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    • Xbox Hell; Microsoft looking to implement Reputation System to weed out "bad-behaving" players

      2 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      For you Xbox Live users out there, you've probably had your fair share of homophobic, sexist and racist remarks thrown into your ears during a game, more likely just from the first five minutes of entering it. 

      For those tired of being on the receiving end of the majority of generally nasty communication, Microsoft may have a solution coming for the Xbox One. You know those 5 stars in your Gamercard that represent your "Reputation"? Pretty useless and inaccurate now, right? Well Microsoft is planning to change all that by implementing a new type of system to track down an individual's behavior, and then segregate them into either the good or naughty list, based on said behavior. 

      Microsoft senior product manager, Mike Lavin went on to further explain what they are planning to do and their reasons for doing it now:

      "What we're looking at doing is creating a very robust system around reputation and match-making. Ultimately if there's a few percent of our population that are causing the rest of the population to have a miserable time, we should be able to identify those folks... A lot of people out there are really liking to use the term "Xbox Live Hell" when describing this. This type of segregating players isn't a new idea either. Publishers like Capcom put in such "Hell" systems into games like Marvel vs. Capcom 3... ?If we see consistently that people, for instance, don't like playing with you, that you're consistently blocked, that you're the subject of enforcement actions because you're sending naked pictures of yourself to people that don't want naked pictures of you. Blatant things like that have the ability to quickly reduce your Reputation score."

      Personally I'm a little disappointed. No one's ever sent me naked pictures of themselves to me. Nonetheless this seems to be a big enough problem that Lavin had to go out and point that example out. The tricky part comes in when it involves a group of players together, a party if you will. What happens with this particular situation? Apparently the party will be assigned points of behavior as a group, with that number only reflecting the lowest scoring member of the party, Lavin suggesting that 

      "the weight of peer pressure" may help encourage better player behavior"

      Relying on peer pressure? Really? From experience, when someone is bringing the rest of the team down, such a situation makes or breaks relationships. 

      Apologies for the cynical perspective, but more likely than not, I can see party members kicking out the dead weight off the boat, before even considering trying to lighten the weight or even going down with the ship.

      As a whole, I see this plan and system as a great step forward to making the online community a big happy world of friendship, lollipops and whole-heartingly fun gaming. But the dark part of me can't help but also see this as an exploitive issue. Referring back to the five-star Reputation system we have for Xbox 360 now, I lost one full star merely because of claims that I was too good at the game, and thus I must have been cheating. The fatal flaw in Santa Claus's plan every 

      Christmas is that behavior isn't always black and white, sometimes being a shade of subjective grey. The worse case scenario I can see from this is when  people are being sent into the dark depths of Xbox Live, due to misinterpreted sarcasm, kind of like an earlier incident involving League of Legends last week.

      Well I know of numerous YouTubers out there, those whose contents focuses on trolling other players, are going to be overall disappointed with this news and may need to rethink their business strategies in the future...or at least become more clever at their craft.?

      Comment Question: So you probably are at least a little glad Microsoft is continuing to try enforcing proper online etiquette for their Xbox Live service, but are you also worried that this can also be taken or used the wrong way? And Whatever happened to "Gamer Zones"? Wasn't that the original solution behind for this quandary when Xbox 360 debuted? How many of you Xbox Live players actually used that Gamer Zone preference, and did you see any changes to your match-making experience? Do you think it will be the same results with this new Reputation system being looked into? 
    • So I'm what to do?

      3 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      So the crossover's come and gone and everybody's hopefully moved in alright. We apologize for the mess we may have caused while fitting in here, messing up the feng shui of the site a little bit..or maybe a lot. So now that I'm here..what do I do to capitalize on the situation?

      See, I was thinking of banging the door open with a dropkick by publishing an articl- I mean journal entry reviving a little series I used to maintain called "Hitstun", a fighting game based discussion series. This revival issue would have been about pseudo-advertising one of the cool sleeper hits of the title ' Rising Thunder' , going over how a one-button special w/ cooldown system, and singleplayer U.I. per screen was putting a 'rising' spin on fighting games as we know it. The article would've concluded with an invitation to check the free alpha out while it was still in full swing.

      ...Then Riot Games came along.

      Welp, so much for talking about the game, now that it's going to be nonexistent now.

      So here is where I have a question for you guys, g1s and Roosterteeth alike (that's what they call you guys, right?): Since I have actual free time now with spring break (Woo!), what should I put my effort and research into:

      1. Adapt to the news and make speculative article on how Radiant Entertainment will transfer their mechanics from Rising Thunder into a potential League of Legends fighting game (because we all know that's what's gonna happen)?

      2. Go on with my planned 2nd article for the series, discussing taunts in fighting games, including their functionality, style, and perhaps a Top 10 of the best ones thus far.

    • 3 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity
    • 3 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

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      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      It's Super Scary!!

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    • 3 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity
    • I Choose be in Pokken Tournament!

