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    • Im all alone...

      7 years ago


      ... because i think the last season of RVB (season 9 i believe) really sucked.

      not trying to be a hater on purpose or bein a troll, just being honest with you all who might read this.

      i didnt like it because it used way too much of the whole motion capture stuff and the people look hideous, the story with the mercs, or phreelancers or whatever theyre proper spelling is, just seems put together last minute and ridiculous and holds no proper narrative as to why it should even be apart of proper RVB storyline. im sure every single one of you out there could point out in a billion ways how its the essential part or backbone or whatever, but i just dont see it. its ugly and pointless. and the stuff they did do that wasnt motion captured, with caboose and simmons and all them, wasnt that funny. sure lopez was histerical as always, but that was about it.

      and now, due to this, im slowly loosing faith in the series.

      after season 5, they should have stopped for good. it was a story, like lost or battlestar galactica, and should have stayed that way. now that its continuing it has lowered its quality of entertainment and as such, become less enjoyable.

      i still lvoe the community, dont get me wrong, but as far as RVB is concerned, i think im done. i really am. and i think its for the best. its not me, its you.

    • Are journals all the rage?

      8 years ago


      apparently people on here use them all the time, and thats cool. i just have nothing relevant to post, im just here to chill.

      dont hate me, you were all originally guilty of this too!

      anyway, i would just like to say im glad this site is not like twitter or facebook. even though i have them i hate using then. and i love this site but dont visit it or update shit nearly as often as id like to. hopefully that will change.

      and finally, i say unto you all... you stay classy roosterteeth.

      anchorman rocks, dont be surprised i para quoted it.

    • I dislike my cousin sometimes

      9 years ago


      so my cousin jacob, who is 13 (teenagers...UGH!) and he gave me a code to DL cod classic for xbl arcade. i can have it under the condition that he can play it wheever im not playing anything.

      seems reasonable.

      how wrong i was.

      because he thinks he can play 1 game at any time, he thinks he can play any game at any time.

      so lately hes been playing every other game im not playing (mainly anything but mass effect or mass effect 2) and its getting to me. its my xbox, and my room which it is located in.

      i need a lock or something for my room.

      one of those force fields the goauld use in sg1 might do the trick, but i dont have any valuable artifacts to trade for one. might take a while to find one worthy of trade.

    • Computer funness

      9 years ago


      so my desktop has been dead the last 2 weeks. ive been without much gaming and internet searching since then. only this and facespace are the only places ive gone to.

      this shit sucks!

      i mean, usually if i get tired of my computer, i'll at least have it on to listen to my music or do something with it. but to be completely without it? im so bored!

      luckily i have mass effect 2 for the 360, cause i dont have the 1st one for pc. i got like 44 achievements in the first play through which took me 3 days to get through. fairly impressive if i must say so myself.

      so now im waiting for my 2nd burned out video card to get here so i can surf and enjoy doing nothing on my awesome computer.

    • So...

      9 years ago


      im wondering... is it possible to DL addons for fallout 3 from windows life? specifically, mothership zeta to the pc.

      i really dont want to get the GOTY unless i have to.

    • Random Thoughts... very random...

      10 years ago


      Ok folks. here is the latest installment of my random blogs. please read, enjoy, and comment to your hearts content.

      As the snow started to fall, he tugged
      his coat tighter around himself. Too tight, as it turned out. "This
      is the fourth coat crushing this year", said the sergeant as he
      outlined the body with a special pencil that writes on snow.

      A person who cannot go to the toilet is

      Your face is cracked, not the mirror.

      I hate sneezing. I'm always afraid
      something important will come out.

      if you were a hot dog... would you eat

      "We are all a little weird, and
      life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is
      compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual
      weirdness and call it love." - what a silly thing to say.

      a girl is a boy turned inside out

      If pink’s the new black then are
      cheeto’s the new dorito’s ?

      why do we park in driveways and drive
      in parkways?

      I want to start a college course called
      Couch 101. It'll be a class that anybody can sit in on.

      Medicine is at a loss to explain, but
      everyone who spent that much time around O.J. Simpson develops brain

      i am not a
      toaster........................but i think you might be from the
      planet Zorogatorabalooi. If your not, plz let me know

      If I was being executed by injection,
      I'd clean up my cell real neat. Then, when they came to get me, I'd
      say, "Injection? I thought you said inspection'." They'd
      probably feel real bad, and maybe I could get out of it.

