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    • Ghost Busted- "Call of Duty: Ghosts" Accidentally Revealed

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity


      We all knew this was coming: Another Call of Duty game. Yet, this little announcement is still a bit surprising for a number of reasons.

      It's Infinity Ward's turn yet again to make the annual Call of Duty game, but thanks to an online product listing from British retailer, Tesco Direct, information on the game may already be out of the bag. First off, it seems that Infinity Ward is going off from the super-popular Modern Warfare entries and calling the next title "Call of Duty: Ghosts". Judging from the title, I can already bet that one of Modern Warfare's more memorable characters, Ghost, will be making some sort of an appearance in the game. Either that or they've decided to go off of inspiration from another shooter franchise "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon".

      Second, the release date seems to be off as well. According to the product listing, the release date of the new game is on December 31, 2013, New Year's Eve; kind of a rather peculiar decision to release it that late instead of having a usual November release so that it's available in time for mommies and daddies to fight to the death for it during the Christmas rush. Seeing as how this is such a coincidental date, it's safe to assume that this is merely a placeholder for now. 

      If you wish to know more on the game, you can also thank Youtuber, Drift0r ( for disclosing all this information on his channel, retrieved from "a very reliable source from the Call of Duty machine". In short, here are some details:

      1. Players start off multiplayer matches repelling down from a helicopter, or any other faction-specific personnel aircraft; a bit fancy, but nothing important.
      2. Story is set in the future (similar to Black Ops II), but due to some event in the story, players/soldiers are forced to use "current generation weaponry".
      3. Dolphin dive has been reportedly removed, but replaced with a dashing slide that you can shoot in.
      4. Peeking around corners has returned as well as prone rolling. How they will do this in a first-person perspective, I'm not sure.
      5. "Spec Ops is being replaced with something new"
      6. More destructive environments.
      7. With this announcement of the new next-gen Xbox coming on May 21st, it has also been confirmed that CoD: Ghosts will be for next-gen consoles only (Nextbox, PS4, PC) Wii U release "uncertain".

      Comment Question: Are you excited or at least intrigued with all this new information on a new CoD? For those of you who gave up on CoD, or are just annoyed with CoD annual releases do you think this new game will give you new hope in the franchise?

      Let's just hope that no financial trouble comes during development of this game, or at least no PR reps try to steal money again? Oh, you didn't know that? Details on That little story soon. STAY TUNED...please.

    • Identity Theft Auto? Lindsay Lohan (allegedly) suing Rockstar Games over Grand Theft Auto V cover art

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Do any of you guys see the resemblance between these two? Anything at all?

      Well according to Lindsay Lohan there is, enough to sue Rockstar Games for such uncanny likeness. Lohan's attorneys are apparently preparing to file a lawsuit against the developers for "using her image in promotional material without her permission".

      I find it very unlikely that they can really stick the defendants with anything concrete enough to actually win the case. Sure maybe one of the missions in the game involves snooping around a Los Santos parody version of where Lohan used to live to catch a photo of a Los Santos celebrity having sex with a pool boy. Sure maybe it's coincidental that another mission in the game involves chasing down the same blonde celebrity who's in the middle of a drunk car chase, resembles a similar incident that happened to Ms. Lohan in the past, but at best that's all these things are: Parodies that mock the recent lifestyle of celebrities, specifically child stars. Last time I checked, people cannot take Fair Use of Parody into court.

      Besides, I don't even think it resembles her that much, at least not compared to something like this

      Gotta hand it to redditor user "marcusa3000?" for coming up with this saucy goodness

      Fun Fact: Despite the three images looking like three of the same person, Kate Upton isn't the one who inspired the artwork. It was in fact Shelby Welinder, a model hired by Rockstar for their 2012 ad.

      Comment Question: Do you think this news is true? If so, do you think Lindsay Lohan and her lawyers have a case against the gaming juggernaut? After finding a particular response from one of Ms. Welinder's fans, Lohan may have a case after all:

    • Wish Granted! Sort of... Skullgirls to Appear at Evo 2013, as a Side Tournament.

