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    • New Entry!!!!

      14 years ago


      Well ive been busy as you may imagine...

      I got a new ipod...for free. hells fucking yes.

      You can too if you want, just follow my link

    • Halo 2? Whats that?

      14 years ago


      well, The reason for the season is that i have been busy as the fuck with work and school. So that leaves me with precious little time to quell the masses with simple ponderings in journal form.
      So yea, Halo 2 is out and may i say that i have never been more dissapointed with any game ever. That game sucks so hard that even its own mother hates it.

      Ok, ok, ok. Before the letters on anti-mod points start rolling in, let me assure you that i am just fucking with all of you.

      Halo 2 kicks more ass than my Grand Mammy! And B.A. Baracas' grand mammy dont take no shit!

      I have been swamped with school and work, 40 hours a week is nothing for a RvB boy but it makes me want to cry. So this is the first day that i have had a second to do anything other than play Halo, do school work, and go to work for 8 hours at a time...

      I played Halo yesterday for 18 of the 19 hours i was awake...what is wrong with me?

      Oh, and in other news. The people at T-Mobile can choke on my cock and die...i hope that they all do. Fucking anti-semetic bastards, telling me im not eligable for their fucking coupons. Suck it hoes!

      The previous rant is due to the fact that the Sidekick II will cost me, and only me, 200 plus dollars...while everyone else in the fucking country can have it for free...God hates me and wants to prevent me from feeling anything that could even be misconstrued as joy. So, im not getting a Sidekick II until i start whoring again.

      So the only bright bouy in a sea of dark shit is Halo 2.

      I gotta get laid again soon. Just once, for the whole night....that should do it just fine. All i need is one evening of guilt free, un-attatched steamy nasty sex to clear my head.

      All applicants apply in rear...

      P.s- My humblest apologies go out to everyone who was affected by that poor pun. Why i put that shitty pun at the very end is a mystery to even myself. Again, my humblest apologies to your family and freinds.

      Horatio Alger.

      No wait, that isnt my name...

      Albert Einstein.


      Rosenthal, Ben Rosenthal.

    • Old loves, new feelings...

      14 years ago


      Well i was cleaning out the proverbial trashcan of my emotion life all the while attempting not to have feelings on what i was finding. Alas, this is not possible, currently...

      But what i found was a long line of burned bridges and destroyed relationships, all because it seems that a good thing is too much for me.

      What i found was a little blue book of old phone numbers and email addresses. Most of which belong to girls that i really cared about.

      Anywho, I am a massive moron. I have let so many amazing women go that i dont deserve a second chance with any of them.

      For one example, i shall plug one of their websites...

      Kirstin Diable

      This is her site, she is an extraordinarily talented singer/songwriter...and her music still makes me sad and happy at the same time. Check her out, the least i can do is help her gain notoriety.

      Ok, i think tht this is all i can say right now. Im a massive moron. Would any of you lost touch with her? I didnt think so. She is perfect.

    • Job titles...

      14 years ago


      "I want famous tittes for 2 hundred Alex." Sean Connery

      That hasn othing to do with this entry, but it always makes me laugh.

      I am dedicating this entry to alternative job titles.

      A Janitor is a Custodial Artist.
      A Prostitute is a Woman of the Night.
      A Pimp is a whore supervisor....etc...etc...etc.

      I appreciate when someone tries to make thier job soundmore important. This post is for you.

      If you have ever called yourself a server instead of a waiter. If you have ever said that you were an assistant instead of a secretary. If you have ever have ever told somene that you were a french fry technician, this post is for you.

      Rejoice my brothers and sisters, you are just as worthless as the rest of us who wait tables and fry french fries and fetch coffee.

      Please, leave your own alternative job title for all to appreciate. Or make one up if you like.

      *P.s- The new Aqua Teen rocks so far...hilarity is ensuing.

    • Ahhh well, VooDoo is today apparently...

      14 years ago


      ....and i cant go. Its a combination of not having enough money to get me trough the month and not being able to justify going to a two dany long show when i have so much work to do...i sincerely, with every, tiny, fiber of my being, hate having responsibilities...

      For those that dont know, VooDoo Fest is a 2 day festival that is very questionable, of course i am a music snob. I hate lots of stuff, but i still like gay shit that they play on the radio. Its a very complicated system i have worked out. And if anyone actually cares, which is doubtful, send me a message and i'll break it down for ya. But back on topic, Voodoo is a festival in New Orleans that they have been doing for
      something like 10 or 15 years, i can never remember, it isnt always worth it. But this year it seems like they got a decent line up with The Polyphonic Spree, Velvet Revolver, Talib Kweli, Tribe, The Beasties, Sonic Youth and the Pixies....Holy shit, i cant believe im not going, i am fucking pissed. I shouldnt have reread the band list again...Take a look for your self and see how much fun this would have been...This is the site.

