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    • Shower Thoughts: Yuri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Ice

      2 years ago


      I really enjoyed Stan's segment on Fan Service. I thought it'd be a fine idea to narcissistically hijack the concept and do one myself. Because.

      Now, I've picked up Yuri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on Ice because the guys on internet and Kerry told me to watch it. So that's exactly what I did. And boy is it a ride so far. Every episode had me clenching my tight buns due to the high amount of not-so-stealth wiener-to-wiener dong-to-dong moments. Now I understand what those BL shippers are on about. Those are some sincerely hot, wholesome actions -- and I don't mean their sensual moves on ice. Their uncomfortably Yaoi undertones really perturbs me amidst the comfort of the Dorito consommé and broth d'Mtn Dew fermenting in the unholy dark crevices of the desk. It makes my nose runny and eyes roll back due to the amount of ecstatic yes while watching it. Saying that it's really opened a new world for me is an understatement. It's taken me to a magic carpet ride between the lithe body of the grown-ass bishie AF men bishieing all over the damn place. And I'm okay with this. Because the story is actually pretty damn ok.

      Anyway, here are my legit ranty thoughts on Yaoi!!! on Ice.

      Shower Thoughts: Yuri!!! on Ice

      1. The skating sequence would’ve been better if it’s animated in the same style as the opening.

      2. The series is made to cater to wide varieties of shippers -- meaning it's sure to be popular to BL'ers as well as others... there're some for NTR*, MILFs, GILFs, and dogs, oh my.

      3. The series is quite global and very international, a move toward a more global Japan -- or a more international appeal to BL!?

      4. The character archetypes are surprisingly contemporary for Japan and their conservative ways -- a rebellious stage in animation!?

      5. The strong emphasis on technology and social media to emphasize the small-world-after-all mentality is strong in the series.

      6. The close proximity to which Viktor comes into Yuri is just exaggeration of the difference in culture: the fact that personal space distance is different in the West compared to the East. Exaggerated due to doing it normally would lose the message.

      7. Yuri is Shinji, Yurio is Asuka, Viktor is Nagisa, and the general, non-BL enthusiast audience is Rei, having to witness the spectacle unfold while complaisantly standing by like a lifeless doll.

      Issues I have on Yamete!!! on Ice

      1. The jerky camera tracking is very distracting.

      2. The characters with dark attire blends into the dark background sometimes. There are lots of compositional errors that really detracts from the otherwise brilliant animation.

      3. The hyperactivity and speeeeeed to which things happen exhausts me.

      4. The skating sequence is lacklustre despite this being advertised to be a skating animu; they did well in the relationship aspects, but the truly emotional moments has jarringly terrible animation quality. Why.

      *NTR is the dirty Japanese memers' net speak abbreviation for Netorare, meaning cockblocked while the protagonist is forced to witness his love interest stolen by an antagonist, and fornicate in front of his very eyes. The course of action differs significantly story-to-story but the most common theme have the two enjoying the process while the protagonist have to go and beat off his puny cocktail wiener to the spectacle. In contrast the antagonist is usually bestowed with an XXL Brühwurst, further humiliating the protagonist. It's as masochistic as it can get on a mental level. Even the hardiest of meatbeaters shrink away at the sight of the NTR.

      Apologies to all readers for the terrible mental image I may have bestowed upon all. But you've gotta learn if you wanted to be admitted to Mr Boner's Wild Ride. NTR better be a topic for the Hentai edition of Fan Service.

    • Fan Service Topics

      2 years ago


      Ho ho ho. Happy Halloween. Everyone knows North American Halloween is just a giant cosplay fest. And ironically, Japan is actually very traditional with their costumes. So what better way to celebrate the time of pagan costume party than with cosplay facts?

