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    • Your chance to be on Front to Back!

      5 years ago


      Hey, Front to Back is a music podcast I'm developing. You are now up to speed on that if you weren't already. And as the title of this journal suggests, this is your chance to make an appearance on the show!


      Calm down, my new squires. It's simple. As we all know, the hit blockbuster film Guardians of the Galaxy is currently the new hotness, and its soundtrack is kickin'. Entitled Awesome Mix, Vol.1, the music as used in the film has quite an importance to the main character, Peter Quill. To simplify it, these are the songs he listened to for, like, 20 years. And he STILL loves them.

      So, for an episode of Front to Back Season 1, I want to talk about everyone's own Awesome Mixes. Of course, this requires me having audio of people discussing said Awesome Mixes. Here's where you guys come in:

      1. Choose 12 of your absolute FAVORITE songs. Only 12. No ties, no honorable mentions. (This is the number of tracks on the official GotG soundtrack release, so I figured it was a fair barometer)
      2. Figure out a track order for these songs that makes them flow well. This is crucial to an awesome playlist.
      3. Record yourself talking about your Awesome Mix. List each song, but take time to discuss one of the songs in-depth. The recording should be about 5 minutes, at most. If you have a little extra time, feel free to discuss a second song if it doesn't push you over the time limit.
      4. Send you recording as an mp3 to

      And that's it! I'll listen to all of the recordings personally, and hand-pick some to be featured on the show. I ask that anyone choosing to submit something please use an actual microphone for your audio. NO ON-BOARD LAPTOP MICS. Headsets are acceptable, but obviously audio quality will be a factor in how I decide things. I won't be disclosing who has been chosen until the episode is eventually released, and anyone who submits their audio can do whatever the hell they want to with it regardless of whether I choose to use it. I'm looking forward to hearing your submissions, so get on it!

      Come and get your love, folks. smiley7.gif

      EDIT: Totally forgot to set a due date. Let's give you guys until August 31st. Sound fair?

    • The Suffering

      5 years ago


      Today, we lost a legend. But I'm not writing this for him. Robin Williams was the only one of his kind, a light that somehow shined brightest among many stars. His iconic roles bled into all of our lives, in one way or another. His talent was a singularity, and we were blessed to bare witness to it. Without Robin Williams, this world is going to seem a whole lot dimmer.

      But like I said, I'm not writing this for him. I'm writing this for those who suffer, like he apparently did. Depression is cruel, unforgiving, and unrelenting. In some ways, it never really goes away. It only ever remains dormant, and it takes far too many brilliant lives before their time. It sucks. It's not fucking fair. But it is what it is, and those who suffer from it must find a way to cope.

      Let me stress that last bit a little more: those who suffer from it MUST find a way to cope. I know the feelings, that underlying pain. I've seen too many good friends get caught up in that doubt, and it breaks my heart. I've seen myself get caught up in it, feeling like I'm at my wits' end and totally unsure how to proceed. But we have to press on, and we don't have to do it alone.

      Tonight, I've got a little task for everyone. Think of a friend who struggles with depression. We all have one. In fact, most of us probably have more than one. Reach out to that friend, in whatever way is comfortable for you. Tell them you care. Tell them you love them. Let them know that they never have to go through it alone, because you, and many other people, will always be by their side. Honestly, it's a pretty simple request, and I think after the events of the past few hours most of you will feel up to it.

      Robin Williams' legacy will always live in his work, but it can thrive in the actions we take going forward.

    • 100

      5 years ago


      Nearly 2 years ago, I had an idea to record a little podcast with my friends, where we could bullshit about pretty much whatever we wanted. Going into it, I had zero expectations. I recorded four episodes before even releasing the first one, but I had no clue if it would even catch on. It just seemed like something that would be fun to do for a little while. I figured it would last for a couple months, then peter out into obscurity.

      That little podcast is called BLTTP, and this past week we released its 100th episode. I can honestly say that I never expected the show to grow as it has, or for it to become what it is. It's been a constantly surprising experience, with plenty of ups and downs. But I wouldn't change a single thing. I'm so proud to add 100 straight weeks of episodes to our list of milestones, putting it right up there with hitting over 100,000 lifetime downloads and our 2 consecutive RTX panels. Seeing this all happen has been extremely humbling.

      I have a ton of people to thank for helping make BLTTP such an awesome thing to do. Thank you to @Franco for being with us as we began this adventure, Devin, @Ray, @Mike, @Dylon, @Axialmatt, @Andy, @Tora, @Steven, Kevin, @Newbs, @Juls, Jampole, and @tinadayton for being amazing guests, Dylon (again), @mcbearcat and @starexorcist for the tremendous podcast artwork, Devin (again) for writing our theme song, @Barbara for letting us do our thing on-stage at RTX (twice!), @fiofo for giving us the greatest first fan-mail ever, and EVERY SINGLE LISTENER EVER. Whether it's been from the beginning, or only the episodes that Ray's been on, I appreciate every last one of you. Without you, we would not do the show.

      Last, but certainly not least, I have to especially thank @Connor. My co-host, my wingman, my hetero life-mate, and the man I've shared a bed with on multiple occasions. He's the Adam to my Eve, and the Dumb to my Dumber. There would simply be no BLTTP without him, and I'm glad I realized this fairly early on. Thanks for all the laughs we've shared with not just ourselves, but also with all the people who listen to our nonsense every week. It's been a great ride.