      6 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Not too long ago, the Evo 2013 donation drive ended and the 8th game was decided. 'Super Smash Bros. Melee' earned the coveted 8th spot via raising a total of $94,683, with 'Skullgirls' winning runner-up with their collective total of $78,760. With the next game, being separated by over $40,000, it's safe to say that this was an impressive effort from Melee and Skullgirls fans.

      Even though, Skullgirls didn't win the last spot at the fighting game event, the game will still be making an appearance at the famous a side tournament. The Evo staff will be providing dedicated setups for the Skullgirls crew to run a special tournament over at the BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller) area of the venue. Evo will also be streaming the Top 8 bracket as an on-stream exhibition, already putting in $1,000 into the winner's pot. Why is Evo doing this much for the game, despite losing the contest fair and square? Perhaps I should let 'inkblot' one of the members of said staff to explain:

      "Though they didn’t win, we were truly impressed by Skullgirls’ showing in our recent donation drive.  The Skullgirls scene organized two of their own fundraisers and raised over $78,000.  So as a big “thanks!” Evo will support the Skullgirls side tournament at Evo. Congratulations to all the Skullgirls fans who contributed to the drive, and see you at Evo 2013!"

      Well color me impressed with this generous gesture. Looks like things worked out for everyone after all.

      Comment Questions: 

      1. While I think we can unanimously agree this was nice thing to do, do you think that the decision to do this was fair? Or would have been fairer if the officials stuck to their guns, and not allowed Skullgirls to be featured at Evo at all?

      2. Now that you know that the game is back in the scene, have your hopes been raised back up to participate in the Skullgirls tournament at Evo, even if it's a smaller event with a much smaller payout?

    • C-c-c-c-cCOMBO BREAKER! - Killer Instinct Trademark Renewal Denied

      7 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      You may remember when I posted the news that Microsoft was attempting to renew the license to Killer Instinct. Heck, most of you went ballistic over it, some started looking over the good times, but most of the comments were spam bots recommending me to male enhancement pills and sneakers (believe it or not, those male enhancement pills did not step up my basketball game, and those sneakers did not enhance my imaginary sex life).

      Well I have an update on that, but not an update you're going to like. Earlier today, Microsoft received the good ol' "Return to Sender" stamp on that License Renewal Request from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The reason: It would seem that the likelihood of confusion would be high because something else with a similar title already exists: A FOX TV show....from 2005. Here is the official lettering from the notice:

      ISSUE/MAILING DATE: 11/29/2012
      The referenced application has been reviewed by the assigned trademark examining attorney. Applicant must respond timely and completely to the issue(s) below. 15 U.S.C. §1062(b); 37 C.F.R. §§2.62(a), 2.65(a); TMEP §§711, 718.03.
      Section 2(d) Refusal – Likelihood Of Confusion 
      Registration of the applied-for mark is refused because of a likelihood of confusion with the mark in U.S. Registration No. 3370331. Trademark Act Section 2(d), 15 U.S.C. §1052(d); see TMEP §§1207.01 et seq. See the enclosed registration.
      Applicant’s mark is KILLER INSTINCT for “video game software” and “entertainment services, namely, providing online video games.” Registrant’s mark is KILLER INSTINCT for “entertainment services in the nature of a television series featuring drama.”
      Specifically, the evidence shows that television shows are commonly made into games. Therefore, applicant’s and registrant’s goods and services are considered related for likelihood of confusion purposes.

      Now before you go on and rage in the comments against FOX, this doesn't mean that a new Killer Instinct is no longer a possibility. It just means that there's going to be a few more (admittedly unnecessary) complications that the Microsoft team will have to go through before they even get started on production. And before you ask, yes, this type of stuff happens practically all the time in the corporate world, so this isn't anything earth-shattering.

