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    • Things Desperately Needed

      3 years ago

      BenRG No Goodbyes

      Well, the team deserves congratulations! I'd say that the forum is ten times better now than it was when I put up my last Blog post. It's more stable, the various links work properly and so do most of the formatting buttons on the text entry boxes!

      There are still a few things that are needed (IMHO, at least):

      1. 'Spoiler' text formatting, either as an option in the formatting bar or a distinct paragraph style. This is vital for the project forums so that Sponsor early release content can be discussed without spoiling non-sponsors' enjoyment of upcoming episodes;
      2. Return of Mod tracking and post logging. It makes it easier to follow up responses to threads in which you have commented but have no interest in following;
      3. Debug the list formatting please, guys!
      4. 'Source Code' editing mode for the text entry boxes so, if the formatting messes up, we can just unscramble it at the code level;
      5. Not required but would be liked - Have 'smart' show listing with a user's followed shows automatically appearing at the top of the 'Shows' list.
      • Just some suggestions from a long-term user...
    • Oh God, this new site!

      4 years ago

      BenRG No Goodbyes

      It. Stinks.

      Literally every part of it looks good but has less than zero functionality.

      • Individually listing every new post on subscribed threads? Whose brilliant idea was that inbox-killer?
      • Tracking individual posts from Friends? Okay, slightly more acceptable but for pity's sake, put that on a seperate notification list!
      • Posting system is BROKEN - I mean, whose great idea was it to send you back to the start of a thread after posting? Where is the option to go to the last page of a thread? Did no one think about this?

      ((Groans)) Maybe I'll get used to it. I'm not holding my breath.

    • RWBY Volume 2: Time To Say Hello!

      in Forums > RWBY Volume 2: Time To Say Hello! | Follow this topic

      BenRG No Goodbyes

      Well, the time is almost upon us. RWBY Volume 2 is given it's public première on Thursday 24th July 2014.

      As the previous RWBY thread has become somewhat... spammed up, I thought it might be a good idea to mark the start of the new volume with a new thread so we can get straight to the discussion without tripping over OT posts, old and Jossed theories and the like.

      Some rules:
      1) Barring announcements to the contrary on Rooster Teeth's Twitter feed, new episodes will air weekly every Thursday, probably at 5PM Central Time with sponsors seeing the episodes an hour earlier. No amount of asking us when the next episode airs will change this;

      2) Please be considerate and keep spoilers in spoiler tags at least until about half an hour after the public release on;

      3) Immediate volume 1 & volume 2 trailer discussion on this thread is welcome. However, I ask that you lucky people who went to RTX to keep any spoilers regarding v2e01 in spoiler tags until the public airing of the episode;

      4) Discussion of crackpot theories and ideas arising from the lyrics of the Original Sound Track (OST) are also welcome but please keep it semi-reasonable;

      5) Right now we can only guess as to whether there will be any ships actually confirmed in the show and what they may be. There is no justification for flaming, abuse or other unsocial posting just because you think that 'x' should be/is with 'y';

      6) Finally, please be civil and keep on topic. The original RWBY discussion thread has metamorphosed into the Off-Topic Bar and Lounge, so take it there if you feel the need to make a random post.

      Post edited 7/16/14 6:37AM

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    • RWBY Ten Years On?

      5 years ago

      BenRG No Goodbyes

      Some great RWBY fanart but this is one of my favourites - Only lineart for now but I'm hoping the artist will colour it eventually.


      Adult Team RWBY by NaijMizuho on deviantART

      Check out this guy's gallery. Seriously, the creative ideas on show here are worth the time.

    • Theory on Summer Rose and Cinder

      5 years ago

      BenRG No Goodbyes

      Cross-posted from the RWBY Discussion Thread

      My Theory (Executive Summary):
      Ruby's mother was in Team SAGE
      * Summer Rose
      * Autumn Rose (her twin sister)
      * Glynda Goodwitch
      * Emma Rauldi

      At Beacon, they were the superstars of their class. Summer and Autumn especially - they were brilliant at the near-forgotten art of Aura manipulation, using dust-containing clothing and accessories to focus their Auras around themselves to create a massive range of effects, far beyond what is possible from Semblance alone. The two Aura Witches, as the others of their generation knew them, were head and shoulders above their peers in many ways. They even went as far as to teach Glynda and Emma some of their tricks.