      4 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      On August 26, 2014, Nintendo and Namco-Bandai announced a collaboration project combining two of their greatest franchises: Tekken and Pokemon. That's right folks, it's finally happening. Besides a Pokemon MMO, an actual fighting game featuring Pokemon is a dream project desired by countless trainers across the world, just waiting to finally gain the chance to kick some ass with some of their Poke-partners without having to wait a turn. So who's going to make the actual roster now that the fantasy is becoming reality?

      A short time ago, another livestream on Nico Nico Douga displayed more details on Pokken Tournament, including live in-game footage of how the game is going to be played. Let's take a look at that now to get a good idea of the potential beforehand:


                                                                         (Footage provided by Maximillian dood)


      Holy Skitty, this game is turning out better than I anticipated! The general gameplay seems to be based on games like the DBZ Budokai series and Naruto fighting games; projectile-based footsie game in the first phase of the fight, followed by a 2D fighting game after one Pokemon gains an upper hand with a critical hit-like attack. At first, I was bit apprehensive on how Namco-Bandai was going to simulate pokemon combat into a balanced fighter, but it seems like they have a handle on things when it comes to showcasing both Pokemon physical and special attacks. Giving it a closer look, I do have to say the transitions between 3D and 2D mode do kind of take a bit too long, killing some momentum brought upon by the attack that initiated it in the first place. Street Fighter x Tekken suffered a similar flaw too in its gameplay, so hopefully Namco fixes that little hiccup similar to how Capcom fixed theirs by just speeding up the freeze frame between transitions. Keep thet momentum flowing and the hype will follow suite.

      The appearence scenes of when assist Pokemon appear takes even longer than they should be. Oh that's right. The footage above may not have shown that much of it, but Pokken Tournament will be featuring summon characters to assist the main fighters, using a specialized attack on the field like any other assist mechanic in any other team fighting game. It may not be official as of yet, but it seems like these assist Pokemon can only be used once per round; somthing to take note of when considering candidates and their abilities for that roster list. But enough analzying alpha builds of arcade games. Check the source link below for a more detailed inspection of what's already been shown. It's time to debate about what pokemans will be featured in this game in the first place!

      Starting off with the aforementioned....


      This is the list of top candidates I believe should be included as supporters/assists in Pokken Tournament. These are the mons that I believe just aren't fit to be playable characters in a fighting game -whether because of their mobility, or their limited moveset potential- but thanks to the reveal of the assist system, these creatures now have a fighting chance to be included in the game. Most of these listed are mons with that one niche under their belt, Pokemon that are recognized for one move or a few more; ones that would obviously make great assists in a fighting game. Like any other lister on a blog site, I did however have some rules I set for myself to obey:

      • Cannot include Emolga, Fennekin, Lapras, Eevee, Frogidier or Snivy as they have already been officially revealed. In addition, it was highly advised to avoid including assist moves that were similiar to the ones the official mons already have, like Lapras' Surf, Emolga's Electro Ball etc.
      • Avoid using Pokemon that have already been included in Super Smash Bros. I'm trying to feature Pokemon that haven't been included in a spin-off game as of yet. There are exceptions to this rule included in the list, but only because such exlusions have too much of a powerful/recognizable niche to ignore consideration.


      Now then, let's start things off with:

      1. Jigglypuff

      Oh Jigglypuff, you adorable floaty bastard. How you became abnormally popular is quite an interesting tale. First you were a simple normal-type balloon pokemon, a common creature like any other. But then the anime came along and a star was born amongst your species. Why? Because ol' Jiggly wanted to be a singing superstar so badly and had a marker to vandalize anyone that got in the way of that dream (while the victims were having dreams of their own because of Puff's singing). Due to the popularity of Jigglypuff's antics in the show, they would go on to represent the Pokemon series as a hidden character in Super Smash Bros ever since, so they've already been acquainted to the fighting game genre

      While Jigglypuff's aerodynamic fighting style has been notable in that series (even being the 2nd best character in Melee), I don't think the puffball has a fit enough arsenal for the kind of combat we're about to unleash in Pokken Tournament aside from its mobility. Hence I've thought that perhaps Jigglypuff could serve a better role in the game based on the one move that gave Jigglypuff its talent and its curse; the one move that Jigglypuffs are most known for these days: Sing.  When called out, Jigglypuff will swirl around the stage, singing its famous song for a set amount of time. If the opponent is caught in this area-of-effect for long, they'll fall asleep, essentially stuck in a stun mode and wide open for practically anything the opponent can unleash until they wake back up. Of course, blocking while inside the 'Sing Zone' will increase the time it'll take to fall alseep, but not by that much.

      With Jigglypuff on the side, there'll always be one concert your opponents should be wary of. Sharpie marker still in consideration to be included.

      2. Likitung

      Likitung is a blatant representation of gluttony, with its hungry gaze, fat stubby body, and neverending love for food. That long tongue of theirs is perhaps the only reason people even remember Likitung still exists these days, with how much of a bland moveset they usually have without the assistance of TMs and HMs being a contributing factor. But perhaps with the advent of this new game, Likitung can actually be useful as a pokemon..other than be a woman's favorite late night friend.