      So with that comes the Comment Question: "What is the craziest dispute/confusion of copyright and(or) trademark you know of? Do you believe that the rules on Copyright/Trademark should be changed (If you don't know much about Copyright Law, maybe this video will help you form an opinion:

      Oppurtunity for g1 Bonus Points: If any of you guys can find any footage of this FOX TV show that the USPTO is referring to and post a link to it here, I will give you an imaginary cookie.

    • Awesum Tips with Captin Awesum: Iron Man of ScrewAttack Japan Edition

      7 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

       1. Dead or Alive: Extreme Beach Volleyball

      Mario Tennis (N64)

      Columns (Sega Genesis)

      WCW Nitro (Playstation)

      Stunt Race FX (SNES)

      Street Fighter EX3

      So did you learn anything from this? I certainly didn't. But that's the greatness of these games. Besides SF EX3, there are too many variables in the game to make any player really good at one. So no matter what game is chosen tomorrow, the skill level and the excitement will be the same! Good Luck Finalists.

    • Warcraft?- "Ace of Spades" To Be Released December

      7 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Having a hard time choosing to either to go create more golden ding-dongs in Minecraft, or to go get some headshots in some Call of Duty? Well soon, you won't need to choose. With the new game called "Ace of Spades" (from the developers of the once-popular MMO, 'Runescape'), you can build your own 5-foot penis, and then snipe off enemies in the distance on top of it! 

      'Ace of Spades' is a 30-player class-based, first-person shooter that utilizes the block-style of minecraft to use the ever-changing terrain to try to flank your enemies to victory. The Minecraft inspiration comes in when players use their shovels (hence the title), to dig their way underground past the enemy fortifications and use the discarded blocks to craft new walls and hills and other types of terrain to boost the defenses of their fort. This is where specialized classes such as the Engineer and the Miner shine, because not only are their shovels overall better than the other two classes, but the other equipment, like the Engineer's sentry turrets and mines takes advantage of the new environments. After the mining's done, the other two classes can get to work. The other part of the gameplay comes when you pop out within enemy lines to use traditional guns to shoot down your opponents. Whether it's violence against enemies, or violence against the lushious landscapes, fans of either genre are sure to have a blast playing this game when it releases sometime in December.

      Me, however, am not really impressed with this game, despite liking both Minecraft (even its various copycats), and shooters. The first thing I thought to myself when I took a look at this was: "Oh, another cool Minecraft expansion, this one focusing on the combat". After finding out more about 'Ace of Spades', I thought: "Oh, this could be another Minecraft expansion, this one focusing on the combat". Heck, Minecraft can already do this, just not as in-depth and futuristic as the only valid weapons in the game are swords and bows. Just look at Rooster-Teeth's demonstration of their own game in this video:


      For more information on the game, check out the official website here:

    • Lightning Strikes Thrice!?-New Final Fantasy XIII Game Announced.

      7 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Editor's Note: The "13 day time limit" is actually a "Dooms Day Clock". If you fail to complete the story by the end of the countdown, the entire world is destroyed. How the world could possibly be destroyed hasn't been revealed yet, but I'm sure many of you will suggest that it'll involve the moon. 

      It was also revealed that there will be a day and night system, with monsters such as Skeletons and evil gorillas (cool!) attacking your party when the darkness comes, making it a "Terrible night for a curse!"

      Also, here's some concept art via Joystiq:


       .... Huh. While rumors spread that Square-Enix was set on making a third chapter in the Final Fantasy XIII  series (As reported here), it seems that said rumors were already answered at the Final Fantasy 25th anniversary event, with the announcement of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

      Some gameplay details also came with the announcement such as the fact that this time around, despite having a new cast of characters, Lightning will be the only playable character, but this single character will be fully customizable both on and off the battlefield. Players can choose her clothing, combat style, take control of her movements mid-battle, and you even counter attack via a new "block-system" (I'm guessing similar to games such as the Mario & Luigi  RPGs).

