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    • So i was bored and...

      8 years ago


      Bought Final Fantasy XIII.


      I'm now around 14 hours in and at chapter 9, so far a pretty entertaining but also a challenging game.
      Since im planning to finish this game 1000/1000 im going through it carefully.

      Something that annoys me though is that some characters have very annoying voice over. As this is the english version of the game.
      So i've put on subtitles on every occasion and listen to the new Girl Talk album. Which i wouldn't have ever heard about if it wasn't for RoosterTeeth.

      At the moment im also sick in bed so thats a good excuse to play 24h a day.

      Have a nice day everyone.

    • Glitches, Frustration and many Deaths

      8 years ago



      I've been playing Super Meatboy the last few days, the deathtoll so far is 2054.
      After finishing some hard levels i found out that my autosave wasnt functioning well so i had to do it all over again (several times by now).

      But we are in luck! a patch is being released very soon that will fix the autosave issue and several other bugs/glitches.

      Team Meat announced on Twitter that the patch should go live this week(end), not only fixing the bugs but also adding 20 new levels and a new soundtrack.

      Halfway on the playthrough i noticed this game looked a lot like something else i've played before, VVVVVV.
      For those who haven't heard of this game, here is a link to the video or check the Linked Media below.

      Here's Professor Fetus Halloween style to cheer you up:

      At the moment i've had it with Super Meatboy and his girlfriend Bondagegirl but they will see me back tommorow for those achievements!

    • You! Me! and the Kinect

      8 years ago



      And so we are coming closer to November 4 when the Kinect releases in North America, all good and well but what are we going to do with it?

      To answer this question i searched for the latest list on Kinect games to help you train off that fat!

      Kinect Adventures
      Price: Packed in with the Kinect sensor.
      Date: Nov. 4

      Price: $49.99 or $59.99 for the Limited Edition which comes with a plush toy and unlock code.
      Date: Nov. 4

      Game Party: In Motion
      Price: $39.99
      Date: Nov. 18

      Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 The Videogame
      Price: $49.99
      Date: Nov. 16

      Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
      Price: $49.99
      Date: Nov. 4

      Dance Central
      Price: $49.99
      Date: Nov. 4

      The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout
      Price: $49.99
      Date: Nov. 4

      Price: $49.99
      Date: Nov. 4

      EA Sports Active 2
      Price: $99.95 and comes with a heart rate monitor
      Date: Nov. 16

      Zumba Fitness
      Price: $49.99
      Date: Nov. 18

      Kinect Sports
      Price: $49.99
      Date: Nov. 4

      Price: $49.99
      Date: Nov. 4

      DECA Sports Freedom
      Price: No Price listed
      Date: "Holiday"

      Kinect Joy Ride
      Price: $49.99
      Date: Nov. 4

      Adrenalin Misfits
      Price: $49.99
      Date: Nov. 4

      Fighters Uncaged
      Price: $49.99
      Date: Nov. 4

      Sonic Free Riders
      Price: $49.95
      Date: Nov. 4

      If no one has noticed the problem by now, the Kinect has no strong release games and no games for the "hardcore" gamer.
      It was rumored that the Kinect had a function inside the game Fable III, but this ended in a unsatisfying no no.

      Don't get me wrong im still looking forward to the Kinect but cause of the casual games i will probably long for my old controller within hours. Given i will last that long moving around in front of my tv.

      Ofcourse the Kinect is a great addition to the family and any casual gamer with lots of friends to share the fun with!

    • So i logged on Xbox Live and...

      8 years ago


      Noticed there was a big update. So there i was hoping for a even nicer looking dashboard.


      Sadly this was not the case, even though the dashboard looks a lot different now its not in a positive context.

      The update has everything to do with the launch of Kinect, as now it is being released in America this week.
      When you first start your xbox now a big update will install itself, and after you are being taken through a very obvious guide for the usual Xbox 360 users.
      After you've been through the "guide" you'll quickly notice the menu looks "cleaner" now as the idea of depth in the menu's has been removed.
      Next to that you won't automatically login to Xbox Live untill you accept the new terms of use. Ofcourse this is only once but still.

      Now im no fan of this layout as it seems more simplified and my xbox background doesn't fit with most of the icons on the screen. Simply said it looks dull.

      Your thoughts?

    • 8 years ago

    • Super Meatboy Collectables Guide!