      If gangrene were outlawed, only outlaws
      would need amputations.

      On average, 100 people choke to death
      on ball-point pens every year.

      "Tolerant" people are
      intolerant of the intolerant

      'sdrawkcab delleps sdrawkcab si
      backwards' is "sdrawkcab is backwards spelled backwards"
      spelled backwards....think about it.

      if a duck had one leg would it swim
      around in circles?

      A New Zealander was walking along the
      road with a sheep under each arm. He meets another New Zealander who
      says "you sheerin' mate?" and the first guy replies "naw,
      they're all mine."

      Lord, grant me the patience to suffer
      fools, or, alternatively, a chainsaw

      What a nightmare I had last night. I
      dreamed I was at a Washington party and I had to choose between Dick
      Cheney taking me on a hunting trip or Ted Kennedy driving me home.

      Why'd that stop sign just wink at me
      and run across the street and hide in the bushes?

      "Sir, here's your anti-memory-loss
      pills." "I don't remember ordering anything."

      where do villians get their evil
      henchmen from? You always see them with large amounts of uniformed
      cronies... is there an agency of some sort? and who builds their

      heroine addicts need love too, and will
      give it very cheaply

      Why do you think you're sane? Because
      you let your shame suppress your creativity?

      the day the walls to the cities crumble
      away.....uncovering our naked souls...all start singing. Shouting.

      When life throws you lemons, throw back
      a grenade and run like hell. That's what I'd do.

      Drugs are not the answer...unless of
      course the question is "what is not the answer" in which
      case drugs i guess are the answer...Or if like the question was
      "what's really bad for you but fun anyway?" okay, so
      sometimes drugs are the answer.

      If you aren't supposed to put metal in
      the microwave, how do they get away with having those metal racks in

      Do bald people wash their hair with
      soap or shampoo?

      We will crawl onto the rooftops of
      buildings and smoke weed and contemplate the extensiveness of
      forever. (and we will call it love)

      You know what would suck? To come back
      as a dog fart. One minute you are here and the next you are mixed in
      with all the other air in the room.

      Sometimes I think you have to march
      right in and demand your rights, even if you don't know what your
      rights are, or who the person is you're talking to. Then, on the way
      out, slam the door.

      If a Jedi donates blood, would the
      recipient get the force?

      The difficult thing about thinking
      outside the box is when the box becomes a triangle.

      Mary had a little lamb Her father shot
      it dead. Now it goes to school with her, between two chunks of bread

      What if what I thought about who I
      think I thought I was, was nothing more than my cerebellum

      A 44 year old man named Dan will thank
      you for the refinance charges on his credit card, but only when it
      reaches 80 F in Philidelphia.

      What do you call children with no eyes.

      When a girl says she wants to be
      friends with benefits, I always ask if that includes dental

      i wonder if the hair on your moms back
      is curly or strait

      If i was God, i'd be outraged by the
      fact that people try to encapture me inside mere objects and shallow

      I like music, sure. I even like stuff
      that some people don't consider music, like a grilled cheese
      sandwich. Mmmm.

      "He's an asshole. What kind of
      person doesn't show up to his own movie premier?" - Zach Braff
      on Heath Ledger

    • Spiderman Villains VS Batman Villains

      10 years ago


      Ok, so for this little web site i regularly go to (, i made a commentary for a match pitting 6 spiderman villains up against 6 batman villains. please read and enjoy my hard work.

      PS: feedback about my work is greatly appreciated.


      J. John Jameson: Hello, and welcome everybody to a wonderful day here at this... weird arena place. I'm J. John Jameson.

      Gordon: And I'm Commissioner Gordon. Today, were going to give you the play by play of some of the most dangerous villains as they go head to head.

      Jameson: Thats right, it's gonna be a bloodbath. One for the record books! Wheres my camera?

      Gordon: Well you better find it quick, because it looks like the combatants are entering the arena now.

      Jameson: Damn, they all look pretty pissed off. What crawled up their asses?

      Gordon: Keep the profanity to a minimum, there are children here

      Jameson: Where? I don't see any?

      Gordon: Lets just focused on the match, shall we?


      Gordon: well it looks like the Batman villains are standing their ground. I think they're wanting the Spiderman Villains to attack first.