      More details are surely to arrive as time elaspes. Speaking of time, taking a page off of Majora's Mask's playbook, the player will have to guide Lightning and company to the end of their journey within 13 days (title reference)! Various actions such as traveling via monorail to various locations, rewinding mistakes, etc. will take away this precious time. The story-related reason behind this time-rush system has yet to be revealed.

      As more information about this game was delivered from the event, this game just immedietly reminded me of another game within Final Fantasy's  library called "Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus." However, I'm not sure if Lightning Returns  is supposed to be Final Fantasy XIII's spin-off as Dirge of Cerberus  was to Final Fantasy VII, or if this is the expected threequel that the ending to the second game led up to. This question is burning even brighter now because Square-Enix confirmed that this new game is set centuries after Final Fantasy XIII-2, and that this will be "Lightning's last chapter in the saga".

      I'm looking forward to your thoughts, whether you're a FF fanatic, hater, a fan who liked FF XIII and FF XIII-2, or were dissapointed in them. Nevertheless, this has taken a turn for the interesting.

    • My Little Proposition for Pokemon's Progression

      7 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

      Pokemon-Amehyst Version (Cover Pokemon-Mewtwo)

       Story: You (either boy or girl version) are in a convoy on the way to a small town as a member of Team Rocket. Apparently a renegade legendary pokemon (You could probably guess who at this point) has been spotted within the caves of this town and your mission is to recapture by any means necessary. As you fill out your confirmation forms revealing your name and gender, you are then asked to choose your mission pokemon (Basically your 'starter') from either a Fighting type, a Psychic type, or a Dark type. The mission within the cave serves as the small tutorial of basic mechanics. Long story short, you and your two remaining teammates ( a boy and girl) make a devastating choice that affects the whole town to ruin, all for the sake of reaching the legendary. You confront it, but with your level 2 starter and the teammates' other weak pokemon against a level 45 legendary, things don't go as planned. Amongst all the chaos within, you black-out.
      You wake up to a house in a small town and find a package by your side. The note introduces it's writer as Mr. G and according to the note, it has been one year since the incident and the town is still an isolated ruin. But since then, the world has drastically changed.
      Considering that you lost your original starter pokemon from the incident, you have to now choose another one from the lab in the town (This one being Grass-Fire-Water). After which, your journey officially begins.

      Important Parts: In your journey you come across one of your teammates from before (Either the boy or girl depends on the opposite gender you chose). They quit Team Rocket and found a new group of Pokemon Rangers, and their goal is to redeem mankind and liberate all Pokemon from human influence (Though considering them being Pokemon trainers and rangers, that's really quite hypocritical). They ask you to join them and think about it. In another incident, you across the other teammate from before. He is still in Team Rocket and asks you to 'come back to the good ol' days' and think about it. Now the theme of the game is moral choice so the choice to whether rise the ranks of Team Rocket and use pokemon as tools or to join this newly rising Team Plasma liberation front and get rid of Pokemon assistance altogether (Basically pokemon 'hippies') is up to you. If you haven't guessed yet, this is a prequel that narrates the protagonist's involvement in the Fall of Team Rocket and the Rise of Team Plasma and thus the story will go in-depth on N, Ghestis and the Seven Sages, Giovanni's disappearance, and even the main character as how it eventually relates to another main protagonist you previously played.

      As for these new missions, these serve as the gym badges of the game, each engraved with a legendary pokemon in the series. The basis of most of the missions given from either TR HQ or PL HQ is to retrieve these medallions from their hidden shrines. The medallions are guarded by spirits of ancestors and they test you aka Gym Battle.
      However, the theme of the game is Moral Choice. The choices you make in the game change the world within, from which towns are occupied by whom, which pokemon are available in your game, and what key-items you are able to retrieve. For example, you choose a mission to either twart Team Magma or Team Aqua from getting a certain high-priority target first. The mission you chose makes you either fight the Ground type ' gym leader' to retrieve one mission objective, or the Water-type 'gym leader to retrieve a different objective item. So in essence you'll only obtain 8 main mission objectives in the story.
      There would be appearances from Jesse+James, Silver among others, including one girl you meet in the beginning who becomes a 'very important' character throughout the game, but I can't go any deeper into my story without some spoilers.

