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      14 years ago


      Well, I got my bass sold and shipped it off this morning. It's going to one happy family down in Alabama. eBay is so cool. I had someone with over 1300 feedback and no negatives buy my bass. My first time selling something, and I get noticed by someone like that. It gave me a great feeling of excitement and accomplishment. But, whatever. I'm gonna have to take a picture of what I bought to replace it.'s tasty. I'm about tired of working now. Two more days before I get one day off, and one day after that and I'm done for the year, w00t!!1 So, I saw one person do this, and I don't think many people read my journal, but I'm going to try it anyways, because I thought it was one nifty idea. I have 25 of what I think to be the best quotes from songs randomly played in my music library. You guys guess which song they're from and I mark them off when people guess. No Googling, cuz that's cheap. Ready? Set? Go!!

      1.) I've done all I can, to stand on her steps with my heart in my hands, now I'm starting to see, Maybe it's got nothing to do with me
      2.) So be sick of listening, to senile, old, and staggering youth, pick us up when we fall down
      3.) I follow every word like streetlights, I, I want to fall in love and leave tonight
      4.) Get me what I want, 'Cause I'm a bigshot
      5.) There's a peace inside us all, let it be your friend, it will help you carry on in the end
      6.) It seems I've gone away, It seems I've lost myself, It seems I've really lost my way, It seems I've shed my skin
      7.) How many days in a year, She woke up with hope but only found tears, And I can be so insincere, Making her promises never for real
      8.) Is it any wonder I can't sleep, All I have is all you gave to me, Is it any wonder I found peace through you?
      9.) Look what I've done, This picture I've painted, It looks like my heart, Or what remains
      10.) The sun goes down, I feel the light betray me
      11.) Lump lingered in line for brains, and the one she got was sorta rotten and insane
      12.) What's done is done, And I know I'll be saved, In time you will, so move on
      13.) I have wandered far and wide, For something real, something to die for, But I have found you and you do not see, All that is me, all that is true
      14.) Are you afraid of being alone...Are you afraid of leaving here tonight, 'Cause I am, I'm lost without you
      15.) Flaunt your will at every wheel, Parachute your chocolate soul, Cobblestones under your wheels
      16.) Could it be that I don't want to hurt you anymore? Could it be that we don't have what it takes?
      17.) And all along I thought you would be there, To let me know that I'm not alone, But in fact that's exactly what I was
      18.) Come on, You know that we belong
      19.) I'll tell you now, I'm gonna take this, Did you come here to watch me, Watch me burn?
      20.) Hate, something, sometime, someway, Kick on the front door
      21.) Empty hearts can fill an empty room, Because of you
      22.) It's true the way I feel was promised by your face
      23.) Everytime I hear your name, Everytime I feel the same, It's like it all falls in to place, And everything feels right
      24.) How far down would you fall, If you never came up again, Just how deep would you go, To see through it all
      25.) If there was ever a problem, I'll solve it, Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it

    • I put my bass up for auction

      14 years ago


      For the few of those that do read my journal, I put up my bass on ebay. It's an Ibanez EDB-600 in very good condition. If you or anybody you know is interested, feel free to bid or let me know. We might could work out a price.


      2nd EDIT: 4 hours left (3:45 P.M. EST on Friday!!!) Get it while it's hawt!!!

      EDIT: Link fixed....this board stuff is slightly gay

    • The Greatest Math Class Ever Lived

      14 years ago


      LoL...Today was the best.

      Ok, so, I'm sitting in math class, and Vanessa walks in, sits down, and starts talking to me after a little while. The first thing she says to me is how much she didn't appreciate being flipped off when she drove by me on Monday. So, I'm like, whatever, I don't care, and I flip her off again in the middle of class. And she calls me rude again, and I tell her I only do it because she calls me asshole all the time. She tells me it's because I am an asshole...funny.

      So, later on, we're sitting there, and she asks me what Monday's date is. I'm like, I don't know, and she says she thinks it's the 6th. I'm like whatever and pull out my phone. As soon as I see what it is, she asks if I want to make a bet about it. I'm like, no, I'm not going to bet you on anything. She says, "Why? Because I'm smarter than you?" I pause for a second and ask her, "What's your grade in this class?" And she says, "F*ck you," in about the most evil voice she can. So, I say, "Really? I didn't know they had a grad of 'f*ck you'. Well then, if your grade is 'f*ck you', then my grade would be 'go f*ck yourself'." She just tells me whatever to that...she knows it's true though. She wants me, I can tell. She starts flirting with me pushing my arm and everything.