      With that lengthy tongue of theirs, Likitung can nab far away opponents across the battlefield and reel them over to the user ala Blitzcrank or Yoshi. After the opponent's brought right in front of the user, albeit a bit slimier, Likitung will finish its job with Lick, slightly paralyzing their catch and leaving enough hitstun on them for the user to continue with a combo. This assist will especially prove to be a darling for those fighters that are struggling to close the distance between them and their foes. Likitung's tongue isn't of course a homing device so opponents can dodge the snag with a dodge roll or something similar, and of course the farther away the assist is used from the foe the longer it'll take for the tongue to reach its destination, thus making it easier for the opponent to react and time the evasion. 

      3. Electrode

      We all know what this pokemon's meant to do at this point don't we? It's Electrode, the excitable time bomb that's posed as a pokeball and blew up on anyone's faces who fell for its resemblence for six generations now. His job is simple: Get sent to the field, activate either Self-Destruct or Explosion (different names same boom), and countdown for the big shibang! As with all iterations of Electrode featured in games like Smash Bros, he has no intended target, and will harm even the user if they're caught in the blast radius. 

      Thus the trick will be to use Electrode as a sort of combo-ball, using attacks to send Electrode back and forth between the two combatants in a round of hot potato. Smart opponents will of course use this opportunity to close in on their intended receiver and create sufficient enough pressure so that they're target doesn't get the chance to escape. When the clock hits zero and the fuse is set to blow, even if the foe is defending frantically against a flurry of blows and bracing for impact, Electrode's AoE  explosion will lay down an expensive amount of damage because this will be unblockable. 

      Electrode- When he enters the battlefield, you're bound to have a blast.

      4. Honedge

      Honedge, the sword Pokemon and its evolutions have become a real hit with trainers since their discovery in Pokemon X & Y and for pretty good reason. I mean it's a sword. A ghost-sword! That's pretty badass. Despite its tendency to drain the  life force of those who wielded them, the Honedge species have proven throughout history to be loyal and dependable allies. With Pokken Tournament, they'll stay true to that reputation as a nifty assist...except without the draining of souls part. No matter how good the assist might be, I don't think the gradual draining of health would be favored by many players.

      When unsheathed to the battlefield, Honedge will float around the user for a set amount of time. Whenever the user performs an attack, Honedge will follow it up with a slash of its own, Sacred Sword. This is essentially Yun's Genei Jin (Street Fighter III), and like super duper moves like that, this follow-up slash can be used to link together moves that would otherwise be uncomboable, create threatening mixups, and(or) just use it as continous offensive pressure for decent chip damage. From close-range, Honedge's attacks are normal, but from a distance in 3D mode, Honedge's attack will take a bit longer, but will act as a projectile towards the opponent.

      Honedge was chosen over its two evolutions because its potential as an assist would indeed be useful but not too powerful like the other evolutions predicatbly would. Duoblade is essentially two Honedges together and obviously two is better than one in this case..just too much better. With two slashes with every one attack from the user, overwhelming the opponent would be just too dang easy and exploitable. Aegislash on the other hand -one of the most popular pokemon out there- is still one blade, but also accompanied by a shield. I originally thought that Aegislash could be the ideal assist nominee, using Sacred Sword as a follow-up attack, and then using King's Shield to auto-block opponents attacks whenever the user was too careless to be defending on their own. In the end though, I thought this dual functionality was too useful to be an assist. Restricting Aegislash to just using one of these functions would just be seen as wasted potential. So instead I just kept it simple and stuck with Honedge.

      5. Galvantula

      Galvantula is one of the most perfectly designed Pokemon in the entire universe right down to the name being a combination of tarantula and galvanism, the contraction of muscle movement via electric current. This electric spider is also pretty damn special because it and its pre-evolution are the only pokemon that learn the move Electro-Web, which wold make a perfect assist attack.

      Electro-Web in the mainstream games is a special electric attack that does damage then lowers the target's speed stat. In Pokken Tournament it can work the exact same way, minus the additional damage. Galvantula can lay down a large jolt-filled web on the ground in front of it. If the opponent makes contact with the trap, they are slowed down immensely, making themselves easy targets for an offensive charge. An additional bonus will occur if Electro-Web hits players directly when summoned. Not only will the inflicted opponent be automatically slowed down for a set time limit, but their hitstun rating will be increased greatly as well, making it easier for oppurtunists to land complicated combos easier and even make new combos out of moves that couldn't be linked together before.

      Now while I believe Galavantula looks kind of cute, I understand if the guys at Namco choose not to use it because of some people's fear of such spiders. Arachniphobia is a pretty common fear amongst humans after all. If this is the case, then the designers can simply replace Galvantula with its even cuter, fuzzier pre-evolution, Joltik.



                                    Damnit you just bit off my Wii U power cable...but how can I stay mad at such a face. <3


      6. Sharpedo/Excadrill

      Sharpedo and Excadrill are two general badasses that are professionals in their craft. When thinking of how to apply them into Pokken Tournament gameplay, their assist mechanics eventually came out the same way, resulting in a two-way tie.

      Sharpedo is a shark in the shape of a torpedo (duh). What do sharks and torpedos do to prey. They emerge from underwater and chomp down from below! Sharpedo's assist involves it using Dive and submerging itself under the battlefield. It homes in on the opponent and after few seconds, jumps out from below their feet, unleashing a fierce jumping chomp and sending the foe hurling up towards the sky. With correct timing, the user can follow up this attack with an aerial offensive, or simply shoot them down out of the air like a clay pidgeon.

