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      5 years ago


      So. It's been a crazy year. I started my first year of college, at the University of Texas, and the spring semester is coming to a close. I feel like I've grown a lot as a person this year, becoming independent, managing a job, and kicking some nasty high school habits.

      I've learned to love what I'm studying, computer science, which is great, and I've strengthened a lot of friendships that I made via the Roosterteeth community. This time last year, I was getting ready in anticipation for RTX, but wasn't particularly 'close' to anyone. That's changed, and I can only hope that I have the opportunity to meet/get-to-know more awesome people. smiley13.gif

      I'm excited for this summer. I managed to get awarded a fellowship to do independent research this summer over at the university, so I'll be able to make money while keeping my coding skills sharp, which is great. I also have plans to work on a couple other programming related personal projects to build my portfolio. I'm starting to get into shape, and it's going to be hard, considering that I've avoided most types of rigorous physical activity for the past 5 or so years.

      Midterms got in the way of PAX East, so I'm also looking forward to RTX, I hope I get to see most of you there, if not, then that really sucks. So yeah, that's about it. What's everyone else's summer plans?

    • Analyzing the "Fun Factor" in Titanfall

      5 years ago


      I played upwards of 20 hours of Titanfall over my Spring break, the week the game dropped. I've been having a blast, this game is the most fun I've had in a multiplayer shooter since Modern Warfare 2. This journal is just going to be thoughts that I've had about this game down into writing.

      Titanfall, at its core, is injecting something new to a stagnated genre. The player's movement is fluid, and the player is challenged to look at maps in a new way. The inclusion of bots and the scoring mechanics in Hardpoint Domination support casual players, while still rewarding the dedicated.

      But that's not what I want to talk about. A game can be innovative, it can be groundbreaking, it can turn a genre on its head, but still be utterly boring. What makes a multiplayer game fun? What makes Titanfall fun?

      Generally, even the driest games can be 'fun' when played with friends. While playing with friends, it's easy to derive enjoyment and amusement from a game that doesn't do much to facilitate it other than existing. Nonetheless, I do think that Titanfall is able to stand well on its own, and, in its own right, is a 'fun' game.

      Titanfall is a power trip. On foot, you feel deadly and agile. Taking down a Titan as a Pilot is your typical David v. Goliath trope. It feels good. In a Titan, you are immense and powerful. Mowing down enemies, bots and Pilots, feels great. They're ants under you. Fighting an enemy Titan, and prevailing, is immensely satisfying.

      Titanfall is filled with those 'epic' moments. Those moments where you feel like you did something absolutely spectacular. You wallran across the map, landed behind an enemy, and snapped their neck. You took a zipline into an opposing base, and took out everyone inside. You eliminated a 5-man squad of bots without stopping for a second. You took on two enemy Titans at the same time, and, against all odds, came out on top. I haven't felt this way playing a multiplayer game in a long time.

      If you've made it this far, I'd love to hear some of your thoughts. If you've been playing Titanfall, do you agree with my thoughts, or am I totally off-base? Is the game fun for other reasons?

      If you haven't played Titanfall, what do you think makes a multiplayer game fun? Do you only derive enjoyment from playing with friends, or do you think that it's impossible for a game to stand on its own?

      Let me know.

      -- smiley13.gif

    • Cynicism Vs. Optimism

      5 years ago


      DISCLAIMER: This journal is from a "media consumption" perspective. I think a lot of what I think applies pretty well to other aspects of life, but for the sake of focusing in on one topic, I'm not going to get to into that. However, if anyone wants to discuss it, I'm more than willing.

      Observing behavior, whether it's in friends, acquaintances, or in strangers online, I tend to see two divergent behaviors when it comes to consuming media/entertainment. There's a polarization that occurs between the 'cynics' and 'optimists'. I'm going to make some generalizations, so bear with me, some of these statements aren't going to be true for every individual, but I think they characterize the groups as a whole fairly well.

      The cynics are always angry and annoyed. They're never particularly excited about anything, and when they are, they look for reasons to be disappointed. They'll pound their feet and yell about how 'casuals' are ruining their gaming experience, how EA is destroying the gaming industry, and why the latest blockbuster was 'overrated'. They find it hard to just be satisfied with the content they're consuming. They'll prematurely dismiss things, and make up their minds about something before experiencing it. It's a toxic behavior and mindset, and the resulting 'self-fulfilling prophecy' exacerbates it. Expecting disappointment tends to beget disappointment.