      Jameson: Bad move on their part. If you give these guys any opportunity, they'll take it and make you regret it.

      Gordon: I think thats what they want them to think. Rhino is the first to charge toward the other side of the arena.

      Jameson: I cant see that well, but does that green girl down there holding something in her hand?

      Gordon: Your right, thats poison ivy's pheromones. She uses them to seduce men, and even women, to do her bidding.

      Jameson: And it looks like Rhino has taken the bait, and hes purring like a kitten before her.

      Gordon: The Spiderman villains don't look too happy with what happened. Looks like the next wave is heading out!

      Jameson: Doc Oc and Sandman are quickly moving across the arena. They don't look too pleased wit what just happened.

      Gordon: Well Mr. Freeze is preparing his freeze gun, and it appears hes aiming for Sandman, while Rhino and Bane go after the Doc!

      Jameson: The Doc is able to avoid Rhinos tackle, but Bane manages to grab a hold of one of his mechanized arms... My God! He's swinging him around the arena like a ragdoll!

      Gordon: This doesn't look like it will end well for the poor Doctor.

      Jameson: speaking of bad endings, it appears Freeze just turned Sandman into and ice statue! It really looks like the Batman villains are in control of this fight and they seem to be extremely organized.

      Gordon: its because of Ra's Al Ghul, a master tactician and combatant.

      Jameson: well looks like one of his group just broke rank. The Joker is running off to the east side of the arena. Damn, that smile's giving me the creeps.

      Gordon: And it looks like the Green Goblin or running after him. What do you think will happen when they meet?

      Jameson: I'd rather not know. Lets get back to the main action. And it looks like Band has taken two of the metallic arms of Doc Oc and is using them as whips!

      Gordon: Ingenious move. That will prove to be an excellent long range weapon.

      Jameson: and Freeze is looking over the remaining parts leftover from the poor doctors body... is he upgrading his Freeze gun?

      Gordon: this really doesn't look good for the Spiderman Villains now. Wait, it looks like Electro is about to do something.

      Jameson: Ive been wondering when he'd start doing something. This should be fun to watch!

      Gordon: it appears Electro has found a way of draining the power from the arena and using it to increase his power!

      Jameson: good night Bat craps!

      Gordon: OH MY GOD!!! Electro has just killed Rhino, Poison Ivy, Ra's Al Ghul, and the Scarecrow in a single charge!

      Jameson: Now THATS entertainment!

      Gordon: Your a sick man.

      Jameson: well looks like hes not done yet. Hes charging up, preparing to attack Freeze and Bane!

      Gordon: wait a minute, it looks like Freeze is preparing to shoot his freeze gun at Electro! And Bane is straightening up one of Doc Oc's arms into a spear. This is not going to end well for any of them!

      Jameson: only one way to find out! Electro is shooting a massive Bolt of energy at Freeze and Bane!

      Gordon: And Freeze is firing his upgraded freeze gun, and Bane is throwing his Octopus Spear straight at Electro! I cant look!

      Jameson: I can!

      Gordon: AH! The light is blinding!

      Jameson: Wheres my sunglasses?!?!

      Gordon: Well, it looks like Freeze and Bane are nothing more than smoldering piles of ash now.

      Jameson: But look at Electro... It seems Bane's spear has gone right through his chest!

      Gordon: Ive never seen anything like that before. It seems freeze's gun was meant to shove Doctor Octopus's mechanical arm past Electros attack, and into him!

      Jameson: I gotta hand it to them, that was an extremely well thought out strategy. Even tho it took both their lives, they were able to defeat the single most powerful being in the arena.

      Gordon: So whose left out there?

      Jameson: all I can see is Joker and the Goblin at the other side of the arena. What the hell are they doing?

      Gordon: I think they're... talking? Why would they be talking?

      Jameson: Wait, wheres Mysterio?

      Gordon: Hes behind Joker... and he has a knife!

      Jameson: And it looks like that freaky clown is gonna get what he deserves! Good riddance!

      Gordon: Never count the Joker out just yet.

      Jameson: Ok...


      Jameson: Now can I?

      Gordon: I never thought I'd see the day when that lunatic died.

      WRAP UP

      Gordon: well it looks like the Spiderman villains are the winners here today.

      Jameson: you can say that again. No one on earth is crazier than these freaks!