      Ozpin expected good things of Team SAGE and, throughout their time at the school, he sent them on unofficial missions as part of his and Qrow's own agenda (forcing certain social changes like greater Faunus integration and the deradicalisation of White Fang). Maybe he started to expect things of them that relatively inexperienced Huntresses like them couldn't deliver. Maybe someone betrayed them. Maybe, in the end, their luck just ran out.

      In any case, one of these unofficial missions went bad. Ruby remembers that day in the song Red Like Roses, Part II. Summer and Emma were killed; Glynda and Autumn made it back, barely. Glynda recognised that what Ozpin was doing was good and necessary; that he wasn't personally to blame for something they all volunteered for, eyes wide open. Autumn, though, couldn't see it that way. She'd lost her twin, the other half of her soul. Consumed by bitterness, she started down a dark path, dedicating her life to destroying the peaceful world that Ozpin had spent his entire life trying to build.

      To represent this polar change in her life objectives, she took on a new name - Cinder Fall.

      Now, Summer's daughters are approaching adulthood and Cinder is determined to start a war between Human and Faunus that neither can win just to destroy civilisation and hurt Ozpin. Having few cards left to play, Ozpin must assemble a new superstar team (or two) to confront and destroy the edifice of nihilistic evil that Cinder has created for the sake of nothing more than hate and bitterness. His greatest hope is the fact that Ruby and (to a lesser extent) Yang are both showing hints of the same power that was so strong in Summer and is still strong in Cinder.

      He's made many mistakes over the years; he's hoping that sending Ruby and Yang at their aunt like bullets from a gun is not just making a bad situation worse.

      On what do I base this? Well, we know so little about the characters backgrounds that any theory is mostly guesswork. I can only point to following points:

      1) Ozpin remarked on Ruby's grey eyes. She had to have inherited that characteristic from someone and it could be her mother; it implies, very strongly, that Ozpin knew Ruby and Yang's mother on a close enough level that Ruby's eye colour gave him pause;

      2) Why would Ozpin bring Ruby forward two years? Her performance against Junior's goons was impressive but not that impressive; it implies strongly that Ozpin has an agenda involving Ruby and one where he is working against a time limit;

      3) Qrow's email strongly suggests that the two men are allies and have been monitoring Cinder's activity;

      4) We've yet to see Cinder's natural eye colour, only with them shining gold (presumably because of her Semblance). That could be significant in its own right;

      5) Monty's teasing tweet about Ruby's rose-petal effect (previously presumed to be due to her semblance) suggests strongly that she may have as-yet-revealed abilities that may or may not relate to Cinder's abilities, which appear to break the existing Dust/Aura/Semblance divisions.

      None of these things are absolutely proof positive, but they all imply possibilities that I have put together in my idea.

    • Corus Civil War - Who Are the Good Guys?

      in Forums > Corus Civil War - Who Are the Good Guys? | Follow this topic

      BenRG No Goodbyes

      Right now, all we have is Felix's word that his employers, the New Republic, are 'good guys'. Given that they're paying him well for his services, it's possible to argue that he would say that either way. It is just as possible that the Feds are actually the good guys, trying to keep their planet free and functional in the face of an insurrection by special-interest types who want power for themselves.

      It's a fact that, in civil wars, both sides often think they're the good guys.

      The parallels of the Syrian civil war also come to mind: Maybe this was once a legitimate uprising. However, so many off-world mercenaries have crowded in, some paid by other off-world interests who want their favoured ringers in charge on Corus, that they have effectively stolen the rebellion from the locals and it has become an attempted foreign take-over.

      So, what's your call? Who's the "good guys" in this mess and should the Reds and Blues get involved or just fight their way to the nearest spaceport, steal a starship and run?

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    • RWBY Episode 1 Review & Thoughts

      6 years ago

      BenRG No Goodbyes

      Episode 1 - "Ruby Rose" has aired. It was a wild ride. It's already shown that the show has great promise. The characters are funny and there is a strong mythic and present story that is compelling to say the least.

