling , a 'sport' that is so similiar to the fighting game community it's not even funny, is still around and loved even When we know it's All Fake!

      I'm getting off topic here so back to the FGC in particular (baby steps). This is not how we should be handling the situation. If you don't like how the FGC world is working now, ignore it and just lead by example by being yourself. Just like how no matter what, every one of us is influenced by our parents (whether wanting to become them or trying not to become them, it's still influence), there's going to be at least a 0.00001% probability that someone is going to be influenced by you. Depending on your charisma, skill, and other facotrs,  soon that micropopulation will become larger and larger until it's practically trending worldwide from the millions and millions of fighting game fans as you put boots and hadoukens in asses all over the place!.....Sorry, coulnd't resist another wrestling reference ^__^"

      In short, we shouldn't be forcing our players to change who they are..we should be inspiring them to want to change. And that's my defense your honor and jury of the court. I may not be no Phoenix Wright, but I believe that my case is at least justified to present a fair trial for this debate...maybe I consider myself a Harvey Birdman at best.

    • C-c-c-c-c-Combo Maker? Killer Instinct trademark Renewed by Microsoft

      7 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      "With all due respect to our friends in the media who like to frequent trademark sites, we thought we'd like to break this one ourselves. :) 

      Our legal eagles have authorized us to say: "We have either renewed or refilled a trademark application in various jurisdictions." 

      That's it! Have a good Monday!"- playXBLA

      This was the reply given almost immedietly after Microsoft seemed to have renewed the trademark for Rare's Killer Instinct series. Ever since the news that ex-Rare employees claimed that Microsoft wanted Rare to focus on 'family-friendly' titles, any hope of a new Killer Instinct coming out seemed to have been smacked down. That is until today.

      Now don't get your hopes up just yet. True, this may be hinting at the much desired Killer Instinct 3, but Microsoft could also just be renewing the trademark so that Rare could focus on an HD-release of the original Killer Instinct titles for Xbox Live Arcade. Hell, they could just be renewing it just to sell KI merchandise like t-shirts and stuff! Either way, it seems that KI is coming back to the market in some way.

      So I guess now is a good time than any to discuss Killer Instinct, so to those just waiting to input your thoughts into the comments section below:

      1. If Rare is actually working on Killer Instinct 3 as we're speak, what would you want included in the game? What features from the previous entries do you want to remain, and what new ideas would you like to propose to the development team?
      2. If Rare is actually working on an Killer Instinct HD Edition for the XBLA, what features would you want to be put in besides the game itself?
      3. Just in general, what are your fondest/worst KI memories?
    • Top 5 Games for the Rentaholic (2011-2012)

      7 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

       Before we begin, I have a confession to make. I...don't really buy games anymore <Le GASP>!  At least not anymore because I'm usually too income-impaired to keep up with the scene of latest titles and gimmicks. Being a role-model for imaginary fans doesn't exactly bring home the benjamins here. But I have been able to keep up, thanks to a little service called Gamefly, which I have come to love. I'm able to keep playing new titles at only 1/3 the price a month, and I save countless games from being shelved into neglect. So what better way to repay them than to spread the word of the value of renting to the streets! ...Well yeah I could also just link you to the site to sign-up (like so:, but that would be the easy way out.

      NOTE: This list is not really complete for various reasons. If you would like to suggest a game of this calibur that's not on this list or just think that my opinion is wrong, please don't be shy to comment below. Even the ones that'll just type out something like "U dumA$$ n00b", I'll be sure to check out that particular title in the near future (Though I hear the ratings aren't that good). Still, why only 5 games? Because I like to do things precisely half-assed like that.

       Automatic Disqualifications-AKA: Dishonorable Mentions

      Oh looky here, a little bonus for those of you who actually checked out this blog. How thoughtful of me. Basically these are games/products that are most likely 'Go Big or Go Home' Must-Buy games; either that, games you shouldn't try at all.

      Fighting Games

      Who doesn't like throwing limbs at each other hoping to bring the opposition down for the count? Well for those that actually do, these games can be a blast once players learn all the mechanics and basic strategies inside them, but that's also the problem: They will have to learn a lot about them before most resemblence of true fun can be had. Fighting games are practically an investment for the average gamer, and it would be both hard and pointless to try to pinpoint the mechanics to a science like resets, combos, mix-ups etc under the time limit of only renting the game and then giving it back. There's almost no point in renting the title again when you can just buy to keep it. The games I can maybe reccomend to rent-a-holics are those with story modes like MK9, Blazblue, Persona 4 Arena and others, mainly to enjoy that particular experience before giving the game back. Otherwise fighting games are a 'Go Buy or Just Keep Going On By'.