      Gordon: It all depends on what Earth you come from.

      Jameson: They're all pretty much the same.

      Gordon: Now thats not true.

      Jameson: we can argue this some other time. I gotta go use the little boys room.

      Gordon: Well then. I'm Commissioner Gordon...

      Jameson: And I'm J. John Jameson. Goodnight everyone!

    • My views

      10 years ago


      i got the bright idea to just type out what i think about the separations of christianity and other religions, and what truly is the greatest lie. i dont expect you to believe what i do, but just hear me out.

      the greatest enemy to the christian movement are us, humans, with out perverted ways, our impure thoughts, greedy ways, and self-righteous pride. we dont let a belief change us, we change it so it will fit us. we dont make the puzzle pieces fit like they should, we cut them and glue them so they will fit wherever we want them. and when they refuse to change or move, then we blame all our problems on them and make them a lightning rod for our anger that we made.

      Christianity was about community, peace, selfless love, and spiritual equality. nowadays its all "well you should believe this because i said so" and "if you dont you will surely die" and me me me. WE are the ones who want to be with God, and we shove others out of our way to get there. we may say we help others, but that one time you gave a man a quarter doesnt mean your go directly for heaven no matter what you did or will do with your life.

      just because were christian doesnt mean we'll be put first in line when we go to heaven when we die. God loves us all equally and we cant do diddly squat to change that, unless you speak against the holy spirit then your kinda screwed. speaking against it is the only unforgivable sin, it says so in the bible. i forgot where, but i read it.

      please dont say your a christian when you have no idea what the word even means. christian doesnt mean you believe in christ, it means you are wanting to be like christ and actually willing to make the necessary steps to get there. there hasnt been a true christian in years in my opinion. nobody today is a chirstian, only followers of an idea that was started by a man who taught us to love one another like he loved us. im not a christian, i am a believer in God. i know he exists and hope to be with him in heaven one day. but i dont take the necessary steps to become like christ because of my humanity. i hope to take that sep in my life to where i can, as the saying goes, "take up my cross and follow Him." but i dont feel like im ready to do that just yet.

      even if christianity is wrong, i would rather live my life and die for a God that doesnt exist than live without him and die finding out there is. i would rather die a man than live as a fool. humanity doesnt know what the universal absolute truth is, but we know there is one. because if you look at it like there is no absolute truth, then how can there be no absolute truth when the absolute truth is there is none? a bit of a paradox, or whatever.

      the ultimate lie is that we are self fulfilling, powerful, and god. we have the power to do whatever we please, to make what our evil minds tell us, and chose who lives and dies. we dont have any of that. God choses whats best for us, even if we think its fair or not. we have the ability to turn off the little evil side of ourself and listen to the good. God is the one who choses who lives and who dies. he possesses the book of life, and he is the author and finisher of our faith. we may not want someone to die, and we dont understand Gods plan, but we must trust in it that whatever happens is for the best.

      i hope you have at least learned something from this. thank you for reading this.

    • the reds vs the jaffa

      11 years ago


      so i go to this site and i post some fight now and then. my most recent one involves the reds from RVB, squaring off against the Jaffa from Stargate sg-1. i thought id drop it by you people and see if you like it. enjoy!

      *takes place shortly after the final episode of the blood gulch chronicles*

      Sarge was watching Grif and Simmons drive around in the new ATV, crashing it at every corner, breaking the windshield, and doing critical structural damage. Donut was down inside the base fixing dinner for everyone. He said he had gotten a surprise recipe from one of the blues when they were working together to kill Tex and the ship. And Sarge though that things at the base were calm now after such a hectic event. Too calm.

      Sarge: Grif, Simmons, head back to base. We have important issues to talk about.

      Simmons: the meeting isn't until 5 o'clock sir.

      Grif: yeah, and the new vehicle is still isn't broken in yet. We need at least another day to make sure its regulation ready.

      Sarge: shut up numb nuts. We need to discuss what were going to do next in this blasted valley.

      Donut: hey, I'm a member of this team too, wheres my invitation?

      After the reds got together, sarge insisted that they leave the canyon and look for more worthy blues to fight. So for the next several weeks, they take every part of technology they have in their possession, and build themselves a ship that is able to leave the planet.

      Church: I wonder what the reds are gonna do with that ship.