      So, I know you're thinking, it couldn't get any funnier, could it? Well, people, it most definitely can. I stole her phone and start going through it and I think to myself, I will change her background!!! So, I found out where I need to be to change it, and start going through her wallpapers and pictures. Vanessa has a picture phone, and aparently uses it to take abnormal pictures. I find the picture that I want to set it to, get it set, put her phone back, and wait. It isn't but about 5 mins. before she opens her phone, closes it, and gets the world's greatest look of shock and embarrassment on her face. What was the picture? It was a picture of her boobies. That's right, she took a picture of her titties, and I found it and set it as her wallpaper on her phone. She could not believe it, completely shocked. She got soooooooooooo pissed about it too. I thought it was freaking hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing about it. It took her and her friend Julie another 5-10 mins. to figure out how to change it back. So great. She told me that I shouldn't have invaded her privacy like that and how pissed she was. But, she was still talking to me, and smiling, so she wasn't exactly *that* pissed. I told her she shouldn't be taking pictures like that and left class.

      And that is how the greatest math class ever lived went. The End.

      *Update* December 4th


    • Black Friday

      14 years ago



      Sorry I never got around to it, but here's how it went. Thursday night I could *not* go to sleep to save my life until around almost 2 I'd say, so I got about 3 hours of sleep. Well, I got up on time, and got to work on time and waited for the store to open. We opened the doors, and there was just this flood of people that I have never seen before. Have you ever seen water rushing through a channel or something like that? That's exactly what it's like. You have this massive group of people running down the main aisle that runs all the way around the store, and they slowly branch off into specific aisles. Pretty crazy. Our $20 dvd players were gone in about 10 mins. and I wasn't mean to anybody later on in the day about not having them; although, we still had people asking for them after 12:00. Idiots. We had Rebecca running one of our registers, and she put quite a bit of stuff under my number. Rebecca is tha shite. <3. So, for sales, I ended up with just over $5000. I'll let you know how much comission that translates into in a couple weeks if ya'll really care that much. I'm hoping for a nice check. I need money for my vacations over Christmas break. About the only thing bad that happened on Friday was when I was actually at home. Work wasn't bad; I even got to leave an hour early. But home....OK, so, I get home and sleep for another hour and a half bringing the total sleep for that day up to 4 1/2 hours. Sleep like that just sucks. So, I'm sitting at the table with my family, and mom's talking to me, and I forget what about, but whatever it was, I did that thing where I didn't give her the full answer that she wanted. So, my dad goes off on me. And I'm like, LOOK, I've had 4 1/2 hours of sleep with in the last 2 days almost; back off. But I didn't say it, I just sat there and didn't say anything else to them.

      My dad really pissed me off this weekend, and he didn't have to do it. My brother is getting taken out of the private school I went to and he's been going to for the last 3 years, and it's because he isn't making good grades. So, he's getting put into public school. Well, dad comes into the room where him and I are at to tell him he starts Monday (yesterday); he also says something about not doing as much work or something, and then he takes a stab at me saying, "You can be just like your brother. Look at how much work he's done this weekend." That just threw me over the edge. It was completely uncalled for. He had no right to do that. It's Thanksgiving weekend. How many of you had homework to do over the break? Raise your hand. I bet there weren't many of you, if any at all. So, that sent me into angry/depressing mode for almost the rest of the day. I know most of you don't know, but my dad is way overbearing. And you would never know, because you most likely wouldn't get the chance to meet him, even if you lived around me. He hates it when I say it, but I called him an anti-socialist once. But, he kinda is. Not completely, but kinda. He's a perfectionist, which translates into him always being right, and nothing ever being good enough. Ever. I dropped a dryer sheet on the floor on Sunday, and he gets pissed and spazzes and tells me whenever I drop one on the floor to pick it up. Well, I'm sure I would have if I had seen it. White dryer sheets tend to blend in to a floor that's kinda close to white itself. I almost thought about not coming home this weekend, and telling everybody it's because my dad's being an ass that he doesn't have to be. But, I have to work now, so I have to put up with it for another weekend. Shat. Three and a half more weeks though, and I'm gone for close to 3 weeks. I'm really looking forward to that. I'm sure this is more than what you paid for, but you get your money's worth with me. Until next time I have something to write....