      For those already questioning how exactly Sharpedo's going to swim in the ground, you clearly haven't been playing Pokemon for long. Trainers have been able to send their pokemon underwater right from solid ground, and even use Dig in outer space when fighting Deoxys recently in Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire! But for those who wish to keep reality intact, including some developers involved in the game, Excadrill will serve as a more-than fitting alternative. The steel-armored mole will work the same way, but using Dig to navigate underground towards their opponent. After a few seconds, Excadrill will rise up from the earth unleashing an uppercut from below.

      Either pokemon will do its job just fine, and ensure a nasty surprise from the depths below.

      7. Jirachi

      Introducing a legendary into the swing of things. Not just any legendary either. It's the eternal wish-granter, and all around adorable baby demi-God, Jirachi.  Jirachi will bless the ring with just its sheer presence, but especially prove to be bountiful for the user..if they can fufill the requirements to do so.

      Jirachi will be using Wish as its assist ability in Pokken Tournament. In the games, Wish was a move that after activating required one full turn to occur before becoming actually useful, healing the user (or whatever Pokemon is in the spot at the time) by 50% of the activator's max health. In Pokken Tournament, things will essentially remain the same. Upon being called upon, or wished for, Jirachi will cast Wish, and then say goodbye. The user will still have to hold their ground for a little while longer after that. When the time finally arrives, a shooting star will descend onto the battlefield in a random location (more likely right near the user). Whoever contacts the star first is healed by 50% or an equally precious value. But with a more mobile field of play and more aggresive opponent than the battles of the main series, laying in wait for salvation to come could prove to be more difficult than estimated. A real twist of fate is the possibility that the opponent gathers the star and health recovery instead. Both players will have to be on their toes.

      Whenever Jirachi is chosen as an assist, one thing will be certain: The race for Jirachi's gift will be a crucial moment in any battle within the game.

      8. Wobbuffet

      Wobbuffet is probably the main reason I decided to consider making this list about Pokemon supporters in the first place. As soon as gameplay revealing assists were shown, I knew that the comedic punching bag just had to make an appearence in some way now. Despite such a limited movset in the main series games, the moves that Wobbuffet can learn make him one of the most perfectly designed creatures for competitive battling to date, and ironically such a limited moveset provided me with so many ideas on how involve Mr. Wobb as an assist.

      To save ourselves some time, I'll just present the one potential assist mechanic that would make Wobb the most unique and perhaps extrmely useful assist-mon in the set. Wobbuffet's mainstay strategy in battle is to simply stand there, take some hits, then use Counter or Mirror Coat to send that damage right back onto the attacker and then some (which move used depending on whether the attack was physical or special). In Pokken Tournament, Wobbuffet can work in the same way. Whenever the user is in trouble and in the middle of being punished in a combo, they can send in an emergency Wobbuffet in between the opponent and them. Once the assist is out there, if the opponent continues the assault and makes contact, Wobb will act as a C-c-c-cCOMBO BREAKER and send the opponent flying out of harm's reach with a critical blow. If this process was done in 2D-mode, the critical blow will automatically transition the battle right back to 3D.

      Sending Wobbuffet out there will prove to be useful whether its Counter/Mirror Coat is activated or not. If it activates, great; a quick escape out of sticky situation and even some damage to the opponent (damage is equal to 2x that of the strike that initiated Counter/Mirror Coat. If it was a multi-hitting attack, only the damage of the first strike that makes contact will be counted). Even if the opponent recognizes Wobb and stops the attack beforehand, that's still an escape from the combo; not as great as one in comparison because the opponent can simply go for a reset mixup and start over again, but still a temporary escape nonetheless.  Seeing as how these assists are only going to be allowed to be used once per round, there's no fear of this assist being overused at the first sign of an offensive. Players will have to choose when to use this assist carefully.

      That's why I firmly believe that if there's any of these proposed pokemon that could be in the game, Wobbuffet is the one that MUST be included as an assist in Pokken Tournament.

                                             Main Poke-Fighters

      And now for the moment you've probably all been waiting for. These are the pokemon that could come in with a complete package. These are pokemon that could be designed to fit into the game in a variety of ways, with plenty of moves to choose from for attacks and abilities. The ones I've chosen for this list are ones that fit a different archetype each for those with different styles in fighting games. Some are obvious, but hopefully some are obscure but interesting choices. Let's start things off with one of the most obvious ones in everyone's list:

      1. Hawlucha


      What's a fighting game without some sort of wrestler? What's a Tekken-esque game without King? Hawlucha fits the bill for both qualifications perfectly. A hawk formatted for lucha libre, Hawlucha can serve as the pseudo-grappler & high flyer type of fighter. He can bounce all over the place, and soar the skies before dropping down for a Flying Press, and catch the opponent with other such wrestling moves when on the ground. When it comes to where Hawlucha prefers to attack from, his mobility on the ground will be slow, perhaps methodical. With his fragile defenses/health, it would't be wise to keep the luchadore grounded for long. In the air though, his jumps will be extremely high, even floaty, can glide through the air, and even springboard off the boundaries of the ring. To simplify things, imagine El Fuerte (Street Fighter IV)  but as a bird.