      Tucker: duh, church. They're leaving. I think they've had enough here and want to go home, or somewhere where theres more chicks.

      Caboose: do you think we should send then a goodbye gift basket? I think that would be the nice thing to do.

      Doc: yeah, we don't want them to leave us on bad terms. That might hinder future relations if we ever need their help.

      Church: screw that. In a few days were gonna get another ship thats getting us out of here. Hopefully it doesn't land on anybody.

      A short time later, the red's ship blasted off, and they left the planet.

      Donut: alright! Time for board games! Who wants to play monopoly?

      Simmons: no, we agreed on risk.

      Grif: wheres the food? I forgot where we put the food.

      Sarge: shut up dirtbag. I need my peace and quiet. Next person to talk gets my fist in their face.

      Just then, a large vessel appeared on radar and attacked the reds's ship.

      Sarge: what in tarnations is happening? Simmons, status report!

      Simmons: were under attack by some alien ship. Were critically damaged and it seems were being pulled into their docking bay.

      Sarge: alright everyone. Load up your guns and lets get ready to fight to the death!

      Simmons: sir, if we don't make... I just want you to know...

      Grif: oh, kiss his ass later. We got aliens who want to dissect us and anally probe us!

      Donut: I wonder who the aliens are. And I wonder if they have the latest issue of vogue magazine. I head it had a pretty racy cover.

      Sarge: shut up Donut.

      When the reds ship lands in the aliens docking bay, its instantly swarmed with jaffa warriors with their staff weapons out and ready to fire.

      Sarge: alright, when I open the doors, everyone open fire. And donut, keep throwing grenades.

      Simmons: I see an access terminal. I might be able to hack into it and get a blueprint of the ship.

      Sarge: then we'll head to the bridge and take over this thing.

      Grif: ok, good luck guys. I'll stay here and guard the food.

      Sarge: nice try, dipstick. Your going out there first to draw their fire away from us.

      Grif: crap!

      Ok heres the lowdown. The reds have been brought on board a jaffa ship. Their plan is to kill everyone and take it over for themselves. Sarge has his shogun. Simmons, Grif and Donut all have assault riffles and battle riffles. They all have full ammo and full grenades. Sarge has a radar jammer, Simmons has a power drainer, Donut has a Bubble shield, and Grif has a Shield regenerator. There is some ammo, grenades and a jeep in the red's ship. Simmons knows how to access the ship and all its systems. And they have full, fast recharging shields. There are over 1000 jaffa throughout the ship. The reds can use the enemies weapons against them when their ammo runs out. The reds win if they are able to take over the ship. The jaffa wins if they are able to kill or capture all of the reds. Who wins it?

      Sarge won 49 to 42 based on other users votes.

    • Arrival

      11 years ago


      ok, i just signed up. ive been watching red vs blue since season 3, but just now decided to sign up for membership. i know, im weird. so let the fun begin!

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    • 360dude1

      7 years ago

      It's Cheesepopcorn, I'll send you a message next time you're online. You're already on my friends list for steam.

    • TheTaco007

      8 years ago

      Sorry, just traded it for the heavy jaw, 2 scrap, and a big earner. But if you want the jaw, let me know.

    • TheTaco007

      8 years ago

      Oh, yeah, my ID is scoutingtacos

      Tell me your ID and add me. It's still up for trade. Sorry I'm so late responding.

    • James Volume III

      8 years ago

      Hey! So I noticed you're from Milwaukie, nice to see a fellow Oregonian! I thought you may be interested to know about a Rooster Teeth event based here, in Oregon! It's called RvBOR, and we'd definitely like to see you there! Any/all information can be found in the RvBOR group.

    • dizzyblinker FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Loud person

      8 years ago

      Aweh! Thanks buddy! You rock as well smiley11.gif

    • dizzyblinker FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Loud person

      8 years ago

      Looking forward to chilling or the resuming of work?
      And I would go back out to Portland or maybe Eugene where one of my brothers lives but for now I'm set in my location. Nice try though! smiley0.gif
      But I remember the Oregon weather, beautiful and irritating all in one. smiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

    • dizzyblinker FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Loud person

      8 years ago

      As of the moment? I'm currently procrastinating my essays and some other homework assignments while simultaneously stressing out about them. But I'm procrastinating for a good reason! I'm looking around for a new place to live! Yay for moving! smiley4.gif

      What else is new?

