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    • So this is how it feels...

      8 years ago

      BenALeonard be a sponsor. I don't know what kept me from buying a sponsorship all this time, I think I was waiting to get my own credit/debit card. But, before that could happen, OopsHeadshot decided to invest 10 dollars to get me my little gold star. The funny thing is, I just got my debit card today (I don't have my PIN yet, but it's close enough to be ironic). Oh well, I guess I'll have to find something else to be my first purchase with this thing. Thanks again.

      EDIT: Also, smiley0.gifsmiley29.gifsmiley28.gifsmiley27.gifsmiley26.gifsmiley25.gifsmiley24.gifsmiley23.gifsmiley22.gifsmiley21.gifsmiley20.gifsmiley19.gifsmiley18.gifsmiley17.gifsmiley16.gifsmiley15.gifsmiley14.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley11.gifsmiley10.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley8.gifsmiley7.gifsmiley6.gifsmiley5.gifsmiley4.gifsmiley3.gifsmiley1.gif

    • The Glib Staff Episode 4 + other musings

      8 years ago


      So, first and foremost, that podcast I co-host, The Glib Staff, just put out our fourth episode. In my second episode on the show, we talk about Bill S.978 a ton, introduce a new segment, and ramble for a bit. It would mean a lot to me if you check out the show, and give us some creative criticism as we continue to grow. You can find it here. Also, you can now follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook.

      Now, to the other musings part of this journal. Life's been going pretty great lately. I'm making some good money at work, and spending most of my days hanging out with friends. You might have noticed I spent a good portion of yesterday spamming Twitter with pictures from my trip to a friend's beach house. I may have had one of the best days I've had in a while yesterday, and I can't wait to get back there later. Hopefully this "high on life" streak I'm currently on will lead to a nice creative spark.

      So, yeah, stuff and whatnot.

    • The Glib Staff, Episode 3

      8 years ago


      So, if you follow me on Twitter, you'll remember that I talked about doing a guest appearance on a podcast that some of my friends do. Well, I recorded the podcast, but the files got all messed up and it had to be trashed. They had to rerecord the episode without me, but I suppose good things come to those who wait.

      I say that, because I am now an official member of The Glib Staff podcast, in which we talk about things. Things like games, movies, music, pretty much anything we want. Our latest episode (and my first episode) has just been released, and I would greatly appreciate it if you showed some support for this young, but growing, show. Criticism is very welcome, but please be constructive with it. We'd rather not have assholes spamming our comments, but I guess that'll be unavoidable. But, without further ado. check out Episode 3 of The Glib Staff podcast here.

    • What's wrong with L.A. Noire...

      8 years ago

      BenALeonard that the game has replayability, but the game just drags on that second playthrough. If you're a normal human being, you didn't get five stars on every case in L.A. Noire as you originally played them. Well, that's also if you didn't use a guide, and let's be honest, with a game like L.A. Noire you shouldn't use a guide the first time through. So, naturally, you'll get that itch to go back and play through the cases again to get everything right. But in the end, is it worth it?

      No, not really. Unless you want the achievements for five starring every case and 100-percenting the game.

      This problem stems from the structuring of L.A. Noire's story, mainly. I won't go into spoilers, but throughout the first three desks (and even most of the last two), there's no real, cohesive story tying everything together. The Homicide and Arson desks have their own subplots, but the majority of the Arson subplot doesn't really factor into the bigger picture, and the Homicide subplot doesn't have anything to do with anything.

      It's a shame, really. The actual story of the game is peppered in through cutscenes between cases, and newspapers you collect also give you a better sense of the bigger picture, But, if you somehow miss a single newspaper, you're going to lose a huge chunk of the story. Luckily, the newspapers are very easy to find, as long as you're thorough. Honestly, the cases in L.A. Noire feel like the action that takes place off screen in a film. The real story is obviously taking place somewhere else with other characters who, at times, are much more interesting than our main character and his partner of the hour.

      So, to get back to my original point, the structure of the story in L.A. Noire negatively effects a second playthrough because you eventually find out that the choices you make in a case don't matter to the overall story. This is extremely evident in the Homicide desk. Those of you who've played the game will know what I mean. So, instead of being fully engulfed with this alternate, more correct version of the case, you instead find yourself skipping driving sequences and cutscenes wherever possible to cut down on time. Then you skim through your guide to figure out what evidence you need, and how you proceed in the next interrogation. Then it's on to the next case, no resonating with your new outcome, no feeling of success. Just another case down, and on to the next one.

      L.A. Noire isn't a perfect game, and this isn't the only flaw it has. But, personally, I find it to be the largest one, and the one that's worth pointing out. It's not a bad game, either. I loved the game on my first playthrough, and felt extremely satisfied once I finished it. It's definitely a gaming experience different to most you'll find in this console generation. But, as with any great experience, it will feel a bit tarnished if you try to relive it.

    • Dark of the Moon: A Compilation

      8 years ago


      Due to insistent bitching about the way I decide to use (or abuse) Twitter, I'm making a journal entry consisting of all the thoughts I've tweeted about Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Maybe I'll add more later... after tweeting them, of course. I mean, NOT tweeting them would break the purpose of this journal, right?