      Optimists are almost the complete polar opposite. While the cynics call then "naive", they're perfectly happy just consuming the content and media in front of them. They don't care about the faults and problems something might have, as long as there were some redeeming qualities. They don't care about fighting for 'their principles', and just want to relax and have a good time. They're almost never critical, and dismiss most criticism about something as unimportant. They don't feel that there is an urgent need for growth and diversity, because they're fine with how things are.

      It'd be great if human behavior could be divided into two camps so easily. The reality is that everyone is a mix of both behaviors. I can be incredibly cynical at times, and will end up disliking something that I ordinarily would have loved. Conversely, there are times when I'm naively optimistic about something, and dismiss others' criticism and complaints as silly and unnecessary. I'll criticize people for being too cynical, and, at the same time, I'll criticize others as being too naive and optimistic. Being self-aware helps a little, but ultimately, I'm as guilty as everyone else.

      Not sure where I was going with this, I just had a Red Bull, I'm killing time before an upcoming test in Discrete Mathematics, and I just wanted to get some thoughts out of my head and into text. If you've managed to make it this far, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Is there any inherent 'hypocrisy' that you see within yourself? Do you tend to identify more with 'cynics', 'optimists', or both? What is something that you feel 'guilty' for liking?


    • Stream of consciousness

      5 years ago


      I like to write, but I haven't actually written anything substantial since college started. I haven't written a journal on here in a while, not for any reason in particular.

      I think I'll probably end up just writing out thoughts and ideas that I have that I want to mentally work through, that some people might find interesting to read. Or they might not. It's easier to write about some things when you can refer back to what you've said.

      I'll experiment. Consider this a warning that I'll probably be posting unnecessarily long journals on topics that may or may not interest you, but definitely interest me. Thanks.

    • RTX & Stuff

      5 years ago


      Something something "obligatory journal" something something "had fun at RTX" something something "friends"

      Really though, I had a great time. I think most people who know me know I live in Austin, so I didn't actually fly in or anything, but I still had an awesome experience.

      I met a lot of awesome friends that I've been talking to or have known for months for the first time in person. All I can say is that people are even nerdier in person than they appear to be on Twitter/Xbox.

      Seriously though, everyone was kick-ass, and I had a really great time. I'm already looking forward to RTX2014, and might try and go to PAX East next year too.

      On a slightly unrelated note, I had college orientation right after RTX and I'm absolutely exhausted. I still managed to register for classes and got into most of the things that I wanted.

      If I met you at RTX <3

      If I didn't, I really hope to be able to meet you sometime in the future!

    • Embarrassments

      6 years ago


      So, when I was 12 years old I was pretty obsessed with machinima. This was after I had first discovered Red vs Blue. Back in the days of Deus Ex Machina, Arby & the Chief (apparently it's still a thing), Phil, Pre-game Lobby, etc.

      A friend of mine really wanted to make a machinima. I agreed and thought it'd be really cool. I wrote out a script, we both bought $50 capture cards, and we started filming. I think we filmed two or three scenes before realizing that we were idiots.

      Anyways, part of the process involved creating a website. I just found it again today while looking through some old emails. It doesn't have that much content, but whatever. I'm prepared for the storm of people making fun of it.

      I was an idiot at 12 years old.


    • Franklin The Turtle

      6 years ago


      So Franklin the Turtle? Yeah, that's a pretty old-school TV show. You probably haven't ever heard of it. I'm not here to talk about Franklin "The Green Machine" Turtle. I'm here to talk about his loser friend.

      You know that one kid that always hangs around you but you never tell him he's a loser because you don't want to hurt his feelings? Yeah, that's Bear.


      Yeah. He's not only a total prick, but he's a tool too. He needs to hit the gym and get a dose of the real world. His mom has to literally walk around with him everywhere because he's that big of a baby


      Franklin just tries to do his own little thing, and Bear is always there, being a little shit.

      I have no other words so I'll leave you with this picture.


      Look at that. What a baby

    • Beastly

      6 years ago


      So I haven't written a journal in a while, so here goes nothing.

      So it's a well known fact that I'm a big fan of the amazing High School Musical movie. So one day, while talking about how horrible of a character Gabriella Montez (played by Vanessa Hudgens) is, @RBIG suggested that we watch the movie Beastley, a modern rendition of Beauty and the Beast where Vanessa Hudgens plays the girl who does things.

      We made plans to watch the movie later, after the Splooshcast, a stream that @jonchar does.

      Jon and I were talking about Starcraft, when @RBIG reminds me of the plans we made with this tweet:


      Weirdly enough, since then. We've been receiving that same exact tweet. Over and over again. By random bots:






      All I can say is, what's going on?