    • dizzyblinker FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Loud person

      8 years ago

      Well glad to hear you're doing better! And that was pretty funny! I needed a good laugh. smiley1.gif

    • dizzyblinker FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Loud person

      8 years ago

      Let's go with a funny one. I'm in need of a good laugh anyhow. smiley1.gif
      Multiple sicknesses though? smiley2.gif I hope you're ok!! smiley1.gif

    • dizzyblinker FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Loud person

      8 years ago

      Sorry bout the lateness, been busy.
      Which very vaguely answers your question!
      I've been well, school travel and work are keeping me way way way too occupied lately.
      How have you been? What's new? Tell me a story!

    • dizzyblinker FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Loud person

      8 years ago

      I see. Well, I'm glad to have made your friends! smiley1.gif

    • dizzyblinker FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Loud person

      8 years ago

      Oh herro! I am doing rerry rwell! You?
      Lol. Accents aside. What's up? I've noticed your sly stalking of my account finally leading to friendship! smiley6.gifsmiley8.gifsmiley0.gif

    • dizzyblinker FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Loud person

      8 years ago


    • ABYSS_GK

      8 years ago

      The link in that journal was to her shop on etsy. You can look at all her soaps, shampoos/conditioners, lotions, etc on there.

    • reaper86

      8 years ago

      Sadly, the NCR is crucial to be on the good side of, otherwise they'll shoot at you whenever they get the chance, if you're not wearing faction armor. Unless you enjoy taking them out, which I did during my first play through. XD

    • MissJackie

      9 years ago

      well.. u shoulda. it would have been funny lol

    • MissJackie

      9 years ago

      zombieland is amazing anytime :D

      lol ur post made me laugh

    • RileyDexter

      9 years ago

      I'm a North Portland "hood rat". How about you?

    • RileyDexter

      9 years ago

      Howdy! I used to be one of the only Portlanders on here. Nice to see more of us joining.

    • haloqueeny

      9 years ago

      If there were ever a +1 original mod for

      OMG wow that's funny you're so great!

      You'd get it.

    • haloqueeny

      9 years ago

      A lot of chain clicking

    • haloqueeny

      9 years ago

      Well ty. Most of my journals consist of the same random crap :D

    • haloqueeny

      9 years ago

      Normal days are teh best.

    • reaper86

      9 years ago

      In reply to your comment in my journal:

      Yessir, I do. smiley0.gif I saw the trailer for it. I can't tell if Joker is fucked up cuz of what he went through in the previous game or because he's a lot looks like scarring to me.

    • reaper86

      9 years ago

      I'm gonna ask here too: What happened to the one you made of me? I never did see it. Is it possible to view it on Facebook somehow?

    • reaper86

      9 years ago

      Um, no. I made that one last night.

    • reaper86

      9 years ago

      Made by you? You didn't make that. I did.

    • haloqueeny

      9 years ago

      Indeed smiley6.gif

    • reaper86

      9 years ago

      Busy with work and family.

    • puckrox

      9 years ago

      Thank you! smiley0.gif

    • reaper86

      9 years ago

      Blech, lol. Naw. I'm not much for any fantasy leagues except football.

      Baseball is too much for me and I don't even watch Basketball.

      Try Joel though, I'm sure he'd like to join. He's into the fantasy sports league stuff.

    • reaper86

      9 years ago

      Supposed to be next weekend. I'll letcha know if we need your help during this one.

      We may actually have the team together this time, since now we all know eachother's time zones and whatnot.

    • reaper86

      9 years ago

      Hellz yeah man, I saw that episode at PAX so I've known for a couple days. Had a field day discussing it too.

      EPIC as hell that Tucker's back though! I missed that fool.

      I have some days off next week. I'll give ya a call this weekend and maybe we can set something up.

    • reaper86

      9 years ago

      LOL fallen off trucks?

      And not damaged at all?

      What kind?

      I want to get a small HD TV for the Xbox, that way it'll look badass.

    • reaper86

      9 years ago

      Sadly, I cannot. TV's bein hogged tonight. =P

    • ABYSS_GK

      9 years ago

      now and again

    • ABYSS_GK

      9 years ago

      sorry, I don't accept random friend requests...

    • ulovekelly

      9 years ago

      thank u :)

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