      So, as we rapidly close in on our 2 year anniversary, what's next? I don't know exactly, but the future's shaping up to be pretty fantastic. Connor and I each have new shows we're working on, but that doesn't mean our first will be getting neglected. Big plans are in the works, and I can't wait to tell you guys more about them very soon. For now, we intend to keep going as we always have, and I hope you guys continue to join us in this insanity.

    • Episode 100 w/ Tina Dayton Questions!

      in Forums > Episode 100 w/ Tina Dayton Questions! | Follow this topic


      IT. IS. TIME. One of the longest-running gags on the show is about to get its punch line, as our friend Tina Dayton joins us for EPISODE 100! Got some questions for us and Tina? Submit them now!

      6 replies

    • Front to Back

      5 years ago


      During the BLTTP panel at RTX, I announced that I was going to be starting a second podcast very soon, called Front to Back. It's going to be about music, specifically covering a different album each episode, breaking it down track by track and discussing it. I'm going solo on hosting duties, but each episode will feature a different guest to discuss the album at hand.

      Now I'm not writing this to sell you guys on the idea, or to promote its existence. I'm writing this to say how excited I am to dive into this project and share it with people who might enjoy it. This is an entirely different beast than BLTTP, and I think that's a good thing. With Front to Back, it's not necessarily going to be about trying to be funny and over-the-top entertaining. It's not even really going to be about being super-informative and critical of the subject at hand, although I'm sure technical discussion will find its way in there. I want Front to Back to be about the experience of music. What you feel when you listen to it, and what kind of response a good song can evoke from you. I want this show to be a platform where myself and others can be a champion for music we love, and maybe share something new with others. I want this to be something that wears its heart on its sleeve, and hopefully I can deliver that.

      I don't have a set date for the show's premiere yet, but I'd say that sometime in August would be a safe bet. I have a little over half of the ten episodes that make up "Season 1" planned out, with a few really cool ideas for some of the remaining ones that I hope come to fruition. I can't wait to get started on this in earnest, and I'm looking forward to seeing how many of you want to come on this ride with me.

    • Decompress

      5 years ago


      My trip to Austin for RTX feels like such a blur. That's not to say nothing memorable happened, or that I was super out of it the entire time. It's just that stuff was constantly happening, and we were constantly planning more stuff. Even when I had a down moment, I was hashing things out with people, figuring out what the next objective was. Typically during any con I go to, there's always one day in particular that seems to drag itself out longer than necessary, and things get boring. Not with RTX 2014. In fact, by the time I was heading up to my panel at 5 on Sunday, I was thinking about how I didn't have enough time to go do everything I wanted at the show. That's a rare occurrence.

      I think something I enjoyed the most about this weekend was the panels I attended. Mainly because I had a friend up on stage for every single one. There's a certain kind of pride you feel watching your friends do great things. In my case, it's usually coupled with a positive jealousy that doesn't create animosity, but motivates you instead. Luckily I had my own shot at going up and putting on a show, and despite some difficulties near the end, it seemed to get rave reviews from the audience. Such an amazing feeling.

      I can't name-drop everyone, because I know I'll forget somebody and I'll feel terrible. But, I want to thank @Connor, @Steven, and @Juls for being the best roomies a guy could ask for, @Newbs for going great lengths to put on a fantastic dinner to send out the weekend, and every single person who asked for a picture or signature, went to our BLTTP meet-up or panel, or the select few who gave me some tremendous gifts. You guys, and many others who I can't list for the sake of brevity, made this an amazing trip that i won't forget. I also want to congratulate my buddy @Axialmatt on getting hired at Achievement Hunter. Yet another person I can add to my "I Knew Them When..." list, and I'm incredibly happy to do it.

      Unless last minute plans are made, this is most likely my last trip of the year, and I'm glad things went out with a bang. I'm looking forward to spending the rest of my year working hard and creating awesome stuff, and I can't wait for a 2015 that's going to somehow top 2014 by a mile. Here's hoping everyone else had a great weekend.

    • RTX!

      5 years ago


      Hey, I guess I'm in Austin. And I'm going to be at RTX? And I'm going to have a PANEL?!

      Yeah, that's a thing. Please say hi if you see me! Gonna be a great time.

    • Would people clap along to this?

      5 years ago


      Over the past few weeks, I have:

      -Established a pretty terrible sleeping schedule
      -Found myself having stomach pains that make it hard to eat normal amounts of food
      -Applied for a potential promotion at work, only to potentially screw myself out of it
      -Gotten a haircut
      -Started working out some trips for this fall and beyond

      And for all the negative stuff in there, I could not be happier right now. I won't gush about why, or what's making me all filled up with goddamn glee, but things are good. Really good. And I have to say, it's been quite a while since I've been this happy.

    • BLTTP at RTX

      5 years ago


      Basically my reaction seeing the schedule go up.

      Make sure to check out this page and hit "I'm Attending" if you're going to BLTTP Live II: The Second One at RTX 2014! Sunday, July 6th 5-6 Central!

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