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    • E3 in short (so far)

      5 years ago


      Microsoft: Very focused, well paced, good balance of larger and smaller titles. The Master Chief Collection is impressive and a great value for new and old Halo fans. Not really groundbreaking, but an all around solid press conference that should be expected at E3.

      EA: Didn't see it! Excited for new Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, and Star Wars Battlefront, but based off the trailers the presser seemed like it was more tell than show.

      Ubisoft: The pre-rendered cinematics were cool! Couldn't care less about Ubi's line-up at the moment, but the titles seemed solid. Shape Up looks like a way to get super unmotivated people to do push-ups. I think Rainbow Six was the weakest of their "save the biggest announcement for last" games in the past few years.

      Sony: Started strong, but lost its way after No Man's Sky. Most of the titles shown looked great, but some I was just indifferent towards (The Order: 1886, Dead Island 2, Last of Us/GTAV remasters). The placement of the PS Now/PS TV/Powers line up killed the vibe for me, and the jabs at Microsoft have gone from cutesy to unnecessary and childish. Guys, you weren't NEARLY as "all about the games" as MS was this year.

      What did you guys think?

    • New leaves

      5 years ago


      I'm a pretty abrasive, opinionated, and passionate person. I know how I feel about things, and it takes a large deal to change my mind. I can be overly critical, but not without reason, and first impressions stick strongly with me. In most situations, I'd rather go for the rude and crude statement than the reserved and thoughtful one. Sometimes that's called for, sometimes it isn't. In general, I could probably be viewed as more of a pessimist than an optimist.

      Basically, what I'm trying to say is I'm a dick. Like, 9 times of 10. This is the personality and reputation I have bequeathed upon myself through my actions. I think it's time for that to change.

      I've had the opportunity recently to befriend someone who didn't know who I was whatsoever. No preconceived notions of my personality based off of what friends or acquaintances have said about me in passing, none of that. She seriously became aware of me just because @Ray tweeted I was streaming one time, and from there we just hit it off. It was a happenstance encounter that for all intents and purposes probably should have never happened. Through this, I had a chance to be a blank slate. I didn't have to be the Ben everyone else thought I was, I could be the Ben that I truly wanted to be seen as. And you know what? I think that dude's pretty rad, and I'd like to be more like him to everyone around me.

      So, I look at this as a great time to try and start fresh. Not to disregard things I've said or done in the past, but to learn from them and use them to really influence myself to be better. It's not just what I want, but it's what I think others deserve from me. It'll take time for true progress, and I'm fully aware of that, but you can't take first steps if you don't get up and move. To my friends: let's cut down on the distance. I love you guys for a reason. To those who I've dropped ties with for some reason or another: let's reconnect a bit, maybe find some middle ground. To those who I've wronged: I'm sorry, I dropped the ball somewhere and I have to own up to it. Hopefully you can move past it as I'm trying to do.

      Now, I'm gonna go hop on my Wii U and play some Mario Kart. That shit is my jam.

    • Live, from the room over my garage

      5 years ago


      Now that I have a semi-decent desktop PC again, I've taken to doing some regular streaming over on Twitch. I'll be sticking to PC games at the moment, because I have no way of capturing console games right now. Games I've played at length so far are Papers, Please, VVVVVV, and Bit.Trip Runner. I'll probably rotate through those games for now until they're completed, but I could always switch it up with something different.

      I'm thinking I'll stream at least a couple times a week, but I won't have any set schedule for now. I might experiment with some different stuff on stream, too. Like maybe editing the podcast live? We'll see. So if you want to keep up with all that shit, go ahead and follow me over on my Twitch page. Or just keep an eye on Twitter, because I'll always give you guys notice before I start up.

      I think that's enough selfless promotion for this Sunday.

    • Oops, we did it again

      5 years ago


      Last night, @Connor and I were able to proudly announce that our podcast, BLTTP, would be having a panel at RTX again this year. BLTTP Live II: The Second One will be taking place on Sunday, July 6th, from 12pm-1pm Central at RTX 2014! Expect some cool videos, maybe some announcements about things, and, of course, a live rendition of our infamous Lightning Round. I can speak for the both of us when I say I'm extremely excited to take the stage and put on a show, and I can't thank our listeners enough for the support that has gotten us this opportunity once again.

      In case you missed it, here's our announcement video for this year's panel. Did you not see last year's BLTTP Live at RTX? Well, you can watch that here! And finally, if you don't already listen to the podcast, give us a shot and join our group here on RT if you like what you hear.

    • Ben's Big Week

      5 years ago


      Last week was a goddamn nightmare for me. My parents went out of town to visit some friends in Florida, and while my brother recently moved back in with us, I was still left in charge of basically everything. The main responsibility was taking care of our dogs, one of which is an 8 month old Jack Russell terrier puppy. Our other dog, my trusted 11 year-old mutt, was extremely well-behaved, as always.

      The puppy was hellspawn in a fucking hand basket.

      The amount of shit that dog sunk her teeth into that week was astronomical, with some of it being actual shit. Now, that wouldn't have been so bad if I was having normal days otherwise. But, I had to be up at 8AM at the latest every morning to let the dogs out and feed them, and stay up until at least 11PM to let the puppy out one last time. My sleep schedule did not adjust to these changes, so I was lucky to get as much as 6 hours of sleep each night. I think I got about 8 hours of sleep total between Thursday and Friday night, but I also had to be up earlier those days.