      Also, dunno where to put this shiz, 'cause I doubt there's a topic thread for Fan Service anytime soon. One topic I think the gang should talk about is the mainstream cosplayers -- in other words, shameless cosplayers under the light of public eyes. But boy did they miss the opportunity this time around. Better quickly make another costume-centric holiday. Anyways here's the list:

      1. Evgenia Medvedeva: Russian Figure skater that won the European Championship 2016 and the World Championship 2016. Avid fan of Sailor Moon and Yuri!!! on Ice. She's figure skated in a Sailor Moon costume. Vids are floating around somewhere on YouTube. I'm too much of a lazy-ass bum to search it out so Google it, dear readers. She's also twitted herself cosplaying in some Yuri!!! on Ice costume.

      2. Yuichiro Nagashima: Japanese welterweight kick boxer. Often cosplays before entering the ring and knocking the poo out of his opponents (or getting his poo knocked out as it goes in boxing). Also does a nice dance routine number in the beginning with bunch of backup dancers. It's real nice. I highly recommend checking him out. His Touhou routines are arguably his most famous.

      3. Adam Savage (because I've run out of names): Guy's a savage cosplayer. Raiding cons in bitching costumes and ravaging costume designers' tight assholes? Best known as that guy in Mythbusters along with Jamie "The Walrus" Hyneman. His crew on the channel Tested on YouTube helps with his endeavours. Enjoys blending in with us peasants by wearing costumes that hide his identity. Often backfires because only the Savage is savage enough to dress in such a high production valued costume. If he really wants to blend in, he best dress in a cardboard box and call himself a Gundamn. Anyways, great guy. Salt of the Earth. Probably.

      Special Mention: 

      1. Michael "Venom" Page: his outstanding performance of caving his opponent's forehead into their own noggin' followed by the awkwardly hilarious performance of rolling a Pokéball towards his opponent is pretty funny. In its own rather macabre and black-humour way. But still, pretty hilarious. Especially after you see the poor guy's X-ray and imagine an OP trainer painting his knee in the pattern of a Pokéball and shoving it into the man's face. If Pokémon was caught like this, I'd be more inclined to tune into the shows... Though maybe not with the Alolan character redesigns. Cyka Blyat.

      2. Dschinghis Khan: Because.

      I feel peculiar dressed in cosplay costume out at cons, so the balls (and ovaries) these guys have must weigh close to two metric tonnes.

    • Undertale: Because My Comp Is a Potato

      3 years ago


      In the first place, my potato of a laptop (and the lack of current gen consoles) is the one thing that's stopping me from playing those visually intensive games -- not that I'm saying that graphics is the only thing I'm looking for in games. It's actually the opposite. I grew up playing flash games from places like JayisGames or Flashplayer. I have fond memories of games that make the most out of less. Which is probably the reason why I enjoy grinding the fuck out of games. I still play some GBC and GBA games to this day. And that's the reason why I like Undertale.

      Conceptually, it's simple. Yet, the execution is so well polished. The story is engaging, and the characters are charming in their own ways. Creator Toby Fox is quite the polymath, to build a story, create the graphics, and even compose the soundtrack, it's truly quite an extraordinary feat. The only one-man team that parallels to the scale of acclaim in my eyes is Pixel and Cave Story. But the theme explored in Cave Story and Undertale is different. Yet, somewhat similar. I can't quite put my finger on it.

      But fuckmyanus, the characters are what takes the cake. Ugh, the characters are so fun they really make the game. Temmies, Annoying Dog, Royal Guards, even the bird that carries you over a disproportionately small gap have so much to offer. The music is catchy out of context, but it's very atmospheric and matches perfectly with the character, environment, and circumstances. The art is also well-matched, it's not complex, but leaves room for imagination.

      Overall, I truly enjoyed playing the game. Neutral and Pacifist routes were heartwarming.

      Now, time for the genocide route.

    • One-Punch Man Hype

      3 years ago


      One-Punch Man is getting quite the presence online as the story crossed the midpoint of the season. One-Punch Man started as a webcomic by ONE, and was picked up and redrawn by Murata Yusuke, the creator of Eyeshield 21. The story follows Saitama, a jobless, OP hero-for-a-hobbyist and his quest for the ultimate shonen fight scene. It's chock full of gags and action sequences that has made many anime fans quiver in ecstasy.

