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    • 5 years

      4 years ago


      Today marks the 5th birthday of my RT account. It's absolutely nuts to think that I've been a registered member on here for that long, and it's even crazier to think I've been a fan for even longer than that. Thanks to everyone I've met through this community for making the last 5 years pretty damn special. You guys are the best.

    • Charity Stream TODAY!

      4 years ago


      Today starting at Noon Eastern, I'll be streaming for 24 hours to raise money for the ADAA - the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. I've been planning this stream for about two months now, and I only just realized I never advertised it on here whatsoever, so I figured it would be a good idea to do that now! If you'd like to watch today's stream, head over to my Twitch page. Or, if you'd like to make a donation, head over to the GoFundMe page I have set up. ANY amount helps!

      If, for whatever reason, you can't donate or watch, you can still help out by spreading the word about the stream. Whether it's by liking this journal on RT, or tweeting the links, it doesn't matter. You just might end up showing it to somebody who can and does want to donate! To me, that's as good as any other kind of support.

      Alright, I need to finish setting up. And, like, get a cup of coffee. We're in for a long haul, guys and gals.

    • A little bit of me

      4 years ago


      So, I know one of those "GET TAGGED IN THIS POST AND YOU HAVE TO POST X" things is floating around at the moment, and as far as I know no one's tagged me in such thing. But I don't care! I want to share a little bit more about myself with some people who might not know me super well. And if I don't know YOU too well, feel free to shoot me a message or post a comment telling me some things! Let's make this a nice big fact orgy--sorry I made it weird.

      I make music. This is something people seem to not know, or look over entirely. I've been playing music actively since I was 6 years old. Started with piano lessons for 9 years (an instrument I've sadly lost talent with over time), then I eventually picked up the guitar and taught myself. I can also serviceably play bass and drums, and I think I'm not too terrible of a singer. Like a musical Voltron, I combine all these skills to write my own material, which has resulted in an EP and a single over on my Bandcamp. Music's been a big part of my life for so long, and I can't wait to show off some new stuff I'm working on soon.

      I got a podcast, and another one on the way. I started BLTTP back in September of 2012, with my buddy @Connor joining me as co-host soon after. We're ending the show next month at 145 episodes released, but in our run we've had 2 RTX panels (one featured on the Rooster Teeth YouTube channel) and over 160,000 downloads. Soon, I'll be starting up my new show Front to Back, a music podcast where a guest and I break down a different album every episode. I like discussing stuff, especially with friends, so podcasting has been something I've really gotten a lot of joy out of the past few years.

      I've spent far too much of my life working at grocery stores. My only two jobs have been at grocery stores, and I've been at the second one since August of 2013. I currently work in our deli department, and while it's not exactly my career path of choice, I don't mind it too much. My co-workers are nice, and the work itself actually keeps me busy. Hopefully, I won't still be working there by year's end, but I don't want to call that shot without any certainty.

      I like to stream, but I think I'm going to stop doing it so often. Typically, I stream at least 3-4 times a week over on my Twitch page. And while I enjoy it, and I appreciate the few people who show up every time, I'm starting to feel like I could be spending that time doing more productive things. I'll be honest: if there was a decently large turnout to my streams, I might put a little more stock in them in the future. But, as it stands, there's stuff I want to prioritize, and right now it looks like streaming won't be one of them,

      I got a varsity letter in high school. I played lacrosse from 7th grade to freshman year of high school. By my last season, any skill I had in the sport was gone. But, our high school team was absolute shit, and there wasn't enough people signing up to support a varsity and JV team. So, by way of technicality, I ended up with my varsity letter and a fun bit of trivia to spout at people. I find out last time I was in Austin I have a letter but @Caleb doesn't. Therefore, I am the superior athlete.

      So, you now know a little more about little old me. But like I said, I wanna learn a little more about YOU. Especially those of you I've recently added on here. So shoot me a message or drop a comment. Let's chat!

    • Missing the point

      4 years ago


      Ever have one of those "nearly 2am" epiphanies that change your whole perspective of a situation? I know I just did.

      I stopped taking random friend requests here on RT a while back, for a couple different reasons. I think mainly because I didn't want to clutter my friends list with people I didn't know, or maybe to avoid situations where people try a little too hard to become your friend. I know that seems weird to say, but I think you guys get what I mean. I wanted my list on RT to consist of people I know and like, not just a bunch of random people.

      And then, I realized that's a bit of a stupid stance. This isn't Facebook, this is a community site. In a perfect world, we're supposed to be a group of people who are accepting of one another and help each other out, even if we don't necessarily know each other well, or maybe don't like certain people that much. This is supposed to be a place where we can connect with people who share a common interest. It's kind of odd to put a limit on that, don't you think? Some of the people I've known the longest in this community I met specifically through this site! It feels strange to have shunned that.

