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    • Another goddamned journal.

      9 years ago


      Now Playing - Pool Party by the Aquabats (Ok, so it's not actually their video, but when you take a great song and put Snoopy and the Peanuts gang in the video, it just works)

      So today is my lovely girlfriend's birthday, and while she's not making a big fuss this year, if you wanted to head over to her profile and say happy birthday, I think she might be amenable to that.

      She also might be stabby.

      Also, our good buddy Joe decided to celebrate Ele's birthday by seeing Toy Story 3 early with Kentucky's favourite ingrate, so boo Joe... BOOOOO.

    • So What Have I Been Doing

      9 years ago


      Now Playing - Bad Reputation by Pulley (My next few journals will feature 'my favourite music videos ever'... here's the first one)

      Awesome weekend, Barbara slapped me in the face a few times, saw the A-Team, met a whole bunch of cool people, some old and some new, and just basically had an awesome time at a BBQ.

      Sorry, but this is what happens when you talk about your weekend on the following Thursday.

      Had my first day at the CN Tower the other day, and I have to admit, it's kind of cool to see things from behind the scenes that I've never seen before. I really dig the C-Sec (which is what I'm calling CN Tower Security) offices where they keep an eye on the whole place. I can't take pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it.

      I'm going to like my new job, because it really involves what I do best... talking to people. I really don't have much schooling or marketable skills other than 'crazy good people skills,' so it's always nice to find a job where I can work happily, enjoy what I'm doing and actually be treated with respect.

      Some of you older readers will remember that while I was the best tour guide in the entire city, common decency was sorely lacking in the company I was with. For the first time in longer than I care to remember, I'm actually optimistic about my future.

      RvBTO is going to rock this year, and I can't wait to show you what we've been doing, but suffice it to say, I'm as excited for this one as I was for the first one all those years ago.

      I'm feeling good, and I hope you folks are, too.

    • NHL Offseason 2010

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      I could have sworn I made this a while ago... oh well.

      So, let's start with some news;

      Cam Neely is going to be named the president of the Bruins tomorrow... good call.
      Georges Laraque gets bought out by the Habs.
      Rob Blake is set to announce his retirement on Friday.
      NHL 11 is going to feature broken sticks.

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    • Xbox Help

      9 years ago


      Now Playing - Lotto Fever by the Aquabats

      Well folks, my xbox is having trouble reading discs I have put in it. I've tried a couple of different games, clearing my cache, and detaching the hard drive. If there is any other advice you guys can offer, it would be greatly appreciated.

      Starting next week I will have a new job, which is great because I'm really hating the company I'm with now. I've also got another job interview later this afternoon for something that might be better.. so we'll see.

      You guys might get tired of my posting up videos, but here is another reason the internet is awesome; Squirrel Obstacle Course.

      EDIT; MY xbox seems happy again, and it now plays both games AND dvd's. I'm the luckiest boy in funkytown.

    • Blowing My Mind

      9 years ago


      Now Playing - Another cool internet video.

      I don't care that nobody commented on the last one, these are worth sharing.

      EDIT; I realize now that I never hit submit on the other journal with a cool video... so here are two for the price of one!

    • Free Stuff!

      9 years ago


      Now Playing - Airport Security by The Bouncing Souls

      That's right, folks, free stuff. I was at a bar supporting a friend who is working at being a stand up. For some reason, he thinks that I'm a good judge of his material, despite the fact that I was never a good judge of my own.

      Anyways, the place had some prizes, and I won. I have in my possession a certificate good for One Free Piercing at Way Cool Tattoos. Originally, I was going to give it to the person who sponsored me, but Moose saw that I was unsponsored and had me back suckling at the Friends' Journals teat toot sweet (say that phrase out loud.. it's fun!). Seriously, that's why I'm a sponsor, because I don't like a crowded watch list. I watch something like 7 people, most of them not on my friends list.

      But I digress.

      So, first person that wants a free piercing gets it although Moose does have the right of first refusal. Let's get to the nitty gritty, shall we;

      1. Piercing can only be redeemed on Saturdays by talking to Gary at Way Cool Tattoos uptown location, 5203 Yonge street. That's just a couple of blocks north of the North York Centre subway station.

      2. The certificate expires Monday, August 23rd, so I'm not going to keep this only for Toronto people, but remember, the certificate can only be redeemed on Saturdays, and I doubt you want to leave RvBTO to get pierced.

      3. First come, first pierced, according to Moose's wishes.

      In other news, I just showered and trimmed my goatee and I'm going to a job interview in a couple of hours, so wish me luck, folks.

    • Hi there

      9 years ago


      Now Playing - Footprints on my Ceiling by Social Distortion

      It's nice to know that when I have a serious moment of self-doubt like I did in my last journal that I can trust all of you folks to make poop jokes. You guys are awesome.

      I've been thinking a lot about the Lost finale almost constantly since it aired, because unlike most of the internet, I absolutely loved it. I've been on board since day one with this show, and I didn't feel disappointed in the slightest. You always knew that there were questions that weren't going to be answered, and while I admit that the finale wasn't everything that I needed, it was everything that the characters needed (although I still wish Kate died in the second episode).

      It was beautiful, and fantastic. Starting in the next day or two, I will probably start watching Lost all over again and have my heart torn out, beautifully stitched back in place, having an angel kiss my stitches only to rip it out again.

      So our podcast is going well, and it's nice to see some of you folks digging the Javaheads as much as we enjoy making it. Episodes always show up on The Javaheads Group, and we are now on both Facebook and Twitter. Madness, this social networking stuff.

      So I hope all you guys are doing well, but I've got to get back to looking for a new job.

    • 9 years ago

    • You ever have that feeling...?

      9 years ago


      That you have no damn clue about what to do to improve your life and that of the people around you?

      Just one of those days, I guess.

    • So it's been a while.

      9 years ago


      Now Playing - The Mercy Seat by Johnny Cash

      Well, I trust you folks are doing well, and having read most of your journals, I see that you are. I'm doing pretty well, too. I switched companies, but keeping in market research, having fun calling people and asking what they think about god or grocery stores (but thankfully not both at the same time).

      RvBTO planning is going swimmingly, you will be impressed with what we're going to do this year.

      Some of you might remember the short lived podcast The BigNiceShow with John Lebow that I ran for about three months before I simply ran out of time to simply put on a show that I was proud of and confident in. The show has been scrapped, but out of its' ashes comes something that I don't need to work on at all, the CoffeeCast.

      The Coffeecast is the star of your dreams, Microbe, (and myself) having a conversation. That's it. It's not scripted, and we likely won't even talk about what we want to discuss before hand, we're just going to talk. For those of you who have already listened to episode one and joined the RvB group, Joe and I talk like this all the time.

      So we're going to try and put up an episode a week, and we'll have what I'm sure will be an Iron Man-centric episode coming up this weekend, plus whatever comes to our heads.

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