      Here's a run-down of some key points in the episode that jumped out at me:

      1) Ruby is... excitable; there's no other word for it. She's clearly star-struck by the Hunters and Huntresses but seems to be even more in love with the possibility of a warrior's life;
      2) The Dark Forces are known as The Grim; these are opposed by magitech-using warriors called Hunters and Huntresses (a gender-specific naming policy that I'm sure will offend some);
      3) NEW CHARACTER: Roman Torchwick - A serious bad-guy in the criminal rather than demonic mode; apparently he is associated with Junior's gang. More interestingly, the opening monologue (by Cortana, no less!) suggests that the growth of crime is a symptom that the time of Light is ending and a new Dark Time is coming where the Dark must be fought actively;
      4) NEW CHARACTER: Glinda Goodwitch - She's a fully-qualified Huntress and possibly the Deputy Principal of Beacon Academy - Ruby and Yang's school. She seems a strong disciplinarian and has little time for learners getting involved in fights; IMO, a part of this was she was upset that a girl of Ruby's age nearly got killed in such a serious fight;
      5) There is a serious battle between Glinda and an unnamed Dark Huntress working for Junior's gang. This battle includes high-order magic that shows just how incredibly far Ruby has to go yet; both combatants use skills similar to Weiss's but at a level far, far above hers;
      6) NEW CHARACTER: Professor Ozpin - Principal of Beacon Academy;
      7) Using a High-Velocity Sniper Scythe like Crescent Rose is very difficult Ozpin says that it is the most difficult weapon to use well;
      8) Ozpin may have known Summer Rose, the person whose grave we see in the Red Trailer, who he describes as 'an old crone' who was the last person he knew who could use a HVSS with the same level of ability as Ruby.
      9) OPENING TITLES: "Vomit Boy" has a serious place to the point where I suspect he will be a 'Sixth Ranger' extra main character and possibly a romantic protagonist for one of the main characters; The Dark Huntress is also shown in such a way that suggests she may be one of The Grim.

      And now a prediction for where the show will go:

      Volume 1 is going to be a complete red herring in plot terms. It's going to be mostly a gentle, mid-teen 'superhero school' drama/comedy about Ruby's attempts to fit in at Beacon Academy and the stuttering early days of Team RWBY as they learn not to kill each other long enough to be effective. 'Vomit Boy' may turn out to be a romantic foil for one of the girls. I think that Kathleen's character (Glinda, a magical badass of whom Tex would approve) is being set up to be the 'tough' and generally unlikeable but always fair and super-competent one of the faculty.

      Then, things are going to take a serious turn in the mid-season cliff-hanger before the start of Volume 2 later this year. The Dark Forces, The Grim, are going to come out of the woodwork. Junior, Roman and the rest of the human criminals are going to be exposed as their dupes and things are going to get very dark very quickly. Things are going to switch suddenly from a school comedy/drama to an out-and-out sci-fi/fantasy struggle against a re-emergent elemental evil.

      I wouldn't be surprised if the title sequence changes to reflect the darker theme the way Babylon 5's titles changed at the start of Season 3.

      I suspect that the sudden change in atmosphere and theme might throw a lot of fans.

    • RWBY Episode Thread (Spoiler Alert!)

      in Forums > RWBY Episode Thread (Spoiler Alert!) | Follow this topic

      BenRG No Goodbyes

      Well, in just a little over 11 hours time, RT Sponsors who couldn't attend RTX will get their first sight of RWBY.

      The other RWBY thread has been discussing mythic underpinnings, world-building and possible continuity and future predictions. I think it should be kept for general discussion of the broader themes of RWBY and its place in animé. As a consequence, it's long and contains lots of off-topic chat about other animés and possible influences on the show. This thread is specifically for discussing events in the episodes.

      This means that the thread WILL contain spoilers! Read at your own risk if you haven't seen the latest episode yet!

      Yes, I know some of you were lucky enough to see the episode at RTX. However, I ask that you put all plot and character posts in spoiler tags until after the episode airs to general audiences at 7pm Central Time today.