      But there's quite a bit of humour that was lost in translation. Such as Mumen Rider (Unlicensed Rider) being a parody of Kamen Rider, or OnePunMan (shortened form of One-Punch Man -- similar to Pokémon being the shortened form of Pocket Monsters) is a parody of Anpanman. And Vaccine Man, the very first villain introduced in the series, is a parody character on Anpanman's arch nemesis Baikin Man.

      That said, OPM is a well done action-gag anime that've been hitting the right chord with the audience, both Japan and the West. The animation is top-notch, and few critics questioned whether Madhouse got an enormous funding for it. To which they replied that the funds used was pretty standard. They commented that the animation quality is due to the animators' burning passion for the series. Which reminds me of certain animation team currently hard at work to bring out an ample amount of orgasmic fight scenes.

      BD sales will likely surge, which will surely bring another season of OPM in the near future. Frankly though, it'll probably be another year or so until the next season comes out, as the Murata redraw is still only in the early part of "that" arc. Unless they decide to base the second season on ONE's original OPM, which I doubt, as Murata is adding new content for "that" arc (probably with ONE in the backseat).

      In any case, I'm looking forward to the gorgeous animations in the episodes to come

    • Midori En Update, Pt.2

      4 years ago


      Her weapons consist of an arsenal of different types of incendiaries. She carries 5 types of explosives for her use, all of them powered by Dust:
      Poly-Dust: Polymer-Dust composite, similar to real-world C-4, with Dust embedded in a kneadable medium and requires another Dust explosion to trigger it
      Pom-Dust: Pomegranate-Dust grenade, similar to real-world frag grenade, has a delay timer that is activated after a set amount of time, explosion sends out shrapnel
      Prim-Dust: Primer-Dust grenade, a grenade that explodes on impact, uses a small amount of Armstrong's Mixture as a primer to trigger the Dust explosion
      Prov-Dust: Provoke-Dust, similar to real-world land mines, must be triggered by pressure, carefully laid down by digging above or below
      Prop-Dust: Propelled-Dust, after activation, can be thrown and propelled a short distance before exploding; shaped like a football and thrown in a similar fashion

      Along with the bombs, she also have a few chain links launched by a mortar, and cached using her Semblance.

      Fighting Style:
      Midori is dreadful at hand to hand combat, and would rather fight from afar with explosives. Her range is limited to her throwing distance (except for the Prop-Dust), so she excels at mid-range combat and tactics. She uses her Semblance for defensive purposes, utilizing the chains as a quick getaway to distance herself from the opponent.

      Midori relies on her team to make the most out of her explosives. With Tara, she is able to set off explosives below the surface to incapacitate her enemies, or quickly excavate a trench. She uses Diantha's combat expertise to lay out traps. Vasilka uses Midori's explosives as long range armament. She can support her fellow teammates using her Semblance to bind the enemies with the cached chains and her traps to slow down any enemy advances.

      -Cries a lot
      -Easy to get riled up and extremely gullible
      -Likes sweets, and hides them in her Semblance
      -Likes to ride on Tara's shoulder, and often does so when she's speaking to the rest of the team

    • Midori En Update, Pt.1

      4 years ago



      Midori En

      Allusion: En no Gyoja, Japanese ascetic monk
      Color: Lime Green
      Age: 17
      Height: 5'0"

      Midori is a petite girl, with short, dark green hair with a perpetual cowlick situated on the whirl of her head. Her bangs are swept to the side and two silver hair pins are used to keep the opposite bangs out of her light gray eyes. Midori is temperamental and has either a serious (and pouty) façade or an uncontrollable giddiness one. Since she's tiny compared to her team, she often tries to make herself look bigger by exaggerating her movements. People around her comment on her loud voice.

      She wears loose chain mail under her clothes at all times, and sports a comfy light green sleeveless hoodie with white detached sleeves, both lined with chain mail. On both sleeves are her family's emblem, neatly printed in light green with gray outlines. On top of her hoodie is a steel breastplate. She wears a pair of bridal gauntlets that extend up to her elbow. Her bottoms consists of biker shorts with a utility belt and two small pouches (for holding explosives and snacks). Her footwear consists of steel-toed armored boot-greaves that extend upward over her knees (attached to the boots, but detached on the thighs).