    • Quotes

      14 years ago


      Still nothing happening, but I heard some really cool quotes this week. I'll share:

      "Strong reasons make strong actions." - Shakespeare

      "A person isn't who they are during the last conversation you had with them; they're who they've been throughout your whole relationship." - Rilke

      "I wasted time, and now doth time waste me." - Shakespeare

      Those are the famous ones; I've got a couple that you've probably not heard, but whatever.

      "Love just happens; kinda like death!"

      "Love is not blind; infatuation is. Love sees all. "

      That's it for now. Looking forward to Friday and getting up before 5 A.M. and going to work for 10 hours. Insanity is sure to ensue. Stay tuned.

    • Nothing happening...

      14 years ago


      Um, well, nothing is going on at the moment, as indicated by a 2 week delay in an update...soooooo....GIVE ME MOD POINTS!!!

    • Work effing sucks...part deux

      14 years ago


      WHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEE.....No need to *ever* watch another soap opera. Just come to Sears sometime, and I'll show you all a *real* fun time. People, I have to tell you, there's always one stupid old whore that works with you, maybe not literally, but figuratively. I have some old bag that I work with that has worked at sears for about 10 years. 10..freaking...years. If I'm still working at Sears in 10 years, Please, freaking shoot me if I havne't done it myself. Anyways, we all wish the beeyotch would just leave. She had a car accident (aw) a little over a year ago which caused her to have knee surgery. Well, knee surgery has given her a limp (haha) and causes her to not be able to stand up on it all day and not work a full shift. So, since she's been there for so long, she gets to sit on a stool all day. Stupid old whore.

      Let's start with yesterday. Yesterday, me, Greg and James go on lunch. Well, we come back, and the n00bie, Lucas, is talking with some *hot* girl about a digital camera. Well, it's the one on display and we don't have any of the items that originally came with it. So, I do my job, call our parts department and see what we can order. I find out and she ends up buying the cam. Side note: Playful banter is inserted here, as she gives me her phone number and tells me "don't call after 10." Hmmmm...intriguing. Serious? Not? I don't know...I never called. Oh yeah, I needed the number to finish ringing the sale, it's not one of those things...yeah. Ok, back to the story. So, I end up ringing the camera out, and after I get done, Cle-ho, the old bag, walks by all of us standing around saying she wants to know how she lost that sale. Well, YOU DIDN'T HAVE A FREAKING THING TO DO WITH IT. Retard. Noobie was talking to her, not you, and he said he was going to ring it in my number, so I just did it myself anyways. *Sigh* Oh, and let me plug that she stole a sale from Greg yesterday. So sad, I know.

      Fast forward to today. Today, I come in and the old witch is working. During the course of the day, she stole another one of Greg's sales, to which Greg replies, "I swear I'm gonna stab that bitch before the day is over." I laugh. He later adds that if she ever complains about someone stealing a sale from her again, he's going to go off; and it's not going to be go-off mad like, it's going to be go-off overly-sarcastic like. Mmmm..I can't wait for that. Greg is very witty. He is my hero. So, that happens. Later on, Greg's back in the break room, and Cle-ho, in her endless chatter about NOTHING that anybody cares about, tells him that she's going to "steal that little bastard, Camerron's next sale as payback." OOOOOOOOOO...oh no! All I ever sell is cheap stuff that doesn't make much commission! OH NO!! Whore. One last thing that happened involving Cle-ho today. We get a customer that comes in while she's taking her lunch break, and Greg picks them up. They tell him they talked to her yesterday and all they needed was to be rung up; they also said that Cleo was going to check if she could find any coupons for them. Isn't an employee giving out coupons to a customer grounds for getting fired? Why..yes! Yes it is! And wouldn't you know it, our loss prevention guy was standing there when the customer said that. HA HA!! He was like, "Did I just hear that right....crap..." I laughed some more. Good stuff. That's about it. I hate my job.