      So, for now I'm lifting that moratorium on random friend requests. You wanna shoot me one for whatever reason? Do it, I'm all for it. If you look like someone I'd like to get to know, I'm gonna accept that shit. And before anybody says, "What does that MEAN, Ben?" I'd like to let you know there's no barometer. I'll seriously be relying on my brain's natural impulses when I hit Yes or No. Don't read into it, you'll drive yourself mad. But if I hit that Yes, I wanna connect. That's what it's all about.

      The floodgates are open. Let's do this.

    • You. Me. PAX.

      4 years ago


      In case some people didn't know: I'll be at PAX East in Boston tomorrow, and tomorrow only. This will be my first time not going to all three days of PAX, and I actually don't mind it all that much. I've never been super into the con trope of waiting on-line for hours to see something, and I haven't really gone out of my way to attend many panels at prior PAX Easts as is. So, I'll be spending my Saturday perusing the show floor, playing some of the smaller titles being exhibited there (Indie Megabooth FTW), and hanging out with friends. It's gonna be a good time.

      If you see me out and about at the con: please come say hi! I don't bite, as far as I'm aware of. I'm also considering doing a little meetup for a bit after the con closes for the day, but I'm still undecided on that. I'll let you guys know on Twitter if that happens.

      So, if you're going to PAX East this year: what are you most excited to see? If not: have you ever been to PAX, and if so, what was your favorite thing there?

    • Focus

      4 years ago


      I might do a full write-up on my trip to Austin in a day or two, but I'm trying not to linger in those feelings too much right now. That's not to imply that I didn't have a good time. I had a great time, and it was easily one of the best trips I've done. But I think I'm at a point where I need to keep looking forward, rather than backward.

      I've got a lot of stuff in the pipeline this year. I know I say that often, but it's true. I've got 19 more episodes of Front to Back (my new music podcast) I want to record/edit/publish, at least a dozen songs I want to put out, several charity events I'd like to arrange, tons of hours of streaming I want to do, and a few video ideas I want to pursue. Throw that on top of work, BLTTP, maintaining a social life, and other responsibilities, I'm left with little time to reminisce. I don't think this is a bad thing, though.

      I've spent too much time caught up in old feelings and memories, letting them influence my decisions and trajectory. Now, I've got this giant-ass wall of future I need to scale. The climb's going to be long, but I really want to make it to the top. A big part of that is going to be focusing on what's in front instead of worrying about everything behind me. What's done is done.

      PAX East is most likely going to be the last event I attend until RTX, and up to then and afterwards it's full-steam ahead. No more time to waste talking about "ifs and whens", it's all about getting things done. Hopefully, the end result isn't just something I'm proud of, but something others will love, too.

    • Tex Ass

      4 years ago


      Hi. I'm in Austin until Tuesday night. I've been having a ball so far.

      That's it. Have a good one everybody.

    • In Memoriam

      4 years ago


      PAX East 2011. I'm 16 years old, at my first convention. I had just gotten what I thought to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch Rooster Teeth's panel in the front row, dead center, thanks to my friend Knuckles (who I assumed knew damn near everybody at that con). After the panel we go our separate ways, as I'm trying to chase down THE Burnie Burns and get his autograph for my Red vs. Blue: Reconstruction DVD. Eventually the small crowd moves downstairs and away from the main theater, slims down even more, and my incredibly nervous self gets the chance to ask for that sweet, sweet signature.

      As I express my gratitude while the deed is being done, who else but Monty Oum walks over to us. Obviously he's there to talk to Burnie about whatever needs to be talked about, but Burnie, being good with the fans as always, asks me if I'd also like Monty to sign this DVD. Now, for most people this would be a wonderful moment of happenstance. But, the first thought that pops into my head is, "How do I say 'No thanks' in this situation and not look like an asshole?" Because, you see, I only wanted Burnie to sign this DVD. That was how I planned it. This was to become my Holy Grail. But immediately I shake the thought from my mind and answer in the affirmative.

      Being young, fickle and dumb is so weird, right? How appropriately childish of a thought that was.

      The life of Monty Oum should serve as an inspiration to all of us. The man had a vision, as clear as day, and sought after it every waking moment. He pushed himself to, and very likely past, his limits, and the proof of that is in the content we've been lucky to witness for years. I've never been shy to offer up my own critique on RWBY over the course of the show's life, but I've always, always respected the work Monty and his team put into it. I knew he would strive to make the show greater and greater, not just to meet my expectations, or the expectations of any other fan, but to meet his own satisfaction. That's the kind of drive you must admire.

      Last October, I was in New York City during the last day of NYCC. That night a few of us met up for dinner, and going to the restaurant we knew there was a chance Monty would be joining us as well. There would've been no greater privilege than to get to sit down with him and try to pick his brain just the teeniest bit. But, the con had just worn him out and he decided to head back to his hotel. It didn't upset me too much, because I had a feeling that one day, I'd get to have a conversation with him. One day.