      As for what his super flourish will be, or "Burst Attacks" as they're officially calling it, that remains in question. Perhaps his "Resonance Burst" (the mode required to initiate Burst Attacks) can enable Hawlucha to chain together command grabs and even aerial throws, resulting in one ultimate wrestling move in the end; maybe Seismic Toss. We'll just have to wait and see what his special arsenal will be. I say wait and see with assurance because it will be quite a terrible shock if Hawlucha isn't included into the roster at all; might result in some e-riots from fans if he isn't. That's how perfect Hawlucha is for this game.

      2. Throh 

      Speaking of grapplers, Throh could be designed as the dedicated pure grappler. While Throh isn't as mobile as Hawlucha, especially in the air and perhaps not even on the ground, Throh can just bulk through most strikes to get in range thanks to its large health. Throh's judo prowess offers him a plethora of command grabs to choose from like Seismic TossStorm ThrowCircle Throw etc. The Pokemon equivalent of Segata Sanshiro's strategy will more than likely be based on one thing. Throw, throw, and throw some more. Pretty simple stuff to understand. The problem will be of course getting close enough for these throws to connect, especially against opponents who prefer to keep their distance. Grappler players should understand this choice by now in their field of work.

      Considering Throh to be featured in the fighting roster was the easy part. The difficulties of considering his inclusion came from oddly enough a different Pokemon altogether: Sawk. Sawk is Throh's counterpart in the franchise, but with more of an emphasis on karate. When I also thought how Sawk could be played in the game, I didn't come up with any promising answers that would make him stand out. So I chose to keep him out. But I have to admit: Seeing Throh in something without Sawk would be really weird. I mean they're one duo that are practically meant for each other, like Ernie & Bert as how the resemblence joke goes. It'd take a while to get used to the separation at least. So Pokefans, I'll ask you guys this question:

      Should Throh still be in consideration for Pokken Tournament without Sawk (maybe just a reference of the blue karate-mon here and there in victory/defeat poses and taunts), or should the Judo pokemon's fate remain tied to its rival and be excluded out as well?


      3. Lopunny


      Yep, still not safe to Google image search Lopunny. This is one of the safest unofficial images I can find that's pretty. 

      Back in Gen IV when this bunny was introduced, most people didn't perceive it to be a threat in competition, preferring to keep her out of pokemon battles and keeping her in adult fanfiction. Over time though, trainers were able to see the tricks Lopunny could pull under her fluffy sleeves and use her as a niche saboteur. People still remained in doubt however if Lopunny could actually fight. Thankfully an unofficial game called Pokemon: Type Wild  proved a few things.


      While I do hope the developers of Pokken Tournament have already acknowledged this game's existence and taken notes, there's one thing in particular I hope the creators take from it: Lopunny is more than capable of handling a tussle or two against some of the toughest brawlers in the Poke-world. She can act as a footsie-centric character like Chun-Li (Street Fighter), using her agility and long floppy ears to smack opponents from a relatively safe distance. Unlike the other fighters presented thus far, Lopunny's flexible moveset in the main games is capable of pulling out useful projectiles for her in this fighting game, making her more of a balanced character to use. The reveal of Mega-Lopunny in ORAS makes her even more of an obvious choice, using her new mega-form as her Resonance Burst just like Lucario and Gardevoir so far.

      The other reason I would like Lopunny to be included in the roster is her inherited character. Lopunnies are known to be playful, tricky, and even flirtacious. A Lopunny's personality would certainly be a nice change of pace from the roster we have now with their gruff, focused exteriors. Even Pikachu is all Gruff Mctough is in its demeanor in the game right now. Probably inherited that from his trainer, Kauzya Mishima (Tekken); probably around the same time Kazuyachu learned the Electric God Wind Fist.

      Lopunny- The footsie bunny that will play around with its opponents and land a hat trick in between.

      4. Ditto

      Ditto is the second obvious choice for the Pokken Tournament roster. While it can't exactly do anything itself, it has the famous ability to transform into any Pokemon it has seen and observed. Enter our Mokujin character. I'm not sure if Ditto should transform into any Pokemon out of the final roster and adpt their playstyle ala SwordMaster/Mokujin, or simply auto-transform the fight into a mirror match however. 

      Another alternative to the transformation/clone character would be Zoroark. Zoroark would have a moveset of its own, but with its Illusion ability it can transform into whatever Pokemon he's currently fighting against, like how Twelve operated in Street Fighter III: Third Strike.

      5. Hitmontop

      Ladies and gentlmen, run in fear and hide under cover for the Pokemon version of Eddy Gordo is here! With his capoeira fighting style and body built for rhythm and spinning, Hitmontop will prove himself to be a button-mashers dream. He'll spin and spin and spin some more, no matter what button is pressed, and the spinning will continue until their opponent is left dizzy on the floor.

