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    • First update in over a year I think....

      12 years ago


      Well....lots of stuff has ahppened since last time I logged into this website....most important, I joined the Canadian Armed Forces....that was 9 months ago, recently finished training and I am now a fully qualified Tank driver and Maintainer for the Leopard C2 Main Battle Tank.

      It's a good life, I will be deployed to Afghanistan in January of '08, really looking forward to it.

      anyways, guaranteed I won't stop back for a while as I am almost always busy.
      drop me a line at and I will answer, I check that every day, also my msn so its running constantly

    • I'm BACK!!

      13 years ago


      Ok, it's been ages since I have been around and was brought back by an old friend adding me to his contact list went something like this...

      Me: Who the HELL are you?
      Him: I'm from RVB!
      Me: holy crap, I've still got an account there??

      slightly exaggerated, but that is more or less what happened

      in recent AND not so recent news...

      Worked at Keg Steakhouse
      graduated high school
      Began first year of college
      Got fired from Keg Steakhouse and bar
      began training nights a week of martial arts
      finished first year of college
      hated first year, not doing second year
      enlisted with the army as an armoured crewman

      I leave in 1 month :)

      that is a quick sum up of my last year, haha, kinda boring

      oh well, don't even know if anyone is still reading my journal

    • another day in the office...

      14 years ago


      im stuck in my office for the next four hours with nothing to do what-so-ever, catch is I've got to STAY in there, can't leave but for more then a few minutes and I've got to stay in my dress uniform for the day.,....ERGH!!!

      ill update this later as I get more bored then I am now


      So I lied a bit, I got dragged out to mark leadership tasking for the cadets since one of our other staff did something really fucking stupid and got released from service and sent home....just sitting in my office right now waiting to go to the range so I can coach kids all day on how to shoot

    • quick update

      14 years ago


      ok, I've got access to an officer computer at almost any time I'm off duty and my officer isn't taking it up. So to just let you guys know, I'm two and a half weeks in and starting to lsoe my mind, just a bunch of whiny cadets for $66 a day. I'm working as a Range Sergeant, so I only teach classes and give briefings on rifle safety and marksmanship, coach cadets as they shoot, babysit while they aren't shooting and fix the rifles they jam on me. not much to my job and I get a lot of days off and I DO enjoy my job, I get to yell and bitch at retards in my spare time, or just head into Victoria whenever I'm bored.

      but this is just a quick update, so if anyone wants to actually talk, write to me at

      have a good summer all, you can also drop me a message here or reply to this journal, but mostly I just check my email nowadays

    • 2nd entry today

      14 years ago



      now for something completely unrelated, yet nevertheless, fun

      yes, I stole DJoe's quiz thingy


      Name: David John McKinnon
      Birth date: December 19, 1986
      Birth place: Prince George, British Columbia
      Current Location:Nanaimo, British Columbia
      Hair Color: brown, sandy blonde
      Eye Color: hazel
      Righty or Lefty: rightie


      Your heritage: uhm.....scottish/irish/english/native/french = mutt
      Shoes you wore today:skaters shoes i use for work
      Your weakness: too trusting of people
      Your fears: being alone for the rest of my life
      Your perfect pizza: pepperoni?
      Goal you'd like to achieve: find the perfect someone, or if I already know her, hope she finds me


      Your most overused phrase on AIM/MSN: "uhh..."
      Your thoughts first waking up: goddamn I gotta work tonight
      Your best physical feature: my eyes in my opinion, girls have told me my lips though
      Your bedtime:sometime after 1 am
      Your most missed memory: if I missed it, how do I know what it is?


      Pepsi or Coke:coke
      McDonald's or Burger King: Wendy's
      Single or group dates:single for intimate, group for fun
      Adidas or Nike:nike
      Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: neither, icky
      Chocolate or vanilla: vanilla
      Cappuccino or coffee: hot chocolate


      Smoke: aside from a victory cigar prom night, nope
      Cuss: I'm the guy that yells "quit your fucking swearing"
      Take a shower: sho....wer...? yes
      Have a crush: yes, unfortunately shes already seeing someone
      Think you've been in love:dunno, had my heart broken...
      Liked high school: i JUST finished two weeks ago......i miss it
      Want to get married: eventually, with the right girl
      Believe in yourself: yeap yeap
      Get motion sickness: when focusing on something besides the road
      Think you're attractive:, an acquired taste I'd say
      Think you're a health freak: not really
      Get along with your parents:mostly
      Have a motto you live by:
      1. FUCK THIS SHIT!
      2. Here we go again...