      -Hm, gonna have to hit up a midnight showing of TF3 tonight, I think. I can't let the word of mouth ruin it for me

      -Shit, hopefully that showing isn't in 3D. Gonna have to find out

      -FUCK IT'S 3D

      -Oh well, I'll probably go see the movie twice anyways, just because that's the only way I can form an opinion of a TF film

      -@TudorVII I'll see it in 2D at some point, because if it's anything like ROTF, I'll love it at first, but hate it later

      -I haven't seen the film, but I would trust @Vangelus's rundown of DOTM more than anything any critic writes.

      -The current view of the big ass screen in front of me. I don't think I got the whole thing. We got amazing seats

      -So, Dark of the Moon... way better than what people are saying. I had a great time, gonna have to see it again

      -Definitely better than ROTF. Better paced, better story, better twists, better action, better characters.

      -I need so much more sleep than I've gotten, but I need to be at work by 2:30. In hindsight, a midnight TF3 showing wasn't a good idea

      -My main problem with Dark of the Moon: It feels like the second movie in a trilogy. It nullifies damn near everything from ROTF

      -The only things that pass over from ROTF to DOTM are the Matrix and Megatron's resurrection. Everything else could be explained in this film

      -In fact, everything else IS explained in this film. Hell, Transformers we already know are reintroduced, in case we forgot. As is the Matrix

      And that's it so far. Now, it probably took more time to put this journal together than to think out, write, and send all of those tweets combined. I understand why people would want me just to write a journal, but Twitter is a service that you can use to say what's on your mind at THAT VERY SECOND. I don't have to worry about how I'm gonna go about writing a tweet, I just type a thought and hit send. Sometimes those thoughts need further explanation, which leads to further tweets. I know what is, but I chose not to use it because it's not necessary. Have a problem with my random tweet outbursts? Unfollow me, or even change the notification rate in TweetDeck or whatever third party Twitter app you use. There shouldn't be a conformity to how Twitter works, it breaks the damn thing.

      And that's my random rant for the day, enjoy the rest of yours.

    • The Beginning of the End

      8 years ago


      So, I took my last two finals of the school year earlier today. I think I passed them pretty easily. So, now it's on to a relaxing summer before I start my senior year this fall.

      I celebrated this by proceeding with a victory lap in my car around the school parking lot, blowing an air horn the entire time.

      SENIORS 2012, BITCHES.

      (Also: Thanks to everyone who showed up to AHTV last night. As always, we had a blast.)

    • Future retrospective

      8 years ago


      So, as I stated in my last, brief journal, I get off from school this week. When I go back in the fall, I'll be starting my senior year of high school. That knowledge, plus this year's seniors graduating this past Friday, has really had me thinking lately. Thinking about the what comes next, after I'm done with high school and whatnot.

      I've always found it very intriguing that there's more to life than my current day-to-day movements. That we go off on our own once we're 18, and have to make a life for ourselves from there on. I guess it's because I'm so use to the current way things operate. For whatever reason, I find it hard to imagine life outside my parents' house, as a free spirit of sorts.

      I think it's because I've always, ALWAYS, hated change. I like life just the way it is right now, and I could live an eternity like this. Ok, maybe I'd make a couple minor adjustments, but other than that I'd be fine. But, sadly, that will never be the case; and like all change, I will eventually come to accept it. But that doesn't mean I can't sweat it now.

      So what's ahead of me? Where do I go next? I've pretty much determined that I want to be a filmmaker, writing and directing movies. I love games, but I don't see a future for myself that involves gaming any more than as a hobby. And I've been a musician my whole life, but I would never wanna make a business out of it. Film is forever, though. I've always told myself that I wanted to leave a mark, a stamp in history that will never be forgotten. Through film, I can do that. I also thrive on creativity, and the thought of spending my life crafting stories appeals to me like no other.

      Well, I went kind of deep with this particular journal, and I probably said a lot of shit that you don't care about at the end of the day. But, if you wanted to get to know me a little better, or find out what's been on my mind the past few days, now you know.

    • Hey

      8 years ago


      Haven't made a journal in a while ...uh, got a job, it's going well, there's an AHTV on Wednesday ...and I start my summer break from school on Thursday.

      I think that pretty much covers everything.

    • Doing something tomorrow?

      8 years ago


      Well, now you're going to mo'fuckin' AHTV! And if you already were, you're awesome. Things start around Noon EDT, and will end around Midnight EDT, as per usual. See you there.

    • I shot a video

      8 years ago


      Been meaning to throw up a journal about this for a few days, but I got caught up with prom stuff, which I may go into detail about in another journal on another day. But back to the point, I helped a friend shoot a music video a couple weeks back. He's an aspiring rapper, so his music doesn't exactly fall into my tastes. We had a good time shooting the video, though, and I think the finished product turned out pretty well for an amateur outing.

      I served as the video's cinematographer, so let me know what you think about how I decided to shoot it, if you care about that kind of stuff. Without further ado, here's the video, entitled "48 Bars".

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