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      14 years ago


      Just got done watching this movie. Don't EVER watch it. EVER. It is *severely* retarded and gay. It's nothing waht you'd think from M. Night Shamalan. It's pretty dang close to a love story. Yeah, a love story. With weird creatures thrown in to add depth...I guess. Extremely slow to the end, and the end isn't an ending. That ending is BULLSHAT!!! Bad movie. I hate it. MEH!


      14 years ago


      Stingray: joel?
      JoeAct1: ya
      Stingray: sweetness
      Stingray: what's up
      Stingray: ok, i'm sure you're busy cuz you're slow to respond, either that or you hate me all ready...i was just gonna ask for your autograph, so...if you could autograph in this im, it'd be frickin sweet
      JoeAct1: Joel Heyman "cabose"
      JoeAct1: hows that
      Stingray: dude, that's awesome
      Stingray: thanks!
      JoeAct1: u bet


      This just in...
      Breaking news, everybody. I know you'll all love this. Check it out:

      Bastageeeee you really are a bastard ! Yea! YEA YEA! oooh bastage you really are a bastard YEA YEA YEA you talk a lot and roll on the floor YEAY YEA YEA oooh bastage you are such a bastard

      muuuuhahhaha muuuuhahahha =P

      This comes courtesy of your freindly, neighborhood Brakus. Everybody go leave him some comments about what you think. Let him know how bad it is to leave mean-spirted random messages for people. It's really demeaning....despite it's humor.

      Update: For this week's album, I pick Lostprophets - Start Something. This is an incredible album by an incredibly talented band. It's got extra music in between songs that makes it flow really quite well. The music itself is on the heavy side of things, but is mixed with light strings on some songs. Highly recommended. If you haven't heard it yet, give it a listen; it's definitelly worth it.

    • What really happened

      14 years ago


      So, I was talkin to melstar, and this is how it really went. She wants so much more, but she'll never get it. DON'T WORRY, MELSTAR, YOU WILL LIVE, THERE IS LIFE AFTER ME!!!

      Stingray: there's this chick
      Stingray: that totally digs me
      Stingray: TOTALLY
      Melstar2002: lol
      Stingray: so, i don't have to take your abuse
      Melstar2002: ok?
      Melstar2002: ahhhh
      Melstar2002: ok fine
      Stingray: that's what
      Melstar2002: nothin
      Melstar2002: fine run to your blow up doll
      Melstar2002: wont hurt my feelins none
      Stingray: more than what you'll ever get
      Melstar2002: =-O
      Melstar2002: you dont know me!
      Stingray: i know enough about you to know that you'll never get more than these digital messages from me
      Stingray: loser
      Melstar2002: from you? who said i wanted more lol?
      Stingray: you did
      Melstar2002: lol i did?
      Stingray: yup
      Melstar2002: musta missed that
      Stingray: your incessant laughing
      Melstar2002: :-D
      Stingray: and that confirms it
      Stingray: you wnat me
      Stingray: but you can't have me

      Melstar2002: LOL!! you are such a nerd! make me out to sound like a bitch. hahaha....this means war!
      Melstar2002: ima kill you lol
      Stingray: you are bein a bizatch
      Stingray: :-P
      Melstar2002: at least im not a bitch
      Melstar2002: LIKE YOU!! :-P
      Stingray: whatever

      wow...that's being bitchy if I ever saw...

      Melstar2002: jerk
      Stingray: looks like i'm winning
      Melstar2002: lol
      Stingray: rofl
      Melstar2002: whateva
      Stingray: come on
      Stingray: admit it
      Stingray: i win
      Stingray: that's all you gotta say
      Melstar2002: nonsense poopy pants
      Stingray: could be over right now
      Melstar2002: i am far too stuborn to give this up
      Melstar2002: LOL!
      Stingray: all right
      Melstar2002: baby, im single and lovin it!
      Stingray: for now
      Melstar2002: ?
      Stingray: you'll come around eventually
      Melstar2002: lol
      Melstar2002: oh ok
      Stingray: you'll be like
      Stingray: omg
      Stingray: BASTAGE IS IT!!!
      Stingray: it'll click, just like that
      Stingray: and it'll be this uncontrollable urge
      Stingray: there won't be anything you'll be able to do about it
      Stingray: except give in
      Stingray: and by that time, i'll have moved on
      Stingray: you'll have missed your chance
      Melstar2002: ROFLMAO!!
      Stingray: and i'll be like, sorry for ya
      Stingray: and you'll regret it for the rest of your life...
      Melstar2002: you are a silly man
      Stingray: you'll turn into a severely depressed individual
      Stingray: you'll have to go into rehab
      Stingray: you'll be like, doc...i had my chance to get out of this purgatory that is: single life
      Stingray: and i blew it
      Stingray: there was this guy i liked SO much
      Stingray: and i just wouldn't admit it to the world, him, or even myself
      Melstar2002: lol
      Stingray: doc....i need help...what have i done to myself?!?!!?
      Melstar2002: oh wow
      Stingray: yup, hit the nail on the head
      Stingray: i told you i knew you

    • Hey, does life get any better?

