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    • Ten Little Rooster Week 5

      4 years ago


      I've never written a journal in 6+ years. But everyone's having so much fun discussing theories I wanted to join. The thing is, I don't want people to see it if I'm right. And nobody's going to look at my journal, including myself. So here goes.

      - Pay attention to where narratives are going or characters are headed -- this might help you rule out some possibilities, or at least show them as less probable than others.

      - And a final big hint -- TWO of the THREE remaining instruments of death have already been revealed in some form or another.

      These are the two things I'm using as the basis of my guess for this week. There's two more "regular" episodes, then the finale. "One ran out of air" and "One got what they wanted" are the two methods of death left. If we assume Ryan is the manufactured too obvious choice for running out of air, who else could it be?

      So I'm going off the narrative clue for this week. I'd say Lindsay's narrative is done. She hasn't done much of anything the past two weeks. I'm not certain, but if she doesn't die this week, she's probably the final "regular" episode.

      Assuming next week's weapon is one of the two we know of, what else can cause a person to run out of air, besides an airtight chamber? Perhaps the Creeper suit, but the most reasonable thing I can think of is strangulation. In episode three, Adam told Lindsay his computer mouse was stolen.

      So my guess this week is Lindsay dies by Computer Mouse

    • Any Survivor Fans? Draft A Season Game

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      The goal of the draft is to draft the best season of Survivor. You can come up with a secret theme or just pick your favorite players. After the draft is completed, the teams will be randomly seeded into a single elimination style bracket. There will be a vote on each match up until we have a winner. Season write-ups required. They don't have to be very detailed, but they can be. It can only help.

      Draft Format:
      1. We will draft in a SNAKE format (12345, 54321, etc)
      2. There will be 12 rounds. Rounds 1-8 will be single pick rounds. Rounds 9-12 will be double pick rounds.
      3. Trading draft picks and drafted players are allowed. All parties involved must post the trade ITT.
      4. Individual pick write ups are not required, but they can only help your chances of winning best season and help with overall Survivor discussion.

      Draft Clock:
      1. Dead time from 2 AM-10 AM EST. (You can draft during that time if you want, but it doesn't put the next person on the clock until 10 AM).
      2. Each team will have 8 hours from the prior selection to make their selection.
      3. If the 8 hour period passes, the next team up is OTC. The team who had their pick skipped can make their selection at any time.
      4. If a team misses 3 picks in a row, someone not participating in the draft can take over their team.
      5. PM the team that is OTC after you make your selection.

      We will all assume the following:
      1. No players will quit or med evacuated
      2. All prior relationships are irrelevant. The players do not remember each other.
      3. Players have all Survivor experiences and knowledge from playing previously, with the exception of prior relationships.
      4. Players have the same physical abilities as they did when they played. If a player has played more than once, you get them at their survivor physical peak.
      5. The host for all teams will be today's Jeff Probst.

      Team Rules:
      1. Each team must have 16 players. 8 male. 8 female.
      2. Each team must have at least two minority players (one from each gender)
      3. Each team must have at least two players 40 years or older (one from each gender). If a player was not 40 years or older while they played Survivor, that player will not count as an over 40 player.
      4. Only previous Survivor players can be drafted.

      Also, a player can count for multiple category in rules 2-3 above. Example: Phillip Sheppard can count as both an over 40 player and a minority player.

      So, anybody interested? I'm hoping for 10-12 players

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    • RAAM'S Shadow Achievements

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      Since it's going to be kind of annoying to find people playing as Minh, I think it'd be cool if we could get like 6-10 people together who are all willing to set their characters to Minh and RAAM, and just give each other more chances to get the Foreshadowing achievement. I'm not saying we wouldn't play legitimate games, just make it so everyone's the same characters. We could also help each other with the Help From My Friends (4-player co-op), Zeta Team, Go! (Horde), and I'm Rubber, You're Glue (Mauler shield) achievements, since you have to be player 3 or 4 to be a Mauler in the campaign.

      GT: MoonKnight 1988

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    • 2019 years ago

    • 2019 years ago

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    • DazzleShine

      7 years ago

      You're welcome. :D And hurray for bonus points!

    • Dame

      7 years ago

      Reminder: Halo REACH playdate with the RT-XBLC group tonight starting at 8:30pm CENTRAL!

      send XBL message to GT: DameDestruction for an invite

      however i have been having connection issues lately, if you do not receive a response after 10 minutes (once the event has started!), you may try requesting an invite from DrackonianLord6 or PartyChic1867, just put in the message "from RT, invite please?"

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