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    • Off to OTAKON!!!!!!!!!!!!

      14 years ago


      Its finally time to make the trip up to Baltimore! Zaeon, Nikhilsoo7, and I are leaving around 11 to midnight today after I get off work to get to the covnention enter right when the doors open! I wish i could of gotten off work, but really hard to. But hopefully will havea safe trip and lots of fun...I know ill be practicing halo 2 and super smash brothers in the car for the tournaments!! Hope to have ltos of pictures and stories when i get back. Cya in three to four days!!

    • Almost OTAKON!!!

      14 years ago


      Alright Zaeon and I got the hotel finnally. We got the Fairfield iInn, which looks decent. Only like 6 miles from the convention center so thats cool. Hope to have lots of pictures and stuff from Otakon. Really want to get that NAruto game and stop by Megatokyos store. Also i want the Rrurouni Kenshin game for ps1 realsed in Japan, but who knwos if that will be there. Can only hope and looking forward to having an awesome time. Only 1 week left till we leave!!!

    • GRRR!!!!

      14 years ago


      My job, to be honest I love it like 9/10 times I go. But today was that one time I ended up not likeing it. Me and the other server, Carissa, had just finished cleaning the dinning room. Overall it was a good dya, when a bunch of kids jsut walk in. Carrisa and I just stare as 70 kids just marched in. As soon as we were baout to say something a 14 year old girl says, "Hi I'm the bosses granddaughter and I get to eat free whenever I want and I decided today."

      Lets jsut say Carrisa and I were saying lots of cuss words in our heads. We wouldnt of cared, but we were literally had 5mins let before close. So we al lstayed an hour and a half later than we wanted to. We got no tip, they made a mess (spilled 6 drinks), manager was flipping out, it just wasn't good.

      O and I have to go back tommorow (smiles)

      Just have to think, only ten more days to Otakon...just 10 more

    • $^*@(@# up day

      14 years ago


      Such a bad day.

      1 Wasted 300 dolalrs on a permit for parking, because OSU wants to stop students from driving to OSU. Last year it was 50 dollars. Waste of my money.

      2. My Sauske costume will get canceled, so now I can't buy it amd won't have one in time for Otakon.

      3. Can't move in early anymore without wasting 150bucks, because the people only cover 30 people, and guess what number I was 31!

      4. Work I make no money today and get yelled at by my boss for telling him a truth about simple math error I made. I can honestly say have never had a complant against me at my 5 years of working there and the one tiem I screw up I get chewed out.

      I'm glad this day is f*&*$ing over.....o and Advent Chidlren got moved back. Damn Square Soft.


      14 years ago


      Go there now, SAVE BIG O so I can see the third season and the end of the series. Damn cartoon network tries to ruin everything




    • London

      14 years ago


      Our hearts and prayers are with you Great Britan and the people of London for this tragedy that has occured today. May the attackers be brought to justice for their cruel acts against the people of London and all those who try to cause fear and suffering around the world.

    • 2

      14 years ago


      Heres part 2 and just to repeat what I siad in the previous entry: .Thanks again for all who commented on the previous entry about my sis, she is doing better and some of the adivce people have told me helped alot. Thank you all again for your time and prayers.

      Part 2: Sorrow

      “This is the end…†Reno said as he saw Josh move slowly towards him to finish the beaten man. Josh with his white hair and his menacing red eyes took his time, enjoying every moment as he lurked closer to the paralyzed Reno. Death clearly lurked behind him.

      “See you in hell Reno!†Josh said smiling as he raised his knife. Unable to look, Reno closed his eyes and waited for the attack. Reno heard it. The knife was piercing the flesh not once but multiple times. But something wasn’t right…..

      “What happened….am I dead?†Thought Reno still with his eyes closed. But Reno didn’t feel any new pain in his body. “No. No I’m not, what’s happened!†Without a second to spare, Reno opened his eyes to a horror far worse than his death.

      “E…ri..ka..†Reno forced as he saw Erika standing between him and Josh, her back to Reno and not moving. “Erika! Erika answer me!â€Â

      Slowly Erika turned towards him. And that’s when he saw it; her blue shirt drenched with blood from the multiple stab wounds caused by Josh. Her face was white as the snow that had started falling. Tears still drenched down her face and yet she you looked so tranquil.

      “Don’t….don’t cry for me love…†Erika said forcing a smile. “You’ve given me so much….there is nothing more for you….for you…to do for me… completed me darling†With that she fell, unable to support her own weight , collapsing onto her love in one last embrace.