      8 years ago



      Chapter 1: The Forest

      Light World
      1-4: Nutshell – Bandage
      1-5: Holy Mountain – Warp Zone (Sky Pup)
      Warp Zone: Sky Pup 1-1 – Bandage
      Warp Zone: Sky Pup 1-2 – Bandage
      1-7: Diverge – Bandage
      1-9: Safety Third – Bandage
      1-11: Fired – Bandage
      1-12: Revolve – Warp Zone (The Commander)
      1-13: Tommy’s Cabin – Bandage
      1-18: Altamont – Bandage
      1-19: Intermission – Warp Zone (Hand Held Hack)
      Warp Zone: Hand Held Hack 1-2 – Bandage
      Warp Zone: Hand Held Hack 1-3 – Bandage
      1-20: The Test – Bandage

      Dark World
      1-3X: BZZZZZ – Bandage
      1-5X: Creamsoda – Bandage
      1-10X: Walls – Bandage
      1-13X: Tommy’s Condo – Warp Zone (Space Boy)
      Warp Zone: Space Boy – Bandage
      Warp Zone: Space Boy – Bandage
      1-14X: Mystery Spot – Bandage
      1-15X: Kick Machine – Bandage
      1-17X: The Clock – Bandage
      1-19X: The Queener – Bandage

      Chapter 2: The Hospital

      Light World
      2-2: One Down – Bandage
      2-5: Big Empty – Bandage
      2-8: The Sabbath – Warp Zone (The Bootlicker)
      2-10: Johnny’s Cage – Bandage
      2-12: Above – Warp Zone (Castle Crushers)
      Warp Zone: Castle Crushers 1-1 – Bandage
      Warp Zone: Castle Crushers 1-2 – Bandage
      2-13: Ulcer Pop – Bandage
      2-15: Gallbladder – Warp Zone (The Blood Shed)
      Warp Zone: The Blood Shed 1-1 – Bandage
      Warp Zone: The Blood Shed 1-3 – Bandage
      2-16: SYNJ – Bandage
      2-18: Destructoid – Bandage
      2-20: Day Breaker – Bandage

      Dark World
      2-4X: Blown – Bandage
      2-5X: Agent Orange – Warp Zone (1977)
      Warp Zone: 1977 1-1 – Bandage
      Warp Zone: 1977 1-3 – Bandage
      2-6X: Cher Noble – Bandage
      2-7X: The Moon – Bandage
      2-10X: The Kracken – Bandage
      2-12X: Grey Matter – Bandage
      2-15X: Insurance? – Bandage
      2-16X: P.S.Y. – Bandage

      Chapter 3: The Salt Factory

      Light World
      3-1: Pit Stop – Bandage
      3-2: The Salt Lick – Bandage
      3-4: Transmissions – Bandage
      3-5: Uptown – Warp Zone (Cartridge Dump)
      Warp Zone: Cartridge Dump 1-1: Bandage
      Warp Zone: Cartridge Dump 1-3: Bandage
      3-7: Mind the Gap – Warp Zone (Tunnel Vision)
      Warp Zone: Tunnel Vision 1-1 – Bandage
      Warp Zone: Tunnel Vision 1-3 – Bandage
      3-10: Breakdown – Bandage
      3-11: Box Tripper – Bandage
      3-16: Mono – Warp Zone (Ogmo)
      3-18: The Grundle – Bandage
      3-20: White Noise – Bandage

      Dark World
      3-3X: The Red Room – Bandage
      3-5X: Wasp – Bandage
      3-6X: Not You Again – Bandage
      3-7X: Pluck – Bandage
      3-8X: Salt Crown – Warp Zone (Kontra)
      Warp Zone: Kontra 1-2 – Bandage
      Warp Zone: Kontra 1-3 – Bandage
      3-14X: Salmon – Bandage
      3-16X: The Chaser – Bandage
      3-19X: El Topo – Bandage

      Chapter 4: Hell

      Light World
      4-2: Brindle – Bandage
      4-6: Leviathan – Bandage
      4-8: – Warp Zone (Brimstone) – Thanks to xXCanadian JrXx and ecamirG for this one.
      Warp Zone: Brimstone 1-2 – Bandage
      Warp Zone: Brimstone 1-3 – Bandage
      4-9: Deceiver – Bandage
      4-13: Lazy – Bandage
      4-14: Adversary – Warp Zone (The Key Master)
      Warp Zone: The Key Master 1-2: Bandage
      Warp Zone: The Key Master 1-3: Bandage
      4-16: Bow – Bandage
      4-17: Lost Highway – Bandage
      4-18: Boris – Warp Zone (The Fly Guy)
      4-20: Babylon – Bandage

      Dark World
      4-3X: Char – Bandage
      4-4X: Altered – Bandage
      4-7X: Thistle – Warp Zone (MMMMMM)
      Warp Zone: MMMMMM 1-2 – Bandage
      Warp Zone: MMMMMM 1-3 – Bandage
      4-8X: Billy Boy – Bandage
      4-10X: Gallow – Bandage
      4-14X: Old Scratch – Bandage
      4-18X: Sag Chamber – Bandage
      4-19X: Long Goodbye – Bandage (Please note there are actually 2 Bandages in the level, one above, one below, but the game will only count 1)