      Sorry Glowstick Ken, but Street Fighter x Tekken isn't even good enough to rent yet. 

       Game Trials/Demos

      This should be a no-brainer, but to those who don't know yet, just because you didn't pay for it yet, doesn't mean it's a rental. Besides, there are just too many limitations set in the demo/trial version to enjoy the game, that sometimes, you're still unsure on whether to buy the full version or not, fearing that maybe the developers are hiding a skeleton in the closet somewhere in the final product, but since you paid for it, it's no take-backsies. It still shouldn't stop you from trying them though. There's even some in the Game Trials section of this website in case you forgot it existed. They're sort of like 'Semi-Rentals'; still it's close, but no candy cigar. This also technically excludes games on XBLA/PSN/Virtual Console/IoS because you have to buy them. 

      Most RPGs (Especially MMOs)

      Like fighting games, these usually take a lot of time out your schedule to play through with the main story/game, customizations, and re-playthroughs. Those that don't either aren't very good to start with, or are an exception to the case that may show up on this list. When making such decisions on your party/battle styles and strategy, relationship/pimp-status building, decision-making or whatever arbituary side quest is next, it doesn't help when you're feeling rushed because you have to either give the game back or re-rent it again for another time period to continue through. On a more sentimental note, whenever I do get such a game and there's another file on it, it always pains my heart to see another person's file on there, but being forced to either delete their entire existence, their entire effort in order to play mine if there's only one save file, or just see it stay there, most likely never to be replayed again, especially depending on how far in said other file made progress.

       Alright, now that that's over with, let's shedaddle on to the actual list.

      The Actual List (In No Particular Order)

      Asura's Wrath

       Whoah man does this game give you a rush! Take a world inspired by Buddhist and Hindu mythology, mix in some gameplay of Capcom's Devil May Cry, (add some Street Fighter if you buy the DLC), the frequency of quick-time events of Dragon's Lair, and mix that up with some steroids and you have this testerone-fueled game. Asura's Wrath was sort of an experiment for the medium, seeing if a game can really be carried by its anime-esque episodic style. The experiment was a success on the presentation side because the game really does feel like an anime almost to a T! The storyline, though a bit cliched at times, is epic, especially in scale. 

      Would you believe me if I told you this is only the first boss in the game? 0___0

       So what stopped it from being a legendary game? The gameplay, which is evident that it was a minor focus during development. The game is split into three styles: The flying short shoot-em-up sequences, the glorious, but still linear QTEs, and the actual fighting, the only part the players actually really play. The actual gameplay may seem like it's like Devil May Cry, but it's not as stylish as Devil May Cry. In fact everything just feels stiff. The player is really stuck in one set location fighting enemies that don't actually die, until they activate their BURST and advance to the next scene, but seeing that the combo-potential is really low, that might take a while, thus gets repetitive.

      Despite that though, the game is still fantastic as a rental. You can complete the dramatic story in little more than a weekend, however if you wish to see the Actual ending to the tale, be prepared to pay a little more for the Chapter 14 DLC, a big risk to take considering you're only renting the game (though in my opinion, said risk is well worth it). The entire way though, you'll be in awe of the sheer manliness and beauty in this game. Take it from Jared if you don't believe me: RRRRAAAAWWWW MANLY GRUNTING!!!

      Lollipop Chainsaw

      Would you believe me if I told you this was the best part of the game? ^-^

       I am serious about that. The two main characters, Juliet and Nick (especially Nick) are the stars of this show and what makes this a Suda51 game, not only for obvious eye candy, but for the funny dialogue between them. Some say that Juliet is too much of a stereotypical air-head relying too much on sex appeal, but that's what I love about her. Despite a zombie apacalyspe devouring all of her friends, she still has a playful and bubbly attitude, emphasis on the playful due to her uintended sexual references that rev up our chainsaws. Without this complimentary duo, this game would be just another zombie game in a setting that seems to be confused on what time period it's in.  And like Asura's Wrath, the gameplay is just too clunky to really enjoy. By the time you're able to bring some sex appeal and pisazz into your zombie-slaying, the game will be almost over, and there's little insentive to continue on after that unless you want to take a crack at the harder difficulties to get the better 'endings'.