      Post edited 7/18/13 6:43AM

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    • Possible Plot-Line for RWBY?

      6 years ago

      BenRG No Goodbyes

      Cross-posted from the RWBY Wiki:

      This is my own overall prediction (given our current state of knowledge) as to what might happen in the show:

      Once, long ago, in a land far, far away...

      The Rainbow Empire had long been peaceful and prosperous. Although once, the Whites, masters of magic and technology, had been aggressive imperialists, centuries of close co-opoeration had forged a society where the four races of the Empire each flled a particular role to the point where 'race' and 'caste' had become interchangable.

      The Whites were the priestly/scientific class. Although they frequently filled govenrmental positions, it was hardly a prerequisite. However, it was the Whites who had developed the magic and magi-tech that made the Empire prosperous and secure. Many Whites, using their ice/water-elemental magic, were also great healers;

      The Yellows were the warrior caste, using their fire-elemental powers to rain destruction on the Empire's enemies, both internal and external;

      The Reds were the agricultural caste, using their kinship with all things alive to feed the millions of citizens of the Empire;

      The Blacks were the worker caste, using the might that came from their rock-elemental magic to drive the mighty factories, mines and foundries from which the iron backbone of the Empire was forged.

      However, in any society, there are always the dissenters. A rebellion is brewing amongst disaffected members of the Red Tribes and Black Nation, chafing at their seemingly-menial status. It is a rebellion given greater strength by rumours of a girl who is the last descendent of the blood of the Kings of the Black: the Beautiful Lady of the Black.

      In recent years, life in the Empire seem to be growing darker. The Emperor Kalter Schnee, once a kindly and beloved monarch, is increasingly cruel, cold and distant, an affliction blamed on the death of his young wife. There are those who also grumble that his second wife, the ambitious Black Nation crystalmancer and oligarch Maelia, has been twisting the old man's soul. Certainly, eyebrows were raised at his decree that Maelia's two daughters (by her own first marriage) should be considered to succeed him before the child of his first marriage, the beautiful (and musically gifted) but perpetually sad Weiss.

      Weiss's power and talent is far greater than any Princess of the White before her. Because of this, in an unprecedented move, the Emperor has decided that Weiss should attend the Institute of Gifted Children to learn to harness her skills fully. There she has been joined by Blake, a mysterious girl of the Black Nation, whose eyes are filled with sadness and anger, Yang, a happy-go-lucky girl of the Yellow War Bands, who is determined to be true to the oath every one of her people have sworn to defend the Empire and its people and finally by a small girl named Ruby... a girl of the Red Tribes with a gift not seen in generations... the last of a lost order of mages and warriors, sworn to maintain the balance of the nations.

      Together, these four must learn to overcome the prejudices and fears of their respective upbringings and work together. For there are worse things in this world than gangs of school bullies and unprofessional tutors. A dark shadow is falling over the Rainbow Empire, a shadow that threatens to smother all four races in an eternity of tyranny. A shadow with a name that is whispered where-ever there is darkness in the hearts of men's souls:

      The Raven

      This is the story of how four schoolgirls from the most different backgrounds became the champions of all the peoples and the bearers and protectors of a fast-fading light.

      This is the story of RWBY.

    • RWBY Predictions (Part 2 of 2)

      6 years ago

      BenRG No Goodbyes

      The YORB rival quartet are a red herring. They are going to be the RWBY girls' in-school rivals - the 'Slytherins' to their 'Gryffindors'; generally ambitious, ruthless and unethical in their pursuit of that semester's top spot. They will obstacles, distractions and possibly a threat if they are suborned by the Big Bad, who recognises their ambition and as a lever by which he/she can use them as disposable dupes to eliminate his enemies at the school without being directly implicated.

      When that plot is exposed, the YORBs will go one of two ways: Maybe they'll be horrified as they only ever wanted to be top of the class, to humiliate the dweebs, not murder them! After that they'll fade into the background as an early-season villain not seen in any significant way again. Alternately, the power the Big Bad offers them will mesh with an already borderline-sociopathic mindset and they'll throw themselves wholeheartedly into his service. They'll ascend to be a Quirky Miniboss Squad and maybe even a collective Dragon to replace the fallen Mama and Papa Bear.