      Age you hope to be married: mid to late twenties
      Number of Children:2....3 at most
      How do you want to die: either a trillionaire 80 year old with a 20 year old babe wife in bed
      What do you want to be when you grow up: tough choice, i want to be happy with myself though


      Best eye color?: green or blue
      Best hair color?:red or brown
      Short or long hair:longish....down a few inches past the shoulder
      Height: between 5'5 and 5'9
      Best first date location: nice resteraunt
      Best first kiss location: as DJoe said, front porch


      Number of people I could trust with my life: dont know....never though of it......2...3?
      Number of CD's I own: lots
      Number of piercings: 1
      Number of tattoos: none, but I plan to change that in fall
      Number of times my name has appeared in theNewspaper? quite a few

    • buhbye all

      14 years ago


      well, saturday morning im leaving to go to a military base as Staff to train cadets for 7 weeks, so I don't know about internet access, if I DO have access to internet, i'll try and update this journal thingie once or twice while I'm there, not back till august 20th

      in other news, things are looking a bit up with girl from work, mentioned to ehr that I would have a mailing address for summer fi she wanted to write because I don't know if I'll have email access.....she said yeah, i forgot....asked her again a few days back if she really watned it I could go find it, she said yes again, i wrote it out, gave it to her, she dissappears, comes back 2 mintues later and gives me her address.....Theo sees what I got, and he says "hot damn man"

      so thats the upside, who knows, mebbe i'll get home and shell have dumped that loser guy who wont let her hang out with guy friends and I'll have a chance..... ciao all

    • are girls really worth the effort?

      14 years ago


      ok, scenario, really hot girl from work, talk with, flirt with, chat with all night, make date for going to movie as friends and co-workers.........great scenario, eh? not really, turns out shes seeing some guy who got a little upset over it all and now were barely talking

      load of bull, but whatever, her whole reason for cancelling on movies with me was coz she didnt want to hurt his feelings....

      jsut my luck, and here i thought she might be interested in single.....i was a little dissappointed to find out wshe was seeing someone......kinda put me in a bit of a funk.....

      im off for guitar playing and then sleep, ciao all.....pity me

      ps. would it be a good sign for her to say shes "seeing someone" instead of "dating" or "boyfriend"? i hope it is, but i dont wanna feel like a jackass again

    • another update? 3 in 2 weeks? wierd

      14 years ago


      ok, yet another, buddy got his car back minus his stereo deck, whoop-di-do, cost him $40

      in other news, i go to work in 15 minutes and am sad because Katie isnt working tonight.....Katie is really good looking friend working there, hehe, ill try and get a pic of us in a few weeks and put it up so all you guys can drool over me friends


      yes, very good movie

      gotta run now and eat afore i leave, toodles all

    • well hot damn

      14 years ago


      ok, quick update on the whole Banshee got smashed thing, saw my dad for the first time since that party last night(firs time sober that is) and he was pretty damn amused, he eve said I can go to the actual grad party and drink if I want, just got to remember to pace myself next time......riiiight..

      in other friend just called me....his car was stolen from the school parking damn, all locked up and not the first time someone ripped off a car from the parking area, but they usually find em a week later side of the road out of gas......I hope he gets his car back, it was nice :(

    • wasted

      14 years ago


      ok, first journal in a long going good, working mostly weekends.....should be getting a car sometime this week, if I do, its a 1989 Ford sucks but its a car...otherwise I ahd my prom on the weekend, prom was great and afterparty was totally smashed for the first time in my life....and by smashed....i ahd the cops laughing at me kind of it was great, but i still remember most of it, most importantly....a topless jello fight between two girls I know, whoo whoo!

      too abd i didnt have a camera, and everyone that DID have a camera was too drunk to focus properly...

      but I gotta run, more later, ciao yall

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    • sirauron

      14 years ago

      Canada has an air force?

      If I were to join any military branch in the US, it would be the Air Force (except I couldn't do shit for flying since I don't have 20/20 and the long term effects of corrective surgery aren't known yet) followed by the Marines.


    • Banshee

      14 years ago

      hells yes! lol

      I'll see if i can get a pic of me in my combats with a beret within the next few days, been a while snce i did bush training so i may jsut have to gear up and get a pic of it

    • meakinspcb

      14 years ago

      You and the British are my role models for beret wearing!

    • sirauron

      14 years ago

      Packers rule!!! Its amazing to watch a game at Lambeau Field....Packers are on MNF tomorrow...Favre's 200th game, though I bet you already knew that.

    • gLiTcH_21

      14 years ago

      Did u buy the new Eminem CD, ENCORE? Its hilarious, especially the song, An Ass LIke That!!! Eminem is awesome and hilarious.

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