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    • A New Site Announcement!

      5 years ago


      The following announcement is brought to you by my good friend Gumby:


      Gumby1011 here with a very exciting anouncement! Over the last few months, I have been working on a top-secret project with Bushtucka penguin, and today's the day we finally release it!

      I'd like to invite each and every one of you to a brand new website: Arcadia Net! We are a RWBY fansite dedicated to the original characters and setting created by and for our members. We don't touch canon, so don't expect to be in Vale, or to be playing alongside beacon students, or even the white fang.

      What you /can/ expect is a supportive community of fellow authors, an original setting we've slaved over for many months with more history and info available than anything in current canon, and protection from being jossed by canon via distance from canonical locations and characters!

      Not to mention a brilliant new academy, a diverse cast of original NPCs, and more grimm in need of killing than you can shake a stick/shotgun at! There are also a few features of the setting unique to our site that make it great for both beginners and those with limited time on their hands:

      For starters, Arcadia is a single player setting. You don't need to make a whole team: a single character is all you need to be ready to write, co-write and RP with us! But for those who imagine the perfect team, fear not: you can create more characters after you've been writing for a bit.

      Additionally, our rules for character creation are quite forgiving! We encourage original and fresh designs from our writers, and are much less restrictive in several areas, particualrly animal species avalable for faunus creation. But be forewarned: We still know the dreaded Mary Sue when we see one. Violators will be obliterated by the guardians with maximum prejudice! *shakes fist*

      Now, while we all use the same setting and characters in our stories, we know better than to restric ourselves to RP forums or chatrooms. While a lot of people thrive in this environment, many simply don't have the time for it. We at Arcadia Academy understand! Every two months we will publish a Fanzine: a compilation of the past two month's fanarts, fanfictions, and RPs that participants have converted into full-text chapters! This way we can put the entirety of our user's creations in a single, easy-to-access archive, both for future reference and acess by readers who will hopefully be eager to read and comment on your work!

      But that's not all- in addition to getting your work out there for others to see, you will also earn Lien for each artwork and finished chapter submission! You can spend this currency in the digital marketplace, where you can commision character referenced, weapon designs, emblems, and even full-blown fanart of your own or other characters from your fellow writers and artists!

      But enough of my rambling and raving, it's high time you experienced the place for yourselves! Go on, my fellow RWBY enthusiasts, have at it! We're located at "

    • Here's to a New Year.

      5 years ago


      So happy new year everyone! I would like to take the opportunity this journal presents to thank the myriad of amazing people at RoosterTeeth.
      1. Let's begin with the great folks at Achievement Hunter: I would like to thank you all for making so many quality videos that have helped me keep chugging along this past year. Without these spots of brightness everyday I honestly don't know where I would be right now.
      2. Let us now continue on to everyone who works on the podcast productions: Every week all of you deliver several quality, enjoyable, and funny podcasts without fail. Not only is listening to the podcasts another bright spot of the week, but I also pick up a large amount of interesting facts. Without you guys working on them every week, the podcasts wouldn't exist and the world would definitely not be as bright a place.
      3. Now let's talk about everyone who works on all of the shows that you guys produce: From live-action like RT shorts to shows like RvB and RWBY, you guys deliver quality, enjoyable, and amazing shows year after year. Red vs Blue is something I can look forward to every year, with an intricate story that always has me waiting for the new season. I'm incredibly glad that RT shorts was resurrected this year. It was always one of my favorite productions and to see it return makes me more happy then I can describe. To see the situations that are presented with the cast playing themselves is always a treat. RWBY, while new, may be my favorite show you have ever produced. From the world you have built, to the humorous dialog, and the quality voice acting you guys have made a show that I'm sure we will all be waiting for more year after year.
      4. Speaking of RWBY voice actors, I would like to take this last section to talk about everyone's favorite community manager, Barbara: From fan to working at RT, you made the jump by being incredibly active in the community and with events, and you're still active in the community as well, making sure everyone is happy, talking about future products and releases, and making kick ass puns all along the way. We as a community couldn't ask for a better community manager, not to mention being a pillar of the community.
      Now, if I haven't mentioned a group specifically it isn't because you aren't important, it's because I have a terrible memory, but each and every one of you are amazing for delivering content to us like you have. So happy new year everyone, and here's to another year of amazing RT productions!

    • First journal in a while

      5 years ago


      First off, hello again everybody. Now the point of this journal is to just inform all of my RT friends about the situation here in good old Colorado. A couple of days ago we got our first actual rainstorm of the summer. Normally a great time for all; usually means that we don't have to worry about watering our lawns for the day. At first it was completely normal, but than it didn't stop. So after four pretty much straight days of rain we are now experiencing flooding on a scale that I haven't seen in my lifetime. As i write this I can't help but feel a bit conflicted, on one hand I am not personally dealing with the flooding (yet), but on the other a lot of people including my cousins are smack dab in the danger zone. Anyways, I just thought I would try and keep all of you guys informed and I will post more possibly tomorrow. Talk to you all next time, and good night.

    • First time for everything

      6 years ago


      I'll lead with the question how is everyone doing? Anyways I am currently sitting in the airport waiting to board the plane for my very first flight. Quite an interesting feeling. Anyways does anybody have any tips for my traversal of LAX?

    • What's up my friends?

      6 years ago


      First off, how is everyone doing today? Hopefully you are all doing well. Now to business. I would like to inform you guys about RvB:CO, an upcoming fan event in colorado, the link is here. I encourage you guys to spread the word, and show up.It is sure to be an awesome gathering of RT fans. Hope to see you guys there!

    • Testing the waters

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      So after seeing all of the RT community events on here, i had an idea. If there were an event in Colorado, maybe Denver Fort Collins or Estes park, would anybody show up for some kind of event or meet up?

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    • Overdue RTX journal

      7 years ago


      First off, RTX was a blast, and i am already planning for the trip to next years event (Flying this time for sure). I have pretty much been sleeping since i got home from RTX, so yeah. Meeting all of the RT Crew was fantastic, everyone from Joel to Geoff to Barbara, with the exception of matt who i didn't get a chance to meet :(. To top that off, I got almost everyones autograph on my trusty pair of gas masks (standard fair for any con in my opinion). Every part of the event was perfect, from the show floor to the panels, (podcast was awesome), to the trivia event saturday night. And let us not forget the fantastic crew of sidequest, who scheduled some awesome events as well. Anyways, See you all next year!
      PS: Plush grifball = awesomeness

    • 7 years ago

    • SideQuest Laser Tag

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      Just thought i would ask what team everyone was on, I'm on red team. I might also do a roster of both teams if enough people comment. So, Which side are you fighting for?

      9 replies

    • 2019 years ago

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