      Lollipop Chainsaw is perfect for a rental, just to laugh your ass off at the absurdity. Even the zombies will make you at least smile with their id-dominated comments before they're sliced into sparkly bits. As long as you don't take the game seriously and don't expect much from it, you'll have a good time-spender for the weekend..for more uses than one. Still won't take my word on this? I think my feelings are hurt. T__T  Fine, then let Jared again explain it in more professional words:

      Spec Ops: The Line

      Alright, time to scratch the itchy trigger finger with the next selection on the list. I would be lying if I said that I thought this was going to be a good game based on the press and advertising pre-release. Heck I can bet that most people would be lying if they said that. For the most part, it plays the part with run of the mill cover-based ballistic combat. Not saying that it's bad, just overused in a game market filled with Call of Duty sequels and Call of Duty knock-offs and competitors.

      But who would of thought that this game would present players with a grim dark story about real military consequences instead of aggressive nationalism targeted at making gun-toting patriots rock hard? Not me that's for sure, which is why this game makes for at least an interesting rental. The gameplay is just satisfying enough to keep you motivated to  travel around the raptured, yet pretty remains of Dubai. As soon as you're done with the relatively short campaign, you can then return it back...though for your next game you rent, it would be wise to get a more cutesy wutesy light-hearted game to bring you out of the depressed pyche you'll most likely get after playing Spec Ops.

      Guess you really Can't judge a book by its matter how generic it is. >_>



      Saying that this game is unque is an understatement. It's always nice to have something that will test both your upper and lower brain. Seeing as this comes from Atlus, the developers that have brought us titles such as the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series, it's no surprise that the player becomes a part of an engaging story. The theme this time around is the sensitive game of love as you control normal-guy Vincent through his quandary involving two love interests, his fear of commitment, and social standards. Oh did I also mention the gauntlet of life-threatening super-dreams each and every night? How's that for a movie fit for Lifetime?

      Unlike the previous entries in this list, both the story and gameplay are solid. The puzzle stages contantly reminded me of a relationship. You have to plan your moves carefully, but when they work, not only are you one-step closer to your ultimate goal, but you feel great doing it. Sure multiple variables are brought to the table to keep things on edge, but it's still possible to overcome them in lovely fashion.

      If there ever was a more accurate representation of a man's struggle while in a relationship, this would be it.

      Speaking of lovely, in-between the puzzling adventure, the game will question what you consider lovely with various scenerios and questions. The beauty within all this...well I don't want to spoil any of it for ya, so you'll just have to find out for yourself. It shouldn't take you long either as the main game is maybe 10 hours long. The other modes include going through a challenge mode, where the stage is random everytime, and  mulitplayer  competitive and co-op. To be honest though, the multiplayer isn't that steller so if you decide to rent the game, focus on the singleplayer components and enjoy the Golden Playhouse feature presentation. One thing is for sure: You do not want to play this with your girlfriend/boyfriend/body pillow/blow-up doll around. Things may just get..awkward.

      Duke Nukem Forever

      Whoa whoa calm down now! I think I have a valid reason for putting this on list. It's not a pretty reason though, not so as much that I'm not even bothering to place a little picture of anything DNF-related to further apply feng shui to this blog.

      Either out of pure coincidence or a joke from the gaming gods, Duke Nukem Forever's initials, DNF were also synonmyous with the familiar term for online rage quitting,"Did Not Finish" due to its excessively long development period, only to just dissappear from existence. But then like the hero with no-name returning back from years of training, The King was back from the grave as his new game was released to the world, maikng the market fall in love with Duke all over again..only to break their hearts with a flat-out mediorce first-person shooter. Which is why I suggest renting this game as a responsibility as a gamer. Let it be an educational experience for you to see what went wrong with this attempt of a revival from gameplay mechanics to how even the presentation sort of betrays the franchise signature. Don't start whining that much now, because this homework assignment could make you giggle with its quips and the few gimmicks that it has. Who knows, you may even like it, like I did (at least the campaign; the mulitplayer can eat shit and die).

      So that's my little renter's guide for 2011-2012. As you may have noticed, most games are short-lasting and either have great story/narrative but some other elements holding it back, or they're titles that have something special about them that deserve at least a look-see. Have fun ^_^

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