      No, but seriously there is actually technique in there when it comes to handling the dancing combatants the likes of Eddy Gordo (Tekken), Elena, Maxi (Soul Calibur) etc. It simply takes a bit more rhythmic input than most other characters which is rarely seen in the eyes of the average player not using them. Hitmontop will display such skill with style in grace if he's elected in Pokken Tournament. Hitmontop's key feature will be his seamless transitions between his feet and his top-like head. Players against Hitmontop will be kept guessing at which mixups he will link into next. His defensive abilities will be top-notch as well. In fact, his normal dodge-roll will be essentially a barrel roll from Star Fox (an aileron roll to be correct, but..), using his rapid spinning to deflect any small-medium projectiles that approach him and knock em back in a random direction; perhaps in the same direction that sender is at the time by chance. His own projectiles meanwhile would consist of whirwinds formed from his constant movement, shifting opponents across the field along with damage. His Resonance Burst could perhaps result in Hitmontop spinning on his head faster than anything seen before, and getting in close to him will result in a rapid fire barrage of spinning kicks for incredible damage.

      Hitmontop- In the right hands, he will rise to the top of the ladder.

      6. Vigoroth

      I always found the sloth evolutionary line to be a strange one in the games. First is Slackoth, the normal cozy sloth. Then came this energetic crazy mid-evolution, Vigoroth ready to pounce and go bonkers on anyone they saw. But the final evolution, Slacking, is this huge beast of a creature rivaling the size and mass of Snorlax, and yet they're back to being their lazy self. What, did Vigoroth expend all of its energy and effort in that one form and was unable to carry anymore to the next one? All tuckered out?

      Well what won't be tuckering out any time soon will be Vigoroth in Pokken Tournament and his relentlessness in the battle. Vigoroth will be the assigned rushdown character of the series and his mediocre defense and lack of any real range will reflect that. Vigoroth will compensate for this with his barbaric offense. His mobility will make it quite easy to get close to a poorly-trained opponent, so Vigoroth's main goal is to stay in that optimal range, so that he can unleash his wild side with moves like Fury SwipesClose CombatHeadbutt, Frustration, Crush Claw, Sucker Punch, the list goes on. For easier visualization, think of Sabrewulf (Killer Instinct).  With how worked up Vigoroth is all the time, what to do with his Rosonance Burst and Burst Attack is a bit of downer. I guess his Resonance would be Vigor using a boost move like Bulk Up or Work Up but that kind of neuters the hype don't you think?

      If it works well within the game though, perhaps Vigoroth could work a bit differently. To reflect back to its roots, maybe Vigoroth could have a stamina bar that slowly decreases with every big attack or maneuver in general. When the bar is depleted or about to be, Vigoroth could use Slack Off to gain that stamina back and get back in the game. It would certainly give Resonance a better purpose then: Just give it unlimited stamina to play with for that set amount of time. If this style is implemented into the game, players will have to master the balancing act of having a tight grip on their opponent and letting go of that grip for a quick breather. I think that can work just fine.

      Vigoroth- the epitome of fighting spirit...on a caffeine and sugar rush.

      7. Tangrowth/Cofagrigus

      If you've been reading up to this point, you may have come to realize that many of the poke-fighters featured on this list may not have that much range in their potential arsenal. Most of these admittedly do seem to have more of a focus on the 2D-mode of fighting in mind. Thankfully that's mostly thrown out the window with the next entry(ies) on this list, Tangrowth and Cofagrigus. Tangrowth and Cofagrigus would work in a similar fashion just with different cosmetics, hence the tiebreaker (just like the Sharpedo/Excadrill tie).  Tangrowth was the first Pokemon that came in mind though, so they'll be the one I'll refer to when explaining this fighting style.

      Tangrowth is pure keepaway/zoning fighter, and believes all the other pokemon have cooties. It'll whip opponents back and forth with its vines from almost across the battlefield (Vine Whip, and Power Whip). Some vines can even come from below the opponent for a sneaky low attack. Vines won't keep agile opponents at bay though, so Tangrowth will have other kinds of attacks to keep is defenses up. It'll have Leaf Storm and Bullet Seed to cut at the opponent and chip them away,  a move like Infestation as a trap projectile that stands in the way of the foe's path, and when the opponent is finally shaken up and just start to wait and block everything, then comes Grass Knot, a command grab that pops from under the opponent. If there's no other grass-type Pokemon in the final roster (doubtful), then Tangrowth has first dibs on SolarBeam as its Burst Attack.

      Cofagrigus, as mentioned before would act almost the exact same way, just different cosmetically. Just substitute Vine Whip and Power Whip with his ghostly arms with seemingly unlimited reach, and Leaf Storm and Bullet Seed with Ominous Wind and Shadow Ball. Infestation can remain the same. Not only does Cofagrigus also have that move, but the bugs can just be scarabs to fit into the whole mummy motif Cofagrigus has. Grass Knot is also in Cofagrigus' movepool, but it doesn't really fit with the mummy like Infestation can, so Cofagrigus' command grab will instead be just using those ghostly limbs to snag the opponent, dragging them into the sarcophagus for a little 7 minutes in Heaven before spitting them back out. If you've been having a growing thirst to play as Anakaris again because of the lack of Darkstalkers games, Cofagrigus could be your next best fix.