      I can't think of too many times I've been this upset about being wrong. Rest in peace, Monty. Thank you for everything.


    • Checking in

      4 years ago


      I haven't posted a plain old journal on here in a long, LONG time. Like, 2-3 months. I'd like to say it's because I've been incredibly busy working or whatever, but that's not entirely the case. The end of my 2014, up until the last week or so, was pretty rough for me on a personal level. I have my highs and lows, and that was one of the wonderful low times, where I'm in such a funk that I have a really hard time communicating how I feel in a constructive way. Regardless, I'm past it, feeling better, and wanted to catch up with you guys.

      2015 is going to be kind of a "make or break" year for me, which is kind of a cliché thing to say. I have a lot of ideas, projects and stuff that have been building up, and this is the time for me to start cranking them out. January has been filled with lots of prep for that. Planning, recording, writing, editing, etcetera etcetera ETCETERA. It's been really exciting to plot all of this out, and as I move forward and push all of this stuff out the door, I hope you guys enjoy what I've been cooking up.

      Less than a month from now, I'll be in Austin for a week with some of the greatest people in the world. I feel like life's been separating me from those folks in one way or another lately. It's not something I can really gripe about. The holidays and the little things can push people apart for a bit, but I can't wait to be back together with people I love for a while. Not to mention I'm going to get to see @Juls and @Newbs absolutely WRECK the Austin Marathon. Reading about their training over Twitter and such is super inspiring. Those two are running machines, and I'm looking forward to seeing that in action and cheering them on.

      So, that's been me lately. I can't wait for this year to kick into full gear. I think it's going to be a good one. What are you guys up to?

    • On the topic of On the Spot...

      4 years ago


      Not really the first journal I intended on writing this year, but I thought I'd lay down my perspective. Please, hear me out on this one, guys.

      I'll be straight up about this: I love dumb, sophomoric, somewhat (or completely) offensive humor. I really do. Nothing gets me to laugh easier than stupid poop jokes. I guess I'm just a man of simple tastes. I fully acknowledge that these are the lowest-hanging fruit on the tree of funny, and that deep down I'm pretty much a child. I'm ok with that. Also, I think most people can admit to enjoying really idiotic humor, even if it's only now and then. Sometimes we just gotta laugh at the dumbest stuff.

      I thought, on the whole, the last On the Spot was pretty goddamn funny for the above reasoning. About 90% of it was easily brush-offable dumb jokes about nasty feet, cats, and penises. Real A+ stupidity, and it came with an air of apathy that made the whole situation even funnier. Nobody there wanted to play the game, they just wanted to joke around for a bit. It was a pretty humorous situation, overall.

      But then, suddenly, rape jokes. Because I'm being completely honest with you guys, I thought the initial joke was pretty damn hilarious. The idea of esteemed actor Kevin Bacon getting sexually assaulted by the comic book character Hellboy for absolutely no reason? Fucking. Funny. To me, at least, and I know that already puts me in a minority. If they had dropped the joke immediately after that, it might've stood out as the funniest, most random thing in the entire episode, and maybe even gotten a more lenient pass from the audience. Of course, that's entirely speculative.

      As we all know, however, that's not what happened. Instead, the rest of the show's guests decided to just randomly drop the word "rape" wherever they could, explicitly for the shock value. That wasn't nearly as funny to me, but it didn't upset me like it upset others. There's a pretty fine line between Geoff's joke, and the jokes that followed, if you can believe it. One was passably funny for the sheer "WHAT THE FUCK" value, and the others were just lazy attempts to recapture that moment. It's like that one Cards Against Humanity Sponsor Cut where they kept saying "faggot" just because they could. That's not really funny.

      Like I said, none of this really offended me like it did others. Maybe because I've seen so much horrible, awful shit on the Internet that I'm entirely desensitized. Possibly because I fall into that good old "young white male" demographic that never really gets discriminated or humiliated. I honestly couldn't tell you for sure. But to those who did find the events of this episode offensive and indefensible: I totally understand and sympathize. I fully admit that for all intents and purposes, you guys are right. Just because I can't count myself among you doesn't mean I think I'm on the right side of the fence, whatever "fence" there is. I just felt the need to state my own opinion on this.

      To wrap this all up, I totally support Rooster Teeth releasing the most recent On the Spot episode, unedited (save for the Viewer Discretion warning). I'm all for a content creator standing behind their content, regardless of quality. But more importantly, I think this allows everyone who hears about this issue to see what happened for themselves, and form their own opinions. To those opposing the content of the episode: keep calm in light of all of the negativity, be the bigger people and show RT respect despite any personal disgust, and, finally, allow yourselves to be heard in the most uniform way possible. Change doesn't just come from anger, it comes from persistence. Good luck.

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