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    • Value-Added Proposition

      12 years ago


      Go Vote.

      Seriously. I don’t care who you vote for. Just Vote.

      Or I will track you down and bitchslap you.

      This has been a Public Service Announcement.

    • Revelations You Could Have Lived Without

      12 years ago


      Conversation overheard from the other room between The Redhead and her sister:

      Redhead : “…because nobody wants to think about their parents having sex.â€Â

      Sister : “Yeah, like Universal Naptime.â€Â

      Redhead : “What?â€Â

      Sister : “Sunday afternoons after lunch? Universal Naptime?â€Â

      Redhead : “You mean…they were having sex?â€Â

      Sister : “What did you think they were doing?â€Â

      Redhead : “Napping!â€Â

      Sister : “Oh, come on. 1 to 3 pm every Sunday, everybody had to be in bed with the doors closed?â€Â

      Redhead : “Oh my God…â€Â

      Sister : “You never realized that?â€Â

      Redhead : “NO!â€Â

      Things that make you go “Hmmm…â€Â

    • Battlestar Galactica

      12 years ago


      Just a quick rave here, how sweet was last Friday's episode?

      Totally sweet.


      That is all.

    • Do They Make A Hallmark Card For That?

      12 years ago


      It’s been a long year, and your company has managed to screw up badly enough to force a recall of 9.6 MILLION lithium-ion batteries, because of a slight tendancy to explode and / or ignite in some way.

      Maybe you want to kick back, relax, and just drink your sorrows away.

      But, what do you say to people?

      “We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the worries.â€Â

      - Yutaka Nakagawa, Corporate Executive Office, Sony

      I’m told he bowed a little as he said it.

    • One Year

      12 years ago


      Well, a year has passed, the Earth has continued its stately progression around the sun, in fact returning to the origin (assuming a radial mapping system is being used) and we are right back where we were at this time last year (again, assuming that we are ignoring the effects of the precession of the planet around its axis of rotation, variations of orbital radius due to gravity harmonics with other celestial bodies, the precession of the solar system around its axis of rotation, the motion of the solar system through the galactic disk, the rotational speed of the galactic disk itself, the precession of the galactic disk around its axis of rotation, the movement of the Milky Way Galaxy through the cosmos, the expansion of the Universe, etc. etc. etc).

      We've been through a lot of experiences together this past year, most pleasant, some not, but we've always made the best of the situation we were in. (Except for that below-freezing camping thingy, but we survived that as well)

      We've had another year together, and I love you even more now than I did the day we got married. I am continually thankful to have found you, and that you (apparently) saw something in me you liked enough to stay.

      You have introduced me to your friends, your family, your love of music, and your joy in life, and you've made me feel welcome to share them with you. You compliment me, even me out, smooth the rough edges, fill in the gaps. I am, without a doubt, a better person for my relationship with you.

      And so, on this one year anniversary of our public union, I want to thank you. Thank you for sharing everything with me. Thank you for making me a better man than I could ever dream to be. Thank you for warming me up when I'm cold, and cooling me off when I'm mad. Thank you for being your wonderful self with me.

      I am now, and will always be, your devoted husband.


    • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

      12 years ago


      The Good

      I learned yesterday that one of the easiest things to do as a pilot is hop in a plane when it's 38 degrees outside and fly down south to a place where it's 85 degrees.

      The Bad

      I learned yesterday that one of the hardest things to do as a pilot is to get right back in that plane after dropping your passengers off in sunny, 85 degree weather, and fly back north, where it's only gotten up to 45 degrees.

      The Ugly

      I learned yesterday that, even if you fly perfectly for three hours, if you fuck up the landing, you'll remember it.

      Technically, I guess, I landed twice…

    • News Of The Highest Priority

      12 years ago


      Urgent information from the Fox News desk: A white, blonde coed is missing.

      Manhunt underway.

      Stay tuned to Fox for up to the minute views of the empty podium where, later today, police officials will gather to tell us that no new information has been received.

      Also, watch as we show you continuous distant live shots of the White House and the press room podium there as we breathlessly await a press conference with the President that doesn't start for another two hours.

      We’ll have up-to-the-minute updates of the monotony here, at Fox News.