      Luckily for her, growing up as the youngest child in her family had great benefits. Unlike her older siblings, of whom are expected to take over as the heads of the family, Midori was free to pursue whatever she desired. Growing up surrounded by hand-me-down comics from her older siblings, she became overly zealous to reenact the scenes from the stories. With her close friends, she formed an eclectic brigade of warriors, to become allies of justice.

      Her family is relatively well known in their area, and has quite the power in local politics. Their greatest asset was land, and they had as much as the eyes can see. Living near the forest, owned by the family of course, she had access to all the great resources to foster a creative imagination. With so much usable land, she began to train the team to become combat specialists. News spread around the local area that a make-shift reconnaissance survey team sent by a local town went missing in the same forest they were playing, Midori decided to check out the fate of the group. A long trek uncovered nothing, until one of the members stumbled through thin soil to an underground cavern. Faint glow emanates from cracks in boulders, an untapped Dust cavern! This must be what the locals were after... If it weren't for the fact that the cavern is crawling with Grimms. Midori couldn't fathom that their long, hard training in the forest meant absolutely nothing in face of real danger. Realizing the great peril her team is in, Midori desperately grabbed nearby rocks and hurled them toward the Grimms. The rocks were laced with Dust, and the impact detonated a series of small explosions, enough to send the enemies away with their tails between their legs. After crawling out of the cavern, they made their way towards civilization.

      Midori found great potential in Dust, specifically, Dust explosions. She began to research ways to contain Dust and make them usable for varieties of ways. Before she knew it, Midori created a wide range of explosives. The next logical step to her was to enroll in Beacon Academy's programs and gather fellows with similar mentalities to make a true "Justice Brigade".

      After arriving to Beacon Academy, she realized just how average she was in terms of ability. Even though she felt outright inferior, she still faced her fears and went on to meet peers with the same goal as her in hopes of fulfilling her life-long dream.

      Has an inferiority complex towards her team, and the rest of the class due to her unprecedented short stature. As stated earlier, she likes to exaggerate her movements to take up more space, in turn making her look formidable (it doesn't work). As such, she likes to be flashy and whips up cheesy poses, thinking that it looks cool. Midori is gullible, and usually falls for tricks and scams to the chagrin of the rest of her team. Despite these obvious downfalls, she believes that a good synergy is the best way to create a successful team. As such, she is a team player and works best with her team. Sometimes, though, she found that she is pretty much powerless by herself, despite being the leader.

      Semblance: Cache
      Midori has a pocket dimension at her disposal, and is able to fill it up with whatever physical objects (other than living beings and Grimms) to her liking. But there's a catch: the weight of the objects stored in the dimension can be felt by Midori in the physical realm, so she is only able to carry as much as she can physically hold. On top of that, the maximum distance she can open a window is 30 feet. She can only either save the object or withdraw it, and not at the same time. An easy way to understand the Semblance is by looking at it like a mouse pointer: she is able to 'cut' the object, and 'paste' it but not at the same time. She noticed early on that whatever speed the object has during caching is the same when it is withdrawn. So a thrown rock that is cached will be expelled with the same speed. She must have a clear sight on an area to open a window, and it must be on a surface (not in the middle of the air). She can't use it to cut an object, everything must either be saved or expelled before the window can close.

    • RWBY OC: Yves

      4 years ago



      Name: Yves Bara (name tentative)
      Age: 18
      Gender: Male
      Weapon: Cestus
      Semblance: FIST
      Color: Dark Red
      Height: 6' 9"
      Weight: 385 lbs

      Species: Faunus (Stag Beetle)
      Alludes to: Thorkell the High

      Appearance: Gar as fuck. His muscles have muscles. Sports tight fitting, glossy bodysuit, because to Yves, the world needs to see his chiseled bust, not cower from it. The covers stops mid arm, and mid thighs and has a reddish tint to them. There are some venting discs starting at his shoulders and going down on his back for ventilation purposes. He wears a black, leather kilt with painted white tartan patterns, because only the realest of men wear kilts. Yves calls them combat kilts and assures the people that it will eventually become 'a thing' (it will never be a thing).