      Whether it's Tangrowth or Cofagrigus that makes the cut, whoever chooses to play as them must be ready to quarantine the opponent until they're cleanly swept out of the battle.


      8. Vespiqueen (with Combee & Beedrill)

      "Wait, what!? Three pokemon at once? But that's totally against the rules!" -Average Pokken Trainer

      Bow down. Monarchy overthrows such rules of peasants.


      Weren't expecting this choice at all were ya? But then again, I never thought that Vespiqueen could be a Pokemon that could be perfect for a fighting game. Almost as fitting as Hawlucha. That was until I started to think a little. What makes Vespiqueen so great for Pokken Tournament isn't what she can do, but she can command to do.

      Vespiqueen will be sent out of the field as the game's 'puppet fighter'. To elaborate, puppet fighters are characters in games that not only have a moveset and strategy on their own, but are accompanied by another being that can be controlled to perform various tasks of its own. Rosalina & Luma, (Smash Bros 4), Carl Clover & Ada (Blazblue),  Ms. Fortune (Skullgirls) and pretty much every playable character in both Persona 4 Arena and the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure games are prime examples of this character style. Alone, they are mediocre at best. Simply using both can only bring them so far to victory. Only by utilizing both characters in a sychronizing fashion can players hope to not only win, but perhaps dominate the average player base in stylish fashion.

       Vespiqueen's signature moves in the main games are Attack OrderDefend Order, and Heal Order. That's going to be Vespiqueen's exact moveset, but who she's ordering in the first place will finally be answered: Combee and Beedrill, because BEES. Vespiqueen herself will move around the field and have basic attacks and abilities like any other Pokemon in the game. But her real strength will come from her minions doing her deeds for her, like Combee hurling itself toward the opponent like a projectile, Beedrill being used as an anti-air spike. Combee acting as a wall to defend against projectiles, Beedrill flying above and diving towards the opponent for an overhead attack, the list of possible commands goes on. Combee will probably be used for moves associated with Defend Order and Heal Order while the Beedrills will be the head stinging the crap out of the others when Attack Order is issued.

      For her Resonance Burst, Beedrill will mega-evolve into Mega-Beedrill, making all of its commands even stronger and faster than before. When the opponent's all swollen up, Vespiqueen's Burst Attack will unleash a hive of attacks from all three of them; the move being called Burst Order- finally let the opponent feel the true sting of defeat.

      As stated before, utilizing Vespiqueen will be tricky to novice players. Only those who can use the power of teamwork will prevail and taste the sweet honey nectors of victory.

                                                                               DR. BEES would like to battle!



      So those are my picks. Of course they are other Pokemon that deserve to be in this game as well. Blaziken hasn't made his appearence yet,  and we can add some flying-types, another legendary or two, and at least something that revolves around the infamous toxic stall strategy. But this is where I'm gonna leave it to you guys. What are some other Pokemon that you believe should be playable in Pokken Tournament? Be sure to write down your thoughts and opinions in the comments section(s) below, or in the dedicated Pokemon forum for g1s if you want make a really detailed report on your nomination, accompanied by fancy graphics and stuff. 

      Oh and don't worry about limits and use your imagination to its fullest. If your idea turns out to be too good, Smogon will just ban them from play anyway when the game comes out.

    • Street Fighter IV is going back over the rainbow with Omega Mode.

      5 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Around 1992-93, Street Fighter II was breaking the bank in arcades with its balanced one-on-one fighting system. It wouldn't be long before there would knock-offs attempting to get a piece of those arcade profits. The most prominent of these would be a Taiwanese ROM-hack, dubbed by players today as Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition. Rainbow Edition payed no mind to balance or even the basics rules of fighting gameplay, as players could input crazy and broken moves for each character, or even switch between characters mid-round to achieve victory at lightning speed. The ROM-Hack would gain popularity over time however because of its tendency to flip the bird at rules and standards. Pressured not to lose to such a half-assed clone, Capcom would go on to release several 'updated' versions of their game that 'coincidentally' included balanced versions of some of the actions presented in Rainbow, such as Dhalsim's teleport, Chun-Li's fireball, and especially its faster-paced combat. Despite its obviously broken aspects, the game is still well-received by players as an over-the-top lightweight bopper with none of the pressures that come from the real deal.


      Fast-forward to Tokyo Game Show 2014, where Capcom announced that it will be traversing to the other end of the rainbow, as Ultra Street Fighter IV will be receiving free DLC in the form of a new mode called Omega Edition later this year. In short Omega Edition can simply be dubbed Street Fighter IV: Rainbow Edition; not built for balance at all, but for pure unorthodox fun. The mode can be played both offline and online (but in a non-ranked setting), and will incorporate crazy versions of each of the 44 characters' individual movesets. Peter "Combofiend" Rosas demonstrates just a sample of just how broken things can potentially be in the new mode in the video below.


      While admittely things don't appear to be as broken as its predecessor, the game still proves to be giggling-inducing goodness, as Combofiend explains, or rather just gushes over.