      So, in terms of rivals/enemies:

      * Beowolves
      * Mecha-men
      * Bear Criminal Organisation capos

      Elite Mooks
      * Spider-Droid
      * Armour Giant
      * Milcia and Melanie
      * Junior Bear

      Schoolyard Rivals (Possible later Quirky Miniboss Squad)
      * YORB quartet

      Tragic and manipulated Anti-Villains
      * Adam and the rebels

      The Dragon
      * Mama and Papa Bear

      The Big Bad
      * ??? (Shadowy figure giving a sweating Mama and Papa Bear their orders - Mwahahahaaa!)

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    • DaftProdigy FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Tinfoil Hatter

      6 years ago

      Hey--just realized, if we would have combined our ideas for the end of S10, with my fighting off hordes of enemies, BGC guys coming to save the day, Carolina and Epsilon going in alone and then leaving the Director to die when it was clear he was going to do so anyway and your "sad old man watching that home video" anticlimax plus Carolina letting go, we would have pretty much had the ending of S10 covered :) The only extras would have been my inclusion of Maine and the requisite "character revelation" (which took place explicitly in the closing monologue instead), and your inclusion of Angry!Wash and the cavalry; neither of us got right what would end up killing the Director. Also some minor variations in tone, but overall the plot points would have been very similar.

      We really should combine forces for next season XD

      • BenRG FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold No Goodbyes

        6 years ago

        Seriously, I only really had worked out that ending when I saw the episode where Church fire-bombed his bridges with the Blood Gulch Crew. Before that, I was expecting The Director to do his "Tribute to Hans Stavros Bloefeldt" gig and go down using a nuclear scuttle charge in his Evil Super-Villain Power Base. smiley0.gif

        Seriously, though, I'm glad that Burnie beat the clichés with his ending. It all turned basically into a strange and surprisingly deep story about personal responsibility and handling grief rather than a stereotypical space opera. Having seen some Halo 4 Cut Scenes, I think that 343 Productions might be "borrowing" some of his themes too.

    • DustBunny01

      7 years ago

      Found this

      Thought you might like it.

    • Erkan FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Take It Easy.... bitches

      7 years ago

      Super belated... Happy New Year and Happy any other holidays you may have celebrated over the Holiday period to everyone on my friends list smiley0.gif

    • yasemonkey

      7 years ago

      Been reading your journals (like a true stalker), and I really like your theories. Also a huge astronomy fan, only if everyone on the site was as cool as you

    • buckeyedon Crackpottist

      8 years ago

      Funny thing is, Asimov preferred his Robot books over Foundation. And I do agree that Foundation was too Dunish.

      I am looking forward to reading the other Foundation books beyond the trilogy.

    • littleman794

      9 years ago

      lol, nice av! whats up fellow crackpotter!

    • CommanderDJ

      9 years ago

      Your understanding of RvB and development of mostly perfectly credible explanations for apparent plotholes is absolutely amazing, sir. You should be given a super-spy jetpack.

    • ShadowStylez FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      9 years ago

      In reply to BenRG, #7:

      In reply to NoLLiD159, #1:


      So you want to feed him to a lion that is obviously disgusted with him?

    • ShadowStylez FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      9 years ago

      In reply to BenRG, #70:

      It's funny that it took two reports to get that thread locked. Fucking moderators.

    • MissZahrah FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      9 years ago


      THANK YOU! smiley0.gifsmiley13.gifsmiley0.gif

    • SuperPriv4te

      9 years ago

      Would you mind taking a look at this idea I’ve been thinking about? (yes, another RvB crackpot theory from SP)and I was hoping to see what your thoughts might be on this, as a theorist yourself.
      (Personaly, i'm not perfectly satisfied - it could be stronger)

    • ghettone

      9 years ago

      I saw your theory about Tex, and how the "Tex AI" is just a clone of the original Allison. Well if thats true is it possible that the AI cloning program killed her thats why the director feels guilty about her death? That could also explain Why we Never see the Original Church, cause the cloning program Injured him So badly he need special Equipment just to survive.

      this is just what i think, but i would like to know what you think.