      Features: Besides the moral choice theme, the game will also have an Alternate Way to Catch Pokemon. Unnamed at this point, this method is easier than pokeballs, but the captured pokemon is automatically disloyal to you at first no matter how many medals you've obtained. Another feature is customizable trainers. Along with cosmetic changes from clothes, trainers can now become specialized in a certain type and boost stats from that corresponding type.

      And that's my Pokemon proposition, what do you guys think?

    • Video Game Ideas for You to Steal Volume #6: Bliss Eater

      7 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

       I think I've finally found my 'unique' calling on this site: Presenting my own game ideas and hoping that the G1 community, the greatest gaming community in the world (absolutely in no way shape or form pandering to your good sides) can give their praise/critique/troll repsonses, and help it grow from a seedling thought, to a fully coded out reality. So without further adeu, here's my first example: a little erotic-comedy called Bliss-Eater.

      Basic Story:
       It's just days away from Valentine's Day and love is truly in the air, in all of it's kinky, marketable glory. The main character (Hey that's you, who would've thought!) has special plans for a certain special someone, but then in true action genre fashion, something big happens. Apparently an airborne virus of some sort has infected the area and have transformed most citizens into something worse than zombies. It's turned them into horny humans! Sure, it may sound like a porn's paradise for those of you stuck in the friend-zone with your left hand, but that opinion will probably change when you don't want your pelvis broken from over-aggressive rape.
         So it's up to you and a few others you meet along the way, to find out what has happened, and then find a way to stop the hornies from overruning the world in lust, but there's a deeper truth to it than what meets the eye, epecially involving a certain bow-wielding main character, named Steve Lesbois, head of an adult mega-industry and underground sex trade ring, who undoubtely seems to be behind all of this in some way.

      Gameplay: This part I'm still unsure of, which is a big freakin problem considering the fact that this is a game. Don't discredit me yet though, because I have an idea at making the gameplay as unique as possible, driving as far away from predictable genres as possible.

        The game will be a dungeon crawler with a huge emphasis on the Crowd-Control mechanic because without a certain mechanic, you will be easily overwhelmed by the sheer amount of hornies coming after you, which is where Phermones come in. You, your party members, and the hornies have a phermone type out of 3 (for now we'll adress them as Alpha, Beta, and Gamma phermones). You will have various tools that will change your enemies to different phermone types and you'll also have a limited supply of items such as cologne etc. to change your own phermones. Hornies of the same phermone type will attack you, meanhwhile, the phermone of the polar opposite of yours will either play keepaway against you, or attack aggressively against you, but their glass cannons. The others in the other phermone type will do nothing, however they will have super armor (noninterruptable) their damage resistance is extremely high to your attacks. The trick is to keep changing each others' phermones to swift the tide of battle; make some of them leave you alone while you take care of the ones attacking you using your normal weapons, especially the polar opposites ones. With the proper A.I. your teammates will help you with fights via attracting their attention, giving you/them boosts/debuffs, all the standard RPG shenanigans, but their dependancy is reliant on how well your relationship with them is via conversations among other things; this is where the Social RPG segment comes into play. The battle could either end in a land-slide victory or an instant disaster if your teammates decide to be more selfish and/or unreliable because you aren't in good terms with them. Weapons will be the usual inprov tools, but also include ludicrous items such as dildo bats (Saint's Row: The Third beat me to this idea) and other exxageratted sex toys and medical gear. 
         Boss Battles will play differently, but you'll have to find that out yourself ;)