      History: At a young age, he was kidnapped to be used as fodder for questionable mining operations. Finding that his inherent strength could make him a better pugilist than some lowly miner, they set a stage for young Yves. An underground fighting ring, where they began to train him to become an exceptional fighter. He was treated well, and the meager pay eventually stacked up. After a few years, he had plenty enough to buy his freedom and escape a life of meaningless fights. Perhaps due to all the concussions from the fights, he is kinda slow on the uptake. Immediately after leaving the coliseum, he meets Midori, lost in the forest clearing. And the rest was history.

      Personality: He prefers tasks that are easy to understand. He is fairly intelligent, but lacks the speed. He jokingly states that he has to converse with every muscle in his body before he could make a decision, or compared himself to a room full of monkeys and a typewriter analogy. Even to his peers, he is known as 'that-brawns-for-brains' guy. He is perhaps the most misunderstood person around, his fatal flaw of not being able to make up his mind. He ended up befriending Midori because of her simple-mindedness.

      Weapon: Cestus, a set of weighted arm guard. Can be manually loaded with explosive Dust cartridge for maximal propulsion, making his punches lethal.

      Semblance: FIST
      It's a semi! It's a meteor! No, it's FIST. The impact is like a small megaton bomb, it can topple a cliffside and bring the manliest men to their knees. It needs a large amount of charging time, and as an alternative, a smaller, less destructive but more precise FIST can be utilized for a fraction of the time. It's a straight forward semblance for a straightforward person. Useful for clearing landscapes to create an open area.

      Trivia: Yearns to grow a manly mustachio, but only capable of patchy scruffs. Lactose intolerant, but still drinks milk everyday, to the dismay of his friends. Pretty good at sewing and knitting, due to the lack of clothes to fit his stature.

      Likes: Cooking, sewing, social festivities, bread
      Dislikes: Tedious tasks, complicated fights, being stereotyped as a muscle freak

      Strength: A
      Speed: C
      Stamina: C
      Durability: C
      Intelligence: B
      Aura: C
      Semblance: A

    • RWBY OC: Midori

      4 years ago



      Name: Midori En
      Age: 16
      Gender: Female
      Weapon: Ofuda
      Semblance: Cache
      Color: Light Green
      Height: 4' 8"
      Weight: 110 lbs

      Species: Human
      Alludes to: En no Gyoja

      Appearance: A rather petite girl. Sports a light green hoodie and a modern twist on an onmyouji outfit. She claims that she trained with some old martial fighting art master persons that have mastered the arts of being bald, drunk, and fighting maniacally; and master of sword that distinctively look Eastern, but actually not at all and only alludes to the objects in question, and the rite-of-passage code of moral swords-person that is actually a path in which the warrior must tread upon, respectively. In hopes of becoming a grand martial artist master person. In truth, all she did in her childhood was role-play with her friends on what they thought masters of the fighting arts do (basically stuff from comic books). She takes pride in her ability to walk for an indefinite amount of time (due to her hidden semblance of getting lost anywhere /lol jk but not rly); wears bike shorts for comfort and mobility. Wields two pouches on her thighs for easy access to her seals and snacks.

      History: Part of the reason she became an orphan was because her "friend" claimed that the spot that appeared from looking at the sun leads to a magical treasure. Luckily (or unluckily) she managed to wander into a forest, where sunlight never touches the ground. Distressed that their daughter was missing, Midori's parents looked for her in the forest, only to meet their demise by waltzing into an Ursa lair. She eventually stumbled out of the forest herself. Her friend feels a little guilty, so she follows her around and partake in whatever crazy antics she has in her mind. After reading countless hours of comic books and ending up as a hopeless fanatic of all things comic related, she decided that she would begin hunting Grimms and bring justice to the world. Even with the chagrin of her peers, she stubbornly storms out looking for Grimms. Due to her sheer stupidity, she falls through a manhole, and flails helplessly in the knee deep sewer water. That day forth, she vowed never to swim ever again, and tread carefully when .