    • zeik101 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      9 years ago

      second vid

      first vid

      tell me what you think please

    • Tomboy

      10 years ago

      Thanks for the fanfic support here and on!

    • Archer

      10 years ago

      I just saw one of your posts in the RVB-Recreation thread. The one where you told someone who multi-posted 5 times that they can reply to multiple people in one post. Then you told them to learn how to spell had me cracking up. That is why I stay away from regular threads. Sponsor only threads tend to have a bit more of an intelligence underlining to it.

    • B088YG

      10 years ago

      That is a great fan script.
      If you made it into a fan episode with some mates in Halo I couldn't wait to watch it.

    • OroborosNZ Projector

      10 years ago

      Thx for the journal comment Ben. I've replied to it - tell me what you think!

    • Ubergirl

      10 years ago

      Hi there! I kinda went into stasis for a while, but I am back, and I thought I'd drop by and give you a hello. So here it is! smiley0.gif

    • OroborosNZ Projector

      10 years ago

      Hi <<avatar>>!

      At LFTO Networking, we invited group members (just like you <<avatar>>) to create a logo for ourselves. We'll use it for our own merch - t-shirts, coffee mugs, you name it.

      We'd love it if you could check the designs out and vote! We're contacting you personally <<avatar>> because here at LFTO Networking, we believe in that personal touch. After all, that's why you signed up on <<signUpDate>>, isn't it <<avatar>>? And hey: why not invite <<option::listFriendAvatar01;listFriendAvatar02;listFriendAvatar03>> to join?

      Please check in to LFTO Networking and vote for your fave design.

      We hope to see you <<option::"soon";"dead";"in prison">>, <<avatar>>. Keep it real!

    • runelady

      10 years ago


    • Beelzeboss01

      10 years ago

      Great theories, you should join the team and help them write the scripts. lol
      You've obviously put a lot of thought into it

    • Radius1

      10 years ago

      alpha lives on.. i like it!

    • Radius1

      10 years ago

      yes, perhaps whatever mission Tucker is on is to locate another suitable storage location for the Alpha. "We found it under the sand" makes sense that they were sent on a mission from Project Freelancer to find a suitable location for Alpha storage, and rumor had it there was some underground storage rooms in an isolated sand dune.

      Tucker was sent on the mission early on in Reconstruction, as ANY of the Freelancers at High Ground's recovery beacon went off, it set off a red flag for Project Freelancer.

    • joeyslugs FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Good Brother

      10 years ago

      amazing story. +1

    • MissZahrah FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      10 years ago

      Your post in LFTO (#9782) made me cry. Especially because until you said it, I hadn't connected Church's sacrifice to the Director's comment about being assured he would have made his own, given the chance.

    • Radius1

      10 years ago

      thanks for the journal comment!

    • davehowie22

      10 years ago

      Dude you got some awesome stuff, cheers

    • Radius1

      10 years ago

      I posted this in the Reconstruction thread, but it was at the end of a page and it quickly got hidden. Hoping you had some input:

      What were the blue flashes of light on Washington's armor around 5:00, right when the suspense was starting to build. Can't think of what it could be plot wise. Game engine wise, it looks like the glow from a power drainer or the grav lift. any ideas?

    • ACrusadeTV

      11 years ago

      I must say I see your opinions as smart, sensical, funny, to the point.

      I havn't noticed you because you havn't been in the big threads so its kind of late for this but:

      Welcome to RT Ben, glad to meet you.

    • jaredhud FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      11 years ago

      Your summaries and speculations are cool. I've kind of started to look forward to them each week b/c of the insight.

    • FleetCommand

      11 years ago

      just wondering
      where does your RG tag come from?

    • Hiroshine

      11 years ago

      I also welcome you, and compliment you on the character ideas. Those are great :D

    • saiyan_queen Ninja Turtle Fangirl

      11 years ago

      Welcome hun, and enjoy your time here. smiley1.gif

    • ThatGuyUKnow

      11 years ago

      Welcome to the RT community Ben :D

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