      Other Stuff (Extras): So that's my proposal on gameplay. Even though that's subject to change, there are some neat stuff I've thought about that I'm sure I would want to include in the game.
      Arcade Easter Eggs: In a part of the city, there is a run-down arcade. Inside this arcade, there are some machines still barely functioning. The first, is the infamous Custard's Revenge. The second is a damaged machine. When turned on, the player can play the demo version of Skullgirls. This arcade is supposed to celebrate to the theme of love and sexuality in the video game media such as the Dead or Alive, Leisure Suit Larry, and Tomb Raider series.
      Lesbois Journals: Remember, this game is mostly going to be rated AO (Adults Only) and this will most likely be why. Throughout the game, the player will come across journal entries from Steve Lesbois. These will tell the general backstory of the character, sexual exploits and all. Of course after a proper warning of the incoming content, these optional segments will be played like a Hentai Adult Game.
      Fifty Shades of Red- Defeat a certain number of enemies
      Never Gonna Give You Up...- Revive/Heal a party member a certain number of times.
      Master of Martial Hearts-Master a particular weapon type (Max Level)
      The Karma-Sutra- Your choices are a big influence whether you know it or not. Any regrets?

      and more!

      Special Edition Packaging: Oh yeah, I even thought of the special edition packaging! The special edition will include an alternate cover, an art book in the style of a playboy magazine, a condom, and a valentine card related to the game, to use in any way you want. Release Date: Preferably Valentine's Day [Insert Year Here].

      And that's Bliss-Eater. I hope you enjoyed my little proposal, unless you just read the intro and then skipped into this part. Any opinion/input is appreciated on this proposal and whether or not I should continue to validate my existance by submitting more of my ideas to here. <3

    • Video Game Ideas for You to Steal Volume #6.5: Street Fighter x Tekken Redone

      7 years ago

      Azero_Tehiro Rainbow of Mediocrity

       <Sigh>...What happened to you Capcom? You used to be the gold standard for fighting games, rivaled only by games that appealed more to the more bloodthirsty 'edgy' crowd. Remember the Sega Dreamcast? Your fighting game lineup for that console alone was outstanding from the pringle-snatching curleh moustache grooming 'Marvel vs. Capcom 2', to the more obscure but still loved titles like 'Plasma Sword' and 'Power Stone'. You were even responsible for the revival of the fighting game genre with 'Street Fighter IV'. SF IV  was certainly a step in the right direction with its overall mechanics, but with its popularity came a bunch of more fighting game titles from different companies, including your long-time rival 'Mortal Kombat' which came back after a visit from the same rehabilitation center as Sonic. But that's the difference between them and you: They stepped up against the competition. Sure, there's 'Marvel vs. Capcom 3', but you dissapointed with SFxT, and that's just with the fighting game lineup nevertheless your other titles recently. Let's not even talk about Megaman because you sure aren't.

      Sorry for that little rant there; just got carried away. Let's get down to basics first. While we were still busy playing around with Vanilla MvC3, out came a little teaser from Capcom and most of us were like: "OMG IT'S STREETFIGHTER AND TEKKEN TOGETHER, ANOTHER AWESOME CROSSOVER!.." and other drooling babble noises we can utter out. And with all the hype coming from those multiple contests featuring Ono and Harada, game was pretty pumped up....but then the feces hit the air conditiong! (That's how that expression goes, right?) You see some tech-savy youngsters used their high-tech matrix-hacking thingamobobs to crack open the cd to find out that the game had content locked inside to be bought at a later date. Hijinx and hilarity ensued. So right away things weren't at a good start, but then came the gameplay itself. Sure it may have been just the players being new at it, but the new mechanics were just too cumbersome; the biggest concern that players had, the gems weren't even that significant a role in a fight, the combo/damage tradeoff was too off-balanced to take out one character, neverthless two, and then there was the fact that there were more timeouts than KOs at one point; never, EVER acceptable for a fighting game. We really tried to love this game, we really did, but in the end it just got boring to the point where the Fighting Game Community  is practically abandoning it. Capcom tried to make things better, but all that happened was a certain character having the ability to crash the game when a common occurrence concerning that character happened, thus being banished to the island until it was fixed. If this was a real fight, that's already 3 knockdowns within one round, thus the referee calling it a TKO...then again maybe that wouldn't happen because of tHE FREAKIN TIMER!!

