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    • HIYA!!!

      13 years ago


      How is everyone?? HMMMM, October first..... good grief! Well, I guess that it's only 25 more 'till I'm the ripe old age of.....take a guess. HA HA!!!! Everything is all well at my end. OOH OOH!!!!!!!!! Today I got to see friend, Jessica, that haven't seen in like 5 years!! It was great. I really needed something like that to kick my spirits up. we were at the mall for like, 5 or 6 hours, EGH, don't know if I'll be able to be in there ever again for even 2.

      LOL!!!!!!!! There was this kid in Spencers that got "attacked" by a stupid Halloween thingy!!!!! It was supposed to be from the torso up, a zombie, human size mind you. The thing was goofy looking to begin with, but, it "crawled" across the floor and made retarded zombie noises. the kid had to have been like 10 or 11, he was looking at some t-shirts and talking to his mom. My friend and I both were watching this thing to see what it was going to do next. LMAO!!!!! It bumped the kid, he totaly WIGGED, and the arm of the thing got looped around his leg. AHH HAAA :D And I don't think that I have EVER laughed so hard in my life!!!!! That little guy's arms flew in the air and he took off running, with it still attatched to him. Jess about died!!! She was litteraly doubled over, and I'm pretty brave to admit that I nearly peed down my leg. What a way to start off the month!!!!!

    • He he, it's my first time......

      13 years ago


      Well today is september 14, and this is my first time on rooster teeth since red vs blue first came out. I never had the chance to get on this site with work and all that crap. People should get to know me, I'm fun!!!!!!!!

    • 2019 years ago

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