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    • Fallout 4 Setting Theory

      4 years ago

      Baricat Guardian x6

      I'm going to say it's set in Boston. The 100s vaults seem to be on the East Coast, and at 2:03 you fly over a shiny gold-domed building that looks a lot like the Massachusetts State House. Also, 1:36 could be the Bunker Hill Monument, and at 1:38 there's an old colonial-style ship now with engines on it, maybe from the museum for the Boston Tea Party? Last one is a stretch since I'm sure many New England cities have an old boat or two on display, but it does fit in with my theory.

      In any case, can't wait to play.

    • Destiny Beta

      5 years ago

      Baricat Guardian x6

      So I've been playing the Destiny beta, and honestly, the Hunter is my favorite. Mine has an awesome DMR and an even more amazing sniper rifle (firing iridium sabot rounds that can one-shot an elite), and her incendiary grenade puts the other two class grenades to shame. AND, throwing knife for that "FUCK YOU" kill. Pure DPS, baby. Her special ability is a golden sunlight revolver that you can fire three times. Good for elite and boss encounters.

      My second favorite is the Titan. Big armor, big punches. My guy looks like the bounty hunter from SWTOR but plays like a brute from Halo. I didn't like his flashbang grenade at first, but then I realized it was the key to tactically advancing towards the enemy and into "Facepunch Territory". Flashbang, rifle while closing, then shotgun and face punching. His special is an electric axe handle smash that obliterates enemies.

      Finally, the Warlock. I really don't understand this guy. His grenade creates an AoE sphere that enemies can easily walk out of. His melee ability lowers the cooldown of his grenades. His special ability is to throw a ball of energy that occasionally kills enemies and creates balls of light (it specifically tells you in the combat chat how many balls you created.)

      Anyway, those are my thoughts on Destiny's classes in the beta. If anyone wants to play on the Xbox One today, I'll be doing the moon mission, the strike mission on Earth, and PvP. Send me and invite and we'll kill some shit.

    • T-minus one year and counting...

      5 years ago

      Baricat Guardian x6

      This RTX went by even faster than the last one. From Registration and Freelancer work to helping evacuate the convention center, finding a lost child, and even spending an hour and a half one night helping a fellow RT fan get back to their room safely, RTX has again made the top of my list for best time ever.

      To all my fellow veterans, I loved seeing you again (even if you moved away from Registration >.>) To all of the new guardians that I had the privilege to meet, you guys rock! Last year I remember initially being scared shitless of the ticket scanners because I was certain I'd fuck something up, but I didn't see that from you guys. Also, I'm pretty sure Grady still owes one of us lunch from his Friday morning incentive. I had 428 at noon. That's 1.78 attendees per minute, baby.

      Once again, I'm also amazed by the attendees and exhibitors. One attendee approached me on Sunday (while I was holding the back of the mystery autograph line) and told me he recognized me as the guardian that registered him on Friday morning, and he was amazed that me, along with so many other guardians, still had a smile on their faces after a weekend of grueling volunteer work. Another attendee asked me to sign an RT shirt that he specifically bought to get guardian signatures. One of Nakatomi's artists, Tim Doyle, told me that out of all of the conventions he's ever shown at, RTX absolutely has the best volunteers that he's ever worked with. Shout-out to you, exhibitor guardians!

      In addition, I'm proud to say this was my first year as a SideQuest Spectre. I can't possibly put into words how amazed I am at how much the attendees helped raise for children's charities this year. Going in I had no clue what to expect, but now I have at least some idea. The items donated to the charity auction blew my mind, the BarLympics was AWESOME (sorry that no one got points from challenging me to an activity), and attending a solo concert by Nico Audy-Rowland had me absolutely awed. However, I won't forgive Nintendo and LG for making me look like a total fucking idiot because the LG TV had no clue what 1080p was. At least I know now that you can change Wii-U settings with that mini TV/giant fucking handset thing.

      Most importantly, I have to thank @BaghdadBean for being the best leader I've ever had. From learning handy-dandy vulgar phrases to repairing those horrible lanyards with gaffer tape and more, it's been an absolute blast to work with you. Your willingness to stick your neck out for the good of those who work for you is truly inspirational, and I hope that some day I'll be able to be even half of the leader that you are. Hopefully we'll get to work together again at PAX South.

      Finally, thank you to EVERYONE for making RTX what it is: The best fucking convention in the world. smiley13.gif

    • TESO, part deux.

      5 years ago

      Baricat Guardian x6

      I made it. I'm outside. Sword and shield in tow, I'm fighting outwards. The incredibly tall woman is providing me a path, and I'll be damned if I'm not going to take it. I have to kill a huge eyeball, sure. I want to get back home. I strike at its core, and it detonates. OH NO! The feral inhabitants of this frosty land are unhappy. KILL THEM! It's done, good. let's get out of here. We have to find the old man. He's the key to our salvation. Right? Sure.

    • TESO!!!

      5 years ago

      Baricat Guardian x6

      Here we go, my first journal entry. Ever.

      Stardate 22814,

      I woke up in a cell. Where the hell am I? Why do I have a tail? I'm an Argonian templar, got it. I hear screams and cries outside my cell. What the hell is going on outside? I approach my door, only to be greeted by a phantom old man telling me I need to do shit. Thanks old man, I got this. A woman outside unlocks my magical door. Apparently we're rioting? I need weapons.

      I make a mad dash through the hallways and find myself in an armory. Good thinking, Daedric lords; make weapons easily accessible to your inmates. I survey my options: Two-handed hammer, sword and shield, a bow, dual axes, healing and destruction staves. I grab a sword and a shield; I am a warrior, I will hold my own. Here we go. Let's kill shit smiley13.gif

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