      14 years ago


      My car battery is dead now. Frickin sweet. The heat got fixed today tho, so I can sleep in my own bed. Yay!

      just had this interesting conversation w/ a friend...

      me: johnny carson died?
      her: yeah he died
      me: what the
      me: when
      her: i think sunday or yesterday
      me: yesterday...was...sunday...
      her: nevermind
      her: lol
      her: well in an hour it will be monday
      me: .....

      Update x2: Woke up this morning and our power was out, which means no heat again as well...I really don't know if this semester can get any better :-S

      Power is back on, which means the heat is back on too. I'm going to start an album of the week thing, I think. I'll post an album old or new that I have and feel should be bought. You're free to leave feedback as long as it doesn't contain anything about how much the album/artist/songs suck. I don't want to hear it, and I won't leave your comment up. Criticism is welcomed, just no flaming. Also, feel free to leave any suggestions that people might like if they like the album. So, with all that said, this week's album is:

      Snow Patrol - Final Straw

      That's all for now. Maybe the rest of the week will be as interesting as the first 3 days...maybe something good will happen. Just maybe...

    • I have no heat tonight...

      14 years ago


      Yeah, our heater is out...F'IN A!!!

      8 minute update: I've decided to sleep on the couch in the living room with the space heater.

      Edit 2: I'm going to list all the bands I've seen in concert. Ready? I don't think you are...Ready now? they are, in chronological order:

      Story of the Year
      Linkin Park

      (Meteora tour 2004...SotY opened, etc etc....I know, I rule!)

    • Oh, the horror, THE HORROR!!!!!

      14 years ago


      I hate this semester. I hate my schedule. I hate having to be here. I hate winter. I hate being outside in the cold. I hate morning classes. I hate my all my classes. I hate oral presentations, group or individial. I hate my stupid laptop. I hate funny noises coming from said laptop. I hate iTunes. I hate iTunes somehow resetting itself losing all my music and playlists causing me to use another, not as easy to use program and redo all my songs and playlists.

      Life is grand.

      Deep thought for the day/week/month: If Jelly Belly made a pussy-flavored jellybean, would anybody eat it? Would anybody *like* it?

    • Trust me, I'm a pro

      14 years ago


      Well, someone told me I needed to update my journal. Here's my update. I'm back from Texas. Fun trip. Went to the zoo and stuff. Took lots of pictures of animals. Tried sushi while I was there too. Sushi is mighty good. Had some octopus that didn't get much more fresh than what I got. They had a whole octopus that just got put out and the guy cut off a tentacle and made my sushi. Awesome stuff, worth a try. For all of those that live in Houston, your airport SUCKS. It's huge and confusing. I don't really have much to talk about. I'm just updating cuz someone was bugging me about it. Now maybe they'll shutup. That's it for now, peeps.

      *Edit* For those who really care. there are some nice looking women in Texas. I did see more in Pennsylvania. They were just all over the place. Although, I saw them all at the mall on the weekend and I got back during the week after school had gone back into session, and they just weren't nearly as plentiful. So, the moral of the story is Texas has lookers that are older but not as frequent. Pennsylvania is overflowing, but they're in high school at least. Hopefully this helps any of you trying to decide to move either to Texas or Pennsylvania and basing your decision solely on the number of hot women around. It's what I'm here for....I suppose...

    • I'm OUT!!!

      14 years ago


      Well, peeps, I'm off to Texas for the week. I will have no internet access until this Friday. If I start losing karma, I'm leaving it up to you all to keep me from falling too much. Have fun, peoples, and don't miss me too much! HUZZAH!!!

    • What's going on now...

      14 years ago


      Well, today is Wednesday. I finally beat Metal Gear Solid 3 yesterday. It's funny how it took just one more try after visiting the game store and peeking at the back to read on how to defeat the Boss. The ending kicks as much ass as Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal, Jet Li and Bruce Willis all put together. I went to the mall the other day and picked up the greatest shirt ever made. Yes, people, I am proud to tell you that I know own an "I'm with stupid --->" shirt. Sweet!! Seeing as how I am without a significant other, I plan on wearing the shirt when I'm out with my friends. Let's see, what else...I go home in a couple more days. I'm looking forward to that. I get to play the new bass that has been neglected since I bought it. I will have to make up for it...I hope it forgives me. I bought it out of love, I'm sure it will understand. Last thing that's gone on: I lost all my mod points. I have no more, but I'm only 5 points away from the next level. Help a brother out, donate you mod points to the "Bastage Mod Point Relief Fund" today. Your mod points will not be put to waste. Just 1 mod point a month gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have done your good deed for the day/week/month. However you want to count it, you can. Don't delay. Little bastages around the world need your help. Won't you save them?

    • New Journal Entry

      14 years ago


      Here, an update: Nothing's happening. Why? Because I'm in Pennsylvania until this Friday without the rest of my family. I'm spending most my time with my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Another thing that's been taking up my time is Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. If you do not have this game yet, then I am going to call you retarded and slap you upside the head. YOU NEED TO BUY THIS GAME! So, go buy it now, while I play more and almost beat it. For of the greatest games ever. Oh, and thanks for playing my game, losers. We'll see if I ever do anything like that again. I need more friends...or just more that look at my stuff.

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