      Chapter 5: Rapture

      Light World
      5-1: The Witness – Warp Zone (The Skyscraper)
      Warp Zone: The Skyscraper 1-2 – Bandage
      Warp Zone: The Skyscraper 1-3 – Bandage
      5-3: Ripe Decay – Bandage
      5-5: Panic Switch – Bandage – Thanks to Fluktuation for this one.
      5-7: The Fallen – Warp Zone (The Guy!)
      5-9: Abomination – Bandage
      5-12: 10 Horns – Bandage & Warp Zone (Sunshine Island) Thanks to ApplsauceAvnger for this one.
      Warp Zone: Sunshine Island 1-1 – Bandage
      Warp Zone: Sunshine Island 1-3 – Bandage
      5-16: Rotgut – Bandage
      5-18: Gate of Ludd – Bandage
      5-20: Judgement – Bandage

      Dark World
      5-4X: Alabaster – Bandage
      5-5X: Nix – Bandage
      5-8X: Downer – Bandage
      5-10X: Pulp Factory – Bandage
      5-11X: Blight – Bandage
      5-17X: Millennium – Bandage
      5-18X: Stain – Bandage – Thanks to Carbo for this final addition.
      5-20X: Quietus – Warp Zone (Meat is Death)
      Warp Zone: Meat is Death 1-1 – Bandage
      Warp Zone: Meat is Death 1-2 – Bandage

      Chapter 7: The Cotton Alley

      Dark World
      7-12X: Pink – Bandage

      Unlockable and Hidden Characters (and Chapter)

      Gish (Gish) – 10 Bandages
      Teh Internets Chapter – 20 Bandages
      Alien Hominid (Alien Hominid) – 30 Bandages
      8Bit Meat Boy – 40 Bandages
      Tim (Braid) – 50 Bandages
      4Bit Meat Boy – 60 Bandages
      Spelunky (Spelunky) – 70 Bandages
      4Color Meat Boy – 80 Bandages
      Pink Knight (Castle Crashers) – 90 Bandages
      The Ninja (N+) – 100 Bandages
      Bandage Girl – Playable once you beat the main game, but only in The Cotton Alley world.
      Meat Ninja – Unlocked once you 100% the game.
      Commander Video (BIT.TRIP RUNNER) – Warp Zone 1-12
      Jill (Mighty Jill-Off) – Warp Zone 2-8
      Ogmo (Jumper) – Warp Zone 3-16
      Flywrench (Flywrench) – Warp Zone 4-18
      The Kid (I Want to be the Guy) – Warp Zone 5-7

      I do not take credit for all these things, most of them are from Peter Eykemans, I've only corrected the mistakes i found while going through this guide.
      I hope its helpfull to the people that just can't find those darn bandages!

      Have a nice day!

    • Introduction Bebopp

      8 years ago


      Hello everyone,

      My name is Dennis Joël, 22 years old and new to the achievementhunter community.
      I'm quite active on Xbox Live (gamertag: BE8OPP), playing Halo Reach and since today i've played a lot of Meatboy which is a very addicting game might i add.

      Using this journal entry as a test since i want to see what this is.
      So yea here it is, enjoy!

      Have a nice day.

    • 2019 years ago

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    • Esherido FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      8 years ago

      Not surprised, sometimes I even feel like that guy from Zombieland.

    • June032

      8 years ago

      hey man where did you go? come back to RT

    • June032

      8 years ago

      Thanks for the pic dude. :) much appreciation

    • Jengaship FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Travancore on DD

      8 years ago

      That's not my kitchen.

    • Freelancer The Trash Man

      8 years ago

      He tried to kill the James I and Parliament during a turbulent time in English history. James I was bat shit crazy.

    • Nestry

      8 years ago

      I am an FLCL fan :)

    • suppi

      8 years ago

      Indeed they do.

    • SailorTweek FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RTX Head Guardian

      8 years ago

      First off: THANK YOU for joing the Community Content of the Week group! smiley12.gif

      Second: Thanks for the comment ^_^ The helmets were Halloween quality Rubie's Costume Halo helmets that I painted. Both helmets are signed: Grif's by Geoff (as you can see on in the phorto) and Caboose by Joel (under the visor). The Caboose helmet is a full covering helmet. Grif's is just the front part of the helmet with an elastic in the back *LOL*

      Third: WELCOME TO ROOSTER TEETH.COM! smiley13.gif

    • ChrisBotkin

      8 years ago

      Oh, and feel free to add or watch me if you want!

      Post edited 10/31/10 7:18PM

    • ChrisBotkin

      8 years ago

      No problem! We're a great and friendly community so it's fun to welcome people from time to time!

    • Bebopp

      8 years ago

      Thanks for the warm welcome, at the moment im still looking around how this website/forum is build up.

    • June032

      8 years ago

      what the hell i didnt get one of those messages :(

    • ChrisBotkin

      8 years ago

      Hey there! smiley0.gif And welcome to the Rooster Teeth Community Website! If you need anything at all or have any questions, feel free to ask me!

      Wanna get a good feel for the community? A good place to start might be the RT's Community Content of the Week Group! We update 3 times a week with everything cool from the community! So click the link, and give it a look!

      Enjoy your time here! smiley13.gif

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