      Personality: Naïve to a fault. Somewhat of a coward, talks big, but doesn't really amount to much in reality. She does try to follow through on whatever she claims, but usually ends in an absolute disaster. She is quite conceited and rather petty. She wishes that her friend would let go of the deaths of her parents, so they could walk on equal footings as they did before.

      Weapon: Ofuda, "Magical" paper seals (they're just normal, 20 lb bond paper). Each one is laced with dust and a primer. It can be remotely set off using a bit of force. One side is an adhesive for sticking to objects and surfaces.

      Semblance: Cache
      Technically, it's an invisible backpack. She can only hold as much as she physically can. Whatever object is placed into it will automatically weigh her down in the physical world. The downside is that she can never meet her diet goals because her weight fluctuate on a day-to-day basis. The upside is that she can eat whatever she wants and blame the weight gain on her semblance. She can extract whatever object is in there by will, but within a 50 ft radius. She has to have a clear line of sight to the position. She uses the paper seals as markers to facilitate in the judging of distance and depth. Another interesting fact on her semblance is the ability to "save" an object's vector before caching. For example, a chain she launched from a cannon that is saved while gliding will have the same velocity when she summons it. She cannot simultaneously save and open at the same time, she has to do one or the other. Also, can't cache dust, living organisms, or Grimms.

      Trivia: She likes to use hand seals, but they don't do anything. She claims that part of being a Huntress is by roleplaying well, and being dramatic. She makes her daily bread by busking as a magician. She is a big fan of the comic books, and points out that that was probably the reason she decided to become a Huntress.

      Likes: Martial arts, snacks, comic books, walking
      Dislikes: Numbers, swimming, being told that she has no sense of direction

      Strength: C
      Speed: B
      Stamina: A
      Durability: F-
      Intelligence: F-
      Aura: C
      Semblance: C

    • RWBY Ruby FIgure

      4 years ago


      So to document the progress of my custom Ruby figure, I have to say that it's difficult to the maximum. I took on this project thinking that it'll be a good mixture of organic and robotics (Ruby and the scythe). I figured (no pun intended) that this'll be a 1 month project, looking at some artists on Deviantart and sculpture forums. Starting with no experience in figure making, this is going to be a hard task.

      I've gotten to the point that I finished a single leg and rough body work. Did not realize that laces, hair, and mimicking fabric would be the most daunting task. Nevertheless, I'm gonna bite the pillow go in dry.

      I hacked the limbs off, with the intention of making a garage kit in the near future for making moneys. I wish I have more references to help with this project. ;_;

      Here's a few pictures to show the progress of the WIP Ruby figure.






      I'll update with another batch next week, probs.

    • Knights of Sidonia is Out.

      5 years ago


      Just watched Knights of Sidonia, which will have an official North American release on Netflix this summer. The series will have 12 episodes, each 25 minutes long and the first episode will premier on April 11.

      A synopsis of the story: A colony floating in space, aliens, mechs and one awkward guy.

      The show is an adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name, by author Tsutomu Nihei who prior to Sidonia were well known for the dystopic-scifi-cyberpunk series Blame! The volumes of Knights of Sidonia are localized by publishing company Vertical in NA. Polygon Pictures is animating the series, which is done using full-on CG models, backgrounds, and mechs instead of traditional drawn frames. The movements of the characters were a little jerky, but otherwise, the style fits well with the atmosphere and dem feels.

      The adaptation follows the original series rather well, but in the short 25 minute length, only so much could be covered. The story will probably progress relatively slow like a crawling sloth, unless some bits and pieces were to be removed from the original story. The only issue that most traditional anime watchers would have is the fact that the whole thing is 3DCG, but if they can get over with RWBY I'm sure it'll be awwwwwright.

      All in all, it's been a decent start, the setting and characters are explored, some conflict, just the general stuff. The OP and ED is interesting. It's still too early to criticize the series. I'll be waiting for the next episode.

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      death by curry made by lolis... a good way to go?

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