      “Erika, Erika don’t give up on me, you hear me! Hang in there! I won’t let you die..†Reno pleaded, as he felt her blood mix with his.

      “It’s to late love….†She said reaching for his face. Her once warm touch felt cold and lifeless.

      “Please…please don’t…†Reno couldn’t finish, tears flooded down his face now.

      “I love you…goodbye Renoâ€Â

      “No Erika! Erika!†Screamed Reno, but Erika did not move or respond no matter how hard Reno shouted. Erika was no longer part of this world.

      Through that whole ordeal Josh stood silent, but could no longer, bursting into laughter.

      “What a foolish thing for Erika to do, trying to save someone as pathetic as you! This is even better than I imagined Reno, old pal.†Josh then lifter Erika’s lifeless face and shoved it in Reno’s. “Your sweeties done more damage to you then I ever could. Your spirit broken, you heart is torn to shreds and it be a luxury if I killed you now.â€Â

      “Farwell Reno, live your life knowing that your actions were for nothing, failure!†Said Josh walking away from his broken prey.

      Reno couldn’t respond. His eyes fixed on his Erika. He was cold and lost, for a part of him was gone now and nothing could replace it.

      He was alone…

    • Sister

      14 years ago


      I don't understand.....I'm in totally shock of what has happened today. My sister....she tried to kill herself recently and now after she felt like she was doing better, she tries to run away when shes on crutches and she can't even walk because of surgery on her knee. I dunno...I don't know what to do, I want to be there for her, but how when she turns all of us away. If only I knew what was wrong, what has happened to her. I hate seeing her this way. What has happened to my sister that she no longer wants to live in this world.....Pray for her please, all who read this. I want my sister to feel whole again, and hope and pray she finds the strength to return to her self again. And hopefully that I can help her in some way..

    • Fanfictions

      14 years ago


      After Reading all those fanctions the last couple days, I had to follow suit and bring out the one I started. Not sure what I'm going to do with it or how good is but here goes nothing. I'm still working on a title too.

      Rough Draft
      *probably not that good but ehh whatever*

      Reno the Tenken

      Part 1: Onslaught

      He hit the ground hard. Screaming in pain as his newly opened flesh mingled with the ground. The red blood was pouring out quickly, staining and intermixing with the cold cement. Everything was dizzy now. His body felt heavy and it hurt to move. He tried to rise but his strength was no where to be found, for it seemed to weaken with every ounce of blood that left his body. His small body had taken one too many blows and he knew one more hit and he be finished….

      With what energy left he forced his eyes to open and look for his assailant. He caught hold of him standing not too far away in front of him. His attacker loomed over him, like a predator to a prey. From there he saw the weapon his assailant had hidden, a small hand knife. His blood drenched in its blade.

      “There is no way for me to win now,†he thought as he made a last desperate attempt to move out of the way as his assailant clung hold of his stained shirt. But it would be to no avail, his strength was to far gone.

      “So how does it feel Reno …how does it feel to be so close to eternal darkness?†As his assailant began to rub it in. “I have waited a long time for this, waited to get my revenge for you stealing my Erika from me two years ago.â€Â

      “Josh...your...your insane,†Reno forced.

      “Insane am I, I don’t think your in a good position to be making rude comments about me Reno!â€Â

      With that he flung Reno to the wall. Reno was about to scream when Josh’s hand grabbed his face and slammed him into the ground. Reno knew he was hurt bad, he felt his left arm twitch uncontrollably and the taste of blood began to flow from his mouth.

      “O isn’t this wonderful, your utterly wasted Reno, just the perfect condition I wanted you in as your darling Erika watches on!†taunted Josh as he turned Reno’s face to hers. And all Reno could do was look. Look as his innocent Erika cried for him. Her tears, there were so many tears he couldn't bear it. So many tears falling down her face. Her body was beatin, not beatin from Josh, but beatin from watching Reno go through so much pain for her. She was paralyzed with fear, and unable to move.

      “Look Reno you've made her cry. Cry for eternity. For there will be no knight in shining armor for her today. You should of just stayed home Reno, instead of playing the hero so poorly, for you might have actually lived past this day. Have one last look at her as you enter eternal slumber!â€Â

      “This is it...â€Â, Reno thought,â€Â…Erika I’m sorry, I promised you, promised you I wouldn’t let him hurt you anymore…but I couldn’t keep that promise, for now here he is again. He captured you and I failed to rescue you…I was hoping to make it back with you doesn’t look like that’s going to happen now….this is goodbye my dear...goodbye my love.â€Â

      And it came…one final blow…

    • 2019 years ago

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