      Not much was revealed about the DLC other than this at TGS, but of course more information will surface as we get closer to its release. If there is one thing I hope is implemented into Omega Edition, it's the increase of every characters' overall health by at least a certain percentage. With the unprecedented offense that can transpire in this mode, I fear that as is, matches will simply end just too quickly.
      The new content will be making its way to all versions of USFIV sometime later this year. Before that though, the game will also be receiving a new patch in October. Codenamed v. 1.04, the patch will fix unintentional nerfs for Decapre, Cody, and Rolento that came with the previous patch, include delayed wake-up as an option for training mode, and fix some of the PC version's online hiccups like receiving ping mid-match, causing slow-down.
      Still no word yet however on the implementation of new updated training/challenge trials for the USFIV roster, especially for the DLC characters that have appeared since Super Street Fighter IV.
      So what crazy moves and abilities would you make your favorite fighters have in this brand new mode? Be sure to go nuts with your creativity, as well as express your excitement/concern//disgust/apathy for Omega Edition in the comments below.
    • Time to bet on your fists, because Virgin Gaming now supports SSFIVAE Money Matches

      5 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Money matches have been becoming a thing for fighting games for quite a while now. However nothing was official was in place to hold these deals together other than a code of honor. Capcom? has decided to finally capitalize on the trend by partnering with Virgin Gaming, of all places, to make playing online matches for money official.

      Virgin Gaming is a website where registered users can deposit money into an online cashier, to then bet that money against other players in either straight up head-to-head games, or even participate in tournaments. The library of games to use this service for however was previously mostly limited to EA Sports games like Madden, FIFA, NBA Live, etc. This partnership with Capcom is the first partnership with the billion dollar company's gaming branch in years.

      For those now already devising their plans to become as rich as Richard Branson with their fight stick/pad, all they have to do is register an account on, register their gamertag/PSN ID into said account, then select "SSFIVAE" as one of their games. Afterwards, players will have to either challenge other players to head-to-head matches for quick bucks (depending on how quickly you can schedule a good time for the match with your opponent), or participate in a tournament, with a $1 minimum entry fee. By the looks of things now, the process to receiving payout for each successful bet is old-fashioned, like Nintendo Magazine contest entry old-fashioned: Send a captured, unedited photo of the game results to your profile's Report Center and then wait for the proceeds. The site also advises to use the game's Replay Channel features to save your matches and keep them as proof of either your stylish victory or humiliating loss.

      Virgin Gaming's services doesn't require money though. For those who prefer be poor like Ryu and just fight for pride, Free Mode is also a thing, with worldwide ranks and leaderboards keeping track of both types of play.

      I'm assuming this service will carry over to Ultra Street Fighter IV, but as of now both official sources have stated 'Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition' specifically. I'm personally excited that official money matches have become a reality, even though I'm going to be a bit apprehensive about putting my money on the line, especially considering the competition still out there who are also looking forward to using their skills to barely pay the bills.

      Raise your Wongers, and now your dolla dolla bills y'all

      Now all that's left is to make Salty Bets deal with real currency during live events.

      Comment Question: Are you planning on using Virgin Gaming's services for online money matches? See any problems with this in general? If you're already using Virgin Gaming and want to face off against other g1s for money, how about you put your Virgin Gaming username in the comments below as well to receive challenges in the long as you don't use it to launder money or violate any of the other terms in the contract of course.

    • Xbox Millionaire- Avid player finally obtains 1 million gamerscore.

      5 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Ray Cox IV, aka "Stallion83"  is already the Guinness World Record holder for total gamerscore on an xbox account. However he always had one specific dream in his mind, one challenge he desired to overcome: Reach 1 million gamerscore. With the support of his friends, his girlfriend, his family (especially Ms. Mittens, his cat), and an average of 7,000 viewers watching on his Twitch stream last night, Ray finally "achieved" his goal and is now also going down in the record books for being the first one to reach the 1,000,000 benchmark.

      This journey started over 8 years ago, when the Xbox 360 first launched and achievements were a brand new concept for gamers. His first achievement unlocked was in Hexic HD, the free game that came with every console. Ever since, he was hooked, and has played over 1500 different Xbox titles across both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. Some of these achievements were easy-peezy, while others proved to be an arbitrary pain in the ass, but Ray says that almost every achievement has been worth it for this moment. Stallion83 would be recognized for his efforts by Microsoft as well, with Major Nelson awarding him a lifetime Xbox Live gold membership and a special white Day One edition Xbox One console.

      Almost certain that he would be breaking the million last night, Cox carefully planned each achievement he would get practically to a T so that his gamerscore would hit exactly 1,000,000. The last achievement he would obtain, and the one that would seal the deal for history was for the recently released TitanFall?; appropriately named


      I Like a Challenge- 50g


      You can view the final moments of the 1 million gamerscore marathon here. Skip to 3:46:05 to see the final achievement unlocked and the semi-emotional celebration afterwards.


      It took him nearly a decade, but it's finally been done. Congratulations on your efforts, Ray Cox.


      ...Now if only you can actually use all those points for something. 


      Comment Question: Do you think this was time well-spent for the gamer? How much is your gamerscore so far? Perhaps you can be the achievement whore record-holder of ScrewAttack.

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