      Throw working regularly (and leaving the puppy to her own devices for hours at a time) into the mix, and you've got yourself one intoxicating stress cocktail. Remember how I quit smoking around this time, too? That was doing no favors for my mood, either. Losing my main stress reliever definitely made things even worse. Oh, and having an impeding, douchey brother was just the cherry on top of the feces sundae.

      Luckily, my parents came home not really caring about what happened during the week, and basically sorted things out their first full day home. The sleep I got their first night back was the most satisfying I've had since after PAX. Last week was a rough time for Ben, and hopefully it went much better for all of you.

    • Sneepchawt

      5 years ago


      I want to use Snapchat more. Like for sending dumb pictures and videos and whatnot, or answering questions about some dumb audio file I put out every week. So, if you'd be into that sort of thing, feel free to add me. My handle is BenALeonard. I'm seriously adding everyone, so don't be shy. Just think about all of the blissfully stupid pictures you could be getting!

      I think I regressed to a state of mind not dissimilar to that of a 17 year-old girl with this journal.

    • 5 years ago


      Hey peeps, just wanted to remind you guys (mainly most of my watchers) that I don't accept random friend requests here on RT. I recognize some of these requests from people on Twitter and whatnot, but I try to limit my list to people I actually know. Sorry!

    • Something about shivering Thanksgiving birds

      5 years ago


      I quit smoking this past Thursday night. It wasn't really a pre-meditated decision. My last pack wasn't the "last pack," I just happened to finish it off that night and decided to not buy a new one the next morning. I think most smokers have designs of quitting at some point, or at least acknowledge that they should. It shouldn't be made into some huge thing when it happens, because that just creates this odd pressure to kick the addiction, or at least I assume it must. So don't think this is doing that. I think I realized it was about time I cut it out during PAX. Something about the idea of my habit possibly affecting my friends in some negative way at some point just hit the right nerve.

      This isn't the first time I've quit, technically. I've been smoking Cheyennes off-and-on since I turned 18. My experimenting with tobacco products was surprisingly minimal before I was legal, and at first my smoking was pretty casual. An "I can legally do it, and I like it, so why shouldn't I?" kind of deal. I stopped whenever I wasn't in the mood. Only after this past summer did it become a regular habit. It never reached pack-a-day status, but it was still enough for me to start truly identifying as a smoker.

      It's been 5 days, and so far I have to say it's been a little more difficult than I thought it would be. I want a smoke right now. I want one real bad, guys. Of course, the trick is to not let that bother me enough to actually make me get in the car and drive to the store. I definitely feel like there's been an effect on my state of mind, as well. It could just be a coincidence, but I've been feeling super isolated and lonely since I quit. There's no way to prove if there is a correlation with the feelings and me quitting other than to un-quit, so I guess I'll just have to deal.

      Not entirely sure why I wrote this journal. Sometimes these things just happen, and I'm like, "Oh, I wrote a thing that people will read. That was a good way to kill half an hour."

    • Meow

      5 years ago


      I've been playing Super Mario 3D World almost exclusively for the past week. I want to write up something with more depth once I actually complete the game, but for now I just want to talk a little about how insanely fun it is. And yes, when I say complete the game, I mean complete the game. All stars, all stamps, all levels beaten with all characters hitting the top of the flag pole. I'm ready and willing to let the game break me.

      This game is almost reason enough alone to pick up a Wii U, especially once you consider that there are several other solid titles to pick up and play once Super Mario 3D World has had its way with you. The controls are tight, the new gameplay elements are fun and not abused, the level and overworld design is great, the graphics are absolutely stunning, and the music...oh man, the music. It is DIVINE. The live instruments used in the soundtrack are exactly what make this game pop. The score completes the experience of bringing Mario into the realm of HD in near-perfect fashion.

      But, most importantly, the game is fun. Really fun, actually. The elements I talked about earlier come together to create that fresh-but-familiar quality that makes all great Mario games great. For me as a gamer, this was exactly the type of game I want to be playing right now. Simple gameplay, but intricate levels. Challenging at times, but the payoff is rewarding. Playing Super Mario 3D World has been a relaxing and enjoyable experience for me, and I can't wait to share it with others.

      Seriously, I really want to play through the game in co-op. I bet it's a blast.

    • Veinte

      5 years ago


      It feels a little odd not being a teenager anymore. I can't really say I had all of the "typical" teenage experiences, but I'm not really sure if that's a bad thing. I'd like to think that half the shit I did during that time is way more interesting than what my peers were up to, and more than makes up for whatever I missed. So, I suppose the feeling doesn't come from a place of missed opportunities, but rather the fact that it's just over. I will never be that again. Odd.

      Really looking forward to what's coming in the next year, though. RTX and Toronto: Unconventional in the summer, for starters, and I'm sure more exciting things will poke their heads out soon. I'm all for finally being in my 20s. If the past few years are any indication, they should be a fun, interesting time.

      I don't know how to end this journal. Puppies make me smile. Yeah, that'll do.

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