      Before Seth Killian left Capcom ( he said that concerning patching up SFxT, that there would be "fireworks". Well those fireworks better be more flashy, dangerous, and explosive than the 4th of July or Chinese New Year if this game is going to rocket back up the charts ahd hearts of gamers. Which is why I'm here to help. I've brought a shed full of toilet bombers and bottle rockets to suggest how this game could be better...and sparklers...because those are the shit.

      Street Fighter x Tekken: Pandora's Exchange (Title Pending)

      1. Add more types of gems

      Gems have so much potential to make the game more of an RPG as well as a Fighter (Like Persona 4 Arena is doing now, only much better). Boost Gems however don't really have that much of a kick though to make a difference in a fight. Let's not forget Assist Gems. Sure some of them can be helpful to the beginners such as Easy Input and Life Increase, but when gems like the Ultimate Defense practically give you auto-wins, then the system has problems. It's not even helping the player learn, rather just get used to being more lazy. Hence why I suggest at least two more types for gems: Level 0  and Sabotage gems. Level 0  gems have less of an effect than their Level 1 counterparts, but they're easier to activate, and also can be reactivated throughout the round after a certain cooldown period. Sabotage gems are a little more complicated to explain. Well, not really, they mainly focus on..well sabotaging your opponent(s)' strategies rather than improving your own. Most would be mainly debuffs, but some the more unique examples would include:
      1. Bully- Automatically neutralizes your opponent's Assist gem for the match. If no Assist gems are present, the first Boost Gem in their slot is eliminated.
      2. Snapback- All raw launchers bring in your opponent's partner instead of bringing in your own.
      3. Frenzy- When your opponent activates Cross Assault, you automatically activate your's at no meter cost.
      4. Advanced Input Level 2- Enforces the Advanced Input Lv. 1 gem on your opponent for a limited amount of time.

      2. Get Rid of/Edit Cross Rush

      Light, Medium, Heavy, Heavy. Simple combo right? It's also efficient to bringing in your partner to deal out additional damage, and it does its job helping out beginners. What it also does is limit combo potential. It may just be me, but because of this mechanic, linking the different normals together to form a decent combo is hard to do unless you know the exact timing to make sure the combo hits, yet also doesn't automatically turn into a Cross Rush combo. Because of this, the amount of moves that can be special cancellable is also too thin that it limits players to use the same combos over and over again instead of varying it up a bit even just for style's sake. Even then, Cross Rush causes so much damage scaling by the its end that any other damage done is just not worth continuing unless you wish to waste time (which is a valid technique thanks to tHE FREAKIN TIMER...but that's for a later discussion). Yes, I understand that Cross Rush helps new players out with its simplicity and that SFxT isn't the same as SF IV, but if Cross Rush has to stay, then maybe tweak it up a bit so that the rapid chains don't appear so much, maybe have a Heavy attack, then the opposite Heavy immedietly follow up. Guy used to be the special one with his chain attack combos, but now that everyone has them, he isn't as special any more. Don't make Guy feel unneeded when he comes over as DLC to the game. Help a ninja out.  T__T

      3.  Fix Pandora, aka Make It Actually Useful

       Alas comes the main plot point of the game's story. Capcom wanted to implement another comeback mechanic into this game to help players out as well raise hype potential. By sacrificing your partner, the next point character gets and outstanding power boost as well as nearly infinite amounts of meter. But fearing the backslash they would get similar to that from fans getting irritated over getting their ass repeatedly handed to them by Lv. 3 X-Factor over at MvC3, they decided to tone the power down a bit. The devs turned Pandora into a gamble with a lot more risks for too little  worthwhile rewards. If the Pandora character didn't KO their opponent within the next 8 seconds, they automatically lost. The problem with this is there were too many prequisites required to make the thing good. By the time your character is at the required 25% health, the opponent is mad dashing at them to finish them off, barely giving them room and time to activate Pandora favorably. Another problem was the good ol' timer. Even during cinematics and super freezes, the pandora time still ticked away, wasting away precious seconds needed to get the job done. Even with the Pandora Extend Assist Gem, it simply wasn't enough time to get things done. In the end, the fans got what they asked for: A pussified MvC3 X-Factor/Tekken 6 Rage. Sure they looked pretty, but just keep jumping back and blocking and Pandora's pretty harmless.