    • High School Musical -- An Indepth Analysis

      6 years ago


      High School Musical. It's no secret that I'm a big fan. I mean, Troy Bolton? He's my hero. But that'll be the topic of another journal. This journal is about something else.

      Have you ever wondered why High School Musical is called High School Musical? If you're like me, you have. If you haven't, you're just lying to yourself.

      HSM is a masterpiece, so we'll start with one of my favorite characters.

      Zeke "Bad-Ass" Baylor


      A little known fact, Zeke is actually the main character of HSM. He likes to bake. He's a baker. He's always baked.

      Didn't see that coming, did you?

      Yes, Zeke is actually a stoner, I mean, just look at him!


      Now, you're probably wondering: "Why does it matter if he dabbles in the weed?"

      WELL, let's look at the movies' title:

      High School Musical.

      Let's look at it again:

      High School Musical

      Here's what's going down in this movie:

      1. Zeke is a stoner.
      2. The reason HSM is filled with such amazing choreography and singing is because he sees reality in an altered state. In real life, no one is actually singing or dancing, people are just going about their every day business, but, because he's high, he thinks everyone is breaking out in song and dance.
      3. The song, Status Quo, is really an intervention. His friends are trying to stop him from doing drugs, but he keeps saying "I bake". He's baked. He can't give up the drugs. He needs them. Everyone's saying "No! No no no! Stick to the stuff you know", but he doesn't want hugs, he wants drugs.

      In case you still think Troy Bolton (as amazing as he is) is the main character, let's look at Zeke's romance portion of the movie.

      He's in love with Sharpay Evans. The hot, rich, popular girl at school. He's the underdog, who, despite being on the basketball team, is a stoner and likes making baked goods. He has no chance with a girl like her, but he keeps trying to get her. His story is one of perseverance and love.

      Zeke is a hero.

    • Laughing -- An Indepth Analysis

      6 years ago


      Alright, this song is great:

      Now, for those who don't get why it's so great. The main guy, Daniel Lee Curtis, played Cookie on Ned's Declassified. He went from nerd to total baller, just saying. Second of all, I spent about 30 minutes discussing this song with my friend, so, I've decided to actually write up a little analysis on it's deeper meaning. I hope your bodies are ready:

      "It ain't easy being the baller that I always been" This is a really cool line. See, he used to play this massive nerd, now he's rapping, but he's basically saying that he was always a baller. Being nerdy isn't lame, it's cool.


      "Wait a minute what's the chorus?
      Ahhahahaha thats the chorus ahahahaha cause we laughin at em ahahahaahaha
      We laughin at em " Okay, so, let's break it down. He's asking what the chorus is. Then he laughs and says, THATS the chorus. He's laughing at the fact that music doesn't evolve. It stays the same, he wants to break new ground and be revolutionary, but people expect certain things from him. BUT THEN, he says "We laughin at em". He's further reinforcing his earlier statements. It's beautiful

      "you always thought you were better than you really was. That's what they wouldve said till they figured out that nobody on earth can copy what I'm spittin out" This is him again mentioning the fact that people looked down onto him when he was younger and nerdier, but he backs it up by mentioning that they only back off when they realized that he was worth something. People will hate you and torment you until they realize you are better than them

      "We can take a swim in the pool or my ocean. Which do u prefer? I knew you'd pick the ocean cause the view there Is beserk" Alright, this right here is one of the deepest lines I've ever read. No joke. It looks superficial at first glance, but let's dig deeper. He's saying that he went from a small pool (him on Ned's Declassified) to the ocean (him being a rapper). He's stepping up to the plate and entering the big leagues. It also might be useful to note that this could be an allusion to the movie Big Fish, and it's line "You were a big fish in a small pond, but this here is the ocean", except that Daniel Lee Curtis Saint Maurice is working on eventually becoming large enough to dwarf the ocean himself. It's like Feeding Frenzy, he wants to go from small and weak to large and strong.


      "If you in the game like me and its change you seek keep moving" He's dissing the industry. Saying that if you want to usher in change using music, you might as well give up because it's too closed.

      "If you in the game like me and it's change you seek don't stop" BUT THEN, he turns it on it's head. He says "don't stop" He wants people to continue trying to use music as a vehicle for change, because with enough effort, it can become great again. People will stop selling out, and music would be able to make a real difference.


      I want to point out that instead of analyzing my English poems, I'm doing this instead, so I guess English really did teach me something valuable.

      Also Daniel Lee Curtis Saint Maurice is magical.

      I hope this changed your life

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