      Oh, and 23,421 missing persons cases were handled by the National Center for Missing Adults in 2005, but they’re not important because most of them weren’t cute blonde chicks.

    • Didja Get That Memo?

      12 years ago


      I just finished writing the following note:


      A friendly reminder from the I.S. department: When we say, 'Don’t tape your username and password to your laptop', what we actually mean is, 'Don’t tape your username and password to your laptop.'

      I believe your VPN problems are fixed and you are ready to go.



      Do you think I’m being too snippy?

    • Frightening

      13 years ago


      What’s the most annoying part of my job?

      Is it the users who call and talk into the phone at the top of their voices because maybe it makes them sound smarter?

      Is it the guy on my left who never answers his phone, leaving it to roll over to mine?

      Is it the guy two down from me who laughs like a hyena on crack?

      Is it the guy in the cube next to me that sings the refrain to that f*!#ing Shakira song (Hips Don't Lie) over and over and over and over again?

      You pick.

      I tell ya what, bitch, hips DO lie. I've seen 'em do it. They lie quite a bit. They’re all like, "Oooh, look at me, I'll see to it that the rest of the body has sex with you!" and then they take your dreams and stomp them on the barroom floor.

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    • jedihunter2

      13 years ago

      you are now the trird person to get this award

    • comrade693

      13 years ago

      tisk tisk...

      Last login 23 days ago

    • scubaSTEVE72

      13 years ago

      go here to help firefly seasson 2 happen

    • Prittykitty1

      13 years ago

      I think my whole part of the country got slammed with it. Even in Ohio, though, its kinda of rare to get this much snow this early.

      I have NO snow worthy shoes. smiley2.gif

    • Prittykitty1

      13 years ago

      Pffft... I was junkie when I first heard The Lost Christmas cd and read the whole story that goes with it. Now, though? Holy Christmas Pudding, Batman! I can sooo understand why people go every year.

      Dingo seemed about as impressed as me, only he wasn't addicted beforehand. But we were both expecting... less. I was expecting either the cd-story-opera-type-thing OR random songs. I wasn't expecting the entire "Christmas Eve and Other Stories" PLUS a ton of other songs.

      Basically, we were in no way expecting a concert that started at 2:30 to not end until 5:30. They sure make sure you get your money's worth. smiley0.gif

    • Prittykitty1

      13 years ago

      You know, I don't mind working on Thanksgiving so much. We didn't have any plans, anyway. Its the day after that ticks me off. 5:30am? NO ONE will be in that store at 6am - I don't care what day it is. And that after making me close the night before... Grrrr

    • Prittykitty1

      13 years ago

      Everyone on my friend's list is getting 2 mod points. Cuz being on my friends list means your cool and not-trendy because only 9 people on the whole site know about me, because I am cool and not trendy. smiley0.gif

    • Majori

      13 years ago

      Thanks for the watch.

    • pryman

      13 years ago

      This is a random thought... but I miss seing the airplane. Have you purchased one yet?

    • aak2013

      13 years ago

      When are you getting married, anyway?

    • dingolord

      14 years ago

      Just commenting to let you know I'm watching you.


      Yeah, that's right. You. Deal with it. smiley6.gif

      Besides... it's been 2 months since your last comment... you need another.

    • Anadrien

      14 years ago

      Thanks for the b-day wishes in my journal, and congrats on your engagement!

    • aak2013

      14 years ago

      Congratulations on your engagement!!

    • reedmon29

      14 years ago

      I called the number, but there was just this angry old lader at the other end. You sure you got the right number?

    • bubloo

      14 years ago

      I'm not done yet, but I'm working on a full tech support site that is mainly focused around macs, called G-Mac. I haven't finished the main site yet, but this is how it will work:

      1. People can ask me questions in multiple ways.
      2. I will either answer the question through a post on the main page, a post in the forum, a post in the wiki, or an answer in the podcast. (A podcast is like an audio blog. My first podcast will explain more).

      So far, the only part that is up is the wiki, which can be found at WikiMac.

      Could you please add all of the information in your Mac FAQ to the wiki to help it grow. Once I'm done working on the main site, I will begin adding my own articles to the wiki and what not, but I need help from others to get it going. You seem to have a really nice FAQ so far and it would be nice to see it in the wiki, which will hopefully grow and become a very useful tool for tech help.


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