      "Why Player? Why did you have to activate Pandora on me?" 
      " Why Player? Why did you have to activate Pandora on me?"

       I'm not saying extend the timer or make it more powerful, but I am saying make it less of a gamble. How about extending the required health to activate Pandora from 25% to 50%. Instead of automatically losing the round, the character merely goes down to only 1% health after the time is over. Still a gamble, but the player still has a chance to make a comeback based on skill. I do have another idea, but it's sort of crazy. Why not have two types of Pandora to choose from!

      Pandora 1- The familiar Pandora in the game that we all know and forget exists. More damaging attacks, EX meter aut-refills etc. More favored as the offensive Pandora. After time is over, the user's health, as well as their returning partner's will be reverted to 1% unrecoverable health.

      Pandora 2-  The new version is favored as the defensive Pandora. Upon activation, the player's ability to block is removed, however the ability to parry is gained in exchange. Along with the default benefits of parrying, each parry will also convert 50% of the attack's original damage into health for the Pandora user. Moves with armor will also be unbreakable. No health deduction is given after time's up, but the fact that your partner is unavailable is still a downer.

       Fix the FREAKIN TIMER!!

       Why we even have to have this conversation, I don't know, I mean it's one of the basic tools in a fighting game and yet they managed to turn it into a problem. When the timer goes by fast, players tend to feel rushed, and when they feel rushed, they make rash decisions and hope for the best. It's a cripple in the intended metagame. And yet, the problems with this are so obvious that their solutions are as well.

      1. Put in a 'Final Strike' System- Just like how the game has that 'First Strike' tidbit at the side, a 'Last Strike' should also be implemented. Think of it as the final shot in a basketball game right before the buzzer goes off. The last button inputs made before the timer hits 00 will count as the Last Strike and thus any damage resulting from this last encounter is recognized as well. No further inputs like follow-ups can be made afterwards. The opponent is still able to react to it via block, counter or moving away, but after that exchange is done, the round is immedietly over. As far as cinematic supers go, as long as the super was activated and sucessfully connects before the timer hit 00, all related damage will be recognized and considered for judgement.
      2. Freeze the Timer During Certain Activations- Whenever a Super, Pandora, Cross Assault, or Cross Exchange is activated, freeze the timer during that special pose and then unfreeze afterwards. Seconds are wasted as of now because this is not present and like the previous suggestion above, will resolve a lot of heartbreakers.

      Resolve Jab Pressure 

      This has also been receiving a couple of complaints from players. Because the blockstun on jabs is +4, the player can just keep jabbing away at their opponent for easy pressure, especially for certain characters such as Raven and Cammy. There are already simple solutions already present in the game, such as Alpha Counters  and even a simple tactic as presented in comedic fashion by 'NutsvsGuts' in this video:
      But if that's such a big leap to take for players, then simply set the blockstun to +3/+2 so that the pressure is less of a bully to them.

      So those are my suggestions to improve the game thus far. I would go into character specific stuff like how Rufus' divekick was nerfed too much or how abuseable air Tatsus are..but I think I've already wrote enough as it is. As usual any input is appreciated for further discussion. I just want this game to rise up to be a star like Capcom vs. SNK 2, not sink into the dark oblivion of the hipster's game collection like Capcom Fighting Jam. Is that too much to ask? Would it also be too much to ask for Rainbow Mika as a playable character, even if her moveset is merely an El Fuerte clone?

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