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    • Happy Winter-een-mas 2007!

      12 years ago


      I've decided to drop the standard of Blog Entry 2.0 (quite a run at a wopping ONE entry!) simply because it's frightening how much I actually do look like a baby when I stub my toe and since I have enough self-disappreciation, I figure I'd spare myself, and you guys the woe-fits.

      First Note:
      If you've meandered your way to my image section a few times, you'll notice the recent addition of an Ibanez JEM 7VWH... no, the one on the right... below... no I'm not the dog getting told to STFU! That would be my newest guitar. It plays great, completely different from the C1-Classic. Pickups are clear and well suited to both distorted and clean tones (mostly distorted though, the SC pickup in the middle isn't as toneful as my coil split JB/Jazz combo). To sum it up, it's a freakin' $2,000 instrument, it's going to melt a few faces, and possibly some necks smiley1.gif

      Next Note:
      I got a new job coming end of December. You know how some dragons have names that would take 20-40 years for a human to speak? Well, this place has an acronym that takes atleast 15 years to speak. Anyways, I'll be GIS Programmer, believe it or not, under my college advance GIS instructor - the guy's a big doofus, complete with protruding front teeth, good times smiley1.gif The pay is admirable, for an up and coming 22 year old, and the work enviroment is stuffy (I have to wear a damned suit! If it ain't shorts, then it's Satan-wear). On a related note, with this newfound income, I have to decide on whether I should keep my current girlfriend, 94' Mustang GT, or replace her with a new 05/06/07 Mustang GT... Buy something other than a Ford?! BLASPHOMEY!!!

      Final Note:
      Check out the poem I entered in BakaUltima's contest. Horrible, I know, but I never said I was a GOOD writer smiley1.gif

      The Night Before Episode 9:

      T’was night in the Gulch, and all through the base
      Not a n00b was stirring, as the Puma gave chase

      Stuff full of fluid, its headlights glaring
      Machine gun blasting, its gunner swearing

      When out of the Blue, there arose such a thunder
      Church ran to the cliff, scratching his head in wonder

      In a final glance, he shouted with relief
      As Caboose in his tank, were a sight of disbelief

      We all remember the next moment, through dust and shard
      When a charcoaled Tucker yelled, “You team-killing fucktard!â€Â


      -Good gaming to all and to all a headshot smiley1.gif

    • This is why I wait

      12 years ago


      This is pathetic. Is it worth being the first 100,000 to own a system which will be obsolete in 3-5 years?

      See you in February - I'll be the one with a PS3 and all my limbs.

    • For those about to rock...

      12 years ago


      We raise our hand in a respectful manner so as to salute you for what you have accomplished and what you will accomplish... Alright, the idea SEEMED clever in my head.

      Anyways, as typical of a journal entry by Bazilisck311 which probably recieves about 38 views every 10 years... I've decided to throw some music on there (I grabbed a few new tunes this week). Oh, but don't you worry, this is blog entry 2.0! complete with pictures!!

      This was me yesterday after I stubbed my toe:

      Alright, so the first piece of Mozart I picked up was Trivium's "The Crusade" - interesting how I put those two artists togethor. I'm pretty sure about a dozen classical music conessuers'(sp) heads just exploded. Anyways, this was a great album... if you like metalcore bands which sound like Metallica. It would have been nice to see Matt develope his own distinctive vocal style, but regardless the vocal melodies are sing-along good. Guitar riffage is outstanding, solos are pretty uninspiring. Very little emotion, alot of speed an technicality. There's alot of good tunes on here, mostly because they seem to mimick each other on various occassions - never let go of a good thing I guess!

      Oh, and as standard of Blog Entry 2.0, here's a freakin' picture:

      Next up is My Chemical Romance and their Queen sound debut: "The Black Parade" Don't let the distinctive Freddy Mercury style get to you, this is a great album by it's own. The only difference is MCR's vocalist looks like he'd be more of a prime candident for homosexuality than Freddy Mercury. There's alot of goodness to absorb on this one and the "emo" factor (as you simplistic teenagers like to classify things as) has toned down a bit. The guitar work has upped the anti for future pop punk bands with some great - wait for it - Queen style solos. House of Wolfs is an instant classic and is something you don't hear often from modern bands (mix of jazz, rock, punk,) The album's also got one 'uh 'dem story things. Blah, blah, blah, Cancer, blah, blah, blah, hope, blah, blah, blah, euphoric sense brought on by a state of near death after self-reflection of one's own past experiences. If you do pay attention to things called metaphors and stuff, you'll notice that the songs are selected and placed well within the story structure ("Teenagers" seems like it should be placed alot earlier up though) - it weaves an epic saga and leaves you inspired, despite a rather cliche' setting (Like Lifetime doesn't capitalize enough on Cancer victims)

      I got some great Steve Vai material (You know... the guitar virtuoso? Think Whitesnake), but since these are re-bought from past damaged albums (and I'm pretty sure I'm one of four users on this site that like Guitar Virtouso), there's no need to bore you with a review. They're not even that funny anyway.