      I need to revert back into a childlike state. All i should do is "play".

      Anyway, i have already experienced the trickle down form the concert, and it only started this afternoon.

      Thankfully, I did recieve 2 goo balls, a bag of uber-dank, and promises of a copy of whatever show i shall rock accordingly. I am very very pleased with myself. If i hdnt had these things to satiate my concert hunger, i would have been reeeeeeeaaly pissed.

      But i think that this has gone on long enough...if you read this far, you are more of a man/woman than i thought. Good job.

      Im out.

    • Testing...

      14 years ago


      Im tesing out a new image hosting service and i may as well use a picture of the most beautiful girl i know...


      God, i still get goosebumps...

      Here are some more tests...


      I would request that no on use the last GIF because it was made by a friend of mine and i would rather not have it used by randoms, of course, i cant stop you, all i can do is ask politlely. So please please please, dont steal my bullet...please? But isnt it cool?

    • Journalation!

      14 years ago


      "Well its friday night, and the moon is bright. Gonna have some fun, show ya how its done, T.G.I.F!"

      Well, now that that is out of my system I can get down to business. The business of getting down.

      I love this time of year in New Orleans. The weather is cooling down, the breeze is stronger, people seem to get along more and everything is apparently honky dorey. When i realize what this post is about, i'll add more to it. Maybe i'll wait until im plastered to the wall to do it. Its always more entertaining that way.

      Im out until then. when i cant see straight or wee straight...

    • Jobby Job Interviews suck

      14 years ago


      I had my interview today. I think that it went well. But then again i had to take a Psyche test for the job...a freaking Pysche test made by some moron who hasnt seen the light of day since he graduated.

      The Psyche profile is a list of 100 questions that are really only four questions worded differently 25 times a piece. The whole point of the test is supposed to be to weed out the bad apples. But in reality what it does is weed out the people who are too stupid to read the questions properly...fucking morons. But i answered them all truthfully and i doubt there will be any problems, i jsut dont like the idea that my job rests on a test.

      I am so over qualified for this job its rediculous. So if they dont hire me, im gonna burn the place down...maybe that's why they give the test, so they dont get burned down. Fucknuts...

      Either way, i am confident about this job, so no worries.

      Quote of the day
      "I’m a sound wave tsunami, vocal oragami, hijack the mic and it’s not
      like anyone can stop me." mc chris, lower case, no dots, rewind.

    • Debate time again kiddies!

      14 years ago


      Get ready for some amusing and entertaining debating. Although, im not sure if you can call G. Dub rambling about nothing debating...

      I'll post some comments aftter, if anyone cares.

    • Ahhhh, the lazy stoners best friend...

      14 years ago


      The Hot Pocket. A pockey filled with hot goodness... So many varieties that you dont have to decide, you just grab one.

      As mc says, "Frankly, the feelings fucking fantasctic, im tripping like Jesus in the desert when he fasted, Like its the night before we all get drafted, Like we're going through some rapids with Kevin Bacon white water raftin'."

      That is how good Hot Pockets are. If you disagree, you are wrong.

      Heh, im an ass. But a nice ass.

      Post Script- Does anyone else post as many journal entries as me?

      I doubt it.

      *Walkin the line (walkin the line)*

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    • Krane

      12 years ago

      mr. t is awesome

    • littledog

      14 years ago

      mr T!!!!!

    • abootdiablo

      14 years ago

      i pitty the foo'

    • mgsisawesome

      14 years ago

      u rock

    • SargeOA

      14 years ago

      im sure youve heard this before but ill say it anyway "I AINT GETTING ON NO PLANE!"

    • Rigg_Stanton

      14 years ago

      You're sick. Perfect!

    • wingnut80

      14 years ago

      Any bad ass mothafucka that is down with MC Chris is cool in my book. Granted it's a short book, and it's mostly pictures, but it's still my book gaddammit!!!

    • GrayWolf323

      14 years ago

      yet another person I know from IGN Boards ^_^

    • BABaracas

      14 years ago

      Right on! thanks man, it is much appreciatd.

      Where can I find it?

    • Angry_Kid

      14 years ago

      I have Angered you! Check it out :D

    • Ronin

      14 years ago

      This dude has the single best username in the history of the Internet. Also, he is apparently acquainted with Jimmy Stewarts large rabbit companion.

      Don't drink the milk BA.. Don't drink it!!

    • Vayeate

      14 years ago

      You a fan of The A-Team? That show rocked.

    • BABaracas

      14 years ago

      Heh, i know your secret!


      And so does my invisable freind!

      "Shut it Harvey!"

    • Anyanka

      14 years ago

      I have a secret... hee hee :-p

    • redcomando

      14 years ago you know were to find an a new guy out!

    • Lemons_R_us

      14 years ago

      A question posed more than once, my friend. The truth is, I'm just really really bendy.

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