    • Ow

      14 years ago


      Hey guys. Had my wisdom teeth taken out this morning; all 4 of them. It's 8 hours later and i'm starting to feel my mouth. It kinda hurts. But, I guess that's why they gave me oxycodone. Good stuff. I just got done eating a whole can of potato soup, and dayum, was it it good. I'd have some more of that, but we're out. Crap. OK, I took some of that oxy stuff and it makes me sleepy, so I'm goin back to sleep. G'night.

    • Today's classes

      14 years ago


      Today was an interesting day. I woke up at my usual 11:00 and got online to check the RvB forums and e-mail; all that good stuff. Got ready for class and headed off. My first class on Mondays and Wednesdays is Marketing. I have one of the coolest teachers for this class. He's from Louisiana and says he's a "Coon-Ass." Some term for southern Louisianians.

      Anyways, he's funny as crap; bashes on everything. Today we talked about vegeterians and how they are against killing (animals). But, vegeterians themselves are for killing. Plants are alive. They can rot. You have to kill them to eat them. They just don't move around like animals. He told us about an Ocscilliscope (sp?). It measures electrical current going through things (if I remember right). Well, if you hook one up to a plant you can see a steady rhythm like a heart beat. OK, so you hook it up and watch it for a little, then cut off a "limb" of the plant, and you'll see a jump in the line. Pain? Hmm.... Then the next time you even approach the plant with scissors, it'll react the same way, making another jump in the line. Interesting.

      Then we started talking about how much of a bastard a lawyer can be, especially when debating. Christopher Reeve died this past weekend; sad to see him go. But there was a specific lawyer that claimed that if elected, he would advocate money to stem-cell research that would have allowed Mr. Reeve to get up out of his chair and walk. Wow. Isn't stem-cell research unproven? Yup. Didn't this lawyer sue drug companies that would make claims on such things that were unproven? Yeah, he did. Wow. Politics is a bitch. I find this interesting, but I don't want to get into an argument, because, I haven't looked up this stuff myself, so I don't know exactly how true it is. So don't flame me, I'm just posting this stuff.

      Math class was good stuff today. Vanessa was there, back from not being there on Monday. She said she had a migraine attack; it's the reason she had her MRI done. And yesterday, she had 2 friends turn 21, so she was hungover. Boo. Oh, and just to let you all know, I found out she's older than me. How? you ask? Well, I told her she didn't have an excuse for being hung over, and she claims she did. I told her she really didn't since she wasn't 21, and she said she wouldn't be until May. That's my birth-month. I ask what day, and she said the 1st. Dammit. She's 2 weeks older than me, as I don't turn 21 until the 15th. Oh well, I know how old she is tho. Oh yeah, she made the suggestion that we should get together and study for the next test since she doesn't think she did very well and I got a 98. My only goal in this math class is to see that I beat her. That's all that matters. That's all for now, but before I go, I want to leave you all with this, like my Marketing prof left us:

      Ask a doctor if he became an MD because he failed out of Vet school. It'll piss them off *baaaaaaad*

    • Work effing sucks...

      14 years ago


      Hello my fellow journalists and readers. I am at work right now, and it is fricking slow. Good news for those of you who like UT; they beat Georgia, 19-14. Yay. I am in redneck hell now as everybody around me rejoices over the University of Tennessee's major win over "Jawja." Whoopdefockingdoo. I don't care, and I don't care that everybody else here cares. Go find a good team to follow, please.

      Sales flash(!!!): $879.26 in merchandise sold with $218.49 PA eligible coming out to 18%.

      I know you're all lost, but don't worry, I'll translate those numbers for you. All that stuff I said in the above line all comes down to this: One shitty Saturday. Off in an hour and a half...Severely looking forward to it...God save me...

      EDIT: Finally got off work and got home. Ended the day with $1500 of sales, $400 some eligible, and 15%. Turned out to be not so bad after all. However, as you could guess from my boost in sales, there were quite a few people that came in during the hour leading up to closing. And, me being me like any good employee, I counted down the register around 8:00.'ve..counted..down. PIss me off quicker than a paraplegic Ethiopian watching a donut roll down a hill. I don't know if I left the right amount in the drawer for tomorrow or not...don't really care. I don't have to work for a week, they'll forget by then. So, once again, I am victorious, and I may now go to bed and sleep like royalty, for I feel like it from having a decent day, and not having to care about work for another week.

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