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      14 years ago


      Overall just tired today. And sick. Sick and tired I guess. Have a bit of a temperature...well over 100. Felt like crap all week but I guess I couldn't get full blown sick till after the funeral.

    • Evermore

      14 years ago


      Today is the last day I'll see my grandfather. Ever. They sealed him up today. Draped in his mortal clothes, enveloped by perfumes and fresh sweet flowers. Slabs of concrete on all sides. Cold, wet earth around that. Surrounded by strangers he's never met. He's one of them now.

      Among all the sad faces I think I glimpsed upon a smile. Grandma was there to welcome him home. I don't believe he's ever felt at home since they parted ways those many years ago. She's the only home he's ever wanted. Yes, smiles. I did see smiles today. On both of them.

      They're not far apart. Maybe 45 feet. It's as close as they could get. But it'll do. He was lost without her. She must have been lonely without him. She would visit in his dreams to ease him in his slumber. For we could never fill the void in which she left. Now her hero is with her again.

      It is a sad day for me, but when I think of them together again, though I miss them both dearly, I think I can smile too.

    • whoopty freakin do

      14 years ago


      Work was alright I guess... if I didn't hate it. Rum sounds good...

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      14 years ago

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