      Pwn some n00bs RvB! smiley1.gif

    • Mine Substance Infatuation

      13 years ago


      I'm proud of that blog title, don't make fun of me smiley1.gif

      Anyways - New My Chemical Romance material released, I like it! The small solo during the bridge totally melted my face. In fact, I've taken a listen to "Welcome to the Black Parade" about 7 times today and in a matter of 2 hours since I found out about the newest album, I had already memorized the lyrics to this title track smiley0.gif

      These guys are basically my Pop diversion - I usually take a liking to the heavier, more instrumental stuff but it's hard not admit these guys are catchy smiley1.gif

      If you're a late bloomer like me (almost everyone knew about this except me...) then here's a link to their myspace page with the single:

      There's a stream of the single here, but it doesn't seem to work in preview. You all may have more luck:

      "Carry On" RvB smiley1.gif

    • Woes of Poe

      13 years ago


      The day rains gloomfully and I'm in a largely depressed mood. Events have conspired which have forced me to question my own integrity and feriority - needless to say, my confidence is in the gutter (seems to be its usual hang out lately smiley1.gif )

      The good thing about having alot of hobbies is it's the best way to drown out sarrows - save for substance abuse smiley0.gif So I've been surviving on some serious guitar playing and video gaming. Regardless, I can't help but wonder if this bout of depression could have been avoided if I had the guts to change.

      Anyways, on a more cheery note: Congratulations to Jef Sarver who as of Friday, June 23rd, broke the record for longest guitar solo! He played straight (with a 15 minute break every 8 hours) for 58 hours - By far the most entertianing parts where when he continually queried about his break during a song and when his strings would break (causing a slew of cuss words to eminated from the artist's no doubt dry mouth)... the music was pretty good too smiley0.gif

    • MIA

      13 years ago


      One of my friends, IHeartChurch, is no longer a member of RvB. I have recieved nothing nor seen any journal entries as to the demise of her user account (which I sponsored). I sent an email to the only email address I have and haven't seen her on AIM - if any of you have any information as to what happened to her account, I would greatly appreciate it smiley1.gif

    • Shreddin' some hot licks

      13 years ago


      Check this guy out:

      Synyster "Fucking" Gates

      Freakin' Sweet, huh? smiley1.gif

    • Vacation Bound!

      13 years ago


      Thanks largely to my incredibly intuitive database design abilities, I have been commissioned to build a database for certain state agency in Puerto Rico. Since our installations guru doesn't want to head there, I'm the only available choice! That's right! Your favorite Bazilisck311 will be heading to Puerto Rico! Good times, margaritas and love-boat cruises will be mine to enjoy!

      I just found out that the installations guru decided to go, leaving me behind... Hit-men, contracts and explosives will be mine to enjoy!

    • Rawk On!

      13 years ago


      Got me some new headbangin' material this week smiley1.gif On my shopping list was Trivium's "Ascendancy" and Shinedown's "Leave a Whisper" - I also pre-ordered the sheet music for Avenged Sevenfold's recent "City of Evil" Release. Check it out here if any of you passers by metal guitarists read this journal entry:

      Since today words and proper grammer seem to have escaped me (it feels like I left my head in the toilet...) , I'm going to keep my synopsis of these albums short. Trivium's "Ascendancy" reminds me alot of older Avenged Sevenfold. There's much in common with "Waking the Fallen"; guitar solo's, riffage and even vocals are par with A7X's sophmore release. Not to say Trivium doesn't have it's own sound, the album is still quite good smiley1.gif Although I can't escape the feeling that the screaming vocals just don't match the lyrics...

      I haven't been in the mood lately for Shinedown's style of music, so I haven't had a chance to get a good listen to "Leave a Whisper". On first hearing, there were a few catchy tunes outside of the regular radio hits I've already become accustumed to. If any of you guys want to leave any comments on your opinions of these albums, feel free to smiley1.gif

      - Forever the Zealot of Floccinaucinihilipilification!

    • In news today...

      13 years ago


      I'm eating Teddy Grahams and drinking Orange Juice - 'nuff said.

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